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Alex Len

  1. Cleveland | Alex Len | 7-1 | 255 | C | Maryland | 24

Rumors say Cleveland may take Len first overall and I like the pick. He's 7'1 - 255 lbs and a true center who just turned 20 years old and averaged 12-8-2-1 in a guard-oriented offense at Maryland. If Len stayed out of foul trouble and had the offense run through him, he could have averaged around 15-10-3-1 or better, which is just as good or better than Noel. He's as good a bet as anyone with the top pick for Cleveland, as he'll provide good bench depth for now, and will eventually replace Varejao as the starter.
Nerlens Noel

  2. *Orlando | Nerlens Noel | 6-11 | 206 | PF/C | Kentucky | 24

Noel may be the hardest player to mock right now. There's potential he still goes top 3, but with other players rising, coupled with Noel currently lacking an offensive game, weighing in at only 206 (even Oladipo is heavier than that), the ACL injury, and not working out for any teams except the top 3, he may slip on draft night. But if he falls to #7 he'd be a great fit in Sacramento. The Kings already have plenty of players who love to score the ball. Noel can chip in points here and there, but his calling card is blocking shots, rebounding, and defending, all of which Sacramento needs. He could be the steal of the draft here and he compliments Cousins well.
Otto Porter

  3. Washington | Otto Porter | 6-9 | 200 | SF | Georgetown | 24

Washington will pick between Noel, Bennett, and Porter. Noel only met with the top three teams, so he could fall if he doesn't go here and later teams are already committed to other picks. Bennett would fit in well as he can play either forward position and could be a pick and pop or pick and roll guy for Wall. But Porter is as safe a bet as they come. He has a good idea of what his role will be in the NBA, and compared himself to Tayshaun Prince. Both Prince and Porter are glue guys who will do whatever it takes to win. You need a lockdown defensive stand? You need a rebound? Whatever you ask, the local G'Town kid will be able to give Washington as he has a good all around game.
Ben McLemore

  4. Charlotte | Ben McLemore | 6-5 | 190 | SG | Kansas | 25

When we think of Charlotte the face of their franchise is Michael Jordan. Normally that's good, except for the fact that the GOAT is not suiting up for the Bobcats. When you have the best SG to ever play the game and one of the best shooters to ever play the game as assistant coach in Mark Price, you might as well fill you're need for a scorer in McLemore. If MJ and Price can't bring out the best in McLemore, then no one will.
Victor Oladipo

  5. Phoenix | Victor Oladipo | 6-4 | 213 | SG/SF | Indiana | 26

Orlando will choose between Noel, McLemore, Oladipo, and maybe even Burke. Noel is a great defensive presence to pair with Vucevic, but his injury concerns may scare them off as a big isn't their top need. McLemore could fit and has the most star potential of the group, but his lack of offseason conditioning may turn Orlando off as it shows he may not have the desire to be great. So it comes down to Burke and Oladipo. A lot depends on if Orlando thinks they will trade Afflalo, but either way, Oladipo plays with a desire to be great and would be a good fit in the young Orlando system.
Trey Burke

  6. *New Orleans | Trey Burke | 6-1 | 190 | PG | Michigan | 25

Trey Burke could go as high as #2 to Orlando, but if not, he'll likely go in the 6-8 range. New Orleans has said they will look to add whichever player will help them most in the long term. I have a feeling that it's between Noel, Burke, and MCW. When all three are healthy, Noel may have the most upside, but since New Orleans didn't meet with Nerlens they may pass on him and choose to take the NCAA Player of the Year over Noel and MCW to lead this young New Orleans team for years to come.
Anthony Bennett

  7. *Sacramento | Anthony Bennett | 6-7 | 240 | SF/PF | UNLV | 25

I think Phoenix is primarily looking at Bennett and Oladipo right now, but Oladipo is off the board. Noel could also go here, but since he didn't even visit with Phoenix, the Suns would be taking a wilder shot than a Nick Young fadaway by picking Noel here as they don't have any information on Noel's knees. Even though Bennett has injury concerns of his own, I think Phoenix has fallen in love with him, as many scouts believe he has one of the highest ceilings in this draft. Phoenix would probably rather take the player they know more about, then the mystery player, Noel.
Michael Carter-Williams

