should go to the magic................ i think rip hamiltion would also help put vince at the small fowad postion and rip at the shooting gaurd......since rip has a reggie millier type of game he will konck down shots and get open tiring out other shooting gaurds from chasin him around all 4 quarters sincehe doesnt stop running and the thing about him getting will spread the floor for the magic 3 point shooters when howard sets screens for rip another player will be open for the 3 breaking the defense leaving hamiltion open for a couple seconds howard down low sometimes with a mismatch...vince slashing or squaring up to shoot....and nelson and lewis ready to knock down the 3...wait juss checked out the slaries it doesnt pan out....but i would like to see richard go somewhere he can be used and with 4 years left on his contract plus his age and postion i dont see him in the pistons young future...where would you like to see him go..i see him putting any team he goes to in contention to go deep in the playoffs the only problem is his high contract in bad economy system...oh and i posted a topic about jamal crawford getting traded what happened....i also posted a topic about vince going to the magic last you should take things i say into consideration ..

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I suppose he could go to

I suppose he could go to charlotte. He won a championship with larry brown and they desperately need a scoring 2 guard, henderson could be a really good player, but not right now so it could work.

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i think hed be really good

i think hed be really good with utah also.... thats the perfect system for him and we could get boozer in return

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Rip could be leaving

A source close to me say that Rip Hamilton is not coming back to the lineup for the Pistons....that he wants out asap.

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Assuming 70 games played in

Assuming 70 games played in 2013; if Nowitzki averaged 20 points per night the longtime Maverick forward could land as high fourteenth on the all-time list passing Allen Iverson, Patrick Ewing, Jerry West, Reggie Miller and Kevin Garnett by season’s end.

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