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Tuesday December 14th

Oakland Golden Grizzlies 5-5 (Summitt) at #11 Tennessee Volunteers 7-0 (SEC)

Key Players:

6’11 Sr. Keith Benson 18.2Pts 11.7Reb 3.3Blk 52%FG
5’11 Jr. Reggie Hamilton 16.1Pts 4.2Ast 1.6Stl 2.8 3’s 40%
6’9 Sr. Will Hudson 13.7Pts 7.1Reb 68%FG 81%FT
6’2 Sr. Larry Wright 7.9Pts 4.2Reb 3.7Ast

6’7 Jr. Scotty Hopson 17.9Pts 3.8Reb 1.5Ast 1.5 3’s 37%
6’8 Fr. Tobias Harris 16.7Pts 5.8Reb 1.1Stl 53%FG
6’6 Jr. Cameron Tatum 11.8Pts 3.7Reb 2.7Ast 1.2Stl
6’10 Sr. Brian Williams 6.3Pts 8.1Reb 47%FG

Oakland head coach Greg Kampe wanted his team to be tested before conference play began. He may have bitten off more than he could chew. His team is in the middle of a 4 game road trip that has included #16 Illinois and #7 Michigan State. They lost both of those games and now take on #11 Tennessee followed by a trip to Ann Arbor to take on Michigan. They have already played #14 Purdue and still have to face #2 Ohio State. Even Tom Izzo is jealous of that schedule.

Oakland has hung tough with those opponents as they lost by one to Michigan State and fell apart down the stretch against Illinois, a much deeper team. That will be a problem for Oakland throughout the season, they aren’t very deep. Keith Benson put up 17-12 and 3 blocks against MSU showing he can play with the best and Larry Wright had 21 points on 4/5 from downtown.

Scotty Hopson is starting to take over for Tennessee as he dropped 27 points (10-13FG 3-3 from 3) in a 83-76 upset over 33 Pittsburgh last night. He has scored 46 over his last 2 including going 7/9 from downtown. Tennessee plays tough defense and is a very strong rebounding team.

Key Match Up: Oakland’s frontline vs. Tennessee’s frontline.
Keith Benson is the real deal and Will Hudson is a load down low. Tennessee’s Brian Williams and Tobias Harris will have their hands full in this game.

Drexel Dragons 6-1 (Colonial Athletic) at #24 Louisville Cardinals 8-0 (Big East)

Key Players:

6’2 So. Chris Fouch 22.4Pts 3.6 3’s 44% 87%FT
6’5 Jr. Samme Givens 11.3Pts 11.4Reb 51%FG
6’8 Fr. Dartaye Ruffin 8.8Pts 7.1Reb 58%FG
6’9 So. Daryl McCoy 6.3Pts 9.7Reb 68%FG

6’4 So. Mike Marra 11.6Pts 3.1Reb 3.4Ast 2.6 3’s 30%
6’1 Sr. Preston Knowles 12.4Pts 3.6Reb 1.7Stl 2.1 3’s 35%
6’9 Jr. Terrence Jennings 11.1Pts 6.3Reb 3.1Blk 56%FG
5’11 So. Peyton Silva 11.1Pts 3.0Reb 4.0Ast 2.1Stl 57%FG
6’8 So. Rakeem Buckles 9.7Pts 8.7Reb 2.0Ast 1.3Stl 50%FG

Sometimes being a well balanced team is a negative. Guys will tend to look around at the end of games wondering who will take over if need be. Louisville’s Preston Knowles might be the answer for the Cardinals. He scored all 20 of his points in the 2nd half in a 77-69 win over #20 UNLV yesterday and Louisville played tight defense in handing the Runnin’ Rebels their first loss of the season. Rick Pitino is getting solid play from sophomores Silva and Buckles and Terrence Jennings is a very good shot blocker down low.

