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Andrew Wiggins

  1. Cleveland | Andrew Wiggins | 6-8 | 200 | SF | Kansas | 23

Perfect fit for Philly- I'd love to see Wiggins in this team. A massive upgrade over Hollis Thompson or James Anderson from the word go, and also adds a great perimeter defender.
Jabari Parker

  2. Milwaukee | Jabari Parker | 6-9 | 240 | SF/PF | Duke | 23

Three things tell me Parker over Wiggins here. 1) They had 7 guys score 10 PPG last year (fascinating fact!) but never looked like a threat offensively. 2) They're one of the slowest teams in the league in terms of pace, and Wiggins will be better in an uptempo offense. 3) They had precisely 1 player shoot over 37.5% from 3 last year. Parker could come in as a real leader for this team and provide a player to build around- and even better, if the Greek Freak develops, he can cover some of Parker's defensive deficiencies. They'll have to move quickly to shift Henson or Ilyasova before their value drops through the floor- but that's no reason not to take Parker.
Dante Exum

  3. *Philadelphia | Dante Exum | 6-6 | 196 | PG/SG | Australia | 22

Summer 2015, contracts expire for both Rondo and Bradley. Whilst I'm a big Marcus Smart fan, I like Exum here for the flexibility- he can get minutes both backing up, and alongside, Rajan Rondo (having Jeff Green and Kelly Olynyk helps with the floor spacing), and if Rondo leaves and they can keep Bradley for the right price, an Exum-Bradley backcourt could grow into something pretty incredible both offensively and defensively.
Noah Vonleh

  4. Orlando | Noah Vonleh | 6-9 | 247 | PF | Indiana | 22

I'm going to state this categorically: Orlando SHOULD NOT draft Exum or Smart. Why? Both great players, but neither has range. Smart shot less than 30% two years straight, Exum by all accounts is a poor shooter- he hasn't shot more than 40% in a tournament since he was 16 (1/2 at the World U16s). Orlando did a great job drafting Victor Oladipo last year, but they'll replicate his skill set with either of these two, harming the development of both players. Instead, there's two great power forwards on the board, both with significant strengths. It's a toss up, but I've gone for Vonleh here, as he has that little bit more range.
Julius Randle

  5. Utah | Julius Randle | 6-9 | 250 | PF | Kentucky | 23

The worst defensive team in the league. I don't really know where to start with my beloved Jazz, but I don't think we should be canning Burke after just one year, and I do know we have a massive hole at the 4 spot. The slow pace the Jazz play could suit Randle, and a frontline of Randle and Favors should dominate the glass at the very least.
Joel Embiid

  6. *Boston | Joel Embiid | 7-0 | 250 | C | Kansas | 24

What a mess. Cleveland desperately need an identity- they're average or worse in practically every area. What they don't need is another scorer, despite their 23rd ranked offense- that improvement needs to come from a new coach- so for me, Parker is out. That leaves Wiggins or Embiid- and I just don't believe Wiggins will get the touches on the perimeter, so it's Embiid for me- as long as his back checks out. I'd pick up the player option on Varejao and bring him along slowly. History tells me its a bad idea to take a big man this high- but the reward of a shotblocking presence and a reason for Kyrie to stay is just too good to pass up.
Marcus Smart

  7. LA Lakers | Marcus Smart | 6-3 | 227 | PG | Oklahoma State | 24

I love Marcus Smart's game. My comparison has always been a peak Baron Davis- strength, tenacity, deceptive athleticism, streaky shooter. I think that if he falls to #8, Sacramento should keep him, but apparently #8 is on the block. Either ways, he's not falling past here. I think that behind Jabari Parker, Smart is the most likely player to make at least one all-star game in his career. That's how sure I am about Smart.
Elfrid Payton

  8. Sacramento | Elfrid Payton | 6-4 | 185 | PG | Louisiana Lafayette | 24

Despite the ongoing D-Rose saga, Chicago are actually a pretty easy team to assess. The frontcourt minutes are locked up with Butler, Gibson, and Noah, so it's the backcourt that needs improvement, as well as the obvious needs- the 28th best offense in the league, 24th in 3 point shooting. I've got two targets for the Bulls, but the other will be available at #19. Here, I've gone for Payton- Chicago desperately need to start thinking about their future at point guard, and with or withour Derrick Rose, Thibs will love Payton's defense and so he'll get the chance to get on the floor. Hopefully, Payton can prove to be a significant upgrade over Kirk Hinrich with time.
Aaron Gordon

