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Jabari Parker

  1. Milwaukee | Jabari Parker | 6-8 | 235 | SF | Duke | 19

Of the big three freshmen, Parker has the highest floor. He was susceptible to a cold spell at one point in the season, but Embiid's back problems and Wiggins' hot-and-cold stretches are bigger cause for concern at the moment. If Milwaukee were on the clock today, Parker would be the safest pick and would form a young, formidable duo on the wing with Giannis Antetokounmpo.
Andrew Wiggins

  2. *Philadelphia | Andrew Wiggins | 6-8 | 200 | SG/SF | Kansas | 19

I really like the idea of an offense/defense pairing of Noel and Embiid. But If the 76ers can take Wiggins and play him as a shooting guard at the next level, that would give them a serious height and athleticism advantage by pairing him with MCW. Wiggins would need to continue to develop his outside game and all around consistency, but if he does, watch out. He could be a "steal" at #2 if he shows up on a night-to-night basis.
Joel Embiid

  3. Orlando | Joel Embiid | 7-0 | 250 | C | Kansas | 20

First came Shaq. Then Dwight Howard. And now the Orlando Magic will develop Embiid into their next dominant big man. They already have Vucevic and have a bigger need at PG, but you have to take whoever falls out of Parker, Wiggins, and Embiid, and in this scenario it's Embiid. If Embiid pans out, Vucevic could be a valuable trade chip down the road or a quality big off the bench.
Dante Exum

  4. Utah | Dante Exum | 6-6 | 188 | PG/SG | Australia | 18

Boston has drafted a lot of bigs recently (Sullinger, Fab Melo, and Olynyk). They still have Rondo and Bradley, but could use some more insurance off the bench. Exum looks like a good fit as he will need to be brought along slowly, but has the potential to take over the reigns in Boston in a few years.
Julius Randle

  5. Boston | Julius Randle | 6-9 | 250 | PF | Kentucky | 19

Utah has a good core with Burke, Burks, Hayward, Favors, and Kanter. They are looking to add depth at this point and a rotation of Favors/Kanter/Randle sounds inticing. Rudy Gobert would still be in the mix too, so the Jazz could focus on adding a veteran big via free agency to mentor all the young bigs and then just focus on wing depth in the rest of the draft and free agency.
Marcus Smart

  6. *LA Lakers | Marcus Smart | 6-4 | 220 | PG | Oklahoma State | 20

Smart returning this past season could be a blessing in disguise. He has the passion and desire to win, something the Lakers have been missing this season without Kobe. Now when they add Smart and Kobe together, the entire atmosphere will change for the Lakers. They may not be instant championship contenders, but they should be back in the playoff picture next year (especially if they add a good FA such as Luol Deng), and with enough dedication, Smart could be the heir apparent to Kobe when he retires in a few of seasons.
Noah Vonleh

  7. Sacramento | Noah Vonleh | 6-10 | 240 | PF | Indiana | 18

Sacramento can give Isaiah Thomas and Ray McCallum a full season to prove they can run the point for an entire year. They'll take Vonleh here to pair with Cousins down low. Best case scenario, the point guards carry over this year's success, Vonleh makes a big impact, and Cousins keeps his head on straight on the road to a playoff birth. A lineup of Thomas-McLemore-Gay-Vonleh-Cousins certainly has the chance to do big things.
Kyle Anderson

  8. *Detroit | Kyle Anderson | 6-9 | 230 | SF | UCLA | 20

Thanks to the success of MCW this year, and obviously some guy named Earvin a few years back, coupled with Anderson's solid play this year, we could see Anderson sneak into the lotto. If he can run the point at the next level, Detroit would have a huge lineup with Anderson, Drummond, Smith, and possibly Monroe. Good luck trying to grab a rebound if you are going up against that lineup.
Rodney Hood

  9. Cleveland | Rodney Hood | 6-8 | 215 | SF | Duke | 21

If Cleveland loses Luol Deng in free agency, they will need to address small forward in the draft unless they are secretly tampering with LeBron and already pitching him to return haha. Hood probably won't be a franchise changer, but he should be a contributor no matter where he goes. Seems to be a safe pick in my eyes.
Doug McDermott