  8. Detroit | Michael Carter-Williams | 6-6 | 185 | PG | Syracuse | 26

Detroit has a couple options in this draft, but I really like MCW going to them at #8. I believe they will go for a guard, because they need a playmaker from a guard position. MCW is the best playmaker in the draft and at 6'6 he'd be able to cover SGs while playing PG on offense. This way Knight can slide over to the SG spot on offense where he can develop into Detroit's outside threat, while MCW develops into Detroit's drive and dish threat.
Cody Zeller

  9. *Utah | Cody Zeller | 7-0 | 230 | PF/C | Indiana | 25

Zeller could go even higher. Everyone he works out for only has praise for what he's done this offseason. I keep hearing he has added range on his jumper, so he could play a stretch four or center at the next level. If he falls to #9, I would have to think Minnesota would take him, despite their glaring need for a SG. He was once the top prospect in this class, so taking him at #9 is worth it. Plus, there are a ton of SGs to take in the 26 range, while you can't guarantee that a top big will fall to 26. *Now Minnesota is linked to MarShon Brooks, so this is looking like an even more likely scenario.*
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

  10. *Portland | Kentavious Caldwell-Pope | 6-6 | 205 | SG | Georgia | 25

KCP has pretty good size for a SG, tested with some of the best speed at combine, and averaged 18.5 ppg, 7.1 rpg, and 1.8 apg on his way to winning the SEC Player of the Year award. Portland would gladly pair KCP's size, scoring, and especially defensive skills alongside Lillard. He has a great all around game, and just needs to focus on his shooting percentages and court awareness to take his game to the next level.
CJ McCollum

  11. *Philadelphia | CJ McCollum | 6-3 | 197 | PG/SG | Lehigh | 26

Philly got robbed in the Bynum trade and now need to rebuild, especially with a complimentary piece to Jrue and another low post scorer with Thad Young. With this pick, they could go with Adams, but he's more of a 2-3 year project. McCollum would be able to play right away, either as a starter alongside Jrue or as a 6th man to fill the scoring hole off the bench left behind with Lou Williams' departure.
Steven Adams

  12. *Oklahoma Cty | Steven Adams | 7-0 | 255 | C | Pittsburgh | 24

Steven Adams has said the team he wants to land on the most is OKC and I'm sure OKC would love to fulfill his request if he makes it this far. He could take a year or two to develop into a starter, but once he does, he'll be well worth the wait. Just imagine what Westbrook-Lamb-Durant-Ibaka-Adams would be able to do if they all live up to their potential. That's a long and athletic team that could compete for years. Westbrook and Durant are only 24, Ibaka is 23, Lamb is 21, and Adams is 19.
Sergey Karasev

  13. *Boston | Sergey Karasev | 6-7 | 197 | SG/SF | Russia | 24

Cleveland may try to move up in the draft to land Karasev. They may buy Dallas' pick at #13 or they could package 19 and the second rounders to move up. But they may have a chance to stay put and still land Karasev at 19.
Shabazz Muhammad

  14. *Minnesota | Shabazz Muhammad | 6-6 | 225 | SF | UCLA | 25

Utah has $17 million in guaranteed contracts for next season and could potentially lose all 5 starters. With Kanter and Favors looking to take over as PF/C, they need to add a perimeter player with this pick. Most believe they have to go for a PG, but with all their money, they're better off waiting to sign Calderon, Collison, Evans or any other free agent PG rather than trusting Larkin or Schroeder to start right away. From what I can tell, Tyrone Corbin is not scared off by the controversy surrounding Muhammad and the Jazz were impressed that he still attended his scheduled workout despite an ankle injury. His potential is that of a top 5 pick, and when he could potentially start right away for them, he's worth the last lottery pick. And I just realized, Bazz rhymes with Jazz so it's destined to happen now haha.
Shane Larkin

