Larry Sanders

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Larry Sanders

This guy is turning out to be a real intriguing prospect, still has some work to do with adding bulk, and game, could end up a Dalembert or could be great, what do you think is Larry Sanders fate in the NBA?

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I think

Him and Tyrus Thomas are twins separated at birth.

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Larry Sanders

I go to VCU so i get to see all his home games, he's a absolute beast. I stood next to him and his arms come down to his knees. Honestly in my opinion he was more of an important piece than Maynor was but much love to him. I dont know about all this comparison with Tyrus Thomas. Larry is a good athlete but not an amazing one, his vertical no where compares to Tyrus Thomas, he can't finish around the rim like him. Tyrus Thomas has elite level athleticism, his explosion is another level. Even though Larry doesn't have that great vertical/explosion he has better length a sick wingspan....He also has a nice like 12 foot jumper that he hits time to time, other than that all his points are garbage baskets no real post moves. He runs the floor well, but doesn't seem all that coordinated, not the most fluid athlete. I never really seen him handle the ball, average passer i guess? One thing i noticed though he works real hard on both sides of the ball, he's a real hard worker. Fights for boards never gives up on defense, one time he played through like a sprained ankle he got during middle of the game. He has a lot of room for improvement, when we first got him as a freshman he didn't do much, you think he's skinny now he was even more skinny back then. Everyone was suprised at school how much he improved, because here it was all bout the Maynor show. I'm rooting for Larry and another season of domination in CAA.

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WIngspan has become the new thing

it makes scouts wet themselves. I like Larry Sanders as a prospect but Im not sure he is a lottery player in a loaded draft for big men. I think he is still kind of coasting off his wingspan and that one sick game he had in his conference tourney.
He isn't all that young anymore, he is going to be a junior and Probably have sick blocks and rebounds numbers, but the test will be if he can get up near 15 or so ppg. He needs alot of weight too, big difference between big men in CAA and NBA. Im excited to see though, this years draft is all about length with HIm, Alabi, Varnado, and Aldrich.

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