Nerlens Noel Interview

Sun, 04/15/2012 - 7:57pm

6'11 shot blocker extraordinare and Kentucky commit Nerlens Noel is the number one rated recruit according to a number of services including ESPN and We caught up with Nerlens last week during the Nike Hoop Summit.

Nerlens NoelNerlens
You got a late start on the event, I understand you had some school related obligations?

Nerlens Noel: Yeah, the team and I have been on the road a lot and I needed to catch up on some school work.
Would you rather get 30 points or 10 blocks?

Nerlens Noel: Definitely 10 blocks. To me it's more unique. Anybody can score, but to keep the other team from scoring and be an intimidator, rim protector. It makes a bigger difference. How did you first become interested in basketball?

Nerlens Noel: I used to play with my two older brothers and my Dad. We used to play in our back yard. Competing against my older brothers. They ended up going off to college for football in the ACC. I played football too, but my heart was into basketball. You played football, what position were you?

Nerlens Noel: I played quarterback, running back, safety, receiver. You still love football?

Nerlens Noel: Yeah I do. Whats your team?

Nerlens Noel: Patriots Describe what makes being a part of this Hoop Summit event so special.

Nerlens Noel: This event is just representing the whole country. You are playing against the whole world with USA across your jersey and you gotta represent. And you gotta play to win. What is the most important aspect about the college you choose?

Nerlens Noel: Definitely somewhere that I can feel comfortable, feel at home. Going to a program where I can win and better myself as a player and person. What aspect of your game needs the most work?

Nerlens Noel: Definitely getting stronger. Putting on good weight. Working on everything 15 feet in and around the basket. Offensively. What do you like to do in your free time?

Nerlens Noel: I like to play video games. 2K12. XBox with my friends. Hang out and joke around. The flat top. Are you a Fresh Prince fan? Kid and play?

Nerlens Noel: I'm more of a Fresh Prince fan. That was my favorite show growing up. Watching that every night before I went to sleep when I was a kid. All time favorite movie?

Nerlens Noel: He got game. You got game too, Nerlens. Best of luck to you!

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