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Updated: 6/27/13 8:07 pm

Player | Ht | Wt | Pos | Team | Age

Nerlens Noel

  1. Cleveland | Nerlens Noel | 6-11 | 206 | PF/C | Kentucky | 24

Rumors are Alex Len may go here, but the Cavaliers are still very high on Noel. An elite shot blocker with lots of potential, he and Tristan Thompson could potentially be their front line of the future.
Victor Oladipo

  2. *Orlando | Victor Oladipo | 6-4 | 213 | SG/SF | Indiana | 26

Oladipo has the highest motor in the draft and works harder than anyone. An outstanding defender who is an emerging offensive player, Oladipo would fit the Magics need for a franchise 2 guard, with Afflao on the trading block. Word is if Len goes #1, the Magic are very high on Noel and he'll be the pick here.
Otto Porter

  3. Washington | Otto Porter | 6-9 | 200 | SF | Georgetown | 24

Porter is maybe the most complete player in the draft, and is NBA ready. He defends, shoots, rebounds, and has a very high basketball IQ. He's not a great athlete but is good size as a 6'8 small forward. He would fit Washington's small forward's need as Jan Vesely and Chris Singleton 2011 draftees haven't panned out.
Ben McLemore

  4. Charlotte | Ben McLemore | 6-5 | 190 | SG | Kansas | 25

McLemore slips a bit to #4 here due to sub-par workouts and questions about his assertiveness. The Bobcats would love to get him as they need scoring next to Kemba Walker. They may also look to grab Alex Len to be their center of the future.
Alex Len

  5. Phoenix | Alex Len | 7-1 | 255 | C | Maryland | 24

The Suns need a lot of things. And a skilled center is one of them. Len has good touch around the basket and is also a good defender. He would probably start or play big minutes immediately on the Suns front line. A definite starter if they trade Marcin Gortat. Suns are reportedly hoping Oladipo is here also.
Trey Burke

  6. *New Orleans | Trey Burke | 6-1 | 190 | PG | Michigan | 25

The Hornets have needs at both center and small forward, and would love if either Len or Porter is on the board. Here neither are, so they go with Burke who may be the better long term option than current point guard Greivis Vasquez. He isn't a elite athlete but is a good floor general and can shoot. He may never be an all star, but will most likely at least be a quality starter.
Anthony Bennett

  7. *Sacramento | Anthony Bennett | 6-7 | 240 | SF/PF | UNLV | 25

The Kings are in a rebuild, and the power forward position is one they need help with. He's a big strong PF who is a great athlete with a great mid range jump shot. He slips a bit in this case but would help the Kings out a lot.
Michael Carter-Williams

  8. Detroit | Michael Carter-Williams | 6-6 | 185 | PG | Syracuse | 26

Teams love Carter-Williams point guard skills, size, and length. They don't love his lack of shooting consistency, but Detroit may gamble a bit here. They need a true point guard as Brandon Knight is more of a combo guard, and Carter-Williams height makes up for Knight's below average height as a 2 guard.
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

  9. *Utah | Kentavious Caldwell-Pope | 6-6 | 205 | SG | Georgia | 25

Caldwell-Pope has been linked to the Wolves here for a while. And it makes sense. For years they've been looking for a 2 guard who can shoot and Flip Saunders really likes Caldwell-Pope. And not only can Caldwell-Pope shoot the lights out, he also is a excellent defender and athlete.
CJ McCollum

  10. *Portland | CJ McCollum | 6-3 | 197 | PG/SG | Lehigh | 26

The Blazers got their franchise point guard in last years draft in Damian Lilliard. Here they may look to grab a backcourt mate who can also shoot. McCollum was sidelined most of last season due to injury but he has impressed people with his ability to shoot and just flat out score the basketball.
Cody Zeller

  11. *Philadelphia | Cody Zeller | 7-0 | 230 | PF/C | Indiana | 25

Zeller could go a lot higher as high as #4 to Charlotte. But if he falls a bit Philadelphia will probably pick him up. Zeller is a skilled 7 footer who can finish around the basket, and he has been working on his jump shot. Philadelphia needs big men and Zeller would fit well.
Steven Adams