Drexel’s Chris Fouch is starting to get some attention. The 6’2 sophomore dropped 27-4-4 against Rider and is averaging 22.4Pts on the season while hitting 3.5 3’s per game. Drexel is excellent at defending the 3 (26% against) and Ruffin (250lbs) and McCoy (270lbs) are a lot to handle down low.

Key Match Up: Preston Knowles vs. Chris Fouch
Fouch will get a tough test from Knowles, who is a solid defensive player.

Thursday December 16th

Austin Peay Governors 6-5 (Ohio Valley) at #13 Memphis Tigers 7-1 (C-USA)

Key Players:

Austin Peay:
6’4 Jr. Tyshwan Edmondson 19.5Pts 4.8Reb 2.1Ast 1.9Stl 1.8 3’s 35%
6’6 Jr. Anthony Campbell 13.9Pts 3.5Reb 1.1Stl 1.7 3’s 31%
6’8 Jr. John Fraley 8.9Pts 7.5Reb 56%FG
6’0 Sr. Caleb Brown 6.6Pts 3.3Reb 4.7Ast 1.7Stl

6’9 Jr. Wesley Witherspoon 13.0Pts 4.6Reb 1.8Stl 53%FG 83%FT
6’6 Fr. Will Barton 12.4Pts 4.1Reb 2.5Ast 1.9Stl
6’0 Fr. Joe Jackson 10.8Pts 4.0Ast 3.6TO
6’4 Fr. Chris Crawford 8.9Pts 3.2Reb 1.9Stl 1.9 3’s 38%

Austin Peay is coming off a 112-52 win over Division III Fontbonne. I had to look this school up…3000 students, 73% female…sign me up. They will get a much tougher test against Memphis this weekend.

St. Johns transfer Tyshwan Edmondson is starting to emerge and is playing his way into the conference player of the year conversation. The Governers aren’t very big down low and are defensively challenged.

Memphis ran into a problem that will be a reoccurring theme this year, they got beat up on the boards. In their 68-81 loss to Kansas, they were out rebounded 39-26 as the Morris twins had their way down low. Will Barton continues to get better every game as he put up 16Pts and 7Reb to go along with 2Stl in the loss.

Key Match Up: Tyshwan Edmondson vs. Will Barton
These two athletic guards should provide plenty of entertainment in this game.

Saturday December 18th

Gonzaga Bulldogs 4-5 (West Coast) at #11 Baylor Bears 6-0 (Big 12)

Key Players:

6’5 Sr. Steven Gray 18.4Pts 4.4Reb 5.4Ast 2.1Stl 2.9 3’s 41%
7’0 Jr. Robert Sacre 11.4Pts 7.5Reb 1.6Blk 81%FT
6’8 So. Elias Harris 9.1Pts 4.1Reb 46%FG
6’11 So. Kelly Olynyk 7.4Pts 5.6Reb 59%FG

6’4 Sr. LaceDarius Dunn 22.7Pts 4.3Reb 3.3Ast 2.3Stl 5.3 3’s 52%
6’7 Jr. Quincey Acy 14.8Pts 9.2Reb 1.2Blk 55%FG 81%FT
6’10 Fr. Perry Jones 12.8Pts 9.0Reb 2.3Ast 1.5Blk 52%FG 39%FT
6’1 So. AJ Walton 10.4Pts 2.6Reb 5.4Ast 2.6Stl
6’10 Jr. Anthony Jones 8.7Pts 7.3Reb 49%FG 86%FT

LaceDarius Dunn is making up for lost time. In his 3 games since his suspension, he has nailed 16 3’s and is averaging 22.7Pts. Quincey Acy’s play has him shooting up the draft boards and freshman Perry Jones has been as good as advertised considering Baylor has so many options on offense. Baylor is as solid a team there is and their only weakness may be their frontline getting into foul trouble.

