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Updated: 6/26/14 4:15 am

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Andrew Wiggins

  1. Cleveland | Andrew Wiggins | 6-8 | 200 | SF | Kansas | 23

They could take Wiggins here and trade down with the desperate Sixers to select Embiid and prizes. It has to be Wiggins here as they drafted a player like Parker last year and Wiggins fills holes the Cavs have had since you know when. Unless they can get better value from Utah for Parker. I always say take the guy you don't see very often, the hard get, in the lottery though. That guy is still Embiid.
Jabari Parker

  2. Milwaukee | Jabari Parker | 6-9 | 240 | SF/PF | Duke | 23

The Bucks need help now. Parker is not a question mark. He has no ceiling. He's already there. If the Cavs take Parker it's Wiggins and never look back. If it is Parker I could see them trading down with the Jazz to get Smart not Embiid.
Joel Embiid

  3. *Philadelphia | Joel Embiid | 7-0 | 250 | C | Kansas | 24

Gambling on Embiid here or any lower can and should be considered sane, if not healthy. The specific injury that he sustained is a killer for big guys though and I would not think about selecting him this high in this draft. If he falls past here anyone could grab him. I think Orlando would have to consider him even though they have Vucevic and if he falls to Utah, the Jazz interest in acquiring Jabari Parker may not be strong enough to dissuade them from keeping Embiid. There is no way he gets past Boston.
Julius Randle

  4. Orlando | Julius Randle | 6-9 | 250 | PF | Kentucky | 23

Overlooked no longer. This is the guy who carried his young, talented team to the last game of 2014. In Orlando he will also be surrounded by young, talented players who will be positively influenced by his relentless motor. A suitable PG should be available at twelve.
Marcus Smart

  5. Utah | Marcus Smart | 6-3 | 227 | PG | Oklahoma State | 24

I think Parker is a lock at two and the Jazz want him so bad they hired a Dukie to coach their squad. Which means this will be whoever the Bucks want or need most who's name is not Joel Embiid because they need help now. It could be Exum. The Bucks are starting to get that OKC build-with-length thing. If they keep the pick I would say Exum not Smart. Exum increase the Jazz backcourt flexibility. If he can play.
Dante Exum

  6. *Boston | Dante Exum | 6-6 | 196 | PG/SG | Australia | 22

This years MCW? Son of Penny? A Smoke Monster? From the three minutes of tape I have seen of him he is interesting. But I'm still not sure. Is he better than anyone under him here? We won't know on Draft Day. My guess is he'll go to the team he has the best workout for or who needs size in the backcourt.
Noah Vonleh

  7. LA Lakers | Noah Vonleh | 6-9 | 247 | PF | Indiana | 22

Vonleh is kind of amazing and should get better. Better measurements and an outside stroke separate him from the others here. Anyone with possible three point range who can also guard the rim is special. He falls here in this draft because you can find a kid who does what he does in almost any draft.
Doug McDermott

  8. Sacramento | Doug McDermott | 6-7 | 220 | SF | Creighton | 26

Mr.Bombs Away. Considering his defensive liabilities, I think this is still too high to pick him (in this draft). Will he be a better pro than the other threes available at this spot? My guess is no. See: Kelly Tripuka. Nobody say Adam Morrison. Oops. His stock seems to be rising so someone (Atlanta? Phoenix?) could meet the Kings ransom before he is grabbed by Charlotte.
Nik Stauskas

  9. *Charlotte | Nik Stauskas | 6-6 | 207 | SG | Michigan | 24

Could be any of a number of scorers taken here. Much needed size for the backcourt. Great footwork and a quick release. Most say McDermott but Adam Morrison's ghost says otherwise. Or this could be someone very athletic. There will be plenty of threes to gamble on at the bottom of this round.
James Young

  10. *Orlando | James Young | 6-6 | 215 | SG | Kentucky | 22

A lot of his shots at Kentucky last year looked more like NBA attempts (what I call "a bucket in any league") than any of the other wings I saw over the course of the season except for Parker and Wiggins. Not Kobe, but a Kobe/Michael Redd hybrid.
Aaron Gordon