  10. *Philadelphia | Doug McDermott | 6-7 | 225 | SF | Creighton | 22

The 76ers have a solid core of MCW, Wiggins, Young, and Noel. Even though there are some guards oozing with potential still available, they could use a small forward with a little offense. One of the best college players in recent years offers exactly what the 76ers are looking for. It'll be interesting to see how his game translates in the quicker and more physical NBA, but I could see him averaging 10-15 ppg in his rookie season for the 76ers.
Gary Harris

  11. *Denver | Gary Harris | 6-4 | 210 | SG | Michigan St. | 19

Lou Williams is best utilized as a sixth man and Kyle Korver is best utilized as a shooter off the bench. Atlanta needs to look for a SG who has what it takes to start someday. If they can grab a talent like Harris at 11 they'd have exactly what they need.
Zach LaVine

  12. *Orlando | Zach LaVine | 6-5 | 180 | PG/SG | UCLA | 19

Insane athleticism and a solid scoring ability, Lavine has what it takes to be an NBA player. Now its just a matter of staying consistent and taking his game to the next level. Denver has solid depth, so the Nuggets could take the time to develop him, as I don't think he'll be ready right away. The potential alone is worth a late lottery pick I think.
Nik Stauskas

  13. *Minnesota | Nik Stauskas | 6-5 | 190 | SG | Michigan | 20

Minnesota always seems to be in need of a SG. Shabazz wasn't given enough of a chance, but going for another SG in this year's draft still makes sense. Kevin Martin isn't the long term option and with it being difficult to lure free agents, Minnesota has to hope either Shabazz or Stauskas can step up and contribute.
Aaron Gordon

  14. *Phoenix | Aaron Gordon | 6-8 | 220 | PF | Arizona | 18

The fact that Gordon isn't going higher may not even be his own doing. With the struggle of recent tweeners to find a role in the NBA (Derrick Williams, Anthony Bennett, Anthony Randolph just to name a few), Gordon could scare some teams away. But Gordon brings top notch athleticism and hustle which at the very least should make him a defensive specialist and an aggressive rebounder. His offensive game has its questions as to how it will translate, but anything he adds on offense is an added bonus.
Tyler Ennis

  15. *Atlanta | Tyler Ennis | 6-2 | 180 | PG | Syracuse | 19

Orlando missed out on going for their need of a PG at #3. Smart, Lavine, and Anderson have all gone off the board since that pick, so Orlando takes the best PG available in Tyler Ennis. He has the poise and basketball IQ to fit into any team right away. Now its just a matter of improving his athleticism and conditioning to compete at the next level. He'll have time to develop and be mentored behind Jameer Nelson, but a core of Ennis, Oladipo, Harkless, Harris, Embiid, and Vucevic will get this team heading in the right direction.
James Young

  16. Chicago | James Young | 6-6 | 215 | SG | Kentucky | 18

James Young, like the rest of the Wildcats will likely see an improvement in their draft stock based on their performance in the tourney. The Bulls need some wing scorers especially after dealing Deng, and James Young fits the bill.
Cleanthony Early

  17. *Boston | Cleanthony Early | 6-8 | 220 | SF/PF | Wichita State | 23

This Phoenix team that looked terrible just a season ago, now suddenly has added some depth. With the Morris twins, Plumlee, Len, Dragic, and Bledsoe the Suns have a good core. Now they add high energy, players with a strong passion to win and contribute in anyway possible with Gordon and Early. This team is only going to get better.
Jerami Grant

  18. *Phoenix | Jerami Grant | 6-8 | 210 | SF | Syracuse | 20

I'm not sure if Grant is going to declare yet or not, but I'm hoping he doesn't. He still needs time to develop his shooting, but Boston would have the chance to develop him with Green and Wallace under contract for a few more seasons.
  19. Chicago
Shabazz Napier

  20. Toronto | Shabazz Napier | 6-1 | 185 | PG | UConn | 22

Unless something bizarre happens, Lowry is as good as gone in Toronto I bet. Toronto will need to add another PG, and who better to take here than the MOP in the 2014 NCAA tourney?
TJ Warren

