Rubio Commercial

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Rubio Commercial

I dont know if everyone has seen this commercial but here is it....(copy and paste it)

Rubio isnt in it for very long but he is still in the commercial, other Giletee athletes are:

Tiger-Domintes a worldwide sport(USA)
Roger Federer-Domintes a worldwide sport(not pictured in the commercial)(Switzerland)
Derek Jeter-MLB Superstar(USA)
Ricky Rubio-Spanish born PG

Do you think Gilette is tryign to "own" him so when he comes over he is theres? Or do you think Rubio is for sure coming over. Or is it a worldwide marketing move buy Gilette?

If it was a US only aired commercial(I dont know if it is or not) you would think they would get someone a little more marketable than Rubio, I mean he isnt a household name YET. They probably should have got someone EVERYONE knows who he is. What do you guys think of the commercial?

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They are trying to go global I would think. He needs to do more commmercial in order to pay for his buyout with his Spanish Team. I'm sure it'll be aired around the World, maybe not as much as it will in the U.S though.

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Haha. I dont even think he

Haha. I dont even think he shaves

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