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Updated: 6/27/15 1:21 am

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Karl-Anthony Towns

  1. Minnesota | Karl-Anthony Towns | 7-0 | 250 | C | Kentucky | 22

Towns is the best propect in my eyes, so he goes #1. Fairly simple. It's also a perfect match for the Wolves. Towns has a well-rounded game for a 7 foot center at just 19 years old. He's mobile, has great shooting range and touch, post moves, and is a strong defender. Towards the end of Kentucky's season, Towns was the go to guy which is very rare for a big man and on a loaded team. Towns has the ability to be a top 5-10 caliber player in his peak seasons. Along with Wiggins, the foundation for success is in place. COMP: LaMarcus Aldridge/Andrew Bogut.
Jahlil Okafor

  2. LA Lakers | Jahlil Okafor | 6-11 | 270 | C | Duke | 22

This is an easy pick for the Knicks, after the worst season in franchise history, there's pressure on Melo, Fisher and Phil to turn things around, quick. Okafor will help turn things around with a NBA ready post-game. Okafor's post-game is amazing for just a 19 year old and is better than a lot of NBA bigs in that regard all ready. He's got great hands and catches everything and is a strong rebounder. Now, he won't be going against any 6'9 Physics majors from Virginia Tech, so we won't just dominate like he did in college. He might have the best offensive game in this year's draft, but he falls because of his lack of shooting range, poor free throw shooting and a below average defender. I worry that long term he'll be a one-way player and might be a liability on defense. COMP: Al Jefferson
D'Angelo Russell

  3. Philadelphia | D'Angelo Russell | 6-4 | 195 | PG/SG | Ohio State | 22

Lakers have a lot of options here, since there are a lot of guys I like and it's close. They are a blank slate at this point, and just need to get the guy who will be the player. I think Russell is the best player available. His skill set is undeniable, he scored and shot the ball at a very high rate at Ohio St while dishing out plenty assists, he was the ultimate playmaker. My biggest question is just how good is Russell? There are plenty of guys with his skill set, and the NBA is much tougher, bigger, longer, faster and well tougher. There's no doubt he's got game, but in the NBA when you've got the ball in your hand as much as he will, it's a matter of how effective and effecient you can be. A lot of guys could score 20 points, but it's the ones who don't need as many shots to get there are the ones that are superstars. I believe he'll be a really good player. COMP: Manu Ginobili/Jamal Crawford
Kristaps Porzingis

  4. *New York | Kristaps Porzingis | 7-1 | 230 | PF | Latvia | 22

A tough spot for Philly, Embiid has serious concerns and yet they still have no perimeter players. A trade might be the best option in this situation with Russell gone. However, forced to pick, I take the player with the most upside in Porzingis and see what happens down the line. Porzingis is a very intriguing big man, who is quick in the open court and has unbelievable shooting ability for a guy his size. He has good footwork and touch in the post. Defensively, he's long, rotates well and is a good rim protector. However, he's skinny and needs to bulk up if he wants to survive amongst the men in paint in the NBA. I love his game and basketball IQ enough to think he'll be a great modern big and could make multiple all-star teams. COMP: Pau Gasol/Meyers Leonard
Mario Hezonja

  5. Orlando | Mario Hezonja | 6-8 | 215 | SG/SF | Croatia | 23

Magic have a good young cast of players, they don't have a specific position they need, but they defiantly need 3-point shooting. Enter Mario Hezonja, maybe the top shooter in this draft. But I'm taking Mario for Orlando not just because of fit, but because I think he's the best player at this point, and has the chance to be absolute stud. Unlike other Euro shooters that we've seen, Mario is extremely athletic and confident. He has the ability to win a 3-point shooting contest and a dunk contest. Along with being a athletic, he's got good size and length and should be a capable defender. He'll need to reign in his cockiness and learn to play within himself as he develops, and tighten up his dribble some. But I think Hezonja will be a very good player for many years. COMP: Rudy Gay/Brent Barry
Emmanuel Mudiay