  21. *Oklahoma Cty | TJ Warren | 6-8 | 225 | SF | NC State | 20

Memphis has James Johnson, Quincy Pondexter, and Tayshaun Prince putting up less than 20 ppg from the SF spot. TJ Warren was the player of the year in the ACC and put up 25 ppg. Maybe he could provide the spark form the SF spot for Memphis.
  22. Memphis
  23. *Utah
Andrew Harrison

  24. *Charlotte | Andrew Harrison | 6-5 | 215 | PG/SG | Kentucky | 19

Walker/Ridnour/Henderson/Neal are the four main guards in Charlotte. It's not a bad group of guards, but they could use an upgrade. If Andrew Harrison declares he could develop as a combo guard off the bench while learning from his veteran teammates and that one guy named Michael Jordan who seems to know a thing or two about basketball.
Adreian Payne

  25. Houston | Adreian Payne | 6-10 | 245 | PF | Michigan St. | 23

Terrance Jones has stepped up for Houston, but the same can't be said for Donatas Motiejunas. Houston could use another PF off the bench. Adreian Payne fits the bill. He had a great tourney and seems to be the type who will do what is needed to win and he should be ready to contribute from day one.
Markel Brown

  26. Miami | Markel Brown | 6-3 | 190 | SG | Oklahoma State | 22

Phoenix already has the Morris twins, Gordon, and Early. They could look for a center here even with Plumlee, Len, and Okafor, but they'd likely be reaching for one here. Their best bet is to add guard depth in the event Bledsoe doesn't wind up back in Phoenix. Brown is older than most SGs in the draft so if needed, he could play a larger role as a rookie than what is expected from a normal #26 pick.
Aaron Harrison

  27. *Phoenix | Aaron Harrison | 6-5 | 218 | SG | Kentucky | 19

Dwayne Wade and Ray Allen aren't getting any younger. If they bring in a SG now, that SG prospect would be able to learn from two of the best SG's from this past era. Now when that SG was ranked as the #9 player in his HS class and hit some clutch shots in the tourney, you really like the potential returns you could get down the road.
James McAdoo

  28. LA Clippers | James McAdoo | 6-9 | 230 | PF | North Carolina | 21

As I was filling out my mock, I was looking at the Clippers needs, and with Griffin, Jordan, Davis and Hollins as their only true bigs, they need to go after a PF or C here to add depth. The type of player who could provide energy off the bench. The Clippers (then the Braves) took a McAdoo in 1972 and it worked fairly well for them. Maybe the same could be done here with James McAdoo.
CJ Fair

  29. Oklahoma Cty | CJ Fair | 6-7 | 215 | SF | Syracuse | 22

CJ Fair averaged 37.8 minutes per game this past season. You could tell that fatigue was coming in to play and affecting his offensive game a bit towards the end of the season, but he still averaged 16.5 ppg and 6.4 rpg. He's got a deadly midrange jumper and could provide a short scoring punch off the bench when Durant needs a breather.
Elfrid Payton

  30. San Antonio | Elfrid Payton | 6-3 | 190 | PG | Louisiana Lafayette | 20

From what I've seen, Payton can really score that ball and has good athleticism and body control. I think it may take him awhile to adjust to the NBA, but I think he has what it takes to be a starter down the road. With the mentoring of the Spurs' vets and Pops, I'm sure Payton could be a steal here, especially if Patty Mills and Cory Joseph aren't brought back next year.
Jordan Clarkson

  31. Milwaukee | Jordan Clarkson | 6-5 | 195 | PG/SG | Missouri | 21

Milwaukee already has solid guard depth with Knight, Wolters, Antetokounmpo, and Mayo. But by adding another combo guard, they give themselves more lineup flexibility and could play Antetokounmpo as a 2/3 combo in some lineups.
Clint Capela

  32. *Philadelphia | Clint Capela | 6-11 | 222 | PF | Switzerland | 19

The 76ers already used two picks, but could have five more. At the most, the 76ers would carry bring in three second round rookies, though I think two is more realistic. Draft-and-stashing Capela seems to be the best move to make here.
Nick Johnson

  33. *Cleveland | Nick Johnson | 6-3 | 200 | PG/SG | Arizona | 21

Cleveland took Rodney Hood earlier, so it'd be a good idea to look for another backup guard. Nick Johnson led the attack for one of the most potent collegiate teams this past year in Arizona. He has leadership qualities that can't be taught and should have a positive impact on and off the court on a team going through some rough times in regards to chemistry.
Jarnell Stokes