  9. *Charlotte | Aaron Gordon | 6-9 | 220 | PF | Arizona | 22

I really want to fit Marcus Smart here- the Lakers have only 3 players under contract next year, so they should really go BPA. But Aaron Gordon also has massive potential, and the Lakers were 30th in rebounding, and not far ahead of that defensively. If the Lakers want scorers, they need to tool up and attract free agents (Melo and Gordon would complement each other nicely). It sounds like they're really going to push on with trying to win a ring- and to do that, you need complementary players like Gordon.
Dario Saric

  10. *Orlando | Dario Saric | 6-10 | 225 | SF/PF | Croatia | 24

That Hornets nickname is lucky already, huh? But I'm 90% certain that MJ hasn't learned from Adam Morrison and picks Doug McDermott here. However Saric is one of the only players left in the draft with real all-star potential, and Charlotte are desperately short at the forward spots- especially for players that can both score and create shots for themselves and others in the halfcourt- they play at such a slow pace too. I'm just going to throw one stat out there- along with his 15 points and 9 rebounds, Saric is averaging 3 assists per game this season. Know how hard it is to get an assist registered in Europe? The dude seriously sees the floor. If he decides to come over, he could genuinely help take Charlotte to the next level.
Zach LaVine

  11. *Chicago | Zach LaVine | 6-6 | 180 | PG/SG | UCLA | 23

I'm going to throw it out there- I'm not on the LaVine bandwagon. I get it- I've seen the highlight videos...but I've also seen him play real, organised basketball games. And he just doesn't seem to 'get it.' And that's the key for me. However, he's young, and at this point in the draft, he represents value. The Sixers can address needs (like a centre) in the second round, and they play at such a fast pace, LaVine will get the transition opportunities he needs. Get this pick right, in 5 years he's an all-star, and the Sixers have probably earned another two lottery picks watching him develop. Get it wrong, and he's probably shooting 40% from the field, and earning Philly lottery picks. It's a win-win.
Rodney Hood

  12. *Philadelphia | Rodney Hood | 6-8 | 208 | SF | Duke | 25

For me, Phoenix are currently 9 deep. I'm pretty sure that they package their picks for a veteran or for a higher pick- so I can't see them keeping #18. My initial reaction was to go Euro, but on reflection, Hood is probably an asset they'd be able to flip on the trading block quite easily.
Adreian Payne

  13. *Minnesota | Adreian Payne | 6-10 | 240 | PF | Michigan St. | 27

Before looking at the numbers, I didn't realise a few things about the Heat. 1) Assuming all players pick up valuable player options, they still only have 3 rotation players outside of the Big 3 in contact next season- Anderson, Haslem, and Norris Cole. 2) They're 27th in the league in rebounding. 3) They're 11th in DefRating. 4) They're 12th in 3PFG%. It really seems like this team has got away from what makes it successful- surrounding the big 3 with athletic, experienced, '3 and D' guys. And whilst the Heat still have 3 big guys locked up, I'd like to see them draft Payne, and for him to get some minutes over Haslem and Anderson, because he can do everything they need- stretch the floor, rebound, and hustle. Sure there's conditioning issues and he needs to learn how to play D, but I still think he offers something Miami don't currently have.
Kyle Anderson

  14. *Phoenix | Kyle Anderson | 6-9 | 230 | SF | UCLA | 24

Phoenix are in a great situation, are already pretty deep, and are absolutely stacked with shooters. They could really use another ballhandler, because neither Green, Tucker or the Morris's can create plays from the wing spots, putting a lot of pressure on Bledsoe and Dragic. Whilst I think Phoenix are a strong candidate to package #14 and #18 to move up (Harris, Gordon or Exum would all fit great here), if they stay, I go Kyle Anderson. Whilst he might struggle with Phoenix's uptempo style, he offers them a very different look on the wing, and an extra shot creator.
Jusuf Nurkic

  15. *Atlanta | Jusuf Nurkic | 6-11 | 280 | C | Bosnia & Herzegovina | 23

Boston is, quite simply, the worst team in the league at the 5 spot. Their interior defense was horrible last year- Sully and Olynyk are both great players, but I see both of their futures at the 4 spot. Enter Nurkic, who may or may not be the long term answer at centre, but has all the tools, and could start for them from day 1 and provide a boost both offensively and defensively.
Gary Harris

