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Moses Ehambe

i don't know if anyone has heard of him but he played four years of college ball at Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma.He went undrafted and spent last season with the tulsa 66ers of the d-league and played on the thunder's summer league roster this year.anyways this guy is a leader/speaker at the church i go to.He is a high character guy with some serious skills. he is a 6'6 200 sg who i watched make about 50 three's in a row after church service.anyone think he can make it to the nba?i really believe he will

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It depends. Now I haven't

It depends. Now I haven't heard of him but these are things I have to question based off of wha you said. How quick is his release, does he have a good wingspan, how are his handles, can he beat his man off the dribble, is he a spot up shooter or is he a volume shooter, does he have quick feet, could he defend NBA sg's, at 200 lbs he isn't that big maybe he could get bullied around, can he finish at the rim? Just a few questions I would have to ask.

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i hope he gets a shot. ya

i hope he gets a shot. ya gotta root for guys like that.

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