  34. *Dallas | Jarnell Stokes | 6-8 | 260 | PF | Tennessee | 20

Stokes had a great season for Tennessee, but his draft position could fluctuate a lot depending on his combine results, particularly his measurements. If he measures up to par then Dallas could use him as a backup behind Dirk.
Semaj Christon

  35. Utah | Semaj Christon | 6-3 | 190 | PG | Xavier | 21

Utah already grabbed Randle and Adams so far. There is still a lot of depth out there and adding a backup point in Christon would be a good value pick here. He was projected as a first rounder for pretty much the whole season, so grabbing him at #35 to be a backup PG would be a steal.
PJ Hairston

  36. *Milwaukee | PJ Hairston | 6-4 | 230 | SG | USA | 21

The Lakers need a complete overhaul. They can build around Smart, Kobe, and Pau for next season, and I think they'll make a strong play for Deng. If they can take Hairston who has lottery type potential at #36 I think they'd have to take him here to boost their scoring off the bench.
Vasilje Micic

  37. *Toronto | Vasilje Micic | 6-5 | 200 | PG | Serbia | 20

Sacramento decided to go with Vonleh earlier and by doing so, is hoping Thomas and McCallum can handle the PG duties. By taking Micic here, they have a Plan C of sorts. They can allow him to develop overseas and be brought over for 2015-16 if he is needed then.
Jusuf Nurkic

  38. Detroit | Jusuf Nurkic | 6-11 | 280 | C | Bosnia & Herzegovina | 19

Detroit has Smith, Monroe, and Drummond all likely to make the big bucks while in Detroit (assuming they can afford to keep them around). Drafting Nurkic and allowing him to develop overseas gives Detroit a contingency plan if they are unable to afford Monroe or Drummond down the road.
CJ Wilcox

  39. *Philadelphia | CJ Wilcox | 6-5 | 195 | SG | Washington | 23

Philadelphia has the athleticism and size department covered with MCW, Wiggins, Young, and Noel. Now they need to add more outside shooting to go along with McDermott and Wilcox can be that piece for them.
Johnny O'Bryant

  40. *Minnesota | Johnny O'Bryant | 6-9 | 256 | PF/C | LSU | 20

New Orleans could use another big body. They only need to look towards LSU to find one in their own backyard.
KJ McDaniels

  41. Denver | KJ McDaniels | 6-6 | 200 | SF | Clemson | 21

McDaniels flew under the radar at Clemson. He averaged 17ppg and 7rpg while only scoring under 10 three times (and one was because he played only 18 minutes in a blowout). With Carroll, Martin, and Jenkins as the main SFs in Atlanta right now, McDaniels would likely get an opportunity to come in and contribute.
Jabari Brown

  42. *Houston | Jabari Brown | 6-4 | 215 | SG | Missouri | 21

Brown can flat out score. He averaged 19.9 at Missouri this past season. He wouldn't have a huge role with James Harden starting ahead of him, but he could provide solid minutes off the bench when needed.
Cory Jefferson

  43. Atlanta | Cory Jefferson | 6-9 | 230 | PF | Baylor | 23

Jefferson has great athleticism and may have flown a little under the radar at Baylor. Minnesota could have a nice backup to Kevin Love right here.
Walter Tavares

  44. Minnesota | Walter Tavares | 7-3 | 260 | C | Spain | 22

Phoenix already used three first round picks are two forwards and a guard. They'll use this one to stash Walter Taveras who may see his draft stock rise as we get closer to the draft.
Melvin Ejim

  45. Charlotte | Melvin Ejim | 6-6 | 220 | SF/PF | Iowa St. | 23

Ejim had a good season at Iowa St this past year. He averaged 18.1ppg, 8.5 rpg, and 1.8 apg. With Chandler and Gallinari as the only SFs on the roster, Denver would be a good fit for Ejim.
LaQuinton Ross

  46. Washington | LaQuinton Ross | 6-7 | 220 | SF | Ohio State | 21

LaQuinton Ross has shown spurts of potential at Ohio State. He could develop into an offensive specialist to compliment the defensive specialist, MKG, who plays the same position.
Deonte Burton

