Jamal Tinsley Wavied by the Pacers


The Pacer's wavied Tinsley whom they have been paying the last year to stay away from the team.

Even though he hasn't played on over a year he becomes one of the better FA point guards on the NBA, probably the 3rd option behind Miller and Sessions.

Where do you think he will end up?

He lives in Atlanta so he could go there at a discount (he would be getting some amount of money from the Pacer's most likely)

I'd say New York, but Donnie Walsh saw the damage Tinsley did first hand when he was in Indy.

76'ers could be an option since they are losing Miller

and there are always the Blazers who have money they have been trying to throw around this summer but have yet to land anyone.

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Bad for the Blazers. Too

Bad for the Blazers. Too much of an attitude for that young of a team. Try NY. Perfect place for someone with an ego...

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NY would be

NY would be intersting....

Remember this is a guy who couldn't stay out of trouble in a small market like Indianapolis, the trouble he could get into in New York could be an outrageous spectacle.

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Sacramento- Be a backup to a

Sacramento- Be a backup to a rook.

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i say tinsley ends up in a heat

uniform. and he'll backup chalmers from there.

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he can help someone, but after this long off, I doubt enyone makes him more then a 1 year deal. We will have to wait and see where guys like Miller and Sessions end up, then teams will start pushing for Tinsley. I don't think Sac is a good choice, becasue say what you want about Udrih, but he is in the second year of a deal that pays him like 6-7 mill per. The Kings are'nt gonna stick him third string so they could win a couple more games. They're playing for the lottery anyways.

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Well at best he will sign a 1 or 2 yr. deal with someone at be a backup PG.

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The Day has finally came

The Day has finally came .......Might bring in Reddick??? Bird Will Like That lol

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Reddick would actually not

Reddick would actually not be a bad pick up for them but they need to get some guys that can defend athletes.

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He won't go to Atlanta, they

He won't go to Atlanta, they are crowded at pg now.

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