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Updated: 5/26/15 11:06 am

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Karl-Anthony Towns

  1. Minnesota | Karl-Anthony Towns | 7-0 | 250 | C | Kentucky | 19

Karl Anthony-Towns is far an away the player with the most upside in this draft. Like Wiggins, he is a true two-way player who can defend his position and score in many ways. His outside shooting will help LaVine, Wiggins, and Rubio get to the basket, and his defense will anchor Minny for at least the next 8 years.
Jahlil Okafor

  2. LA Lakers | Jahlil Okafor | 6-11 | 270 | C | Duke | 19

Okafor is not the all-around talent that Anthony-Towns is, but a player with his ability to score in the post only comes every couple of years. I think Okafor can develop into a good rim protector in the NBA, and his rebounding should be good (not elite). Randle's ability to create from the high post should compliment Okafor in the low post well.
D'Angelo Russell

  3. Philadelphia | D'Angelo Russell | 6-4 | 195 | PG/SG | Ohio State | 19

I have more doubts about Russell than most guys I read. He underperformed against every top team this season, and dominated against bad teams. I also worry that his numbers and usage rate compare to Evan Turner, who was another big ball-dominant guard that put up big numbers due to craftiness. The large difference is Russell's shooting, on which I think his ability as an NBA player hinges. Everyone is looking for a silky smooth point guard with a quick release because of Stephon Curry. I worry that we might be reading our hopes for the next Curry into Russell's game. All of that being said, he has great court vision, good size, crafty moves, and score in a variety of ways. If he can shoot well, he is a natural fit for the Sixers as a pick-and-roll spacing guard for Embiid and Noel.
Emmanuel Mudiay

  4. *New York | Emmanuel Mudiay | 6-5 | 190 | PG | Congo | 19

Mudiay has elite athleticism and size. His shot is not good, but not broken either. A player with his athleticism hasn't been in the draft since John Wall in 2010. If he is a hard worker and is teachable, then he will probably be the best player in this draft. I ultimately think the Knicks will trade this pick for a few starters that fit the triangle offense, but whatever team that is willing to trade will probably be wanting the best talent available.
Myles Turner

  5. Orlando | Myles Turner | 6-11 | 240 | C | Texas | 19

Big men who are athletic, smart, and teachable normally rise on draft day. WCS is an option here, but I cannot think of a better fit for the Magic. Turner has a shot that can open the floor for Oladipo, Payton, and Gordon, and he provides rim protection (they started Dedmon for a lot of games this past year to protect the rim). He is a perfect fit for their team, and he might have the most upside of anyone in this draft.
Mario Hezonja

  6. Sacramento | Mario Hezonja | 6-8 | 215 | SG/SF | Croatia | 20

It remains to be seen how the Kings' roster will take shape, but Karl has an affinity for an uptempo, ball movement, offense that shoots a lot of threes. Hezonja can play both 2 and 3, defend his position, and might one day average 18-20 points per game.
Kristaps Porzingis

  7. Denver | Kristaps Porzingis | 7-1 | 220 | PF | Latvia | 19

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." That is kind of how I feel about thin, long foreign forwards, but it is wrong to judge Porzingis because of players like Tskititsvili (sp?). Porzingis has good athleticism, a nice offensive feel, and long body. Ultimately, the team who drafts him will need to bring him along slowly, developing his strength and confidence. One day, he might be special. I like his fit in Denver, especially if he is able to develop next to Kenneth Faried.
Justise Winslow

  8. Detroit | Justise Winslow | 6-6 | 222 | SG/SF | Duke | 19

I think the Pistons have two pillars in Jackson and Drummond, but they still need a solid wing and a stretch four. Winslow has the ability to get to the rim and shoot the three. His aggressive, physical defense would be loved in Detroit.
Frank Kaminsky

