NCAA Games of the Week

Tue, 12/21/2010 - 7:00am

NCAA Games of the Week

Tuesday December 21st

USC Trojans 6-4 (PAC 10) at #7 Tennessee Volunteers 7-2 (SEC)

Key Players:

6’10 Jr. Nikola Vucevic 16.5Pts 10.6Reb 2.0Ast 1.3Blk 46%FG
5’7 Fr. Maurice Jones 12.2Pts 3.4Reb 4.2Ast 1.7Stl 36%FG
6’5 Fr. Bryce Jones 11.2Pts 3.1Reb 2.4Ast 1.5Stl 1.5 3’s 35%
6’10 Sr. Alex Stepheson 8.6Pts 8.3Reb 1.3Blk 59%FG

6’7 Jr. Scotty Hopson 16.1Pts 3.7Reb 1.3Stl 1.3 3’s 33%
6’8 Fr. Tobias Harris 15.0Pts 6.4Reb 0.8Blk 48%FG
6’6 Jr. Cameron Tatum 11.6Pts 3.8Reb 2.7Ast 40%FG
5’11 Sr. Melvin Goins 9.2Pts 3.1Reb 3.0Ast 2.0Stl 42%FG
6’10 Sr. Brian Williams 7.1Pts 8.0Reb 50%FG

Tennessee is coming off 2 straight losses and Scotty Hopson is struggling after putting up 27Pts on 10-13 FG in their 83-76 upset of #3 Pitt. Over his last 2, Scotty has 20 points on 7-26 FG including 1-9 from 3. Tobias Harris had his first double double (12Pts 10Reb) in the loss. The Volunteers are a very athletic team but shooting remains a problem for them.

USC’s 5’11 Sr. Donte Smith had 20Pts including 5-7 from 3 in their 68-70 loss to Kansas. He has averaged 21Pts on 10-16 from 3 over his last 2 games. Fordham transfer, 6’0 Jr. Jio Fontan, had 15Pts on 4-9FG and 6-7FT and is said to be USC’s most talented player. USC is a very young team and the tiny Maurice Jones is an exciting freshman to watch in the mold of a Jerome Randle.

Key Match Up: USC frontcourt vs. Tennessee frontcourt.
USC has big bodies in Vucevic and Stepheson and will give fits to Williams and Harris.

#22 UNLV Runnin’ Rebels 10-2 (Mountain West) at #6 Kansas State Wildcats 9-2 (BIG 12)

Key Players:

6’8 Jr. Chace Stanback 14.1Pts 4.5Reb 1.2Stl 53%FG 1.5 3’s 37%
6’2 Jr. Oscar Bellfield 12.3Pts 2.8Reb 4.3Ast 49%FG 2.3 3’s 54%
6’4 Sr. Tre’Von Willis 10.9Pts 3.1Reb 3.0Ast 1.7Stl 45%FG
6’6 Sr. Derrick Jasper 9.5Pts 5.2Reb 2.4Ast 47%FG

Kansas State:
6’0 Sr. Jacob Pullen 16.3Pts 3.7Reb 4.0Ast 2.0Stl 40%FG 2.0 3’s 33%
6’8 Sr. Curtis Kelley 11.6Pts 4.4Reb 1.1Stl 1.1Blk 56%FG
6’4 So. Rodney McGruder 11.0Pts 6.2Reb 2.0Ast 45%FG 2.2 3’s 39%
6’7 Jr. Jamar Samuels 9.2Pts 6.4Reb 40%FG 61%FT

Jacob Pullen is struggling. The All American shot 6-17 in their 44-57 loss to Florida and his shooting 32% over his last 2 games including 1-11 from 3. 6’11 Freddy Asprilla managed only 17 minutes before fouling out and finished with 4Pts 4Reb. The Wildcats are a deep team with experience but they have been inconsistent this season shooting the ball. Wally Judge continues to be a major letdown. Over his last 5 games, he has 3 DNP and has totaled 9 minutes of action.

The Rebels beat Southern Utah 72-50 to snap a 2 game losing streak as Fr. Carlos Lopez, a 6’11 center out of famed Findlay Prep, had 12Pts and 11Reb. 6’3 So. Anthony Marshall had 17Pts 3Ast and 2Stl in the win and UNLV will need more of that offensive production from him in this game.

Key Match Up: Pullen vs. Marshall
Pullen needs to break out of his slump and will look to take advantage of the sophomore in this one. Marshall will look to have another big game against the senior, and will need it.