Gonzaga continues it’s tough non conference schedule as they already have played #3 Kansas State (loss), #16 Illinois (loss), #20 San Diego State (loss), and #23 Notre Dame (loss). 7’0 Robert Sacre had a solid game against Illinois (15Pts 10Reb) and combined with 6’11 Kelly Olynyk, the Bulldogs have good size underneath. Steven Gray is a do everything guard in the mold of former Bulldog Matt Bouldin.

Key Match Up: LaceDarius Dunn vs. Steven Gray
This match up should be dynamite as both players can score, defend, pass and light it up from downtown. If Elias Harris and Perry Jones spend time guarding one another that will be the match up scouts will really be watching.

#25 Texas Longhorns 7-2 (Big 12) at North Carolina Tar Heels 7-3 (ACC)

Key Players:

Harrison BarnesHarrison Barnes6’7 So. Jordan Hamilton 20.5Pts 6.6Reb 2.1Ast 2.5 3’s 42% 77%FT
6’8 Fr. Tristan Thompson 11.2Pts 7.4Reb 2.4Blk 53%FG 48%FT
6’6 Sr. Gary Johnson 10.8Pts 7.4Reb 50%FG
6’3 Fr. Cory Joseph 9.1Pts 4.1Reb 3.1Ast 1.2Stl
6’1 Sr. Dogus Balbay 5.2Pts 3.2Reb 2.4Ast 59%FG

North Carolina:
7’0 Jr. Tyler Zeller 16.4Pts 7.8Reb 1.7Blk 53%FG 76%FT
6’8 Fr. Harrison Barnes 11.1Pts 6.0Reb 34%FG 80%FT
6’10 So. John Henson 10.9Pts 10.0Reb 3.0Blk 53%FG 35%FT
6’2 Jr. Larry Drew III 4.3Pts 3.0Reb 3.6Ast 28%FG

Jordan Hamilton got back on track after averaging 13.7Pts and shooting 32% from the floor over 4 games. He scored 16Pts and had 10reb 5Ast in a 101-65 win over Texas State on Saturday. Tristan Thompson is a defensive stopper but his 45%Ft shooting needs some polish. Dogus Balbay is one of the best facilitators in college as he just doesn’t turn the ball over and when he shoots, it is always a high percentage shot.

Tyler Zeller has stepped up as the leader of the Tar Heels as freshman Harrison Barnes has struggled out of the gate. In a 75-73 win over #17 Kentucky, Zeller had 27Pts 11Reb and 5Blk. Fellow big man John Henson had 13Pts 12Reb and 3Blk in the win and UNC is showing that they have one of the best frontcourts in the nation. Their backcourt remains a problem as Larry drew is only shooting 28% from the floor.

Key Match Up: Tristan Thompson vs. Harrison Barnes
Barnes will face a stiff test from the defensive Thompson as the 2 freshmen will go head to head.

Iona Gaels 7-3 (Metro Atlantic) at #8 Syracuse Orangemen 10-0 (Big East)

Key Players:

6’7 Jr. Michael Glover 22.3Pts 9.3Reb 1.1Blk 63%FG
6’1 Jr. Scott Machado 13.8Pts 5.0Reb 8.0Ast 2.3Stl
6’4 So. Kyle Smith 12.4Pts 1.2Stl 2.8 3’s 45%
5’11 Jr. Jermel Jenkins 12.4Pts 3.3Ast 2.9 3’s 40%

6’7 Jr. Kris Joseph 13.8Pts 4.8Reb 1.4Stl 41%FG
6’9 Sr. Rick Jackson 13.6Pts 12.8Reb 2.1Ast 1.7Blk 57%FG
6’2 Jr. Scoop Jardine 13.2Pts 6.4Ast 2.1Stl 36%FG
6’4 So. Brandon Triche 8.0Pts 2.1Reb 3.3Ast 37%FG

Iona can score….a lot. Michael Glover has had 5 straight games of at least 20-10 including 39-14 against Canisius. Scott Machado is 2nd in the nation in assists and had 15 against Albany in a game where the Gaels hit 18 3-pointers. Kyle Smythe was 8-13 from 3 in that game and Jermel Jenkins was 7-11. They are not big up front so they really on a fast pace to avoid opposing teams to get set.