  16. *Denver | Gary Harris | 6-4 | 205 | SG | Michigan St. | 23

This pick is a total pain- because so much depends on what they decide to do with Kevin Love, and where they want to go from there. If they want to bottom out, the strategy here is very different than if they want to retool and push for a playoff spot- if that's even possible. What we do know: Minnesota aren't great defensively, and are downright awful from 3 point range. While Cleanthony Early might get some looks here (especially if Love and K-Mart are still around), Harris offers exactly what they need- and super-small lineups of Rubio-Harris-Martin shouldn't be much of a problem with the D of Rubio and Harris.
Doug McDermott

  17. *Boston | Doug McDermott | 6-7 | 220 | SF | Creighton | 26

This pick is a tricky one. Orlando's roster is already very young- do they need two rookies getting serious minutes? I can see them either trading up, trading down, or trading out. If not, what they really need is a point guard who can shoot the hell out of the ball- but I don't see that player with this pick. Instead, I'd pay Nelson to stick around for a year (they have money to burn) or look to free agency. Otherwise, options here are Napier (bit of a reach), Nurkic (could back up Vucevic, and act as insurance if he asks for too much), or Payne (but I've gone for Vonleh at #4). That leaves Dougie. Orlando needs to improve on the offensive end, especially the 3 ball. With Oladipo and Harkless, Orlando should be able to shield Dougie a little. And at worst, you've got a model pro with a key skill, a la Kyle Korver. At best, I see a little bit of Peja Stojakovic.
Nik Stauskas

  18. *Phoenix | Nik Stauskas | 6-6 | 207 | SG | Michigan | 24

What a mess. I know I've repeated that phrase from the Cleveland entry, but so true. So much salary tied up in so many mediocre players. I just don't see how you make a top 4 seed with Ty Lawson as your best player, especially when he's getting paid $11m to do it. Denver desperately need wing depth- and although I think Harris is the much better player, I think Stauskas is a much better fit. With an already tiny backcourt and with Gallo's status uncertain, a tall 3 point specialist fits the bill nicely here, and Stauskas could be a key part of the Nuggets for years to come.
Jordan Clarkson

  19. *Denver | Jordan Clarkson | 6-4 | 186 | PG/SG | Missouri | 25

Denver could use another big man, but a more pressing need is a PG that can match up with bigger guards- they have 3 point guards at the moment, and not one is over 6'0". Brooks is out of contract and Robinson has a player option, so I'd go in another direction and draft Jordan Clarkson. Whilst he's not a great defender, he does have the size to take matchups that Lawson can't, and would thrive in Denver's uptempo style.
Glenn Robinson III

  20. Toronto | Glenn Robinson III | 6-7 | 211 | SF | Michigan | 24

This is where it starts to get difficult- because Toronto were a pretty good team last year, with no real glaring weakness. I did notice, especially in the playoffs, that Coach Casey still doesn't have a huge amount of faith in Terrence Ross, and they don't really have a dominant wing defender- what they really need is a sterotypical '3 and D' guy who can guard whatever wings are thrown at him- which in the East is everything from LeBron to Paul George. GR3 has the length and athleticism to bother these guys, without being the offensive liability that Grant is. But how good he wants to be is totally up to him.
TJ Warren

  21. *Oklahoma Cty | TJ Warren | 6-8 | 220 | SF | NC State | 24

In my eyes, OKC have two big needs- a 'pure' veteran PG to slow things down when Russ gets out of control, and a complementary scorer in the frontcourt. The closest to the PG in this draft is Ennis, but I don't think he'd get the respect (or the minutes) that a decent veteran might do. Instead, I've hopefully filled a need with TJ Warren, who will provide a lot of junk points from cuts and screens for when things go static offensively.
Cleanthony Early

  22. Memphis | Cleanthony Early | 6-7 | 210 | SF/PF | Wichita State | 27

I really wanted Rodney Hood to fall here- because Memphis really need a small forward. There are other options- it might be good to get some insurance up front because Gasol and Randolph are both going into the last year of their contracts- but Early would add some range to a team that was 19th last year in 3P%. Having so much offense running through Gasol and Conley would help to mitigate his lack of passing ability.
Jordan Adams

  23. *Utah | Jordan Adams | 6-5 | 209 | SG | UCLA | 23

Adams is a great pick for Charlotte at #24. Having addressed front-court scoring with Dario Saric at #9, Jordan Adams is young, a potentially great scorer, and could happily back up or play alongside Gerald Henderson. Defensive weaknesses would be covered by both Charlotte's defensive schemes and other great defensive players, such as MKG. It says a lot about Charlotte that both rookies would feature in Charlotte's most explosive offensive lineup, Walker-Adams-Henderson-Saric-Jefferson. It's not even close.
PJ Hairston