Wednesday December 22nd

#22 Texas Longhorns 9-2 (BIG 12) at #14 Michigan State Spartans 8-3 (BIG 10)

Key Players:

Cory JosephCory JosephTexas:
6’7 So. Jordan Hamilton 18.9Pts 6.9Reb 2.5Ast 44%FG 2.3 3’s 41%
6’6 Sr. Gary Johnson 11.7Pts 8.0Reb 51%FG 71%FT
6’8 Fr. Tristan Thompson 11.3Pts 7.6Reb 1.3Stl 2.3Blk 48%FG
6’3 Fr. Cory Joseph 11.0Pts 3.8Reb 2.9Ast 44%FG 1.8 3’s 42%

Michigan State:
6’1 Sr. Kalin Lucas 15.2Pts 3.0Ast 1.2Stl 1.6 3’s 43%
6’5 Sr. Durrell Summers 14.6Pts 4.6Reb 2.1 3’s 42%
6’7 Jr. Draymond Green 12.7Pts 9.1Reb 4.1Ast 2.0Stl 1.4Blk 51%FG 1.3 3’s 52%
5’11 Jr. Korie Lucious 8.6Pts 4.4Ast 1.1Stl 1.7 3’s 33% 100%FT

Jordan Hamilton got back on track in Texas’ 78-76 win over UNC. He had 24Pts and 10Reb after averaging 13.3Pts 6.5Reb and shooting 35%FG over his previous 4 games. Cory Joseph hit the game winning jumper with 1.6 seconds left and has been on a tear averaging 19.3Pts while hitting 10-19 3’s over his last 3.

The Spartans 3 losses this season have come against Duke, Uconn and Syracuse, all 3 are ranked in the top 10. Coach Tom Izzo was suspended for MSU’s 90-51 rout of Prairie View A&M for paying someone who had ties to a recruit for his services at an AAU game over the summer. Kalin Lucas had a solid game scoring 10Pts with 8Ast and just 1TO in the win and Durrell Summers added a season high 25Pts on 5-7 from 3.

Key Match Up: Cory Joseph vs. Kalin Lucas
Joseph’s confidence is sky high and he will get a chance to prove his ware against the All American senior.

#12 Illinois Fighting Illini 10-2 (BIG 10) at #13 Missouri Tigers 10-1 (BIG 12)

Key Players:

6’3 Sr. Demetri McCamey 15.8Pts 3.4Reb 7.3Ast 52%FG 2.3 3’s 52%
6’3 So. DJ Richardson 11.9Pts 2.1Reb 2.1Ast 2.5 3’s 49%
7’1 Sr. Mike Tisdale 11.0Pts 7.2Reb 1.7Blk 51%FG 83%FT
6’9 Sr. Mike Davis 10.9Pts 7.1Reb 1.1Blk 54%FG
6’4 So. Brandon Paul 9.0Pts 2.9Reb 2.2Ast 1.5Stl 1.3 3’s 40%

6’3 Sr. Marcus Denmon 16.4Pts 3.9Reb 1.8Stl 50%FG 2.7 3’s 50% 89%FT
6’8 Jr. Ricardo Ratliffe 11.7Pts 7.7Reb 55%FG 65%FT
6’8 Jr. Laurence Bowers 11.1Pts 6.2Reb 1.1Stl 2.2Blk 48%FG
6’6 Jr. Kim English 10.9Pts 2.9Reb 1.8Ast 1.6Stl 1.5 3’s 37%
6’1 So. Michael Dixon 10.7Pts 2.2Reb 4.3Ast 2.4Stl 40%FG 83%FT

Illinois may have been looking ahead to the ‘Braggin’ Rights’ game when they slipped up to UIC 54-57. Big men Mike Davis and Mike Tisdale played abysmal combining for 6Pts 6Reb on 2-11FG as Paul Carter and Darrin Williams made life difficult for the seniors. Illinois shot just 33% from the floor in the loss.

Missouri put Scottie Pippen’s alumni, Central Arkansas, through their 40 minutes of hell in a 116-63 rout. The Tigers forced 23 turnovers and had 15 steals and 33 assists. Fr. Paul Pressey had 15Pts 11Ast and Jr. Kim English had 14Pts and 11Ast. English has really picked it up after a slow start and has gone 13-25 from 3 over his last 4 games. Missouri is a very deep team that has 7 players who average at least 17 minutes a game.