  47. *Philadelphia | Deonte Burton | 6-1 | 190 | PG/SG | Nevada | 22

Besides Wall and Beal, the guard depth isn't anything to right home about in Washington. Deonte Burton would add to the depth for the Wizards.
Bogdan Bogdanovic

  48. *Milwaukee | Bogdan Bogdanovic | 6-6 | 205 | SG | Serbia | 21

In the event that Philadelphia uses all seven picks, I'd expect four of them to be draft and stashes. Bogdanovic is said to be crafty and a good scorer. Who knows what that means? Manu Ginobli potential or just another Euro name we won't remember in five years? Philadelphia can obviously afford to take the gamble on the stash.
Ondrej Balvin

  49. Chicago | Ondrej Balvin | 7-2 | 280 | C | Czech Republic | 21

The best move for Chicago here is to develop a big overseas. If Young and Harrell can contribute as rookies and Rose comes back healthy, they could be back near the top of the East again next year. Developing a 7'2 big from the Czech Republic sounds like a good idea to me.
Thanasis Antetokounmpo

  50. Phoenix | Thanasis Antetokounmpo | 6-7 | 215 | SG/SF | Greece | 21

Milwaukee already has one Greek freak. Thanasis may not ever reach his younger brother's level, but he can be a piece off the bench for a young and developing team, and if nothing else, it will help make the transition to American culture slightly easier for both brothers, although they have a year's experience under their belts.
Mouhammadou Jaiteh

  51. Dallas | Mouhammadou Jaiteh | 6-11 | 250 | C | France | 19

I remember last year, Jaiteh was projected late first or early second in a lot of drafts. Not exactly sure why he's dropped so much, but Philadelphia can afford the gamble again.
Jordan Bachynski

  52. *Philadelphia | Jordan Bachynski | 7-2 | 248 | C | Arizona St. | 24

Dallas added Stokes with their first second round and they'll round out their draft by adding a rim protector in Jordan Bachynski.
Russ Smith

  53. *Minnesota | Russ Smith | 6-0 | 165 | PG/SG | Louisville | 23

I've watched Russ Smith a fair amount and I think he has what it takes to come off the bench and put up points. The question will just be can he defend well enough to stay on the floor for extended periods of time.
Alessandro Gentile

  54. *Philadelphia | Alessandro Gentile | 6-7 | 230 | SG/SF | Italy | 21

Denver already added two prospects, so stashing one here is in their best interests in the long run.
Juvonte Reddic

  55. Miami | Juvonte Reddic | 6-9 | 250 | PF | VCU | 21

Wiggins, McDermott, Capela, Wilcox, Bogdanovic, Jaiteh, and now Reddic. Surely some of these seven prospects have to pan out considering they have 12% of the picks in the entire draft.
DeAndre Kane

  56. *Denver | DeAndre Kane | 6-4 | 200 | PG/SG | Iowa St. | 24

Indiana could use a backup ball handler and in the event Stephenson were to leave, Kane could play a combo guard role off the bench.
JaKarr Sampson

  57. Indiana | JaKarr Sampson | 6-7 | 215 | SF | St. Johns | 21

JaKarr attended St. Vincent - St. Mary's in Akron. If the Heat want to give LeBron a little taste of Ohio without letting him return to his old stomping grounds, maybe they'll bring in Sampson who won Big East ROTY in 2013.
Alec Brown

  58. LA Clippers | Alec Brown | 7-1 | 235 | PF | Wisconsin Green Bay | 21

As mentioned before, the Clippers need to add depth at the PF and C positions. Adding a seven footer with the third to last pick in the draft can't hurt, right?
Lamar Patterson

  59. *Toronto | Lamar Patterson | 6-5 | 225 | SG/SF | Pittsburgh | 22

The Raptors aren't getting much production off the bench from the SG position from Fields and de Colo. Here they get Lamar Patterson who put up 18-5-4 on 45% shooting from the field to hope to change that.
Sean Kilpatrick

  60. San Antonio | Sean Kilpatrick | 6-4 | 210 | SG | Cincinnati | 24

It's not everyday you find a player who put up 20.7ppg, 4.4 rpg, and 2.6 apg available with the last pick. But because Kilpatrick is already 24, his stock may be affected despite his consistent strong play.