  12. *Oklahoma Cty | Steven Adams | 7-0 | 255 | C | Pittsburgh | 24

Adams is a risk reward pick, and the Thunder could afford to take a gamble. He is a 7 foot center would is athletic and is a terrific rebounder. He is very raw offensively and shoots a poor free throw percentage, but he is one of the youngest players in the draft and could develop more of an offensive game.
Dennis Schroder

  13. *Boston | Dennis Schroder | 6-2 | 168 | PG | Germany | 24

The Mavericks are hoping to deal this pick to save money so they can go after some big free agents, but if not they may look to draft international. Schroeder exploded at the Nike Hoops Summit and is a fast point guard who sees the floor well. He also has a decent jump shot though he supposedly has some off the court concerns. He is not the best teammate and also lacks experience.
Lucas Nogueira

  14. *Minnesota | Lucas Nogueira | 7-0 | 220 | PF/C | Brazil | 25

Nogueira has really soared up draft boards the last few weeks and there is a lot to like. He is an athletic 7 footer who can run the floor and block shots. He is very thin and his offensive game is still developing, but here the Jazz take a good prospect who can add depth to their front line with Al Jefferson and Paul Milsap free agents.
Shane Larkin

  15. Milwaukee | Shane Larkin | 5-11 | 171 | PG | Miami | 25

The Bucks are rumored to be high on Larkin, and plan to make him their point guard of the future with Jennings not coming back. Larkin can light it up from deep, and at the combine showed he is a tremendous athlete. But teams still have concerns over his size and how that will limit him on both sides of the court.
Kelly Olynyk

  16. *Atlanta | Kelly Olynyk | 7-0 | 234 | C | Gonzaga | 27

The Celtics look to be starting a major rebuild, and getting skilled big men can never hurt. Olynyk has a solid perimeter game and runs the floor, though teams do have concerns over how his game will translate to the NBA and his short arms.
Giannis Adetokoubo

  17. Atlanta | Giannis Adetokoubo | 6-10 | 205 | SF | Greece | 23

The mystery man of the draft, Giannis Adetokunbo, is one of the most unknown players in the draft. He is raw, and not ready for the NBA, but he has big time potential. The Hawks are in complete rebuild mode and can wait for him to develop. The word is the Hawks love him and this is his likely destination unless he's drafted earlier.
Shabazz Muhammad

  18. *Dallas | Shabazz Muhammad | 6-6 | 225 | SF | UCLA | 25

Once thought as a surefire top 3 pick, Muhammad has fallen on draft boards and is now thought as a mid first round pick. He had a solid freshman season at UCLA averaging 18 points, but teams question his ball handling, passing, and defense. Not to mention the whole time he was older than teams thought. But the Hawks here grab him as he's good value this late in the draft.
Sergey Karasev

  19. *Cleveland | Sergey Karasev | 6-7 | 197 | SG/SF | Russia | 24

Cleveland may trade up to grab Karasev, but here they're fortunate and he's still available. Karasev is only 19 but is one of the most NBA ready players in this draft. He can really shoot the ball, he's a good passer, and would fill the Cavaliers wing need.
Mason Plumlee

  20. Chicago | Mason Plumlee | 6-11 | 238 | PF | Duke | 28

Plumlee improved a lot this past season, but still finds himself in the late first round. He is athletic, solid around the basket, and an improved but still shaky free throw shooter. The Bulls need to add depth down low and outside shooters, but here I don't think they pass on Plumlee who could be their backup center.
Isaiah Canaan

  21. *Minnesota | Isaiah Canaan | 6-0 | 190 | PG | Murray St. | 27

The Jazz are definitely looking for a point guard at either their 14th or 21st pick. But at 14 they got a big so here their looking for a point guard. Canaan is a terrific shooter and scorer which is what the Jazz are looking for. He is undersized at 6'0 but the Jazz are high on him and really want a point guard.
Gorgui Dieng

  22. Brooklyn | Gorgui Dieng | 6-11 | 230 | C | Louisville | 28

Dieng and Louisville had a great NCAA Tournament run, and Dieng really showed off his mid-range jump shot. He is also a solid defender though he is already 23 years old. The Nets need interior depth and Dieng could back up Brook Lopez.
Jeff Withey