  9. Charlotte | Frank Kaminsky | 7-1 | 230 | C | Wisconsin | 22

The Hornets need shooting and general talent. Vonleh and Zeller are both interesting bigs, but they probably need another big. Kaminsky can offer some rim protection, play next to Al Jefferson, and stretch the court out to the 3 point line on offense.
Stanley Johnson

  10. Miami | Stanley Johnson | 6-6 | 242 | SF | Arizona | 18

I think Stanley Johnson ends up being a top 5 player in this draft. He was inconsistent this past year, but his strength, scoring feel, rebounding, and defensive potential make him a potential two-way wing. The Heat need young and athleticism on the wing to backup Wade and Deng.
Willie Cauley-Stein

  11. Indiana | Willie Cauley-Stein | 7-0 | 242 | C | Kentucky | 21

I'm nervous about what I've heard of WCS's passion for basketball, but I don't think he slips past this pick. If the Pacers were able to select WCS and trade West and/or Hibbert for an athletic wing to run with George, their defense might not see a great dropoff (per possession), but their offense could be a lot more explosive played at a faster pace.
Sam Dekker

  12. Utah | Sam Dekker | 6-9 | 220 | SF | Wisconsin | 21

I want to like Dekker, but I don't think he is more than a good role player in the NBA. The Jazz need depth behind their bigs and a starting wing. I think Dekker's size, athleticism, IQ, and competitiveness are a great fit for a team that wants to make the playoffs next year. Their starting lineup could be 6-6, 6-8, 6-9, 6-11, 7-2 with Dekker at small forward.
Kelly Oubre

  13. Phoenix | Kelly Oubre | 6-7 | 205 | SF | Kansas | 19

Oubre's size and athleticism give him high potential, but his weaknesses and IQ are holding him back. He would fit well in an open court system as a defender and off-ball rebounder until he can learn to use his athleticism to impact the game more. The Suns may be looking for a wing with Green likely to leave.
Devin Booker

  14. Oklahoma Cty | Devin Booker | 6-6 | 205 | SG | Kentucky | 18

It will be interesting to see what system Donovan installs, but I think it is pretty obvious that more shooting will accent Westbrook's driving and Durant's scoring well. Booker's athleticism gives him potential to be more than just a shooter, too.
Kevon Looney

  15. *Atlanta | Kevon Looney | 6-9 | 222 | PF | UCLA | 19

Looney is one of my favorite players in this draft. He reminds me of a mixture between Boris Diaw and the Greek Freak. I worry about his discipline and physical development, but he could be the steal of the draft if he goes to the right situation. I'm not sure if the Hawks are going to keep both Milsap and Carroll, but even if they don't they need more athleticism and size at forward.
RJ Hunter

  16. Boston | RJ Hunter | 6-6 | 185 | SG | Georgia St. | 21

Hunter is another one of my favorite players in this draft. I think his lack of strength is a direct result of playing at Georgia St., which might easily be corrected over the next few years. He can handle the ball, make smart passes, and shoot well. He fits a definite need for the Celtics and fits Stevens' system well.
Jerian Grant

  17. Milwaukee | Jerian Grant | 6-4 | 200 | PG | Notre Dame | 22

It seems like the Bucks might need another guard in their rotation, especially a guard who can shoot. Grant might have the ability to fill that role and push Mayo for minutes.
Tyus Jones

  18. *Houston | Tyus Jones | 6-1 | 185 | PG | Duke | 19

Beverly is a free agent. Prigioni and Terry both need walkers. The Rockets need a point guard who can compete. Jones is a great leader and can run the pick and roll, which makes him a good fit for Houston.
Bobby Portis

  19. Washington | Bobby Portis | 6-11 | 245 | PF | Arkansas | 20

The Wizards need depth behind their bigs, particularly depth that can shoot and bang. I think Portis could be a better version of Drew Gooden, and also take his minutes.
Trey Lyles

  20. Toronto | Trey Lyles | 6-10 | 240 | PF | Kentucky | 19

At pick 20, no player has a more versatile skillset than Lyles. The Raptors are also in need of a forward. This is a solid upside pick at this point in the draft.
Justin Anderson