  24. *Miami | PJ Hairston | 6-5 | 228 | SG | USA | 25

Again looking to address the Bulls' backcourt woes, an 'older' rookie like PJ Hairston would compete defensively and provide an injection of scoring for Chicago. I think Hairston would succeed here as he's very different from what they currently have- both Snell and Dunleavy are very much spot up shooters- Hairston will be able to get to the basket as well as being able to shoot from outside.
KJ McDaniels

  25. Houston | KJ McDaniels | 6-6 | 196 | SF | Clemson | 25

Let me say it again- Utah are the worst defensive team in the league. But even when they were good- I mean, the Williams-Boozer-Okur years, even the Stockton-Malone years- they've never had a reliable stopper. Watching Ronnie Brewer or Gordon Hayward get torched by Bryant, LeBron et al as the team's best perimeter defender is heartbreaking. Enter McDaniels, who should at last be able to contain some of these guys.
Shabazz Napier

  26. Charlotte | Shabazz Napier | 6-0 | 175 | PG | UConn | 26

For me, Napier slips out of the first round, (a la Mario Chalmers after his NCAA win) due to the amount of point guards in the league, and due to size concerns, but no further. Milwaukee need to sure up their backcourt, and Napier is a huge upgrade over Nate Wolters, replacing Ramon Sessions, who is out of contract. Milwaukee still need another defensive player, but that can wait til #36.
Bogdan Bogdanovic

  27. *Phoenix | Bogdan Bogdanovic | 6-6 | 205 | SG | Serbia | 25

3rd Euro for Philly. Will have to see if he comes over, but between the three, one must come good!
Clint Capela

  28. LA Clippers | Clint Capela | 6-11 | 222 | PF/C | Switzerland | 23

Capela's slide ends at #43. Despite questions about his motor, Capela is still putting up dominating numbers in France, and Atlanta will need help down the line inside.
Tyler Ennis

  29. Oklahoma Cty | Tyler Ennis | 6-2 | 180 | PG | Syracuse | 23

I'd probably assume OKC would only want one new rookie this year, but if Ennis falls to them at #29 (he was my other target at #22) then I don't think they've got a chance. If there's one point guard in this whole draft class that could earn enough respect from KD and Russ to take care of the ball and get them their looks, its Tyler Ennis. If he did enough to crack the rotation he could be huge for OKC.
Vasilje Micic

  30. San Antonio | Vasilje Micic | 6-6 | 202 | PG | Serbia | 24

No more rookies for Philly- from this point on (if they keep the picks) they're going Euro. I really like Jokic and Gentile, but I think Micic is the best option here in the uptempo Philly offense.
Mitch McGary

  31. Milwaukee | Mitch McGary | 6-10 | 266 | C | Michigan | 25

I think things get a bit simpler by this point, as you're really looking to grab as much talent as possible, with little risk as there's no guaranteed contracts. Philly needs frontcourt help, and McGary provides a very different look to Young, Sims, or Noel, and has the most upside left on the board- as long as his back checks out.
James Young

  32. *Philadelphia | James Young | 6-6 | 215 | SG | Kentucky | 22

Predicting teams like Atlanta is always difficult because it depends on which way they want to go, and it depends on the health of big Al. Watching their playoff series against Indiana, what they really need is a wing player who can create their own shot- Carroll and Korver are great pros and can spot up, but neither can do that. At the same time, Atlanta were 5th from bottom in rebounding %, and there's always talk of moving Horford to the 4 spot. For me, there's very few players at #15 that fit either of these needs- I think Atlanta would do well to trade with Phoenix for #18 and #27, to add some depth. I did originally have Josef Nurkic pegged here (until I realised I'd totally forgotten that Lucas Nogueira even existed), but the best value pick here is definitely James Young. Whilst PJ Hairston may be a better fit to 'win now', as a better slasher and a veteran, the potential of Young is too good to pass up- at 18, he already has the chance to contribute to a winning team and round out his game a bit more.
CJ Wilcox