  23. Indiana | Jeff Withey | 7-0 | 222 | C | Kansas | 28

The Pacers are looking for a backup point guard but also a backup big man. Here there are no point guards who wouldn't be a reach, so they grab Withey. He can block shots with success and is underrated finishing around the rim. He's under the radar with other centers with more potential, but Withey will be a solid player.
Jamaal Franklin

  24. New York | Jamaal Franklin | 6-5 | 191 | SG/SF | San Diego St. | 26

Franklin would have excellent value here for New York. They need youth and defense, and Franklin would fit perfect. An athletic wing, Franklin excels at defense and is a outstanding rebounder, though has a shaky jump shot. The Knicks are also high on Tony Mitchell.
Allen Crabbe

  25. LA Clippers | Allen Crabbe | 6-6 | 197 | SG | California | 26

You can never have too many shooters, and Crabbe is the prototypical 6'6 shooting guard. He lacks great athletic ability but he can score with the best of them. The Clippers could add him to the lineup to add depth to their already deep rotation.
Rudy Gobert

  26. *Oklahoma Cty | Rudy Gobert | 7-2 | 238 | C | France | 25

Gobert has incredible physical dimensions as he's 7'2 with a 7'9 wingspan. But he is like many centers raw and he doesn't always try as hard as he can. He's a project, and a draft and stash for Minnesota, but if he develops he could be a solid player down the road.
Tony Snell

  27. Denver | Tony Snell | 6-7 | 198 | SG/SF | New Mexico | 26

Teams like Snell including Denver because of his shooting and good athleticism. He also has excellent size for a wing being 6'7. Denver could add more depth at wing as it's uncertain if Andre Iguodala will return.
Reggie Bullock

  28. San Antonio | Reggie Bullock | 6-7 | 200 | SG/SF | North Carolina | 27

San Antonio may go international like they have been known to pick in past years. But with no great foreign prospects on the board they may take Bullock. He is a excellent shooter and is a good athlete. He could add needed depth to the Spurs wing positions as it looks like Manu Ginobili won't be back.
Glen Rice Jr.

  29. *Phoenix | Glen Rice Jr. | 6-6 | 211 | SG | USA | 27

Glen Rice Jr, son of former NBA player of the same name, is a interesting case. He took the d-league rout after being kicked off Georgia Tech's teams. He is a good scorer who can rebound, and after going big with their first pick, the Thunder may look for a wing.
Tim Hardaway Jr

  30. *Golden St. | Tim Hardaway Jr | 6-6 | 200 | SG | Michigan | 26

The Suns probably have the worst wing situation in the league, so they will look to address it here. Hardaway Jr is an athletic and versatile wing who can be a solid scorer in the NBA
Tony Mitchell

  31. *Cleveland | Tony Mitchell | 6-9 | 236 | SF/PF | North Texas | 26

Mitchell did not have a good season at North Texas and his draft stock slipped. But he still is an athletic forward who rebounds and defends. Cleveland could add some toughness to their front line which needs depth.
Alex Abrines

  32. *Oklahoma Cty | Alex Abrines | 6-6 | 190 | SG | Spain | 24

Abrines played for Barcelona in Spain and proved he can play at a high level. He is a smooth athlete and is a solid shooter. The Thunder can draft him and in 2 or 3 years he might be able to contribute on their team.
Mike Muscala

  33. Cleveland | Mike Muscala | 6-11 | 230 | PF/C | Bucknell | 26

Muscala is a skilled big who'd stretch the floor as a solid mid range shooter. He is a pure value pick here as talent wise he's good enough to be drafted in the 1st round but he played at a small school Bucknell so the hype train isn't as big.
Ricardo Ledo

  34. *Houston | Ricardo Ledo | 6-6 | 197 | SG | Providence | 25

Houston has a lot of uncertainty with how their roster will look next year with free agency upon us. Here they take a guy who has a lot of question marks around him. Ledo didn't play a game at Providence and has off court issues that concern many teams. But at the same time he knows how to score and is a good athlete. He could pan out and be a absolute steal, but he could also cause trouble and never make it in the league.
Pierre Jackson