  15. Milwaukee | Shane Larkin | 5-11 | 171 | PG | Miami | 25

I'm not too high on Shane Larkin. Before the combine, he would've been lucky to sneak into the 20s, let alone the early 30s. Now he's a first round lock pretty much. He may have some bounce in his game, and with Jennings potentially gone and Ellis as good as gone, they need a guard who can contribute right away. Larkin fits the bill, but he's not an upgrade from what they had last season in my opinion. I think Tim Hardaway Jr. who they are also linked too or Jamaal Franklin may be a better picks here, but they may be considered a reach for 15.
Dennis Schroder

  16. *Atlanta | Dennis Schroder | 6-2 | 168 | PG | Germany | 24

Scouts have said Schroeder has struggled in workouts going up against more physical players. He worked out for the Mavericks, Jazz, Bucks, Celtics, and Rockets. Chances are if he's available at 16, the Celtics will take him as I don't see him lasting to Utah at 21 or Houston at 34. The Celtics are rumored to have given him a promise as well. He's worth the long term project in a weak draft.
Giannis Adetokoubo

  17. Atlanta | Giannis Adetokoubo | 6-10 | 205 | SF | Greece | 23

Mark Cuban said Dallas is not trying to trade this pick which everyone knows is BS. Rumors say Cleveland wants this pick to take Karasev, while New Orleans wants it to take Adetokoubo. I think Cleveland may hesitate to take on Marion's contract, especially when they may potentially add Paul Pierce. New Orleans needs a SF with Aminu likely out, so Marion can fill that whole for now, while Adetokoubo develops overseas. If Dallas were to keep this pick Giannis is a possibility, as I'd expect them to take an international player, but I think Schroeder or Nogueira would be safer picks for 13.
Lucas Nogueira

  18. *Dallas | Lucas Nogueira | 7-0 | 220 | PF/C | Brazil | 25

Atlanta said they will look to add international pieces through this draft, and Nogueira is the best international available in my opinion. He can come over right away if Atlanta needs him, or they can allow him to develop more overseas. He has a high ceiling for 17.
Mason Plumlee

  19. *Cleveland | Mason Plumlee | 6-11 | 238 | PF | Duke | 28

Plumlee slips a bit in the draft because of his age and lack of an offensive repertoire. Though his age does help as he is NBA ready and playoff teams such as Brooklyn would love to have a high energy player like Plumlee off the bench.
Gorgui Dieng

  20. Chicago | Gorgui Dieng | 6-11 | 230 | C | Louisville | 28

Usually Thibs makes his rookies learn from the bench and with the emergence of Jimmy Butler, any SG pick here wouldn't contribute much in 2013-14. I like Gorgui Dieng here as he fits Thibodeau's defensive system. He can score in a variety of ways as well, but more importantly, he knows his role in the system and doesn't need the ball to contribute to the game. Not to mention he should enter the league defensively ready with a developing offensive game and could get a fair amount of playing time behind Noah who he would be in line to replace in a few seasons.
Kelly Olynyk

  21. *Minnesota | Kelly Olynyk | 7-0 | 234 | C | Gonzaga | 27

I think Olynyk will slip on draft day. He's a great scorer, but he matched up in the WCC which is nothing like the NBA and Olynyk is not known for his defense or endurance. I think if he's still available Utah would pick him up though. Utah could let Jefferson and Millsap walk if they wanted, and then go with a big man rotation of Favors/Kanter/Olynyk. Olynyk can bring energy off the bench, but I don't see him as an NBA starter.
Rudy Gobert

  22. Brooklyn | Rudy Gobert | 7-2 | 238 | C | France | 25

I think you're more likely to win the Powerball than correctly predict Atlanta's picks, so I'll project two internationals to Atlanta just because I feel they'll take at least one and with back to back picks, I'm hoping I get at least one right. Gobert is 7'2 with a 7'9 wingspan, and is also an athletic freak of nature. His skills will need to be fine tuned as he is mainly just a big body who can dunk right now. He too could develop more overseas or come over now if needed depending on how free agency plays out.
Tim Hardaway Jr