Key Match Up: McCamey/Paul/Richardson vs. English/Denmom/Dixon
This whole game is going to be filled with great match ups but the speed of both backcourts should make for an extremely fast paced game…..don’t blink.

Harvard Crimson 7-2 (Ivy League) at #4 Connecticut Huskies 8-0 (BIG East)

Key Players:

6’5 So. Christian Webster 16.6Pts 4.0Reb 1.6Stl 2.4 3’s 40% 87%FT
6’8 Jr. Keith Wright 15.7Pts 8.8Reb 2.2Ast 1.9Blk 66%FG
6’5 Fr. Laurent Rivard 10.4Pts 2.8Reb 2.2 3’s 38% 94%FT
6’3 Jr. Oliver McNally 9.9Pts 4.1Reb 4.2Ast 1.6 3’s 45% 93%FT
6’1 So. Brandyn Curry 9.2Pts 5.1Reb 5.9Ast 1.6Stl 1.4 3’s 37% 80%FT

6’1 Jr. Kemba Walker 28.1Pts 5.4Reb 4.1Ast 2.2Stl 53%FG 2.5 3’s 43% 89%FT
6’9 So. Alex Oriakhi 11.4Pts 10.4Reb 2.8Blk 56%FG
6’0 Fr. Shabazz Napier 9.4Pts 1.9Reb 2.5Ast 2.1Stl 35%FG
6’8 Fr. Roscoe Smith 7.5Pts 5.2Reb 2.0Blk 48%FG 94%FT

Harvard coach Tommy Amaker has some athletes on his team, which isn’t common for a Harvard team. His team is also very young as they feature 6 Fr., 6 So. and zero seniors. Christian Webster had 18Pts leading 6 players in double figures as the Crimson beat Boston 87-71. Harvard is an exceptional free throw shooting team, ranking among the leaders in the nation.

Uconn had little trouble in their 78-54 rout of Fair. Dickinson. Kemba Walker had 21Pts to lead the way. Fr. Shabaaz Napier had 10Pts 5Reb 5Ast and 2Stl in the win and is an intriguing prospect. Uconn has been a surprise this season but they rely way too heavily on 2 players. Walker and Oriakhi account for 50% of their scoring which could spell trouble if one of them struggles.

Key Match Up: Keith Wright vs. Alex Oriakhi
Wright is a big body at 6’8 250 and has a great touch around the basket as evidenced by his 66%FG. Oriakhi will have his hands full with him.

Drexel Dragons 8-1 (Colonial Athletic) at #5 Syracuse Orangemen 11-0 (BIG East)

Key Players:

6’2 So. Chris Fouch 20.9Pts 3.8Reb 2.0Ast 3.4 3’s 42% 84%FT
6’5 Jr. Sammie Givens 10.9Pts 11.2Reb 52%FG
6’1 Sr. Gerald Colds 10.0Pts 2.9Reb 2.2Ast 33%FG
6’8 Fr. Dartaye Ruffin 7.4Pts 7.1Reb 55%FG 69%FT
6’9 So. Daryl McCoy 5.9Pts 9.4Reb 66%FG

6’9 Sr. Rick Jackson 14.0Pts 12.6Reb 2.1Ast 1.4Stl 1.9Blk 59%FG
6’2 Jr. Scoop Jardine 13.2Pts 2.4Reb 6.2Ast 2.1Stl 1.6 3’s 30%
6’7 Jr. Kris Joseph 13.1Pts 4.9Reb 1.5Stl 40%FG 76%FT
6’4 So. Brandon Triche 8.6Pts 2.2Reb 3.1Ast 41%FG

Drexels’ Sammie Givens is a beast on the boards. The 6’5 220lb Jr. is among the leaders with 11.8 per game and hauls down 4.8 on the offensive end. Chris Fouch is one of the best shooters in the nation but struggled against St. Francis scoring 10Pts on 2-10 shooting. He will need to step it up big time against Jardine and Triche. The Dragons are big in the post with 6’8 270lb Ruffinf and 6’9 250lb McCoy and should match up well with Syracuse.

Kris Joseph showed he is the go to guy for the Orangemen as he had 24Pts 7Reb 4Ast while shooting 8-11FG including 2-3 from 3 in their 83-77 win over high scoring Iona. Rick Jackson had an off game with just 8Pts and 8Reb and he will also need to step it up against the big frontcourt of Drexel. Fab Melo continues to look lost on the court and has only logged 11 minutes over his last 2 games as coach Jim Boeheim has completely lost faith in him up to this point.