Syracuse is coming off a 72-58 thumping of #2 Michigan State as Rick Jackson continues to be a beast on the boards. He scored 17Pts and grabbed 16reb in the win. The backcourt of Jardine and Triche played outstanding defense on All American Kalin Lucas, holding him to 8Pts and 6 turnovers. Syracuse can dominate the boards, has excellent playmakers in their backcourt, and has a solid go to guy in Kris Joseph.

Key Match Up: Machado/Smythe vs. Jardine/Triche
Jardine and Triche will have their hands full with the Iona guards. Michael Glover and Rick Jackson should be another great match up to watch.

#5 Kansas State Wildcats 9-1 (Big 12) at Florida Gators 7-2 (SEC)

Key Players:

Kansas State:
6’0 Sr. Jacob Pullen 16.0Pts 3.1Reb 4.0Ast 2.1Stl 2.2 3’s 36%
6’8 Sr. Curtis Kelly 11.8Pts 4.3Reb 1.2Stl 55%FG
6’4 So. Rodney McGruder 11.3Pts 6.6Reb 2.1Ast 2.2 3’s 37%
6’7 Jr. Jamar Samuels 10.1Pts 7.1Reb 42%FG

5’8 Jr. Erving Walker 12.1Pts 3.6Reb 3.2Ast 1.6Stl 2.1 3’s 45%
6’2 So. Kenny Boynton 12.1Pts 2.4Reb 2.4Ast 1.6 3’s 25%
6’10 Vernon Macklin 10.9Pts 5.9Reb 1.2Blk 65%FG
6’9 Sr. Chandler Parsons 10.2Pts 5.7Reb 3.1Ast 50%FG
6’8 Sr. Alex Tyus 9.9Pts 4.8Reb 52%FG 86%FT

Jacob Pullen still isn’t playing up to his expectations as his shooting has been off this year. Still, the Wildcats are 9-1 with their only loss coming to Duke when Pullen shot 1-12 and was to held to just 4 points. The Wildcats are a very deep team with 11 players averaging at least 10 minutes a game. Sophomore Wally Judge has been a huge disappointment this season (4.3Pts 2.4Reb) as many expected him to break out this year.

Chandler Parsons hasn’t gotten off to the start he would have liked either for the Gators. The senior hads regressed after a solid junior year in which he hit some huge shots for Florida in tight games. The Gators are turnover prone but they are big up front with 6’10 Macklin and 6’9 Tyus.

Key Match Up: Jacob Pullen vs. Erving Walker
Walker is a pesky little guard who will be right in the face of Pullen and could make things difficult for the All American.

South Carolina Gamecocks 7-1 (SEC) at #2 Ohio State Buckeyes 8-0 (Big 10)

Key Players:

South Carolina:
5’9 Fr. Bruce Ellington 12.7Pts 3.7Reb 4.4Ast 1.7Stl 1.9 3’s 47%
6’5 So. Lakeem Jackson 9.9Pts 6.4Reb 2.6Ast 2.3Stl 49%FG
6’6 Jr. Malik Cooke 9.7Pts 8.0Reb 1.1Stl 42%FG
6’9 Sr. Sam Muldrow 9.5Pts 6.3Reb 2.4Blk
6’4 Fr. Brian Richardson 9.4Pts 1.9 3’s 41% 93%FT

Ohio State:
6’9 Fr. Jared Sullinger 18.1Pts 9.9Reb 1.4Stl 61%FG 67%FT
6’5 Sr. David Lighty 13.4Pts 4.9Reb 3.6Ast 2.1Stl
6’5 Jr. William Buford 11.5Pts 5.0Reb 3.8Ast 1.1Stl
6’6 Fr. Deshawn Thomas 11.4Pts 4.7Reb 54%FG
6’6 Sr. Jon Diebler 11.4Pts 2.4Ast 1.1Stl 2.9 3’s 44%