  23. Indiana | Tim Hardaway Jr | 6-6 | 200 | SG | Michigan | 26

Indiana has a solid starting lineup, but need a guard to contribute off the bench. Enter Tim Hardaway Jr. He has good size for a SG and can definitely put the ball in the hoop. He'd only be asked to chip in off the bench (unless Granger gets traded), so he would not have much pressure put on him until later in the season come playoff time.
Tony Mitchell

  24. New York | Tony Mitchell | 6-9 | 236 | SF/PF | North Texas | 26

I'm a fan of New York going for a guard here and really think Kabongo would be a great fit, but I think they go for Tony Mitchell instead. Mitchell is one of the most athletic players and compares himself to Kenneth Faried. I don't know if he'll bring the intensity, but I can see the comparisons due to their builds and athleticism.
Allen Crabbe

  25. LA Clippers | Allen Crabbe | 6-6 | 197 | SG | California | 26

The Clippers have plenty of rumors swirling around their franchise right now, but I doubt any moves happen before draft night. So they'll add Allen Crabbe who would play the role of a shooter off the bench for the Clippers.
Reggie Bullock

  26. *Oklahoma Cty | Reggie Bullock | 6-7 | 200 | SG/SF | North Carolina | 27

Minnesota took Zeller at #9 so they will likely look to add a SG here. They have said they are looking for a tall SG who can hit the deep ball and Bullock fits the bill better than any other player in this draft.
Nate Wolters

  27. Denver | Nate Wolters | 6-5 | 196 | PG | South Dakota St. | 27

Denver doesn't have many needs, but also doesn't have a "star" player. Wolters won't change that, but he is a solid pick. He can play either guard position at the next level and should be able to make an impact behind Lawson and Fournier. People keep hyping MCW for being a 6'6 PG (he's really 6'5 and 3/4) which is pretty much Wolters size. Wolters is an older and a little bit bigger version of MCW with a better scoring ability, but not the passing game. Wolters is definitely underrated coming out of South Dakota St.
Erick Green

  28. San Antonio | Erick Green | 6-3 | 180 | PG/SG | Virginia Tech | 27

Portland needs guard depth and Erick Green is NBA ready and can play either guard position. Virgina Tech went 13-19, which is a slight hit to Green's stock as you want your draft picks to lead their teams to better records, but VT didn't have many complimentary pieces. I can see him as a good bench player, but don't see him worth late first or early second as others have him right now.
Jeff Withey

  29. *Phoenix | Jeff Withey | 7-0 | 222 | C | Kansas | 28

OKC was lucky enough to land Steven Adams with their lottery pick. Now they're lucky again to see Jeff Withey fall to 29. He's not a sexy pick, but he's ready to contribute right away, while Adams will likely need to develop more. If Withey falls to them with their second 1st rounder, I think they have to take him, as the draft's center depth falls off a bit after this.
Ricardo Ledo

  30. *Golden St. | Ricardo Ledo | 6-6 | 197 | SG | Providence | 25

Teams may hesitate to give a guaranteed contract to a player they've only seen in high school, college practices, and pre-draft workouts. But Ryan McDonough, the Suns GM, has said that Ledo is a gifted scorer, and is offensively ready for the NBA. I'd have to agree with his assessment, and I think Ledo could be the steal of the draft. He'll have to develop more before he can compete as he'll have to adjust to the physicality of the NBA, but in time, he'll be worth the pick.
Jamaal Franklin

  31. *Cleveland | Jamaal Franklin | 6-5 | 191 | SG/SF | San Diego St. | 26

Jamaal Franklin can do a bit of a everything on the court, but could stand to improve his shot. I think he's been undervalued on this site, and he could go as high as a mid teens pick. I think San Antonio would be a great fit if he falls to 28. Manu may retire, and if he does come back, I think he should come back as a backup combo guard, since he only plays 23 MPG anyway. Green and Neal stepped up in the playoffs, but they aren't starter caliber, but good bench options in my eyes. Franklin could potentially start as he can do a bit of everything on the court, is NBA ready at 22, and has an impressive 6'11.5 wingspan. Plus he's good friends with fellow Aztec alum Kawhi Leonard.
Archie Goodwin

