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Updated: 6/12/13 8:08 pm

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Alex Len

  1. Cleveland | Alex Len | 7-1 | 255 | C | Maryland | 24

Len has grown on me the more I look at this draft from the big picture. With no guys that look like locks to be all stars, I'm going with the dude who offers the most upside and least relative risk. With the roster I have, I'm still eyeing the deep crop of talent in next year's draft, and I figure we time have on our side with Kyrie under contract for two more seasons. We don't have to be winning games until he's up for an extension. Depending on what kind of value Varejao has and how quickly Len adjusts to the NBA (could be a steep learning curve) we have flexibility at the position. a Len/Thomson frontcourt has the potential to be dynamic and complimentary. I know I'm rolling the dice, but with a number one pick, you cant just play the value/need game. Best Case Scenario Comp: Brook Lopez (more athletic)
Ben McLemore

  2. *Orlando | Ben McLemore | 6-5 | 190 | SG | Kansas | 25

With Cleveland thinking outside of the box and taking Len, suddenly its us with the choice between Mac and Nerlens. Its tempting to take a long look at burke here, but were not eyeballing fighting for a 7 or 8 seed next year either. We know what were getting with McLemore- a premium athlete who can shoot it and finish, but isnt wired like a number one option. I like Vucevic too much at C and we are planning to be in the high lotto next year anyway, so we take Mclemore, thinking he works into things off the bench and if he turns out to be better than expected, we can move afflalo. Best Case Scenario Comp: Eddie Jones (under no illusion that he's the next ray allen)
Nerlens Noel

  3. Washington | Nerlens Noel | 6-11 | 206 | PF/C | Kentucky | 24

Porter is tempting at first, he fills a need and is relatively NBA ready, but taking the risk on Nerlens at 3 is a lot different than first overall. with Wall and Beal, we have plenty of guys who are gonna take shots. He gives us a rim protector, insurance against Nene's inevitable injury, and a ton of upside for the pick. We have bigger needs, but suddenly Noel is looking like a steal. Wall had some nice chemistry with Javale McGee before he was traded, and Nerlens is a similar player. We know he can finish alley oops and run the floor. with our backcourt of high volume scorers, we can afford to take a defense first player. Hes also agile enough to play the 4 if nene still has gas in the tank. Best Case Scenario Comp: Something between Larry Sanders and Marcus Camby; closer to Camby if he grows up/matures and starts eating
Anthony Bennett

  4. Charlotte | Anthony Bennett | 6-7 | 240 | SF/PF | UNLV | 25

We need offense. Again, not expecting to find a franchise changing player in this draft who will keep us out of a miserable year next year. I am higher than Bennett than most, and really like his variety of offensive skills. And heck, with our renaming to the Hornets looming, why not take a guy whose game resembles Larry Johnson? Best Case Scenario Comp: LJ, maybe Rodney Rogers in his absolute prime
Victor Oladipo

  5. Phoenix | Victor Oladipo | 6-4 | 213 | SG/SF | Indiana | 25

Taking oladipo the second Bennett is done with his awkward Stuart Scott interview and very psyched. We know we are getting a workhorse who can play NBA D and will be a more effective offensive player in the NBA than he was in college. Planning on locking him in the gym all summer to improve his shooting range. Very happy about this pick Best case scenario: Somewhere between a rich man's tony allen and a poor mans dywane wade.
Trey Burke

  6. *New Orleans | Trey Burke | 6-1 | 190 | PG | Michigan | 25

A lot of thought goes into taking Otto here as well, but we know frontcourt wings are the most abundant resource in basketball, and what we really want is a long term pick and role partner for Anthony Davis. Vasquez becomes expendable. Best Case Scenario Comp: a hybrid of Kemba Walker and Andre Miller.
Otto Porter

  7. *Sacramento | Otto Porter | 6-9 | 200 | SF | Georgetown | 24

Happy to see Porter fall to us here. Fills a position of need, and his game is exactly what our roster lacks- hes a blue collar dude with a well rounded game who doesn't need the spotlight, will take on dirty work, and give us an infusion of character. We really wanted burke, but he just came off the board. The rest of the PG's available are too risky and we are getting probably the most NBA ready guy in the draft. Best Case Scenario Comp: Stacey Augumon
Michael Carter-Williams

