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Updated: 6/8/13 8:08 pm

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Alex Len

  1. Cleveland | Alex Len | 7-1 | 255 | C | Maryland | 24

Good big man with upside. A big kid at 7-1 and nearly 260 lbs. He doesn't have gator arms either, with a decent wingspan at 7-4. He can dunk, rebound, and block shots, and gives the Cavs an inside presence reminiscent of Big Z. With him on the inside, the Cavs can trade Andy Varejao to get younger. TT makes a good complement at power forward for him or they could go with a Twin Towers approach with Tyler Zeller. Len gives them the most size and scoring inside to complement their outside scorers with Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters. Then the Cavs can get a small forward in next year's loaded draft.
Nerlens Noel

  2. *Orlando | Nerlens Noel | 6-11 | 206 | PF/C | Kentucky | 24

Great shot blocking potential. They might end up getting the best player in the draft, or he could be a bust. Downside is a taller Kenny "Sky" Walker (another Kentucky product with great hair) with better shot blocking skills. Upside: a slightly undersized shot blocker in the way of Alonzo Mourning or (going back further) Bill Russell. He can't rebound like Russell, but he is long, active, and a fluid athlete who can run the floor. He can't shoot (he has Bill Russell's range at least), but he can pass and get steals. He is coming off a major injury so this might effect his long-term upside. Another long, talented uber-skinny prospect by the name of Keith Lee had his career unwind due to the lingering effects of a knee injury suffered in high school.
Otto Porter

  3. Washington | Otto Porter | 6-9 | 200 | SF | Georgetown | 24

A good fit at the three. A local guy with some solid, all around skills and upside. Gives Washington the best young 1-2-3 punch on the perimeter this side of Oakland. Otto can run the attack when Wall is out. With Wall and Beal getting tons of shots, Porter doesn't look like a guy who needs a ton of shots. A great fit at the small forward spot, but next year is supposedly the Small Forward Draft. Then again, Otto Porter might just be the best player on the board anyway.
Ben McLemore

  4. Charlotte | Ben McLemore | 6-5 | 190 | SG | Kansas | 25

McLemore fits in well with Kemba Walker and MKG. Makes free agent Gerald Henderson expendable. The Bobcats/Hornets need perimeter shooting and scoring and this guy will fit in perfectly.
Victor Oladipo

  5. Phoenix | Victor Oladipo | 6-4 | 213 | SG/SF | Indiana | 26

I like Dipo's slashing skills and energy. Good athlete. Long. Looks like a instant fan favorite. If he is Tony Allen with a better handle and better offense then the Suns will get a great role player at worst, and an all-star at best. Something tells me "a young Sidney Moncrieff" although I never saw that guy play.
Cody Zeller

  6. *New Orleans | Cody Zeller | 7-0 | 230 | PF/C | Indiana | 25

Another tall, long, multi-talented big goes down to New Orleans. He can score some, rebound some, and run the floor. Once he and Anthony Davis figure it out, watch out 8th seed!
Trey Burke

  7. *Sacramento | Trey Burke | 6-1 | 190 | PG | Michigan | 25

I am actually warming up to CJ McCollum here if he falls. He could be a great shooter next to Tyreke in the backcourt. But, it will be hard to turn down a pure point guard in Trey Burke. Burke is a guy with talent and leadership going to a team that needs both. He and Tyreke Evans form a promising young backcourt with Jimmer and Isaiah Thomas being a couple of nano-sized combo guards off the bench.
Michael Carter-Williams

  8. Detroit | Michael Carter-Williams | 6-6 | 185 | PG | Syracuse | 26

Can facilitate, drive, and dish. The Pistons are set inside, have Kyle Singler as a good complementary wing who can shoot, but they could use some help at guard. Brandon Knight can shoot and handle, but MCW gives them more size and playmaking skills at point. Then they can put Knight off the ball at the 2 or bring him off the bench as a combo guard a la Jarrett Jack.
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