  11. *Chicago | Aaron Gordon | 6-9 | 220 | PF | Arizona | 22

Watch out below. A skinny Blake Griffin? AK47? Tayshaun? Can get out and run and jump. This kids upside has an upside. Full of energy. Where will he play? Who can he defend? The answer may end up being anywhere and everyone. He is a three, Kids, not a four. For now. This guy is so young he could show up in training camp at 6-11. Then what happens?
Gary Harris

  12. *Philadelphia | Gary Harris | 6-4 | 205 | SG | Michigan St. | 23

Had some iffy measurements at the combine that drew Randy Foye comparisons which may have damaged his stock. So the Suns get a Bradley Beal type at number fourteen? Wow.
TJ Warren

  13. *Minnesota | TJ Warren | 6-8 | 220 | SF | NC State | 24

Talented SF who may be under valued on draft day. Scores in a variety of ways and in an effortless manner. Reminds me a bit of throwbacks like Adrian Dantley and Chuck Person. I have him way up here because you don't see threes who light it up that much anymore and I think a lot of teams have forgotten what a great weapon a versatile scoring SF can be. Everyone under seven should be looking at him. Went for twenty four points a game in the very tough ACC and was player of the year over Jabari Parker.
Jusuf Nurkic

  14. *Phoenix | Jusuf Nurkic | 6-11 | 280 | C | Bosnia & Herzegovina | 23

Too high? Maybe not for these guys. Bam Bam looking kid to bang inside. Has the hands, footwork, and understanding of the mechanics of the pick-and-roll to play in this league for a long time. If the Sixers take Exum at three or are able to retain the ten pick in some Wiggins trade scenario Nurkic could go as high as ten.
Kyle Anderson

  15. *Atlanta | Kyle Anderson | 6-9 | 230 | SF | UCLA | 24

Another point forward. This one with a nice stroke. No one else has compared him to Danny Manning yet but that's what I see. Not as slow as he looks. A glider.
Adreian Payne

  16. *Denver | Adreian Payne | 6-10 | 240 | PF | Michigan St. | 27

The Bulls need to replace Taj Gibson's bench production. Payne is big, smooth, rough, and ready to play.
Clint Capela

  17. *Boston | Clint Capela | 6-11 | 222 | PF/C | Switzerland | 24

Look, Mommy, a baby Ibaka. A rim protector to ignite the fast break. His stock has dropped for some reason. Maybe so someone can grab him later than he should go? He's a great get here.
Rodney Hood

  18. *Phoenix | Rodney Hood | 6-8 | 208 | SF | Duke | 25

Sometimes when a draft is heavy at the top at one position you can really score at these middle spots. Would be in the first five off the board in an average year. Oh, well. Will be slightly overlooked and positively stolen by whoever takes him. He's long and fires daggers.
Elfrid Payton

  19. *Denver | Elfrid Payton | 6-4 | 185 | PG | Louisiana Lafayette | 24

Shabazz Napier

  20. Toronto | Shabazz Napier | 6-0 | 175 | PG | UConn | 26

A play right away guy. Let's see that ring. I have him fourth off the board at PG because of his size plus Payton's physical gifts and Enis' floor game have not peaked yet but should, in my opinion, eventually make them better pros. I could be wrong.
Zach LaVine

  21. *Oklahoma Cty | Zach LaVine | 6-6 | 180 | PG/SG | UCLA | 23

LaVine blew them away at the combine. Major athlete. Major skill set. For me his upside eclipses all of the remaining finished players games. He could have been a lottery pick in 2015 but appears to have not enjoyed his tenure at UCLA that much and did not want to sit out a transfer year.
Cleanthony Early

  22. Memphis | Cleanthony Early | 6-7 | 210 | SF/PF | Wichita State | 27

Ta-Da. See. More threes at the bottom, evidence of the deepest SF draft in a decade. A winner. Also surprised me at the combine as he appeared more athletic than I thought. A win now pick for a team on the rise.
KJ McDaniels

  23. *Utah | KJ McDaniels | 6-6 | 196 | SF | Clemson | 25

Why any SF would come out early this year is beyond me. Raw offensively but turns you over and flies down court. A complete stat stuffer and uber glue guy. If someone had trained him to shoot the three he would also have gone in the first round.
PJ Hairston

  24. *Miami | PJ Hairston | 6-5 | 228 | SG | USA | 25

I'm getting an O.J. Mayo kind of vibe off this one. Not sure if that's a good thing. Maybe it's just me. The Heat need a young wing (already?). Was a lot more athletic at the combine than I assumed he would be. I probably should not be questioning him after his near heroic stint in the NBADL. I'm sure that took a lot of focus and determination.
Tyler Ennis