  21. Dallas | Justin Anderson | 6-6 | 230 | SF | Virginia | 21

The Mavs disdain for the draft is pretty obvious, and I think they probably trade this pick for a veteran. Anderson's stock is on the rise with his athletic testing. He can be a solid 3 and D player for the next 10 years. The Mavs need youth and athleticism on the wing.
Rashad Vaughn

  22. Chicago | Rashad Vaughn | 6-5 | 200 | SG | UNLV | 18

In this year's playoffs, it became obvious that the Bulls do not have enough offense. Vaughn is a young, athletic, offensively-minded shooting guard. He might take a few years to develop, and when he does, he could get you 15 ppg. This is also an insurance pick in case Butler leaves.
Montrezl Harrell

  23. Portland | Montrezl Harrell | 6-8 | 255 | PF | Louisville | 21

Even if the Blazers are able to resign Aldridge, they will still need big man depth. Harrell seems undersized, but he could play center next to Aldridge.
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

  24. Cleveland | Rondae Hollis-Jefferson | 6-7 | 210 | SF | Arizona | 20

Shumpert is probably gone for a better contract, and Marion, Jones, and Miller are old. RHJ gives the Cavs youth on the wing, elite energy, and good defense.
Guillermo Hernangomez

  25. Memphis | Guillermo Hernangomez | 6-11 | 250 | PF/C | Spain | 21

Hernangomez will benefit from Marc Gasol's success in the NBA. He has good size, strength, and agility. The skillset is there, but the adjustment to NBA athletes might be difficult. With Koufos probably gone, the Grizzles can pick up a solid big man to backup Gasol and learn from his example.
Terry Rozier

  26. San Antonio | Terry Rozier | 6-2 | 190 | PG | Louisville | 21

Rozier's ability to get in the paint and push the tempo fits Pops style well. The Spurs might be looking for a backup guard if Joseph leaves.
Cameron Payne

  27. *LA Lakers | Cameron Payne | 6-2 | 185 | PG | Murray St. | 20

Payne is an average athlete, but he has great court vision and a pretty good shot. He is good value to add to the Lakers' young core.
Vince Hunter

  28. *Boston | Vince Hunter | 6-7 | 210 | SF/PF | UTEP | 20

Boston needs length and athleticism on the wing. Hunter is a project, but probably has the upside to be a starting caliber small forward in the NBA. They need rebounding, and I think Hunter can contribute to that right away.
Jarell Martin

  29. *Brooklyn | Jarell Martin | 6-9 | 240 | PF | LSU | 21

The Nets are pretty thin up front and could use some insurance in case Young leaves for free agency. Martin has good defensive potential, which would compliment Plumlee or Lopez well.
George de Paula

  30. Golden St. | George de Paula | 6-6 | 200 | PG/SG | Brazil | 19

This pick depends on whether or not the Warriors decide to trade Lee or Barnes in order to open up more cap space. However, their brand of basketball is to play positionless basketball players who can guard multiple positions and play unselfish basketball. George de Paula is basically a younger, stronger, longer version of Livingston.
Cedi Osman

  31. Minnesota | Cedi Osman | 6-8 | 215 | SF | Turkey | 20

Osman is a young wing that reminds me a little of Corey Brewer. He has a really good motor, long lanky body, and excells on the fast break. His shot is ok and he is not a great passer, but he looks like a energy guy who could develop into more. Great stash high upside pick in the 2nd round.
Christian Wood

  32. *Houston | Christian Wood | 6-10 | 215 | PF | UNLV | 19

Wood has the raw ability to be a lottery pick, but his shot selection, slim build, and IQ are all questionable. Houston doesn't really need anyone, which means they can afford to swing for the fences and let Wood develop for a few years.
Moussa Diagne

