The NCAA whiffed when suspending Peter Jurkin and Hanner Perea

NBC Sports/Rob Dauster

Simply put, this is a take on the suspension of incoming Indiana University freshmen Hanner Perea and Peter Jurkin. Both were suspended for the Hoosiers first 9 games due to their association with Mark Adams, their AAU coach and susposed "Indiana booster". Between 1986-1992 gave $185 to the school, mainly because Adams wife wanted an alumni bumper sticker. You really can't make this stuff up.

“The craziest part of it all was that the money wasn’t even donated by me, but rather by my ex-wife so she could get an alumni sticker on her car,’’ Adams said. “That was the donation back then that got you a sticker.’’

You can find another article detailing the suspension at the Indianapolis Star Website. Perea and Jurkin both were involved with the program A-HOPE, standing for African Hoop Opportunities Providing an Education. Adams at one time tried to become the legal guardian of Perea, who is actually from Colombia.

Either way, this article really puts into perspective the outdated rules the NCAA involving "boosters". In the end, the NCAA really could not find anything wrong with what Adams was doing and seemed to make an example of these two players on a technicality. While they may have suspected foul play between A-HOPE and Indiana, the program had never sent any players to IU before this year. When it comes to the NCAA punishing players for "illegal benefits", this is yet another puzzling decision.

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