  25. Houston | Tyler Ennis | 6-2 | 180 | PG | Syracuse | 23

Hands down the best pure point in the draft. So creative in the pick and roll. The fact that he will be available here opens up the four pick for the Magic. Enis, Oladepo or Afflalo, Harris or Harkless, Vonleh or Vucevic. Kinda scary in two more years. I would maybe take Payton over Enis if he were available.
Jordan Clarkson

  26. Charlotte | Jordan Clarkson | 6-4 | 186 | PG/SG | Missouri | 26

Big combo guard with a good feel for the game. A change of pace from that other guy.
Dario Saric

  27. *Phoenix | Dario Saric | 6-10 | 225 | SF/PF | Croatia | 24

Phoenix stashes a different guy. With so many solid players above him Saric could easily fall here and be stashed by the Suns who will have their hands full of rookies next year anyway.
Semaj Christon

  28. LA Clippers | Semaj Christon | 6-3 | 186 | PG | Xavier | 25

Physically gifted defensive PG. Really attacks off the dribble where he can finish or dish. If he had any shooting range to speak of he would go higher. Luckily, this is one of the areas of your game you can still improve on at the next level. Does have a fully developed midrange game.
Jarnell Stokes

  29. Oklahoma Cty | Jarnell Stokes | 6-8 | 260 | PF | Tennessee | 24

The new Kendrick Perkins. Big, but short, and skilled. Has fantastic rebounding technique and seals beautifully on the offensive end as well. Kinda nasty too.
Mitch McGary

  30. San Antonio | Mitch McGary | 6-10 | 266 | C | Michigan | 26

Coming off a lost season. Interesting mix of size and skill. Could develop with the right amount of minutes. Off court stuff may damage his stock but could be a late first round steal. If he turns into a Chris Mullin type workout junkie, watch out.
Russ Smith

  31. Milwaukee | Russ Smith | 6-1 | 160 | PG/SG | Louisville | 27

Moving up. If the Bucks end up with Marcus Smart (see above) they could select Smith here for a change of pace off the bench which combined with last years pick, Nate Wolters, gives the Bucks three very different looks at the point. A quantum leap from last season.
Jerami Grant

  32. *Philadelphia | Jerami Grant | 6-8 | 214 | SF | Syracuse | 24

Tremendous physical package who needs some polish but should play right away. Should work himself into the complete package sooner rather than later. Think Luol Deng.
CJ Wilcox

  33. *Cleveland | CJ Wilcox | 6-5 | 201 | SG | Washington | 27

Another SG from the Huskies. Do they play five of them at a time up there? Good size and good range on the stroke.
Spencer Dinwiddie

  34. *New York | Spencer Dinwiddie | 6-6 | 205 | PG/SG | Colorado | 25

Big combo player with a funny name and a cheesy mustache. I'm getting a Jason Terry type vibe off of him. That's a good thing. Phil Jackson likes big versatile guards.
Vasilje Micic

  35. *Memphis | Vasilje Micic | 6-6 | 202 | PG | Serbia | 24

A big change of pace PG and floor spacer for the second unit.
Jordan Adams

  36. *Milwaukee | Jordan Adams | 6-5 | 209 | SG | UCLA | 23

Has the old-man game. Strong kid. Moves very well off the ball, Looked better to me in Howland's system than Alford's. That's a good thing NBA-wise.
Glenn Robinson III

  37. *Toronto | Glenn Robinson III | 6-7 | 211 | SF | Michigan | 24

This kid is Rick Foxy. Looks like a star, plays like a glue guy. Wins and wins and wins. Could surprise like his teammate Hardaway last year.
Thanasis Antetokounmpo

  38. Detroit | Thanasis Antetokounmpo | 6-6 | 205 | SF | Greece | 25

Not his brother but can defend at an NBA level which almost no one in this draft can.
Nick Johnson

  39. *Philadelphia | Nick Johnson | 6-3 | 198 | SG | Arizona | 25

A tweener. Can really play. Some question his size. They did the same with Derek Fisher.
Cory Jefferson