  8. Detroit | Michael Carter-Williams | 6-6 | 185 | PG | Syracuse | 26

we feel like making a reach for some upside, and want a PG. MCW cant shoot, but he has a chance to be a real dynamic playmaker for our two bigs, and he gives us some flexibility to try out brandon knight as a 2G. Best Case Scenario Comp: Poor man's Penny/What Shawn Livingston could have been if he hadnt demolished his entire knee.
Shabazz Muhammad

  9. *Utah | Shabazz Muhammad | 6-6 | 225 | SF | UCLA | 25

While a lot of teams are down on Bazz, we think he actually fits in nicely with our roster. Our biggest hole is at the 2, and with rubio, we just need a guy who can knock down open shots from the perimeter to have a really dynamic offense. There are safer shooting guards available, but we are taking one of the last remaining players on the board with all star upside. Best Case Scenario Comp: Joe Johnson if he learns to use his body more
Kelly Olynyk

  10. *Portland | Kelly Olynyk | 7-0 | 234 | C | Gonzaga | 27

Really happy to be taking Olynyk. Nice well rounded offensive game. a little bit of a plodder, and, yeah, we'd prefer it if his arms were still a few inches longer, but we like his ability to space the floor and pass from the high post. his game compliments aldridge well. Also a fan of his intangibles. hes a worker. Has some Vlade Divac-esque upside. Best Case Scenario Comp: Bigger Luis Scola, possibly Divac
Cody Zeller

  11. *Philadelphia | Cody Zeller | 7-0 | 230 | PF/C | Indiana | 25

Gives us some front court depth, post scoring, and while we arent drinking the kool-aid regarding his vertical from the combine, he's a much better character guy than Bynum. Still think there is some room for growth too. Glad the Kings pulled the trigger on Porter and Portland was partial to Oly. Best Case Scenario Comp: Lamarcus Aldridge (agree with the site on that one)
CJ McCollum

  12. *Oklahoma Cty | CJ McCollum | 6-3 | 197 | PG/SG | Lehigh | 26

We will probably never live down the harden trade, but McCollum makes for a nice 6th man and he's ready to contribute right away. We look at possibly taking a big because we really want to amnesty the corpse of Kendrick Perkins, but none of the guys left turn our crank, and we figure we can use CJ in a lot of small lineups with Durant and Ibaka at the 4 and 5 and McCollum playing off the ball with westbrook. Best Case Scenario Comp: Damian Lillard
Lucas Nogueira

  13. *Boston | Lucas Nogueira | 7-0 | 220 | PF/C | Brazil | 25

Mark Cuban made me do it after loving duder's showing at the Eurocamp. Best Case Scenario Comp:Kevin Garnett (according to Emperor Cuban)
Shane Larkin

  14. *Minnesota | Shane Larkin | 5-11 | 171 | PG | Miami | 25

We wanted McCollum, now its between Larkin and Schroeder, and Larkin seems like the safer pick. Not the physical specimin that schroeder is, but he has a high IQ, a nice work ethic, and is a true point. Best Case Scenario Comp: TJ Ford
Dennis Schroder

  15. Milwaukee | Dennis Schroder | 6-2 | 168 | PG | Germany | 24

Looking at a serious rebuild after getting turned down by Monta. Not thrilled about paying Jennings the money some team will inevitably offer him. We take a kid with upside and prepare for tank mode. Best Case Scenario Comp: Rajon Rondo
Giannis Adetokoubo

  16. *Atlanta | Giannis Adetokoubo | 6-10 | 205 | SF | Greece | 23

Euroballer is actually Danny Ainge. Best Case Scenario Comp: Nick Batum
Steven Adams

  17. Atlanta | Steven Adams | 7-0 | 255 | C | Pittsburgh | 24

Athletic as F*uck for his size, 17 is late enough in the draft to start burning picks on project big men.Best Case Scenario Comp:Best Case Scenario Comp: More athletic Brad Miller
Archie Goodwin

  18. *Dallas | Archie Goodwin | 6-5 | 189 | SG | Kentucky | 23

Possibly the steal of the draft. He's got some developing to do, but he's the last guy left who could potentially be scoring 20 a game. We have a ton of cap space and holes to fill, so taking some more NBA ready guys might have been a better strategy, but I think we took the two highest upside guys left. Now we spend a little cap space on a combo of Iggy/jefferson and we have a nice young core of players. Best Case Scenario Comp: Bigger Gilbert Arenas
Jamaal Franklin