  6. Sacramento | Emmanuel Mudiay | 6-5 | 200 | PG | Congo | 22

Mudiay is a tough player for me to get a feel for. I love his ability to attack off the dribble, finish at the rim and pass. He's got a good feel for the game, but the shooting is very troublesome. Good news is shooting can always be improved, but a player with his ball skills, size and toughness is something you don't find often. The Kings don't have a lot of playmakers or guys who really handle the ball outside of Collison, who's a solid hand but more of a backup. Mudiay is a very willing passer, which is a good thing with the guys on the Kings. I think George Karl could really mold him and Mudiay would thrive in his system that will allow him to play up-tempo and aggressive. I will say while he's big and athletic, I don't think he's on the same level of John Wall, he's a great athlete, but not of that rare caliber that some say he is. He also comes from a tough background and adversity, and is extremely humble and focus. There's certainly risk with Mudiay because of his shooting, but he's got the talent to get the Kings into playoff contention. COMP: Jrue Holiday/MCW
Myles Turner

  7. Denver | Myles Turner | 6-11 | 240 | C | Texas | 22

Turner has the talent to be a top 5 pick but some inconsistencies as a freshman and his lack of strength/toughness, awkward mobility and some durability concerns have knocked him down. He's another big who has a good jumper and range. In fact, he probably relies on it too much. I'd like to see him play in the post some more at his size and with a good set of post moves, but not being very strong has made him a very finesse player who seems to avoid contact, which leads to toughness questions. However, the talent and ability is there it's just a matter of him settling and relying too much on a jump shot. On defense, Turner is very active, a great shot blocker and rim protector. I think he's up there with just about anyone else in that aspect and has been overlooked in that regard. However, his lower body strength, or lack of, causes him to be pushed around and for bigger, stronger players to negate his shot blocking at time. The Hawks have been lacking a rim protector and could stand to get taller and longer in the front court. Turner fits in well with his shot blocking and length, and ability to space the floor and be a capable shooter. This biggest question is how will he physically develop and will it allow him to survive the NBA. COMP: Al Horford/Brandan Wright
Stanley Johnson

  8. Detroit | Stanley Johnson | 6-6 | 242 | SF | Arizona | 21

Miami, assuming the backcourt of Dragic and Wade is back and Bosh makes a full recovery, should be fighting to win the East and a run at a title. This is a spot they could pick someone who's ready to contribute with less potential or take a younger prospect for the future. Well, Stan Johnson is the perfect blend of both. Johnson has an NBA body and should be able to compete and defend early on. He's also only 19, so in 5 years they should have a good player as Wade and Bosh move on. I don't think Johnson will be a superstar do to his lack of ability to get his own shot, not a natural scorer. But you can bet he'll compete and fight and will be someone you'd want on your team. COMP: Ron Artest/DeMarre Carroll
Justise Winslow

  9. Charlotte | Justise Winslow | 6-6 | 222 | SG/SF | Duke | 22

The Nuggets are looking to restart and will likely be trading a lot of their players. So they should go the route of BPA, and Winslow is the obvious choice here. I could easily be convinced he should go #2, that's how highly I think of him. I love his ability to get to the rim and finish. He's very athletic and strong and is NBA ready to go. He's got good range, and is a tough defender and rebounder. His biggest weakness is his in-between game, he shot a very low % when he wasn't shooting 3's or getting to the rim. That's not the biggest problem with how the NBA game is going, but it's certainly something he should work on if he wants to be all-star level player. He also isn't much of a ball-handler, he best served at a quick hard dribble and go. I don't think he'll ever be a superstar, but at worst he'll be a rotation player, but I think he's got the upside to be the 2nd or 3rd best player on a title team and could make a few all-star games. COMP: Jerry Stackhouse
Devin Booker

  10. Miami | Devin Booker | 6-6 | 205 | SG | Kentucky | 21

Shooting is the Hornets biggest need, and Booker is probably the best shooter in the draft. I'm willing to take Booker here because I love the upside, I think he can be a very good scorer and not just a shooter. He showed his ability to score off the dribble and pull up at times at UK, but didn't get to fully showcase it because of the depth of the team. I think he's a better athlete and gets the rim better than he gets credit for. I like his size and should grow into his body. He did have troubles against guarding quick players. COMP: Klay Thompson/Marco Belineli
Willie Cauley-Stein