  9. *Utah | Kentavious Caldwell-Pope | 6-6 | 205 | SG | Georgia | 25

He is a shooter and the T Wolves need shooting to spread the floor for the Rubio and Love Show.
Anthony Bennett

  10. *Portland | Anthony Bennett | 6-7 | 240 | SF/PF | UNLV | 25

Talented. But, he is a tweener. He is also the best guy on the board and goes to a team with a lots of young promising talent. Put him at the 3 off the bench, or at the stretch four when the Blazers go small with LaMarcus Aldridge at the 5. Combines with LMA, Batum, and Meyers Leonard to give them their front line of the future.
Kelly Olynyk

  11. *Philadelphia | Kelly Olynyk | 7-0 | 234 | C | Gonzaga | 27

He can do a lot of things and he has a lot of skill. Might not be the best fit here, and the Sixers already have Spencer Hawes, but when in doubt "go big".
Steven Adams

  12. *Oklahoma Cty | Steven Adams | 7-0 | 255 | C | Pittsburgh | 24

The Thunder get their raw, but promising, big man. He can play center with Ibaka at the 4. Has upside for the future, but they might need to get a guy with some more polish. Conventional wisdom says that the Thunder's title window is wide open, so they can afford to wait on a guy. But, anything can happen, and talented players like Paul George lurk on the horizon, threatening to steal Kevin Durant's titles.
CJ McCollum

  13. *Boston | CJ McCollum | 6-3 | 197 | PG/SG | Lehigh | 26

Dallas needs a point guard who can score and run the team. The Mavs are deciding whether to reload, rebuild on the fly, go all-in for Dwight Howard, or just blow the whole damn thing up. McCollum is the best guy on the board here, and you can't go wrong getting a top notch point guard with range.
Shane Larkin

  14. *Minnesota | Shane Larkin | 5-11 | 171 | PG | Miami | 25

A point guard with athleticism. He has some good buzz. The Jazz could use some athleticism. If he is the long-term solution at point guard, even better.
Shabazz Muhammad

  15. Milwaukee | Shabazz Muhammad | 6-6 | 225 | SF | UCLA | 25

He is a guy with talent who likes to call his own shot. The Bucks had lots of (relative) success with Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson, and this guy can do some of that (score in bunches).
Dennis Schroder

  16. *Atlanta | Dennis Schroder | 6-2 | 168 | PG | Germany | 24

Supposedly he has a promise. Has talent, but is only 6'2. Maybe the luck of the Irish can extend to a three guard lineup with the 6'1 Rondo, the 6'2 Avery Bradley, and the 6'2 German wunderkind.
Giannis Adetokoubo

  17. Atlanta | Giannis Adetokoubo | 6-10 | 205 | SF | Greece | 23

He's Greek to me. Other than that, he fills a need at the 3. Horford plays inside so they need some help at the wing. ESPECIALLY if they can get Chris Paul and D Ho to go down to the ATL.
Glen Rice Jr.

  18. *Dallas | Glen Rice Jr. | 6-6 | 211 | SG | USA | 27

A Georgia Tech legacy kid going to a team that needs shooters and help on the wing to pair with Giannis and a hoped for Big Three of Al, Dwight, and Chris. He killed the D League and he has talent. Could be one of the better players in the latter half of the first round.
Tim Hardaway Jr

  19. *Cleveland | Tim Hardaway Jr | 6-6 | 200 | SG | Michigan | 26

Timmy's kid has SKILLS too. Great wing player, may be a bit undersized at the 3, but small ball is coming back (no, wait, the Spurs are up 1-0. Ok, small ball is dead, but that is why they drafted Alex Len at 1 to pair with TT or Tyler Zeller). Hardaway completes the Cavs' young core and gives them a very good 3 guard rotation with Irving and Waiters. His best fit here might be as a James Harden style super sub off the bench.
Gorgui Dieng

  20. Chicago | Gorgui Dieng | 6-11 | 230 | C | Louisville | 28

The Bulls are a hard nosed, no BS team, and Dieng is a tough kid and one of my favorite players in the draft. He and Noah would give the Bulls two good defensive bigs who can also rebound, block shots, and pass.
Archie Goodwin