Jared Sullinger is playing his way into the #1 pick in the draft. He dropped 40 points on 12-17 shooting including 16-23 from the line against IUPUI. Okay, it was IUPUI but still impressive. He is super aggressive and his motor doesn’t stop. David Lighty brings a ton of experience as he is a 5th year senior and was a member of the 2007 team that lost to Florida for the title. Jon Diebler continues to be the lights out shooter and Dallas Lauderdale is a shot blocking machine off the bench. 6’2 freshman Aaron Craft is the only true point guard on the team (5Pts 5Ast 1.3Stl) so the Buckeyes are a little weak at that position.

The Gamecocks’ Bruce Ellington is one of the best freshman PG in the nation and had 22Pts 5Reb 5Ast and 4Stl in a 73-82 loss to Michigan State. 6’9 Sam Muldrow had 14Pts 14Reb and 3Blk against Wofford on Saturday and controls the paint for South Carolina.

Key Match Up: Sam Muldrow vs. Jared Sullinger
Muldrow gets the task of trying to contain the freshman in what should determine the outcome of the game.

#16 Illinois Fighting Illini 10-1 (Big 10) at UIC Flames 4-5 (Horizon)

Key Players:

6’3 Sr. Demetri McCamey 16.3Pts 3.5Reb 7.3Ast 1.1Stl 51%FG 2.2 3’s 54%
6’3 So. DJ Richardson 11.7Pts 48%FG 2.4 3’s 50%
6’9 Sr. Mike Davis 10.8Pts 6.8Reb 1.1Blk 55%FG
7’1 Sr. Mike Tisdale 10.7Pts 7.2Reb 1.7Blk 52%Fg 87%FT
6’4 So. Brandon Paul 9.4Pts 2.1Ast 1.6Stl 1.3 3’s 41%

6’0 Sr. Robo Kreps 15.9Pts 4.6Reb 3.7Ast 1.4Stl 1.9 3’s 41% 86%FT
6’8 Sr. Paul Carter 14.4Pts 8.0Reb 2.6Ast 1.2Blk
6’1 Jr. Zavion Neely 10.1Pts 2.2Ast 1.4Stl
6’9 Jr. Darrin Williams 5.4Pts 4.4Reb 49%FG

Demetri McCamey is playing the most consistent ball of his college career, something scouts wanted to see from the All American candidate. He dropped 30Pts on Oakland and is shooting over 50% from downtown on the season. Illinois has a ton of experience and is as deep as any team in the country. Freshman Jereme Richmond is improving every game with more minutes. He went for 10-5 against Oakland on 5-7 shooting and has played solid defense against opposing power forwards.

Besides having one of the best names in college, Robo Kreps has an all around game. The senior leads the Flames in scoring, assists, steals and 3’s and they go as he goes. UIC is not a very deep team and they don’t play much defense. That doesn’t bode well for them against Illinois.

Key Match Up: McCamey vs. Kreps
Two experienced seniors will go head to head in the only match up worth watching in this one.

#18 BYU Cougars 10-0 (Mountain West) at UCLA Bruins 4-4 (Pac 10)

Key Players:

6’2 Sr. Jimmer Fredette 23.7Pts 4.2Ast 1.9Stl 2.4 3’s 37% 88%FT
6’3 Sr. Jackson Emery 11.9Pts 3.9Reb 2.2Ast 2.9Stl 2.2 3’s 35%
6’8 Jr. Noah Hartsock 10.6Pts 6.1Reb 1.9Blk 52%FG 85%FT
6’9 So. Brandon Davies 9.8Pts 5.0Reb 55%FG
6’6 Fr. Kyle Collinsworth 7.3Pts 3.4Reb 2.5Ast 1.1Stl 54%FG