  11. Indiana | Willie Cauley-Stein | 7-0 | 242 | C | Kentucky | 24

WCS is a freak athlete and shot blocker at over 7 feet with great length. He's the kind of athlete that scouts drool over. However it takes more than being a great athlete to be a basketball player and some of the best aren't great athletes. That's my biggest knock on WCS, he still feels like an athlete out there trying to play basketball, even despite 3 years with Coach Cal at UK. He's definitely progressed some, but he still relies on being a superior athlete. Despite being a freak athlete, he gives you little on offense besides some outback a, lobs, and running the floor. He's never shown or develop any post moves or much of a jumper, although he did begin to attempt and make some last season. However, you can't overlook his mobility, length and defense. He's a great shot blocker, who can make up a lot of ground. He'll also be very versatile on defense, guarding pick and rolls and switching out on the perimeter. However, I don't think he's someone who anchors your defense, he still has too many lapses of focus. The Bulls have Noah who seems like who's almost dead and Gasol who's near the end of his career. Outside of those two they don't have another big that has great length and block shots. COMP: Javale McGee
Frank Kaminsky

  12. Utah | Frank Kaminsky | 7-1 | 230 | C | Wisconsin | 25

The Jazz biggest need is a veteran PG to help with a playoff push, so trading this pick might be the way to go. However, if drafting, the Jazz could go a couple different ways since they have plethora of good young players. If I'm drafting here, I'll take Kaminsky, maybe more of a single or double than going for a homerun. Kaminsky is a very fundamentally sound big, with good skill and great shooting. He was a star in college, but will be able to come in and help the Jazz as a backup behind Favors and Gobert. Kaminsky isn't exactly a freak athlete or an athlete shot blocker, but he's smart enough to fit in on defense while giving a boost on offense. COMP: Rich man's Andrea Bargnani who plays with effort.
Trey Lyles

  13. Phoenix | Trey Lyles | 6-10 | 240 | PF | Kentucky | 22

The Pacers still have Paul George, so they've got that to build on, long term, there's not much else. Trey Lyles has the most upside available, and might be one of the best players in this draft. At UK Lyles had to play out of position and didn't really get utilized, yet he produced and got to show at times what he excels at. Lyles is a faceup 4, who can really shoot the ball, and can put the ball on the floor and get to the hoop. He's a good finisher with good hands and a solid rebounder. He's won't WOW you as an athlete but he's plenty fine there. Defensively, he's had trouble guarding in the post. I think Lyles is a good pickup for the Pacers going forward with West and Hibbert on their way out soon. COMP: Athletic Ryan Anderson/Shareef Abdur-Raheem
Cameron Payne

  14. Oklahoma Cty | Cameron Payne | 6-2 | 185 | PG | Murray St. | 23

Cameron Payne isn't exactly filling a need here, but hes too good of a value here to pass up. Plus the Bucks could use a quality backup PG who can be a playmaker and provide shooting. Also, long term I'm not sold on MCW as fit here with their need for shooting and his severe lack of. Payne has a very good all-around game on offense who excels in the pick and roll. He put up big numbers at a mid-major, showing he could shoot of the dribble, create for others, get to the rim and finish and spot up. However, going to the NBA is a huge leap. He's not a super athlete even by college ranks necessarily but in the NBA he'll be at quite the disadvantage at his position. There are certainly questions if his game will translate to the NBA. I think he could be of the caliber of a Darren Collison, nice player, who could start but not a game changer by any means. Defensively, he's got good instincts and can get some steals, beat guys to spots and make some anticipation plays but physically he'll have a very tough time staying with a lot of players. COMP: Devin Harris/Jeremy Lin
Bobby Portis

  15. *Washington | Bobby Portis | 6-11 | 245 | PF | Arkansas | 23

For Detroit, I'm going with Bobby Portis, who is one of my favorite players in this draft. There are bigger needs at the wing spot, but Monroe is likely gone and Illyasova isn't really the answer. Portis was a stud at Arkansas, winning SEC player of the year and basically was a double-double machine. He's got a great all-around game on offense, he can post up, can face up and attack and can knock down the mid-range jumper. He's active of the boards, and has great height and length so he can play both front-court positions. He's not the greatest passer, and can be rushed and make poor passes or shots, and could stand to bulk up some. However this is a guy who plays hard and I really love a lot here. COMP: David West stuck in John Henson's body.
Sam Dekker