  21. *Minnesota | Archie Goodwin | 6-5 | 189 | SG | Kentucky | 23

A talent, who could be this year's wild card pick. He had a very rough year at Kentucky to put it mildly but hopefully he just needs a change of scenery. It might be hard for the Jazz to turn down a kid with raw talent like this.
Rudy Gobert

  22. Brooklyn | Rudy Gobert | 7-2 | 238 | C | France | 25

He could go higher. Or, I guess, lower. Looks like Sam Bowie. I mean, if Sam Bowie were from France. Put this guy next to Brook Lopez and... Well, I don't know what will happen but the Nets will find out.
Allen Crabbe

  23. Indiana | Allen Crabbe | 6-6 | 197 | SG | California | 26

This team needs shooters. This guy can shoot. Especially on the wing. Sometimes, its just that easy.
Reggie Bullock

  24. New York | Reggie Bullock | 6-7 | 200 | SG/SF | North Carolina | 27

Big wing with deep range. The Knicks use a system with shooters and if JR Smith doesn't come back they need a long range bomber on the wing. Enter this guy. It could be high, but this draft is fairly even all the way through. This should be a good pick for them. And, guys named Reggie light it up at the Garden.
Nate Wolters

  25. LA Clippers | Nate Wolters | 6-5 | 196 | PG | South Dakota St. | 27

Gives the Clips another ball handler and shooter.
Mason Plumlee

  26. *Oklahoma Cty | Mason Plumlee | 6-11 | 238 | PF | Duke | 28

Size an athleticism. Can play with Kevin Love. Good athlete who can run the floor and throw down some Ricky Rubio lobs. A really good "safe pick" at 26.
Lucas Nogueira

  27. Denver | Lucas Nogueira | 7-0 | 220 | PF/C | Brazil | 25

Finally gets to the NBA... The Nuggets think the Spurs will take this guy. So, the Nuggets take this guy at 27 just to spite San Antonio. Yes, the Spurs are messing with everyone's heads right now. Upside: He might know Nene.
Jeff Withey

  28. San Antonio | Jeff Withey | 7-0 | 222 | C | Kansas | 28

Fluid, mobile, good basketball IQ, and a GREAT shot blocker. I like this guy as a backup center. His upside is a better shot blocking version of Tiago Splitter. He looks long and athletic and is a good passer. Looks like an absolute steal here and should be a perfect fit next to Tim Duncan as part of the Pasty Three Headed Center with the aforementioned Splitter and the artist currently known as Matt Bonner.
Tony Snell

  29. *Phoenix | Tony Snell | 6-7 | 198 | SG/SF | New Mexico | 26

Athlete. Hard-nosed. The Thunder need some toughness. Getting a wing player helps too after snatching Steven Adams at 12. He could turn into the future Thabo.
Ray McCallum

  30. *Golden St. | Ray McCallum | 6-1 | 190 | PG | Detroit | 26

The Suns get some depth at point guard.
DeShaun Thomas

  31. *Cleveland | DeShaun Thomas | 6-6 | 220 | SF/PF | Ohio State | 26

An Ohio State guy. Can mix it up inside some and brings inside scoring to the table. Looks like a tweener but I think he can put up some points for a front line that needs some scoring. If he can effectively space the floor, stay in shape, and work hard, this is a guy who can be a solid rotation guy in the NBA.
Tony Mitchell

  32. *Oklahoma Cty | Tony Mitchell | 6-9 | 236 | SF/PF | North Texas | 26

Gives the Thunder another athlete with upside. Hopefully at the 3 but more likely at the power forward slot as a stretch four. The Thunder hope that he is a guy you can throw at LeBron James. If OKC gets a LeBron stopper with the 32nd pick then they are getting a potential steal.
Isaiah Canaan