  33. *Cleveland | CJ Wilcox | 6-5 | 201 | SG | Washington | 27

Utah have a few needs still- a backup PG and some more 3P range the two main ones. There are still a few PGs on the board, so I wouldn't be surprised if one of them gets drafted here, but I'd prefer a veteran to back up Burke. Instead, I'm going with Wilcox- neither Hayward or Burks shot that well from 3 last year, and KJ McDaniels won't add to that. Wilcox can fill a role for Utah here.
Dwight Powell

  34. *New York | Dwight Powell | 6-11 | 235 | PF | Stanford | 26

Jerami Grant

  35. *Memphis | Jerami Grant | 6-8 | 214 | SF | Syracuse | 24

Whilst Houston could definitely use a few more 3 point shooters, their biggest need is glaring- they can't guard ANYONE on the perimeter. This is going become an even bigger need if they do make a play for Love/Anthony. Although he has been stuck in the Syracuse zone, I believe Jerami Grant can step in and take the worst assignments, every night, at the 2, 3 and 4. Anything else you get from him is a bonus.
Spencer Dinwiddie

  36. *Milwaukee | Spencer Dinwiddie | 6-6 | 205 | PG/SG | Colorado | 25

Minnesota still have a big hole at the PF spot, but at #40 I've got to take one of the multiple point guards that are still on the board, as they're not going to resign Barea for the same money, and they need someone to backup Rubio that can extend the floor. I've gone for Dinwiddie over Christon or Clarkson for this range- Dinwiddie and Harris would be a very intruiging backcourt of the future.
Semaj Christon

  37. *Toronto | Semaj Christon | 6-3 | 186 | PG | Xavier | 25

To be honest, I like Charlotte with two rookies getting minutes, so I wouldn't be surprised if they went Euro. But they also only have one PG under contract past next season, and it might be a good idea to let a young athlete like Christon develop in the D-League. If he does get minutes in his rookie season, it's because he offers the exact opposite of Kemba Walker- a tall, athletic defender with very little on the offensive end.
Markel Brown

  38. Detroit | Markel Brown | 6-4 | 185 | SG | Oklahoma State | 26

Ideally, Detroit could use a 3 & D small forward, but unless they trade into the first round, they're not getting that here. Instead, Brown will help them spread the floor, and could develop into a pretty good defender. He won't get many minutes next year, but Stuckey will probably leave at the end of his contract, giving him a chance to break the rotation.
Damien Inglis

  39. *Philadelphia | Damien Inglis | 6-9 | 240 | SF/PF | France | 22

As I mentioned above- in my mind, no way do the Suns suit up 3 rookies come the start of next season. If they keep this pick, they're going Euro- the two best options for me are Porzingis and Inglis- and Inglis has the athleticism and defensive ability to contribute something new for Phoenix.
Nick Johnson

  40. *Minnesota | Nick Johnson | 6-3 | 198 | SG | Arizona | 25

If he falls to #55, Miami gets a fantastic pick- another great defender/gunner to put around the big 3. A fiery competitor who has no problem playing in the biggest of games.
Jarnell Stokes

  41. Denver | Jarnell Stokes | 6-8 | 260 | PF | Tennessee | 24

Firstly, let's look at the Spurs. Fantastic passing team, great offensively and defensively, love the 3 ball, not great rebounders. There's no great need at any position, they're deep as hell, but they are getting older. Whilst they could quite probably go Euro, I think Stokes really, really fits. He can learn to overcome his defensive deficiencies within the team system (especially backed up by Timmy and Leonard), and really contribute with his passing, scoring and rebounding. He'll hardly play for his first two years, but I think he can then become a huge asset for them. Look at the success Diaw has had- he's only 2-3 years away from retirement, and Stokes is already an upgrade over Matt Bonner.
Artem Klimenko

  42. *Houston | Artem Klimenko | 7-0 | 245 | C | Russia | 24

I don't really think that Philly keeps all these picks, but if they do, it's to stash as much Euro talent as possible. Klimenko is interesting here because not only is he a young big man who can protect the bucket, he is also apparently pretty quick in the open floor- great for Philly's uptempo style.
Alessandro Gentile

  43. Atlanta | Alessandro Gentile | 6-7 | 230 | SG/SF | Italy | 25

A very Spurs-y player, and had a great European Championships the other year. Develop him for a few years and they'll be very happy at #58.
Nikola Jokic

  44. *Brooklyn | Nikola Jokic | 6-11 | 255 | PF/C | Serbia | 23

Houston is painfully short on the wings, and still needs to find cover for Lin after he finishes his massive contract. But I think the value pick here is Jokic, who is flying under the radar a bit. Young, high IQ- he can replace Asik and be a great backup to Dwight Howard.
Walter Tavares

