3-4 roster spot to fill

Ok so with the departure of Kareem Rush, Donyell Marshall, (likely) Andre Miller and Theo Ratliff... we need to fill out the roster.

Options: I think we need a point guard, a forward and 2 big men.

Point guard: Doesn't necessarily need to be a starter, just needs to be a veteran. I prefer C.J Watson or Brevin Knight. Surely Ramon Sessions would be great, but I doubt he'd come here.

Forward: We do have plenty of forwards, but we could add one more. Getting Rodney Carney back would be great since he is such a tough guy and shot the ball well last season.

Big men: These are my favorites... Ryan Hollins, Solomon Jones or Shelden Williams...

Your thoughts?

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Ok I Feel Ya

Well first of all i would love the sign and trade with NY

Andre Miller for Chris Duhan.

Then I would sign Dionte Christmas. Because we turn out
to be one of the better 3 shooting team.

Shelden Williams seems like he will never pan out put
but still will do his job.

Rodney Carney would also be a nice addition............

So do u like the Miller/Duhan trade

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I like Duhon a lot and I think if we got him our line-up could look like this
6th-Lou Williams (in for Brand)
7th-Kapono (in for Duhon (move Williams to the 1)
8th-Speights (In for Dalembert)
9th- Jason Smith (in for Young)
10th- *Rodney Carney (in for Iggy)
11th- Holiday
12th- Willie Green (If we keep him
13th... Christmas?

We need to get rid of Green and replace him with Christmas

What about 14th and 15th men?

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