  16. Boston | Sam Dekker | 6-9 | 220 | SF | Wisconsin | 24

The Suns biggest need is a franchise player, they've got a bunch of really good young players, but need someone to take them over the hump. You're not likely to get that franchise player here, but you can get another good player. Sam Dekker is long and a sneaky good athlete, who stepped his game up for the Badgers come tourney time. Dekker is best at running the floor and great at finishing at the rim, and athletic enough to be a plus defender who can guard multiple spots. His jump shot and how consistent he can hit it will be the biggest thing for him. Watching him in the tourney make big shots, made me a believer. The Suns need help on the wing and I think Dekker add immediate help. COMP: Mike Dunleavy JR.
Justin Anderson

  17. Milwaukee | Justin Anderson | 6-6 | 230 | SG/SF | Virginia | 24

A rugged, tough nosed player, who defends with focus and energy. Anderson has a solid shot that could make him a possible 3 and D type of player. The Warriors don't need much help at this point. COMP: Danny Green
Jerian Grant

  18. *Houston | Jerian Grant | 6-4 | 200 | PG | Notre Dame | 25

Kevon Looney

  19. *New York | Kevon Looney | 6-9 | 222 | PF | UCLA | 22

Looney is a modern day hybrid forward. He's long and runs very well, and plays hard. Looney's best attributes are his defense, rebounding especially on offense and has good instincts and will make some plays. However, he's still developing and inconsistent on offense. His shot is a bit awkward and isn't comfortable with the ball in his hands. He's much better in the open court where he's not trying to think and just reacts versus in the half court, when its slowed down and he begins to think too much. We've seen plenty of players like Looney, some have carved a niche for themselves others never really figured out a role. Which will Looney be? The Wizards get a talented atheltic forward to add to their older, less athletic front court. COMP: Thad Young
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

  20. Toronto | Rondae Hollis-Jefferson | 6-7 | 210 | SF | Arizona | 23

RHJ is one of the very few defensive studs in this draft. He's an average jump shot and/or ball handling/passing skills from being a lotto pick. The raptors are horrible on defense and have no real quality defensive players, making RHJ a great pickup. He can really physically wear players down on defense, he can run around and be physical and make life a hell for his man. He's also an active rebounder on the offensive end. He's obviously a great athlete and a good finisher. However, that jump shot is just brutal. All his offense right now is basically running the floor, garbage points and the occasional cut when he gets open. However, his lack of skill makes him a liability out there on offense and will reduce his impact of he can't improve. Toronto gets someone who can give them defense even for a limited role at the moment, if he develops any offense or shooting he'll be a major impact player. COMP: Taller, longer Tony Allen
Rashad Vaughn

  21. Dallas | Rashad Vaughn | 6-5 | 200 | SG | UNLV | 21

Vaughn is seemingly a boom or bust type prospect. His scoring ability is elite and rare, but terrible shot selection and overall spotty passing and decision making make him a risk along with an injury concern. The Mavs look like things could get ugly for them with Dirk about done, Ellis and Chandler free agents and the Rondo experience was a total bust. If free agency fails, things could be bad. Vaughn is one of the few players at this point that could be a homerun pick and bridge for the future. Time will tell what Vaughn develops into, but I'm swiging for the fences here. COMP: JR Smith/Jordan Adams
Montrezl Harrell

  22. Chicago | Montrezl Harrell | 6-8 | 255 | PF | Louisville | 24

Harrell is all about hitting the boards and playing with intensity. He's long and gives effort so he could be solid bench player. Harrell struggles when he tries to do too much, and over thinks. He has an ok jumper that he might be able to knock down occasionally, Boston could use a high energy tough guy to get them rebounds. Comp: Reggie Evans
Guillermo Hernangomez

  23. *Brooklyn | Guillermo Hernangomez | 6-11 | 250 | PF/C | Spain | 23

This might be a shocking pick, but I'm a big fan of Hernangomez, and don't really see this as reach as I see him easily a top 20 prospect. As for the Thunder, they're loaded if healthy, and may not want to use a roster spot for next season on a rookie. It might be wise to draft and stash for a year. Hernangomez is a teammate of Porzingas, and is more NBA ready in my eyes. He's strong and can bang in the post and will more than hold his own. He's a tough rebounder, plays with his back to the basket and is a smart passer. He plays hard and smart, which make up for his lack of athleticism. He won't ever be a star, but he does the dirty work and always shows up, which are always valuable traits. COMP: Tyler Zeller/Robin Lopez
Kelly Oubre

