Terrico White

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Terrico White

Wanna look for a potential Lottery pick? Look no further than Mississippi's combo guard- Terrico White. I saw this man play alot last season, he is a monster. He played for Team USA (college) and stole the show. I'm telling you, 6-5 and can play Point, he will be shooting up draft boards all season.

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Don't know

Much about him. I'll have to check him out during the season.

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Thanks for the info homie I

Thanks for the info homie I will check him out and see what skills he got. You could be on to something
i have to start looking at college again.

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He is a good scorer and has

He is a good scorer and has a decent shot, but he has to work on his handles a little to play PG in the NBA. He played the point last year because Chris Warren (who in my opinion will be their No.1 option this year) got hurt early in the year, which forced him to switch positions. Athletic as hell though

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