  33. *Boston | Moussa Diagne | 6-11 | 225 | C | Senegal | 21

Diagne is long and athletic (very similar to Clint Capella from last year) but not very skilled. Still, guys with his athleticism and size don't grow on trees. He is a good second round prospect to stash for a few years in a Euroleage to learn to bang with bigs.
Michael Frazier

  34. *LA Lakers | Michael Frazier | 6-5 | 200 | SG | Florida | 21

This draft is filled with players who, if they can find a niche in a system, could be starting 3 and D wings. Frazier is probably the best shooter in this draft, and proved at the combine that he has good athleticism too. The Lakers will need shooting to spread the court for Randle and Okafor.
Delon Wright

  35. *Philadelphia | Delon Wright | 6-5 | 180 | PG/SG | Utah | 23

Wright might be a good backup guard, but I'm not convinced. Still, he is good value in the second round and has a good work ethic.
Norman Powell

  36. *Minnesota | Norman Powell | 6-4 | 215 | SG | UCLA | 22

I think with the second round pick, the Wolves will be looking for a backup guard. They have Lavine, Rubio, and Martin, but they could use someone with a good work ethic, IQ, and defensive prowess.
Chris McCullough

  37. *Philadelphia | Chris McCullough | 6-9 | 200 | PF | Syracuse | 20

This is a homerun swing on a good athlete who shows promise as a versatile forward. The Sixers can afford to miss with one of their second round picks.
Dakari Johnson

  38. Detroit | Dakari Johnson | 7-0 | 260 | C | Kentucky | 19

Joel Anthony is probably gone, which means Van Gundy will probably be looking for a center who can backup Drummond for 10 -15 minutes a game. Johnson is good value and can protect the rim.
Michael Qualls

  39. Charlotte | Michael Qualls | 6-5 | 205 | SF | Arkansas | 21

Qualls is my primary sleeper pick in this draft. He can shoot, rebound, play defense, and play above the rim. With Henderson probably gone, the Hornets need a wing to fill out their roster.
Jonathan Holmes

  40. Miami | Jonathan Holmes | 6-9 | 245 | PF | Texas | 22

Holmes is one of my sleepers in this draft. He will not be a star, but on the right team, his versatilty on defense and offense could be dynamic. He is tough, scrappy, and energetic, although not terribly productive. He can shoot the corner three with a solid stroke on his shot and guard multiple positions.Again, I don't think he is a star, but as a backup for Luol Deng, I think Holmes would do very well.
Robert Upshaw

  41. Brooklyn | Robert Upshaw | 7-0 | 260 | C | Washington | 21

I've watched some interviews with Upshaw and -- I have to say -- it would be hard for me as a GM not to take him before this. He seems much more mature and focused on basketball that I thought he would be. The Nets are in desperate need of young talent, which makes Upshaw a good value pick.
Mouhammadou Jaiteh

  42. Utah | Mouhammadou Jaiteh | 6-11 | 250 | C | France | 20

Jaiteh is an under-the-rim center who has potential primarily as a rebounder and rim protector inside. The Jazz could use another rotation big as they try to build a defensive powerhouse out West.
JP Tokoto

  43. Indiana | JP Tokoto | 6-6 | 195 | SG/SF | North Carolina | 21

The Pacers are rumored to want to open up the court a bit more. If Tokoto can pull his game together, George and him on the wing would be super-athletic, fun in the open court, and frustrating for offenses.
Rakeem Christmas

  44. Phoenix | Rakeem Christmas | 6-9 | 245 | PF/C | Syracuse | 23

The Suns need a little more muscle inside. Christmas might end up having a nice career as a Brian Grant type of a backup in the NBA.
Timothe Luwawu

  45. Boston | Timothe Luwawu | 6-6 | 205 | SG/SF | France | 20

I really like Luwawu a lot. He is a really special athlete who is great in defense on the ball. He reminds me a bit of a young Eddie Jones. this is a good stash wing for the Celtics.
Marc Garcia