6’8 So. Tyler Honeycutt 16.7Pts 8.0Reb 2.4Ast 1.3Blk 2.1 3’s 44%
6’8 So. Reeves nelson 14.0Pts 9.0Reb 2.3Ast 56%FG
6’0 Jr. Lazeric Jones 11.7Pts 2.9Ast 92%FT
6’4 Jr. Malcolm Lee 10.5Pts 3.5Reb 1.8Ast
6’10 Fr. Joshua Smith 9.6Pts 5.9Reb 51%FG

Jimmer Fredette loves to play Arizona. Last year, he dropped 49 against them. On Saturday, he dropped 33 more in a 72-61 win that was never really close. He leads the Cougars in almost every stat and is in the National Player of the Year conversation. 6’6 Freshman Kyle Collinsworth has played brilliantly for BYU and has taken some of the scoring load off of Fredette, something BYU needs if they want to go deep in the tournament.

Tyler Honeycutt has more than doubled his scoring from his freshman season and dropped 33 on Kansas, going 11-15 from the floor including 5-6 from 3 and 6-7 from the free throw line. The 6’8 wing plays inside out as he averages 1.3Blk and 2.2 3’s a game, showing off his versatility. 6’10 305lb Joshua Smith is starting to emerge as well. He had 19Pts and 12Reb in their 72-61 win over Cal Poly on Saturday and also had 17-13 against a tough Kansas frontcourt. UCLA is a very young team as they have no seniors on their roster.

Key Match Up: Experience vs. youth
Seniors Fredette and Jackson Emery should take advantage of the young UCLA team with their edge on experience.

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Now I have to watch seven games to watch this Saturday? That may interfere with my Pokemon Silver addiction...

Mr. 19134
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Rick Jackson has proven to be

Rick Jackson has proven to be Syracuses most important player this year and finally somebody spoke the words in the same sentence: Jared Sullinger Number One Pick.

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Sorry to ruin your big

Sorry to ruin your big Saturday Nomoney.....

Mr. 19134, I am really high on Sullinger....but....Perry Jones and Kyrie are ridiculous as well.

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byu is UCLA's last chance to

byu is UCLA's last chance to get a big win before conference play starts. Watching the game tonight against Davis, The bruin announcers were saying the bruins might try putting honeycutt on friddette to see if his length could bother him. Not sure if thats a good idea or not, but might be worth a try. Honeycutt is 6-8 and has decent lateral quickness and he contests shots well. Had 5 blocks tonight and altered a bunch more. That might be a potential matchup to watch if the bruins do that.

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I think that would be a good

I think that would be a good move by UCLA. If you can stop Fredette, BYU is in trouble. Have you seen Joshua Smith play llperez?

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yeah, ive seen all the ucla

yeah, ive seen all the ucla games so far. He got off to a real slow start becasue he was picking up quick fouls and struggled finishing in traffic becasue he seemed to rush shots up and didnt have much lift. But in recent games starting with the kansas game he has really shown improvement. He has been moving his feet better on defense, taking his time more around the hoop and finishing strong. Very solid and willing passer. Has suction cup hands that snare the ball out of other guys grasp and once he has it, hes not getting stripped.

But he is probably not gonna put up too many big games as a freshman. His body still needs plenty of work and he is often seen holding his jersey and breathing heavily during dead balls. Plus the bruins are a sub par shooting team so defenses pack it in against him and he doesnt have the assertiveness to take over games right now. But a Very good combination of skills, soft touch and footwork for a man as big as he is. He even had a couple nice dunks tonight in traffic so he can get over the rim. Probably a 2012 prospect.

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How do you figure Tristan

How do you figure Tristan will be checking Barnes and vice verse?..Doesn't Tristan play the four which means he will be matched up against Henson? Actually doesn't he play the 5 and Gary Johnson play the four?

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