  32. *Oklahoma Cty | Archie Goodwin | 6-5 | 189 | SG | Kentucky | 23

Archie Goodwin has too much potential to fall any further. OKC snatches him up to pair with Lamb and Sefolosha as their SGs. They could let Martin walk and amnesty Perkins, which would cut $20 million from last years payroll. I don't know if the cap space would work, but they may be able to make a run at Pekovic or another center with Withey and Adams already on board as well.
Isaiah Canaan

  33. Cleveland | Isaiah Canaan | 6-0 | 190 | PG | Murray St. | 27

Canaan was considered a late first rounder in last year's draft. Now he's slipping into the second round. The 76ers would love to pick him up as he is NBA ready and would be a good backup PG, but he is undersized at a generous 6'0.
Glen Rice Jr.

  34. *Houston | Glen Rice Jr. | 6-6 | 211 | SG | USA | 27

If Glen Rice Jr. slips this far, Houston will take him. He already plays for their affiliate team, the Rio Grande Valley Vipers. If anyone should be interested in him, it's the Rockets. I think he may go in the first on draft night, but at this point, I'm making educated guesses more than anything else.
Mike Muscala

  35. *Philadelphia | Mike Muscala | 6-11 | 230 | PF/C | Bucknell | 26

Muscala put up 18.7ppg, 11.1rpg, 2.4bpg, and 2.3 apg this past season. He did play in the Patriot League which isn't that strong, but CJ McCollum played in it too and he's a green room invite. Muscala fits a need and the 76ers take local players a lot so if he's around at 35, I think they should take him right away and not wait to see if he's around at 42.
Tony Snell

  36. Sacramento | Tony Snell | 6-7 | 198 | SG/SF | New Mexico | 26

Snell has been getting a lot of love on this site lately. I like his game, but don't know if NBA front offices are giving him the same recognition as the internet. He's athletic, shoots well, and can play either SG or SF. Cleveland would gladly pick him up at 31 to come off the bench as a good catch and shoot option which may be his calling card as an NBA player.
Ray McCallum

  37. Detroit | Ray McCallum | 6-1 | 190 | PG | Detroit | 26

McCallum could have been projected a lot higher had he gone to a bigger program, but he chose to go to Detroit. He'll likely be a second round pick and at 22 teams will be looking for him to contribute right away. If he does fall this far, it could be a blessing in disguise as Utah did not take a PG yet in the draft so he could have a chance to showcase his abilities in Utah early on in his career.
James Southerland

  38. *Milwaukee | James Southerland | 6-8 | 221 | SF/PF | Syracuse | 28

Washington did just take Otto Porter, but they could use an outside perimeter presence off the bench in a player like Southerland. Just look at his game @Arkansas where he made 9-13 three pointers or his entire Big East Tournament where he shot 19-33 from deep. If you want to spread the floor for Wall and Beal, Southerland is your guy.
Lorenzo Brown

  39. *Portland | Lorenzo Brown | 6-5 | 189 | PG/SG | NC State | 27

***This is where it gets tricky. 9 out of my next 20 projected picks are PGs or combo guards that could go in any order.*** Brown's only been a fulltime PG for the last two seasons, so he'll look to build on last year's 7.2 apg season at NC State while backing up Kyrie Irving. There may be higher rated PG prospects to pick from, but when Kyrie and Dion are both ball dominant guards, it's nice to have a pass first option in the rotation.
CJ Leslie

  40. Portland | CJ Leslie | 6-9 | 209 | SF/PF | NC State | 26

Some are saying Leslie may have a first round promise and it would make sense since he averaged 15-7-1.5 last year and had great games against Michigan, Duke, Miami, and UNC. But he needs to add more weight, improve his court awareness, and establish his position early on in his career or else he'll be another failed combo forward. For now, he'll have time to develop getting minutes at both forward spots for Detroit. If he wants to become a starter, he'll have to improve his range, or else he'd likely just be a backup PF while in Detroit.
DeShaun Thomas

