Pops in the mix

Apparently the Raptors are still considering keeping Pops so all the Pops fan can relax a bit, he's not completely out of it. My source is Doug Smith's blog on

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They need to. His Reb/min

They need to. His Reb/min stats are amazing. Also, he still has considerable potential. The raps need bigs badly, and he would be a great backup big. While he is a bit small to play C, in a pinch, he could blanket guys in the post (he is super quick), block shots (due to his length and hops), and rebound like an animal.

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i really like the guy, energy guy off the bench, kinda like the birdman, just wished we kept humphries to cause he was also an energy who also had some offensive touch, but he is gone so pops will take his spot

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yeah. pops is a good energy

yeah. pops is a good energy guy but i don't know if he has more potential than that. i do think the raps should keep him but they also need rasho and to a lesser extent delfino. that being said, they'd need to get rid of one of their current players if possible.

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