  45. Charlotte | Walter Tavares | 7-3 | 260 | C | Spain | 26

Dallas needs some rebounding and defense- especially as Sam Dalembert hasn't worked out. I can see Dallas bringing back Shawn Marion, which means that here I'm going for Tavares, who could potentially be very good.
Alec Brown

  46. *LA Lakers | Alec Brown | 7-1 | 231 | PF/C | Wisconsin Green Bay | 25

Like many teams that play two 'traditional' big men, they're great defensively but suffer slightly with floor spacing. Alec Brown would be a great pickup here- adds another great 3 point shooter to a great 3 point shooting team, helps to space the floor, and will be both covered defensively, and mentored, by Nene and Gortat. Great situation for both team and player.
Khem Birch

  47. *New Orleans | Khem Birch | 6-9 | 209 | PF | UNLV | 25

I think that Minnesota will have a hole to plug at the 4 spot, and I'd love to see them take a step forward defensively. Whilst Alec Brown might fit here, I'll give the nod to Khem Birch, who I think might be a bit of a sleeper of a prospect. He can rebound, defend, and will run through a brick wall for his team- reminds me a of a homeless-man's-Rodman.
Thanasis Antetokounmpo

  48. *Atlanta | Thanasis Antetokounmpo | 6-6 | 205 | SF | Greece | 25

After drafting Embiid, Cleveland still need to fill the gap at the 3 spot, as well as finding a strong perimeter defender. Antetokounmpo is the best option here.
Patric Young

  49. Chicago | Patric Young | 6-10 | 247 | PF/C | Florida | 26

Chicago could use some depth up front, and whilst I'd love to find them a player this late in the draft that can provide something for their flagging offense, I don't think there's a two-way big man left in the draft- and Thibs' big men play defense. Patric Young is NBA-ready, can guard the pick and roll, and although Thibs doesn't really play rookies, he'd have to be impressed at how game ready Patric Young is. Young could play with either Noah or Gibson and still provide a defensive impact.
James McAdoo

  50. Phoenix | James McAdoo | 6-9 | 230 | PF | North Carolina | 25

At this stage in the draft, you can look at players that you can be patient to develop. Whilst Phoenix are deep now, they don't have a single player wrapped up for 15/16. Phoenix really need some defense, and McAdoo can help at this end. He'll get easy looks in Phoenix's uptempo offense, and with so many shooting big men- the Morrises, Frye- he won't harm their floor spacing.
Joe Harris

  51. *New York | Joe Harris | 6-6 | 215 | SG/SF | Virginia | 26

Nemanja Dangubic

  52. *Philadelphia | Nemanja Dangubic | 6-8 | 195 | SG | Serbia | 25

Ioannis Papapetrou

  53. *Minnesota | Ioannis Papapetrou | 6-9 | 233 | SF | Greece | 24

Leo Westermann

  54. *San Antonio | Leo Westermann | 6-6 | 190 | PG/SG | France | 25

Roy Devyn Marble

  55. *Charlotte | Roy Devyn Marble | 6-6 | 192 | SG | Iowa | 25

Bold prediction- Roy Marble is a dark horse for the late 1st. He can shoot, distribute, defend, and has great size at the 2 spot. He's a great get for Milwaukee here- even though I would've liked Thanasis to fall here to reunite the Greeks. Dinwiddie is also possible, but I'm scared of ACL injuries!
Russ Smith

  56. *Orlando | Russ Smith | 6-1 | 160 | PG/SG | Louisville | 27

Jabari Brown

  57. Indiana | Jabari Brown | 6-4 | 215 | SG | Missouri | 25

The noise I'm hearing is that Jabari won't fall this far, but I'm happy to punish him for his lack of defensive awareness- and for not caring about it. Having said that, Indiana would be happy to pick him up- their defense covers all manner of sins, and they desperately need the extra offense.
DeAndre Daniels

  58. *Philadelphia | DeAndre Daniels | 6-8 | 195 | SF | UConn | 26

A steal at this point. Carlisle will turn him into a 15 season NBA pro. Two great mentors available for him in Nowitzki and Marion.
Jordan Bachynski

  59. *Brooklyn | Jordan Bachynski | 7-2 | 248 | C | Arizona St. | 28

Linos Chrysikopoulos

  60. *Brooklyn | Linos Chrysikopoulos | 6-10 | 225 | SF | Greece | 25