Hakim Warrick

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Hakim Warrick

Since it's a slow weekend, I thought I spread some love to former Syracuse player Hakim Warrick (does anyone remember that Final 4 dunk over against Thomas in the Texas game?).

Well, it looks as though Memphis has rescinded their offer they previously extended to him.

Maybe he can sign a multi-year deal with the Knicks. He is from Buffalo, New York. He would probably fit the playing style and he's tremendously athletic.

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well he still does have a

well he still does have a ton of potential and he is bringing in a coupe underachievers this year with Darko maybe Tkitisivili(spell check ) and maybe Warrick, hopefully Dantoni can revive these guys careers , and if he does i will consider him a coaching genius, he would be a good fit for N.Y

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Hakim the Dream

Hakim Warrick is a good offensive player. I like him and he's improved alot since he was at Cuse. He now has a decent perimeter game and he can pass and handle the rock now. I think he would be a good fit for a team that needs energy and scoring off the bench, play about 20-25 mins a game. Ateam like the Lakers would be a GREAT fit if they dont resign Odom.

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Dallas should look at him

Dallas should look at him

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