  40. *Minnesota | Cory Jefferson | 6-9 | 220 | PF | Baylor | 27

Gifted four man who has learned his limitations and strengths. Older, but ready to contribute right away and young enough to stick around for a good stretch.
Artem Klimenko

  41. Denver | Artem Klimenko | 7-0 | 245 | C | Russia | 24

A stash pick. Nimble with great size and hands. Has been putting on weight and could be big enough by training camp.
Deonte Burton NV

  42. *Houston | Deonte Burton NV | 6-1 | 193 | PG/SG | Nevada | 26

Attacking, hyper-athletic PG.
Bogdan Bogdanovic

  43. Atlanta | Bogdan Bogdanovic | 6-6 | 205 | SG | Serbia | 25

Not to be confused with Bojan. Big, less athletic shooter who has put up good numbers in Europe. A floor spacer for an extra pass offense.
Markel Brown

  44. *Brooklyn | Markel Brown | 6-4 | 185 | SG | Oklahoma State | 26

A freak athlete who will out-work everyone, all the time. Think Avery Bradley with rocket boots on his rocket boots. Can actually keep up with Wall on the break.
Melvin Ejim

  45. Charlotte | Melvin Ejim | 6-6 | 220 | SF/PF | Iowa St. | 27

Does a lot of everything. Very heady transition player and defender.
Patric Young

  46. *LA Lakers | Patric Young | 6-10 | 247 | PF/C | Florida | 26

Also surprised me. Measured out as listed. I think this makes him a first rounder with the right playoff team. Mature. The Nuggets don't need players to develop. They need a player or two to nudge them over the top. This guy will nudge you onto the moon.
Juvonte Reddic

  47. *New Orleans | Juvonte Reddic | 6-9 | 250 | PF/C | VCU | 26

Another in a string of long, physical VCU bigs. A solid player with some upside.
Dwight Powell

  48. *Atlanta | Dwight Powell | 6-11 | 235 | PF | Stanford | 26

A savvy big who played really well in the big dance.
Nikola Jokic

  49. Chicago | Nikola Jokic | 6-11 | 255 | PF/C | Serbia | 23

Promising seven footer with a good feel for the game and a solid stroke from the perimeter.
Walter Tavares

  50. Phoenix | Walter Tavares | 7-3 | 260 | C | Spain | 26

Johnny O'Bryant

  51. *New York | Johnny O'Bryant | 6-8 | 257 | PF/C | LSU | 25

Reminds me of A.C. Green. That's a good thing. With his physical tools he could blossom, in a limited way. Needs to become a pick and pop option. Could go higher to a team with a real need.
DeAndre Kane

  52. *Philadelphia | DeAndre Kane | 6-4 | 200 | PG/SG | Iowa St. | 29

Toughness and leadership. Smaller than expected but physical. Has some Manu-like qualities.
CJ Fair

  53. *Minnesota | CJ Fair | 6-8 | 218 | SF | Syracuse | 26

Not Rick Foxy but glue just the same. People may be undervaluing him. Mature on both ends. May have just gotten a little burned out at Syracuse. Maybe he could use a change of scene?
Sean Kilpatrick

  54. *San Antonio | Sean Kilpatrick | 6-4 | 220 | SG | Cincinnati | 28

Big time pick and roll scorer who no one is talking about.
DeAndre Daniels

  55. *Charlotte | DeAndre Daniels | 6-8 | 195 | SF | UConn | 26

Who knew? Gifted swingman. Show us that ring then get in the weight room.
James McAdoo

  56. *Orlando | James McAdoo | 6-9 | 230 | PF | North Carolina | 25

Long, jumping glue. May not stick. People are always talking about him. Should firmly affix chip to shoulder.
Keith Appling

  57. Indiana | Keith Appling | 6-1 | 180 | PG/SG | Michigan St. | 26

Converted to the point from an undersized scoring guard. This flexibility will serve him well in the show.
Cameron Bairstow

  58. *Philadelphia | Cameron Bairstow | 6-10 | 252 | PF | New Mexico | 27

Alessandro Gentile

  59. *Brooklyn | Alessandro Gentile | 6-7 | 230 | SG/SF | Italy | 25

Another talented Italian wing player. His skills overlap and compliment. Strong.
Xavier Thames

  60. *Brooklyn | Xavier Thames | 6-3 | 187 | PG/SG | San Diego St. | 27