Best Dunk Ever. Vince Carter.

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Best Dunk Ever. Vince Carter.

Hello from Argentina, I think this is the best dunk i saw in all my life, What do you think?

He made in Olympic game and This French guy have 7´2 size, sorry for my english......

another one Chapu Nocioni my man, when he has 19 years old, smile for the picture KG (1999 pre olympic game) (bad quality , but good stuff)

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yea the vince carter dunk is

yea the vince carter dunk is probably the best dunk i have ever seen

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I 3rd that

I 3rd that

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Actually he is the best dunker ever. That dunk is nasty, but how about his windmill 360 (the one where he spins opposite the direction he is running in / because your body would naturally want you to spin left).

That to me is ridiculous.

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