  46. Milwaukee | Marc Garcia | 6-6 | 170 | SG | Spain | 19

Arturas Gudaitis

  47. *Philadelphia | Arturas Gudaitis | 6-10 | 255 | PF | Lithuania | 21

Gudaitis has great size and good footwork. He is a decent shot-blocker and rebounder. He also actually has decent range on his jumpshot. He is one of my 2nd round sleepers because of his solid build and skillset. If you don't believe me, check out this
Okben Ulubay

  48. Oklahoma Cty | Okben Ulubay | 6-7 | 190 | SF | Turkey | 19

Ulubay is a good passer and able-shooter. His combination of length, age, and IQ makes him a great Euro-stash for a few years. I think he is an NBA player if he continues to develop his strength and shooter.
Cliff Alexander

  49. Washington | Cliff Alexander | 6-8 | 240 | PF/C | Kansas | 19

Alexander has a man's body, but what does he do at an NBA level? I'm not sure if he will ever make the league, but the talent makes him worth a look for the Wizards.
Jordan Mickey

  50. *Atlanta | Jordan Mickey | 6-8 | 240 | PF | LSU | 20

The "other" LSU big. Mickey is not the athlete that Martin is, but he is a bit more cerebral.
Tyler Harvey

  51. *Orlando | Tyler Harvey | 6-4 | 180 | SG | Eastern Washington | 21

Orlando needs some shooting, and Harvey is the best shooter left in this draft.
Ilimane Diop

  52. Dallas | Ilimane Diop | 6-11 | 215 | C | Senegal | 20

Diop is extremely raw, but drafting his rights might give the Mavs a good chip later on.
Andrew Harrison

  53. *Cleveland | Andrew Harrison | 6-6 | 215 | PG/SG | Kentucky | 20

He is young, athletic, experienced, and poised. He is a good shooter, but a terrible finisher. The Cavs might be the perfect situation for this young guard to develop.
Nikola Milutinov

  54. *Utah | Nikola Milutinov | 7-0 | 230 | C | Serbia | 20

He is basically just a big body right now, but he is young and has potential to develop. Ideal stash prospect.
Keifer Sykes

  55. San Antonio | Keifer Sykes | 6-0 | 170 | PG | Wisconsin Green Bay | 21

Sykes is a really good change-of-pace guard, which makes him a good fringe prospect for the Spurs.
Alan Williams

  56. *New Orleans | Alan Williams | 6-8 | 260 | PF | UC Santa Barbara | 22

Williams is a great rebounder and surprising shot-blocker. He might be a starter one day-he has that kind of talent. With Asik and Ajinca probably gone, the Pelicans need frontcourt depth.
Aaron White

  57. *Denver | Aaron White | 6-9 | 220 | SF/PF | Iowa | 22

White has the height and versatility to play forward in the NBA, but he has continued to be an under-achiever. With a roster overhaul likely in Denver, White provides some depth at either forward spot.
Luka Mitrovic

  58. *Philadelphia | Luka Mitrovic | 6-9 | 200 | SF/PF | Serbia | 22

Mitrovic is a versatile forward with an all-around skill-set. I'm not sure if his athleticism and abilities translate to the NBA, but he is an interesting stash prospect here.
Aleksandar Vezenkov

  59. Atlanta | Aleksandar Vezenkov | 6-9 | 225 | SF/PF | Bulgaria | 19

Vezenkov is not a very good athlete, but he has an all-around game. He is probably more of a tweener forward than a versatile forward, but he is still young and can grow into his body. Stash him for a few years and hope he can develop his shot and agility.
Aaron Harrison

  60. *Philadelphia | Aaron Harrison | 6-6 | 210 | SG | Kentucky | 20

Mr. Irrelevant 2015 is the other Harrison brother, who I think has a chance to be a better player than his brother once he gets separated. His shooting and athleticism make him a solid pickup for the Sixers at the last pick.