  35. *Philadelphia | Pierre Jackson | 5-10 | 176 | PG | Baylor | 26

Jackson is one of the smallest players in the draft, standing 5'10, but he does a lot of things teams like. He is a jump out of the gym athlete and can shoot the ball with deep range. The 76ers may take him to add needed shooting with plans to make him their backup point guard in the future.
CJ Leslie

  36. Sacramento | CJ Leslie | 6-9 | 209 | SF/PF | NC State | 26

Leslie and NC State did not live up to expectations last year. But Leslie still has a chance to be a solid pro. He can jump out of the roof, but there are serious drawbacks with his perimeter game and basketball IQ. He'll get picked on potential, and Sacramento in the 2nd round doesn't have much to lose.
Archie Goodwin

  37. Detroit | Archie Goodwin | 6-5 | 189 | SG | Kentucky | 23

Goodwin was projected as a first rounder most of the year, but poor play at Kentucky lowered his stock. He is a terrific athlete who can get to the rim, but he still has along way to go and has a underwhelming jump shot. The Pistons take a chance here as he is still only 18 years old.
Grant Jerrett

  38. *Milwaukee | Grant Jerrett | 6-10 | 232 | PF | Arizona | 24

Jerrett didn't have a big role on Arizona last year and came out too early. But he is a 6'10 stretch four with good physical skills. He's not NBA ready but with time in Washington he could add shooting for a big they currently lack.
Nate Wolters

  39. *Portland | Nate Wolters | 6-5 | 196 | PG | South Dakota St. | 27

Wolters could easily go in the first round, but here the Blazers get a guy who could become their backup point guard to Lilliard. He is 6'4 and can shoot and pass at a high level. He's a below average athlete but may be able to overcome it becuase of his height.
Jackie Carmichael

  40. Portland | Jackie Carmichael | 6-9 | 240 | PF | Illinois State | 28

Another guy who could make Portland's roster, here as a backup big man. He can run the floor and excels at rebounding. He has a high motor and could carve out a nice career in the league.
Lorenzo Brown

  41. *Memphis | Lorenzo Brown | 6-5 | 189 | PG/SG | NC State | 27

There's a lot to like about Brown as he's a 6'5 point guard with good court vision. But he also isn't a great athlete and lacks a good jump shot. The Grizzlies could look to add stability at the backup point guard spot and Brown could be the answer.
Trevor Mbakwe

  42. *New Orleans | Trevor Mbakwe | 6-8 | 236 | PF/C | Minnesota | 29

The 76ers need a lot of help down low and Mbakwe can rebound with the best of them. He does have off the court concerns and an injury history but if those don't interfere he could be a good role player.
Nemanja Nedovic

  43. *Dallas | Nemanja Nedovic | 6-3 | 190 | PG/SG | Serbia | 26

The Bucks aren't going to contend any time soon with Jennings and Ellis hitting free agency. So they grab a international player who may be able to contribute down the road. Nedovic is an athletic guard who can get to the rim. He needs to develop a reliable jumper but that may come over time.
DeShaun Thomas

  44. *Atlanta | DeShaun Thomas | 6-6 | 220 | SF/PF | Ohio State | 26

With Dirk on his last legs they are looking to add pieces in free agency to win now. Thomas is ready to play now, he's not someone you hope to develop. He can score and makes tough shots. But he is a below average athlete and is a tweener.
Marko Todorovic

  45. *Portland | Marko Todorovic | 6-11 | 240 | PF/C | Montenegro | 26

In this scenario Portland has already drafted three US players, no way they make it four. Todorovic is a center who can stretch the defense and is developing the rest of his game with Barcelona.
Andre Roberson

  46. Utah | Andre Roberson | 6-7 | 206 | SF/PF | Colorado | 26

Roberson according to advanced metrics is one of the best players in this years draft. He is an incredible rebounder and a solid defender. He is though a raw offensive player and a 55% free throw shooter. He could provide forward depth for a Utah team that needs it.
Erick Green