  33. Cleveland | Isaiah Canaan | 6-0 | 190 | PG | Murray St. | 27

Why not? Kid can play. The Cavs are set at point guard with Kyrie Irving but you can always use a solid backup. Guard core is set now.
CJ Leslie

  34. *Houston | CJ Leslie | 6-9 | 209 | SF/PF | NC State | 26

He's a bit undersized but he's a solid pick here. He might be a guy that you stash in the D League though. Looks like an all-around player more than a one on one guy. The Rockets have some very good pieces but they haven't figured the one out that is supposed to go beween Asik on the inside and Parsons at the 3. At 34, this piece might fit.
Pierre Jackson

  35. *Philadelphia | Pierre Jackson | 5-10 | 176 | PG | Baylor | 26

Philly does have a starting one in Jru Holiday, but they could always use a compact, explosive scorer that might remind some fans of Allen Iverson.
Rodney Williams

  36. Sacramento | Rodney Williams | 6-7 | 200 | SF | Minnesota | 26

D, 3, and dunks are always in fashion. This guy can do it on offense with the potential for defense, as well. A good, solid pick at 36 for the Kings.
Michael Snaer

  37. Detroit | Michael Snaer | 6-5 | 200 | SG | Florida St. | 27

Mo Town needs some depth on the wing. Solid, hard nosed player that I have never really watched play much.
Erik Murphy

  38. *Milwaukee | Erik Murphy | 6-10 | 240 | PF | Florida | 27

The Wizards have their perimeter trio. What they are lacking is anything inside outside of Nene and the oft-injured Emeka Okafor. Erik Murphy gives them some depth at the power forward spot which is all that you can ask with the 38th pick in a fairly strange draft.
Mike Muscala

  39. *Portland | Mike Muscala | 6-11 | 230 | PF/C | Bucknell | 26

People say that he can play. Supposedly, he can also score. At 6'11, 230, this solid big man out of one of the best safety schools in the country might not be the Blazers next '77 Walton, but he might just be an '86 Walton at some point
Peyton Siva

  40. Portland | Peyton Siva | 6-1 | 181 | PG | Louisville | 27

An excellent floor general who took over the title game in the second half. A high quality character guy who, along with Mitch McGary, should change the culture in Sacto (Seattle?).
Kenny Kadji

  41. *Memphis | Kenny Kadji | 6-10 | 242 | PF/C | Miami | 30

This versatile big man gives the Grizzlies depth behind Z Bo and a potential Darrell Arthur replacement. I also assume that he will play some backup center. He is a good athlete, and he has three point range. This team could use some help from 3 point land.
Trevor Mbakwe

  42. *New Orleans | Trevor Mbakwe | 6-8 | 236 | PF/C | Minnesota | 29

He has had an injury plagued college career but he is a very good rebounder and really active inside, if undersized. He is a good power forward prospect for them at the 42nd pick. He should be a fan favorite and will give them some needed toughness inside.
Jamaal Franklin

  43. *Dallas | Jamaal Franklin | 6-5 | 191 | SG/SF | San Diego St. | 26

I don't know too much about this guy. But, if Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis leave they will need some help in the backcourt.
Lorenzo Brown

  44. *Atlanta | Lorenzo Brown | 6-5 | 189 | PG/SG | NC State | 27

They are hoping they can pair him with CJ McCollum to give them a promising future backcourt.
Erick Green

  45. *Portland | Erick Green | 6-3 | 180 | PG/SG | Virginia Tech | 27

He might be the best scorer on the board, so the Blazers will try to fit him in. There is some potential for some small ball at the guard spots along with Damian Lillard.
Solomon Hill

  46. Utah | Solomon Hill | 6-7 | 226 | SF | Arizona | 27

Utah makes a solid pick here.
Andre Roberson

  47. *Denver | Andre Roberson | 6-7 | 206 | SF/PF | Colorado | 26

Good athlete. The Hawks need help on the wing.
James Ennis

  48. LA Lakers | James Ennis | 6-7 | 200 | SG/SF | Long Beach State | 27

If Kobe misses a lot of action and Metta leaves the Lakers will need some help on the wing. And, it is not too far from Long Beach State to the Staples Center. Depending on traffic of course...
Brandon Paul