  24. *Minnesota | Kelly Oubre | 6-7 | 205 | SF | Kansas | 22

Here's a guy with prototypical NBA size and athleticism for wing in the pro's. However, at KU Oubre showed he's still got a long way to go on the court. Oubre at times didn't look like he knew what he was doing in the court and was lost, the game doesn't come naturally to him despite his physical advantages. His jumper is widely inconsistent at this point, but there's obviously potential for him to be a quality shooter down the road. Overall Oubre is all potential at this point. He's got the athletic ability to be a very good defender out on the perimeter and be a good offensive player who can finish at the rim and shoot the ball. His ball handling and passing isn't all that great, and will likely never be a strength of his, but it must get better. At this point, for Boston the pickings are getting slim and while Oubre is a project, his upside is too much to pass on at this point and could become a quality player down the line. COMP: Trevor Ariza
Tyus Jones

  25. Memphis | Tyus Jones | 6-1 | 185 | PG | Duke | 22

The Rockets played two guys that were nearly 40 in the playoffs and Beverly could walk as a free agent, so they obviously need a PG. Tyus Jones is a below average athlete with a high game IQ and good skill set, that projects him to be a borderline starter -backup PG. Jones is a very good solid shooter, and a even better decision maker. He's great at changing speeds to beat his defender. Jones is a traditional PG, he does a great job of running an offense and getting his team in rhythm. He doesn't force his own shot yet when the offense is in a rut he can make a play. Now in the NBA he'll really struggle to get by his defender, which will limit him as a scorer, and he'll have to rely on the offense and playing without the ball to get a shot. Also while he's poised and makes good decisions, in the NBA he could be forced into turnovers due to his lack of athleticism and size. COMP: Trey Burke
RJ Hunter

  26. San Antonio | RJ Hunter | 6-6 | 185 | SG | Georgia St. | 24

Olivier Hanlan

  27. *LA Lakers | Olivier Hanlan | 6-4 | 185 | PG/SG | Boston College | 25

Hanlan is a forgotten big time college scorer who can can his in various ways; while still a good passer. He shot a high percentage from 3 in college and was able to get to the basket and finish with regularity. His in between game was also strong. While he's a good passer and his team was god-awful, I don't know if he makes his teammates better. On defense he's very poor, and that'll be his biggest area to improve upon if he wants to get playing time. Memphis doesn't have a lot of scorers or playmakers on their team, Hanlan at this point is great value who could really surprise some people. COMP: CJ McCullom/Patty Mills
Christian Wood

  28. *Boston | Christian Wood | 6-10 | 215 | PF | UNLV | 22

Terry Rozier

  29. *Brooklyn | Terry Rozier | 6-2 | 190 | PG | Louisville | 24

A very fast, quick player with the ball, who gets to basket and was a quality scorer at UofL. Rozier has ideal speed and size for his position. Like most UofL guards, he's pesky and will get after you on defense. He was a sneaky good shooter from 3 and rebounded well for his size. He lacks ideal shot selection and can be prone to force things, which isn't the best traits for a PG. Despite having good size and speed he's not as good at finishing at the rim as you'd think or like, and seems to struggle with players who are taller and longer. Cavs will have plenty of guys who could be free agents and could use another player who's comfortable with the ball in his hands, he could be a quality bench player. COMP: Norris Cole/Reggie Jackson
Jarell Martin

  30. Golden St. | Jarell Martin | 6-9 | 240 | PF | LSU | 23

Joseph Young

  31. *Cleveland | Joseph Young | 6-2 | 185 | PG/SG | Oregon | 25

Delon Wright

  32. *Houston | Delon Wright | 6-5 | 180 | PG/SG | Utah | 26

Anthony Brown

  33. *Boston | Anthony Brown | 6-7 | 210 | SG/SF | Stanford | 25

Cedi Osman

  34. *LA Lakers | Cedi Osman | 6-8 | 215 | SF | Turkey | 23

Osman is a versatile wing that's a solid athlete. If the jump shot develops into a consistent weapon he could be a quality player. Talented and could pay long term dividends as they stashe him for the future. COMP: Nic Batum
Robert Upshaw