Key Match Up: Fouch vs. Scoop
Fouch has to have a career game against the pesky Jardine if Drexel hopes to pull off the upset.

#3 Kansas Jayhawks 10-0 (BIG 12) at California Golden Bears 5-4 (PAC 10)

Key Players:

6’8 Jr. Marcus Morris 16.9Pts 6.2Reb 1.1Blk 64%FG 1.1 3’s 53%
6’9 Jr. Markieff Morris 12.3Pts 9.1Reb 1.1Blk 53%FG 70%FT
6’3 Jr. Tyshawn Taylor 10.9Pts 6.3Ast 1.8Stl 58%FG 67%FT
6’3 Sr. Tyrel Reed 10.0Pts 4.3Reb 1.8 3’s 36%
6’9 So. Thomas Robinson 9.2Pts 6.6Reb 1.3Blk 59%FG

6’8 Jr. Harper Kemp 13.6Pts 5.6Reb 2.2Ast 53%FG 92%FT
6’3 Jr. Jorge Gutierrez 12.9Pts 3.2Reb 4.1Ast 1.7Stl 83%FT
6’7 Sr. Markhuri Sanders-Frison 8.4Pts 7.6Reb 57%FG
6’4 Fr. Allen Crabbe 7.9Pts 4.8Reb 40%FG 81%FT

Josh Selby knows how to make an impression. He hit the go ahead 3 with 26 seconds remaining in their 70-68 win over USC and finished with 21Pts, going 5-8 from 3. Tyshawn Taylor struggled as he finished with 7Pts with only 1Ast and 6TO. It will be interesting to see how these 2 mesh with each other.

Sanders-Frison had 15Pts and 10Reb in Cal’s 51-41 win over Cal Poly and is the team’s only real post presence, which will be a huge problem against the Morris twins. Harper Kemp is a deadly shooter and will need a career game in this one.

Key Match Up: Selby vs. Gutierrez
Selby is the main reason to watch this game. After his amazing debut, every Kansas game is now a must watch and Jorge Gutierrez will have the best seat in the house to watch Selby do his thing.

Thursday December 23rd

#15 Georgetown Hoyas 10-1 (BIG East) at #18 Memphis Tigers 8-1 (C-USA)

Key Players:

6’3 Sr. Austin Freeman 18.9Pts 2.7Reb 2.1Ast 54%FG 2.6 3’s 48% 83%FT
6’2 Jr. Jason Clark 14.9Pts 4.3Reb 1.6Stl 2.6 3’s 48% 81%FT
6’1 Sr. Chris Wright 13.4Pts 3.0Reb 7.1Ast 2.1Stl 1.7 3’s 39% 83%FT
6’9 Sr. Julian Vaughn 9.4Pts 7.1Reb 2.1Blk 49%FG 68%FT
6’7 So. Hollis Thompson 7.9Pts 5.1Reb 1.1Stl 55%FG 1.1 3’s 44%

6’9 Jr. Wesley Witherspoon 13.0Pts 4.6Reb 1.8Stl 53%FG 83%FT
6’6 Fr. Will Barton 12.0Pts 4.3Reb 2.6Ast 1.9Stl 42%FG
6’0 Fr. Joe Jackson 10.2Pts 2.4Reb 3.9Ast 3.8TO 39%FG
6’4 Fr. Chris Crawford 9.9Pts 3.3Reb 2.3Ast 1.9Stl 2.2 3’s 42%

G’Town put on a shooting clinic in their 99-75 win over Loyola (MD). They shot 64% from the floor as Freeman led the way with 14Pts on 5-6FG. The Hoya backcourt can stroke it better than anyone in the country but coach John Thompson III is urging them to play tougher defense. They will get a test from the Memphis Fr. trio.

Joe Jackson continues to be a disappointment for the Tigers. He shot just 2-10 from the floor and had 5TO in their 70-68 win over Austin Peay and is at 4TO a game for the season. Chris Crawford has been the best of the 3 so far and went for 18-4-4 including 5-8 from 3 in the win. The Tigers get a lot of steals but they also turn the ball over a ton.

Key Match Up: Hoya backcourt vs. Tigers backcourt
This will be the ultimate youth vs. experience lesson as the Hoya’s trio will try and slow down the 3 Fr. guards of Memphis.