  19. *Cleveland | Jamaal Franklin | 6-5 | 191 | SG/SF | San Diego St. | 26

We passed on porter because we figured Franklin would still be on the board later, and they fit the same mold, although franklin is smaller and more explosive. defense and athleticism is what he brings to the table, and we figure moving forward Irving, Waiters and Len will be taking a high volume of shots. Best Case Scenario Comp: Vernon Maxwell
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

  20. Chicago | Kentavious Caldwell-Pope | 6-6 | 205 | SG | Georgia | 25

Kind of a slide for KCP, and he gives us a reliable shooting guard who can hit the three and play decent defense. Pretty pleased with this pick. he theoretically could have gone as high as 9 to minnesota. a late lotto talent with the 20th pick at a position of need is a very nice outcome. Best Case Scenario Comp: Right Handed more athletic Michael Redd
Sergey Karasev

  21. *Minnesota | Sergey Karasev | 6-7 | 197 | SG/SF | Russia | 24

Got our PG, now picking up a bench shooter who could also be paired with Hayward on the wing and allow us to stretch the floor. A nice balance of skills with our young core. Favors, Kanter are bangers, hayward and SK can shoot, larkin can create open shots. Best Case Scenario Comp: Detlef Scrempf
Myck Kabongo

  22. Brooklyn | Myck Kabongo | 6-2 | 180 | PG | Texas | 26

Mostly looking for cheap bench depth, Kabongo gives us the chance to play lineups with Williams at the 2 and Johnson at the 3, getting gerald wallace and his masonry work off the floor. Best Case Scenario Comp: Ty Lawson
Ray McCallum

  23. Indiana | Ray McCallum | 6-1 | 190 | PG | Detroit | 26

Our big weakness is our bench. Taking a dude who can score. We dont care that he came from a small school. He knows the game, has a high IQ and can score. Hoping he can be the featured guy in our bench units. Best Case Scenario Comp: John Starks/Smaller Hersey Hawkins
Tim Hardaway Jr

  24. New York | Tim Hardaway Jr | 6-6 | 200 | SG | Michigan | 26

Our cap situation is a mess. We want to resign JR smith and that Italian guy, but they are probably goners, we are hoping THJ can show up and hit some threes. Pretty much anyone would be an upgrade over Smith defensively, so theres that going for him too. Best Case Scenario Comp: Danny Green (Pre 2013 NBA finals game 3)
Gorgui Dieng

  25. LA Clippers | Gorgui Dieng | 6-11 | 230 | C | Louisville | 28

Front court grit. If he pans out, we can move Jordan's huge contract. His physical game blends nicely with Griffin's. Preparing for life after CP3 with Eric Bledsoe as the starter, although we would have loved for one of the PG's to fall to us. Best Case Scenario Comp: Samuel Dalembert at his best
Rudy Gobert

  26. *Oklahoma Cty | Rudy Gobert | 7-2 | 238 | C | France | 25

We got a guy we really wanted at #9 now its time to play some Big Man roulette.Best Case Scenario Comp: Poor man's Rik Smits
Solomon Hill

  27. Denver | Solomon Hill | 6-7 | 226 | SF | Arizona | 27

figuring we will replace Igoudala with another jack of all trades wildcat. This dude doesnt have one spectacular skill but hes really well rounded and works hard, knows the game. Fits the denver mold. I know a lot of people dont even have him going in the first round, but I'm high on him. NOT an all star, just a quality glue guy who shows up with his lunch pail. Best Case Scenario Comp: George Lynch
Nate Wolters

  28. San Antonio | Nate Wolters | 6-5 | 196 | PG | South Dakota St. | 26

Yeah, hes a cracker, yeah he played in the Nowheresville Conference, but the kid can flat out score and create. Manu is getting older, hoping that Spurs draft mojo helps us catch lighting in a bottle and Wolters ends up being the rich mans Steve Kerr. Best Case Scenario Comp:Rich Man's Steve kerr/Luke Ridnour
DeShaun Thomas

