Is there a .....?

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Is there a .....?

Is there a site that lists all the current players playing overseas who have their rights owned by NBA teams, and may play in the NBA?

the microwave
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Players from around the World Whose Rights are Held by an NBA Team

Argentina Federico Kammerichs Portland Trail Blazers
- Marcelo Nicola Portland Trail Blazers
Australia David Andersen Atlanta Hawks
- Ben Pepper Boston Celtics
- Brad Newley Houston Rockets
Belarus Vladimir Veremeenko Washington Wizards
Belgium Alex Hervelle Denver Nuggets
Bosnia-Herzegovina Stanko Barac Indiana Pacers
- Edin Bavcic Philadelphia 76ers
- Nedzad Sinanovic Portland Trail Blazers
Brazil Tiago Splitter San Antonio Spurs
China Xue Yuyang - Denver Nuggets
Congo Serge Ibaka Oklahoma City Thunder
Croatia Josip Sesar Boston Celtics
- Ante Tomic Utah Jazz
Denmark Christian Drejer New Jersey Nets
Finland Petteri Koponen Portland Trail Blazers
France Alain Digbeu Atlanta Hawks
- Paccelis Morlende Oklahoma City Thunder
- Frederic Weiss Houston Rockets
Georgia Viktor Sanikidze San Antonio Spurs
Germany Peter Fehse Oklahoma City Thunder
Great Britain Andrew Betts Indiana Pacers
- Joel Freeland Portland Trail Blazers
Greece Georgia Printezis Toronto Raptors
- Sofoklis Schortsanitis Los Angeles Clippers
Israel Lior Eliyahu Houston Rockets
- Yotam Halperin Oklahoma City Thunder
- Doron Sheffer Portland Trail Blazers
Italy Augusto Binelli Atlanta Hawks
Lithuania Robertas Javtokas San Antonio Spurs
- Renaldas Seibutis Dallas Mavericks
- Aurelijius Zukauskas Milwaukee Bucks
Montenegro Nikola Pekovic Minnesota Timberwolves
Netherlands Ramon Van de Hare Orlando Magic
Nigeria Ejike Ugboaja Cleveland Cavaliers
Poland Szymon Szewczyk Milwaukee Bucks
Puerto Rico Ricky Sanchez Philadelphia 76ers
Russia Sasha Kaun Cleveland Cavaliers
- Andrei Festisov Milwaukee Bucks
- Sergei Karaulov San Antonio Spurs
Senegal Malick Badiane Memphis Grizzlies
Serbia Dejan Bodiroga Sacramento Kings
- Tadija Dragicevic Utah Jazz
- Milovan Rakovic Orlando Magic
- Mladen Sekularac Golden State Warriors
- Milos Vujanic Phoenix Suns
Slovenia Sani Becirovic Denver Nuggets
- Erazem Lorbek Indiana Pacers
Spain Robert Duenas Miami Heat
- Albert Miralles Boston Celtics
- Fran Vasquez Orlando Magic
Turkey Cenk Akyol Atlanta Hawks
- Semih Erden Boston Celtics
- Omer Asik Chicago Bulls
Ukraine Sergey Lishok Houston Rockets

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Tiago Splitter

Brazil Tiago Splitter San Antonio Spurs is someone I'm looking forward in seeing in the NBA one day. He is suppose to be San Antonio next guy like Manu.

the microwave great research on the topic.

Jesus Shuttlesworth
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you can tell alot about teams looking at microwaves list

The teams that have the most players overseas are the Thunder and the Blazers, the NBA's young up-and-comers it shows that they are patient and after being at the bottom for a while, dont need to spend big-name FA'S and decide to develop players here as well as overseas, same as the Spurs, the second best team(after the Lakers) in the post Jordan era theyve always loved overseas guys look at Parker, Ginobli,etc... theyre another great developer of talent, while on the flip side the Knicks and the Lakers have no guys on their list showing how a huge fan and media base effects drafting and developing players, also the Clippers and Bulls each have only one guy, as do the Mavericks, where an owner like Mark Cuban is a win-now guy, not about to wait for young raw, foreign talent

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I didn't even realize we

I didn't even realize we have so many oversea players.

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Fredrich Weiss Houston

HAHAHAHAHHAHA Weiss!!! Houston has his rights!!!
Isn't Weiss the guy that got dunked on by Carter in the Olympics??

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Oh gawd...he is.
But, um David Andersen is coming over this year and I'm looking forward to him since the Rockets don't have much options at Center anymore. We also have Marty Leunen who seems solid and came out of Oregon as well as Brad Newley who is from Australia just like D. Andersen. Li...something, out of Israel is another project of ours. Lastly, Sergio Llull, athletic Spanish Point Guard. I'm looking forward to him and Brad Newley in the future for us. The others...I don't see them becoming much in the NBA.

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thank you...great job!!

thank you...great job!!

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