NCAA Power 16 Rankings

Fri, 03/06/2009 - 8:54am

NCAA Power 16: March 6th

Power 16
1. Connecticut
Almost unbeatable when Stanley Robinson plays well.
2. North Carolina
This team would be even better if Roy didn’t insist on playing Bobby Frasor.
3. Pittsburgh
Pitt (18-0 at home) takes on UCONN (10-0 on the road). Something’s gotta give.
4. Oklahoma
1-1 since Griffin’s return, despite Blake’s 18 and 14.5 in those two games.
5. Memphis
21 wins in a row (56 overall in C-USA) is impressive no matter who you play.
6. Duke
Have won five in a row leading up to a showdown with the Heels at Chapel Hill.
7. Louisville
That blowout loss to ND is the only real blemish on an impressive Big East showing.
8. Kansas
A big letdown against TTU after slaughtering Missouri at home.
9. Missouri
Beating Oklahoma makes up for the fact that no one showed up in Kansas.
10. Michigan St.
Kailin Lucas has carried this offense in the midst of Morgan’s sub par play.
11. Washington
Going 3-0 in a week (two victories over the AZ schools) bumps them up 4 spots.
12. Wake Forest
James Johnson is the X factor. They look like a Final Four team when he plays well.
13. Marquette
Without James, Jimmy Butler needs to step up as their third perimeter scorer.
14. LSU
Strange that their first appearance in the Power 16 comes after a rare SEC loss.
15. Clemson
Lack of depth will hurt them in the postseason.
16. Arizona St.
Lost to both Washington schools in OT this past week.

Honorable Mentions

Villanova (24-6) – A shameful loss to a weak Georgetown team drops them out of the Power 16.

Purdue (22-8) – Losses to Michigan and Northwestern? That’s a bad week in the Big 12.

Gonzaga (24-5) – Their schedule makes Memphis’s competition look like the Big East.

UCLA (22-7) – A good win over Cal not enough to get more than an honorable mention.

Syracuse (22-8) – Have won three in a row (only good one against Cincinnati).

This Week’s Match-ups to Watch:

Saturday, March 7th:

#1 Connecticut @ #3 Pittsburgh – Runner-up for GAME OF THE WEEK

#6 Louisville @ West Virginia – A win here, and WVU is a lock for the tournament.

#25 Syracuse @ #15 Marquette – The third Big East game listed here, but let’s face it: no conference in America plays better basketball.

Sunday, March 8th:

#7 Duke @ #2 North Carolina – GAME OF THE WEEK

#19 Purdue @ #8 Michigan St. – Purdue’s played poorly of late; Can they rebound against the Spartans?

#18 Clemson @ #10 Wake – Another solid ACC matchup.

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