  29. *Phoenix | DeShaun Thomas | 6-6 | 220 | SF/PF | Ohio State | 26

Not a sexy pick. But dude is NBA ready with the skills he has, has been playing in high profile college games for several years, and his feel for the game will make him a contributor right away on a roster where he doesnt need to carry the team, just not screw up for the 15 minutes hes on the floor. This pick came down to him or Jeff Withey, and I'm not a fan of withey. Best Case Scenario Comp: Jared Dudley
Tony Mitchell

  30. *Golden St. | Tony Mitchell | 6-9 | 236 | SF/PF | North Texas | 26

Its the last pick of the first round, we are gonna suck next year anyway, we got the guy we wanted at #5, and mitchell is a freak of nature physically. stupider picks have been made. Last remaining eligable player with some considerable upside. He's raw, but its a long road back for us to being competitive again. No shame in taking some risks. Best Case Scenario Comp: Tyrus Thomas without the massive contract
Mason Plumlee

  31. *Cleveland | Mason Plumlee | 6-11 | 238 | PF | Duke | 28

Lorenzo Brown

  32. *Oklahoma Cty | Lorenzo Brown | 6-5 | 189 | PG/SG | NC State | 27

Allen Crabbe

  33. Cleveland | Allen Crabbe | 6-6 | 197 | SG | California | 26

Dario Saric

  34. *Houston | Dario Saric | 6-10 | 225 | SF/PF | Croatia | 24

Jeff Withey

  35. *Philadelphia | Jeff Withey | 7-0 | 222 | C | Kansas | 28

Trevor Mbakwe

  36. Sacramento | Trevor Mbakwe | 6-8 | 236 | PF/C | Minnesota | 29

Erick Green

  37. Detroit | Erick Green | 6-3 | 180 | PG/SG | Virginia Tech | 26

Isaiah Canaan

  38. *Milwaukee | Isaiah Canaan | 6-0 | 190 | PG | Murray St. | 26

CJ Leslie

  39. *Portland | CJ Leslie | 6-9 | 209 | SF/PF | NC State | 26

Alex Abrines

  40. Portland | Alex Abrines | 6-6 | 190 | SG | Spain | 24

Livio Jean-Charles

  41. *Memphis | Livio Jean-Charles | 6-9 | 217 | SF/PF | France | 24

Tony Snell

  42. *New Orleans | Tony Snell | 6-7 | 198 | SG/SF | New Mexico | 26

James Southerland

  43. *Dallas | James Southerland | 6-8 | 221 | SF/PF | Syracuse | 27

Rodney Williams

  44. *Atlanta | Rodney Williams | 6-7 | 200 | SF | Minnesota | 26

Kenny Kadji

  45. *Portland | Kenny Kadji | 6-10 | 242 | PF/C | Miami | 29

BJ Young

  46. Utah | BJ Young | 6-3 | 179 | SG | Arkansas | 24

Brandon Paul

  47. *Denver | Brandon Paul | 6-4 | 200 | SG | Illinois | 26

Mouhammadou Jaiteh

  48. LA Lakers | Mouhammadou Jaiteh | 6-11 | 250 | C | France | 23

Carrick Felix

  49. Chicago | Carrick Felix | 6-6 | 203 | SG/SF | Arizona St. | 27

Mike Muscala

  50. *Miami | Mike Muscala | 6-11 | 230 | PF/C | Bucknell | 26

Michael Snaer

  51. *Orlando | Michael Snaer | 6-5 | 200 | SG | Florida St. | 27

Augusto Lima

  52. *Minnesota | Augusto Lima | 6-10 | 234 | PF | Brazil | 26

Adonis Thomas

  53. Indiana | Adonis Thomas | 6-6 | 232 | SF | Memphis | 25

Reggie Bullock

  54. *Philadelphia | Reggie Bullock | 6-7 | 200 | SG/SF | North Carolina | 27

Brandon Davies

  55. Memphis | Brandon Davies | 6-10 | 242 | PF | BYU | 26

Ryan Kelly

  56. *Detroit | Ryan Kelly | 6-11 | 230 | PF | Duke | 27

Peyton Siva

  57. *Phoenix | Peyton Siva | 6-1 | 181 | PG | Louisville | 27

Pierre Jackson

  58. San Antonio | Pierre Jackson | 5-10 | 176 | PG | Baylor | 26

Jordan Aboudou

  59. *Minnesota | Jordan Aboudou | 6-6 | 210 | SG/SF | France | 27

  60. *Memphis