Oakland Golden Grizzlies 6-6 (Summitt) at #2 Ohio State Buckeyes 10-0 (BIG 10)

Key Players:

6’11 Sr. Keith Benson 18.8Pts 11.5Reb 3.4Blk 52%FG 73%FT
5’11 Jr. Reggie Hamilton 14.5Pts 2.4Reb 4.1Ast 1.4Stl 2.5 3’s 37%
6’9 Sr. Will Hudson 13.6Pts 7.2Reb 1.1Stl 1.1Blk 65%FG 81%FT
6’2 Sr. Larry Wright 10.1Pts 4.2Reb 3.7Ast 48%FG 74%FT

Ohio State:
6’9 Fr. Jared Sullinger 18.4Pts 9.7Reb 1.3Stl 60%FG 71%FT
6’6 Sr. Jon Diebler 13.2Pts 1.3Stl 52%FG 3.4 3’s 49% 80%FT
6’5 Jr. William Buford 12.4Pts 5.2Reb 3.9Ast 44%FG 72%FT
6’5 Sr. David Lighty 11.9Pts 4.1Reb 4.0Ast 2.1Stl 44%FG

Jared Sullinger is starting to play his way into 1st Team All American talks as he had 30Pts and 19Reb in their 79-57 win over South Carolina. Ohio State is a team that is made for a Final Four run. They have the big guy down low in Sully, they have experienced guards in Lighty and Buford, and they have the deadly shooter in Diebler. The Buckeyes also have a solid bench with Fr. Deshaun Thomas (10.2Pts 4.8Reb) Fr. PG Aaron Craft (4.7Pts 4.6Ast 1.4Stl and Dallas Lauderdale (5.2Pts 2.5Blk.)

Oakland must have just run out of gas in their 51-69 loss to Michigan. They were coming off games against Illinois, Michigan State and Tennessee. They lost those first 2 but Keith benson came up huge in their 89-82 win over Tennessee. The 6’11 Sr. had 26Pts and 10Reb while Larry Wright had 19Pts 5Reb and 6Ast. Again, Oakland isn’t very deep but has proven they can run with anybody and their tough schedule will pay off come tourney time.

Key Match Up: Sullinger vs. Benson
Sullinger is 6’9 270lb and Benson is 6’11 240lbs. Benson has proved he can hang with the best teams, now he will have a chance to prove he can hang with the best big men.

UTEP Miners 8-2 (C-USA) at #16 BYU Cougars 10-1 (Mountain West)

Key Players:

6’0 Sr. Randy Culpepper 19.1Pts 2.7Reb 2.9Ast 2.6Stl 2.4 3’s 38%
6’3 Sr. Christian Polk 12.1Pts 3.7Reb 3.9Ast 1.8 3’s 43% 100%FT
6’7 Sr. Jeremy Williams 11.6Pts 6.2Reb 1.1Blk 51%FG
6’6 Sr. Julyan Stone 9.2Pts 6.2Reb 4.6Ast 1.4Stl 52%FG

6’2 Sr. Jimmer Fredette 23.7Pts 3.2Reb 4.1Ast 1.8Stl 2.4 3’s 36% 88%FT
6’3 Sr. Jackson Emery 11.4Pts 3.8Reb 2.4Ast 2.9Stl 2.2 3’s 35%
6’9 So. Brandon Davis 9.9Pts 4.6Reb 58%FG 68%FT
6’8 Jr. Noah Hartsock 9.8Pts 5.6Reb 1.9Blk 52%FG 85%FT

BYU was handed their first loss of the season to UCLA 79-86 as they had 19TO in the loss. Fredette had 25Pts on 8-15 from the floor but committed 7TO alone. The Cougars rely heavily on Fredette and if he has a bad game the Cougars are vulnerable. Emery is among the leaders in steals and will have to step up his offensive game to take some of the pressure off Fredette.

Randy Culpepper dropped 28Pts in UTEP’s 82-71 win over Texas Tech. Julyan Stone had 15Pts 10Reb 5Ast and is an underrated player. The Miners are a senior laden team and could cause problems for BYU. Coach Tim Floyd’s team is a defensive oriented team that relies on it’s guards because of their lack of big men.

Key Match Up: Fredette vs. Culpepper
These 2 might not be matched up together a lot but they are 2 of the best scorers in the country and both will try to out do each other.

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