  47. *Denver | Erick Green | 6-3 | 180 | PG/SG | Virginia Tech | 27

Green was a terrific scorer for Virginia Tech last season. Atlanta could use a guard who can fill it up in their rebuilding project. He is a bit under the radar because Virginia tech wasn't very good but he's great value here.
Ray McCallum

  48. LA Lakers | Ray McCallum | 6-1 | 190 | PG | Detroit | 26

The Lakers need help everywhere. They have no depth and just need quality players. McCallum is a steady point guard who isn't great at anything but doesn't have a glaring flaw. He has a chance to contribute on the Lakers especially with Steve Nash and Steve Blake injury prone.
Seth Curry

  49. Chicago | Seth Curry | 6-2 | 180 | PG/SG | Duke | 27

Curry is one of the best shooters is this years draft, and the Bulls need that. There are concerns with Curry and his athleticism but at this point teams don't mind drafting premier specialists who have flaws.
Livio Jean-Charles

  50. *Miami | Livio Jean-Charles | 6-9 | 217 | SF/PF | France | 24

Jean-Charles has a lot of potential but is not NBA ready. The good news? For Atlanta they don't need him to be as they'll let him work on his game overseas for a few years. He has a good motor, a fluid athlete, and is only 19 years old.
Myck Kabongo

  51. *Orlando | Myck Kabongo | 6-2 | 180 | PG | Texas | 26

Kabongo would be great value this late in the draft. He was sidelined for the first part of last season but had a good second half. He can create his own shot and see's the floor well. He struggled at the Combine shooting wise but here Orlando can't go wrong and could make their team as a backup point guard.
James Ennis

  52. *Minnesota | James Ennis | 6-7 | 200 | SG/SF | Long Beach State | 27

He didn't wow at Long Beach State but Ennis is a good athlete and can shoot the ball. Minnesota got a good shooter in the first round and here get another one.
Phil Pressey

  53. Indiana | Phil Pressey | 5-11 | 177 | PG | Missouri | 27

Pressey is a talented player but a few things hold him back. For one he's 5'10, but he also isn't a great scorer but tries to be. He is though a good athlete and a floor general, and Indiana might draft him to give him a shot at backup or 3rd string point guard duties.
Raul Neto

  54. *Philadelphia | Raul Neto | 6-2 | 179 | PG | Brazil | 26

Neto is a Brazilian point guard who knows how to get into the lane and dish to teammates. Not a great shooter but he could be a nice draft and stash prospect for the Wizards.
Ryan Kelly

  55. Memphis | Ryan Kelly | 6-11 | 230 | PF | Duke | 27

The Grizzlies aren't a very good 3 point shooting team and that's what Kelly does. He's your typical stretch floor and he lacks solid athletic ability.
Augusto Lima

  56. *Detroit | Augusto Lima | 6-10 | 234 | PF | Brazil | 26

Lima is a guy who can defend, rebound, and run the floor well. He is not polished offensively but with time he may be able to improve and come over to Detroit.
Colton Iverson

  57. *Phoenix | Colton Iverson | 7-0 | 263 | PF/C | Colorado St. | 28

Iverson's not going to wow you or become a star, but he can be a solid next level player. He's big, tough, and is a good rebounder. Phoenix needs a guy like this and given a shot he can make the team.
Bojan Dubljevic

  58. San Antonio | Bojan Dubljevic | 6-9 | 235 | PF/C | Montenegro | 26

The Spurs here take a guy who may come over in a few years and make an impact. Dubljevic and shoot the ball but lacks necessary athletic ability.
Vitalis Chikoko

  59. *Minnesota | Vitalis Chikoko | 6-10 | 219 | PF/C | Germany | 27

This late in the draft Minnesota can take a flier on a raw but physically talented center. Chikoko needs a lot of improvement but his physical profile is worth a shot this late in the draft.
Oleksandr Lypovyy

  60. *Memphis | Oleksandr Lypovyy | 6-8 | 200 | SF | Ukraine | 26

The MVP of the 2012 Eurocamp, Lypovyy struggled this season but he still is a talented player. He has a high basketball IQ and has a solid mid range game, though he has below average athletic ability. Memphis is taking a guy who with luck may come over and be solid a couple years from now.