  35. *New York | Robert Upshaw | 7-0 | 260 | C | Washington | 24

Aaron White

  36. *Cleveland | Aaron White | 6-9 | 220 | SF/PF | Iowa | 25

Here's a player I'm higher on than others. He's a hybrid forward that doesn't exactly specialize in one thing but can do a bit of everything. I love how hard he plays and gives max effort. I don't think he'll likely ever be a starter, but he's a guy who will give you energy and effort and toughness, he can rebound, defend, run the court, finishes well and can shoot the ball well enough. Portland might be doing a mini-rebuild, so here's a guy that doesn't need the ball to contribute. COMP: James MacAdoo/Al-Faruq Aminu
Richaun Holmes

  37. *Philadelphia | Richaun Holmes | 6-9 | 245 | PF | Bowling Green | 24

Jordan Mickey

  38. Detroit | Jordan Mickey | 6-8 | 240 | PF | LSU | 23

Pat Connaughton

  39. *Brooklyn | Pat Connaughton | 6-5 | 215 | SG | Notre Dame | 25

Chris McCullough

  40. Miami | Chris McCullough | 6-9 | 200 | PF | Syracuse | 23

Mouhammadou Jaiteh

  41. *Portland | Mouhammadou Jaiteh | 6-11 | 250 | C | France | 23

Cliff Alexander

  42. Utah | Cliff Alexander | 6-8 | 240 | PF/C | Kansas | 22

Terran Petteway

  43. Indiana | Terran Petteway | 6-6 | 210 | SF | Nebraska | 25

Nikola Milutinov

  44. *Memphis | Nikola Milutinov | 7-0 | 225 | PF/C | Serbia | 23

Andrew Harrison

  45. Boston | Andrew Harrison | 6-6 | 215 | PG/SG | Kentucky | 23

The good twin of the two, is a big strong combo guard who's best at driving and finishing at the rim. While not a pure PG, Andrew is good at passing when help arrives and finding the open man. Harrison might have faced more scrutiny and criticism in his time at UK, yet was able to step his game up when it mattered most and lead UK to an improbable Final 4 run and a dominate team the following year. He's also a solid shooter from deep, not great or the most consistent but good enough. He can tend to over dribble and if his isn't able to penetrate he gets befuddled and doesn't know what else to do. On defense, he's not the quickest and lacks focus at times. The Spurs are a franchise that could get a lot out of Andrew under a great coach with Pop, and add a playmaker to their aging roster: Comp: Austin Rivers
Jonathan Holmes

  46. *Toronto | Jonathan Holmes | 6-9 | 245 | PF | Texas | 25

Rakeem Christmas

  47. *Philadelphia | Rakeem Christmas | 6-9 | 245 | PF/C | Syracuse | 26

Norman Powell

  48. Oklahoma Cty | Norman Powell | 6-4 | 215 | SG | UCLA | 24

Dakari Johnson

  49. Washington | Dakari Johnson | 7-0 | 260 | C | Kentucky | 22

JP Tokoto

  50. *Atlanta | JP Tokoto | 6-6 | 195 | SG/SF | North Carolina | 24

Josh Richardson

  51. *Orlando | Josh Richardson | 6-6 | 200 | SG | Tennessee | 24

Arturas Gudaitis

  52. Dallas | Arturas Gudaitis | 6-10 | 255 | C | Lithuania | 24

Brandon Ashley

  53. *Cleveland | Brandon Ashley | 6-8 | 230 | PF | Arizona | 23

Vince Hunter

  54. *Portland | Vince Hunter | 6-8 | 210 | SF/PF | UTEP | 23

Michael Frazier

  55. San Antonio | Michael Frazier | 6-5 | 200 | SG | Florida | 24

Larry Nance Jr.

  56. *LA Clippers | Larry Nance Jr. | 6-9 | 230 | PF | Wyoming | 25

Tyler Haws

  57. *Denver | Tyler Haws | 6-5 | 195 | SG | BYU | 27

Chasson Randle

  58. *Philadelphia | Chasson Randle | 6-2 | 180 | PG/SG | Stanford | 25

Quinn Cook

  59. Atlanta | Quinn Cook | 6-1 | 180 | PG | Duke | 25

Treveon Graham

  60. *Philadelphia | Treveon Graham | 6-6 | 220 | SG | VCU | 24