  49. Chicago | Brandon Paul | 6-4 | 200 | SG | Illinois | 27

Chicago needs to give D Rose some help at the backcourt. He is a good, solid player who will stay in state. Not related to Chris Paul, BUT his DAD is named Cliff Paul and his brother's name is Cliff Paul, Jr. INTERESTING.
Alex Abrines

  50. *Miami | Alex Abrines | 6-6 | 190 | SG | Spain | 24

A good talent, and someone the Hawks can stash overseas for a couple of years.
BJ Young

  51. *Orlando | BJ Young | 6-3 | 179 | SG | Arkansas | 24

The Grizzlies are working out this kid too. The Magic continue their youth movement.
Ricardo Ledo

  52. *Minnesota | Ricardo Ledo | 6-6 | 197 | SG | Providence | 25

The Grizzlies also like this guy. So he could go earlier. He is a big time talent who's path to the NBA hasn't been that smooth. The T Wolves get another scoring option in the backcourt to pair with Ricky Rubio.
Ryan Kelly

  53. Indiana | Ryan Kelly | 6-11 | 230 | PF | Duke | 27

Good shooter from deep. He can play the stretch four spot off the bench for the Pacers, a team that needs more 3 point shooting and can also use help at power forward especially if Psycho T leaves. (I see them resigning David West.)
Adonis Thomas

  54. *Philadelphia | Adonis Thomas | 6-6 | 232 | SF | Memphis | 25

Can he unlock his potential. Looks like a classic tweener, but if he can work on his perimeter game and master a mid-range game he could give the Wiz another solid threat on the wing. He bulked up too much this year, but before that showed decent athleticism and dunking skills. Projects more as a 2 guard than a small forward so he needs to work on his skillset. Looks like a solid backup between Beal and Porter.
James Southerland

  55. Memphis | James Southerland | 6-8 | 221 | SF/PF | Syracuse | 28

He gives the Grizzlies some more help at the 3 and 4 spots. This guy has talent and looks like he could be a solid role player. Plus: he played for a defensive minded coach and program in college.
Livio Jean-Charles

  56. *Detroit | Livio Jean-Charles | 6-9 | 217 | SF/PF | France | 24

Good international prospect. Adds depth to the frontcourt to pair with Jonas Jerebko inside.
Colton Iverson

  57. *Phoenix | Colton Iverson | 7-0 | 263 | PF/C | Colorado St. | 28

He is a 7 footer. The Grizzlies are working him out too. Can't have enough big men.
DJ Stephens

  58. San Antonio | DJ Stephens | 6-5 | 188 | SG/SF | Memphis | 27

If any team can maximize this guy's raw talent and insane athleticism it is the San Antonio Spurs. Along with Withey, DJ Stephens gives the Spurs another top-flight shot blocker in this draft. Not much range on his shot, but he did shoot 34% on his limited attempts from 3 this year. Great dunker, one of the best I have seen. A very good rebounder, and can also get up high to block shots. The Spurs nailed the Kawhi Leonard trade, and this guy has similar length and energy. Might not be as tall or as good of a shooter, but a better jumper. Should be great in practice for a veteran Spurs team that doesn't really need much.
Carrick Felix

  59. *Minnesota | Carrick Felix | 6-6 | 203 | SG/SF | Arizona St. | 27

Not too up to date on this guy.
Seth Curry

  60. *Memphis | Seth Curry | 6-2 | 180 | PG/SG | Duke | 27

Might be the best shooter in the draft. Had 29 points and 6 three's in a tournament win over Michigan State. Not a pure point, and not a legit shooting guard sized player, but he is 6'3 with DEEP range. I can see him working very well with Tony Wroten off the bench with Curry spotting up from deep, and Wroten handling, dishing, and guarding 2 guards. Jerryd Bayless insurance if Bayless bolts.