  41. *Memphis | DeShaun Thomas | 6-6 | 220 | SF/PF | Ohio State | 26

Sacramento's new assistant coach, Chris Jent is coming in from Ohio State last season. He may be able to persuade the front office to pick up his former player. Plus, Sacramento should be targeting forwards in this draft in my opinion, especially if their making a run at Ellis this offseason. Adding Thomas and Noel is as good a draft as they can ask for.
James Ennis

  42. *New Orleans | James Ennis | 6-7 | 200 | SG/SF | Long Beach State | 27

Ennis could rise even higher by draft day. If he's available at 43 he'd be a great pick up for Milwaukee. If he pans out he'd be a great player to have since Monta Ellis as good as gone.
Colton Iverson

  43. *Dallas | Colton Iverson | 7-0 | 263 | PF/C | Colorado St. | 28

Portland already picked KCP, Erick Green, and a draft-and-stash in LJC so now they look for a big. Colton Iverson has been rising as of late and should be able to contribute as a rebounder off the bench.
Livio Jean-Charles

  44. *Atlanta | Livio Jean-Charles | 6-9 | 217 | SF/PF | France | 24

Portland isn't going to draft four rookies to play next season. They pickup LJC to draft and stash.
Pierre Jackson

  45. *Portland | Pierre Jackson | 5-10 | 176 | PG | Baylor | 26

Jackson was rising, but he recently suffered a left knee injury, and he is only 5'10. If a team is gutsy, he could go higher. If teams play it conservative, he could slip due to the injury and size. But Dallas could take him as a local product, or a team like Toronto who doesn't have a pick, could trade into this slot which Dallas may try to trade, and add a PG.
Myck Kabongo

  46. Utah | Myck Kabongo | 6-2 | 180 | PG | Texas | 26

I think Myck Kabongo is a first round talent that will likely fall to the second round due to potential character issues and his shooting abilities. But his speed and ability to run an offense are there. As a backup PG, he's a great value at #41.
Alex Abrines

  47. *Denver | Alex Abrines | 6-6 | 190 | SG | Spain | 24

They picked up Dieng earlier, and don't have many glaring needs so they draft and stash Abrines who is a great shooter from deep. When Deng begins to reach the twilight of his career (or gets traded), Abrines should be ready to come over and Butler could slide over to SF.
Brandon Triche

  48. LA Lakers | Brandon Triche | 6-2 | 210 | PG/SG | Syracuse | 27

Washington had Garrett Temple and AJ Price as their backup guards last year. Brandon Triche can play either guard position with his size and provide depth off the bench. When you're the winningest player from a powerhouse school like Syracuse, I think you deserve to at the very least get picked up in the second round.
Nemanja Nedovic

  49. Chicago | Nemanja Nedovic | 6-3 | 190 | PG/SG | Serbia | 26

Indiana is looking for that spark off the bench and Nedovic has the potential. He has great athleticism, has good handles to play the point, and has range on his shot to play the two. He'll need to become more consistent with his shot, but once he does, he could be one of the steals from the international pool.
Andre Roberson

  50. *Miami | Andre Roberson | 6-7 | 206 | SF/PF | Colorado | 26

Roberson put up a bunch of double doubles at Colorado, but I wouldn't expect him to be a prolific scorer in the NBA. More of a lockdown defender / rebounder type at the next level. He's a good player to have on the bench to do the dirty work. Atlanta's rebuilding so Roberson is a good pick up at #47. He's a solid role player.
Sherwood Brown

  51. *Orlando | Sherwood Brown | 6-4 | 200 | SG | Florida Gulf Coast | 26

Most mock drafts I have seen don't have Sherwood Brown getting picked, but he played his heart out all season and was the leader of the FGCU tourney run. Orlando could take the in-state kid in the late second round and hope he brings some of that tourney "magic" with him. If you want heart on your team, Oladipo and Brown will definitely provide it.
Trevor Mbakwe

  52. *Minnesota | Trevor Mbakwe | 6-8 | 236 | PF/C | Minnesota | 29

Mbakwe is as good as he'll ever get at this point in his career. He probably won't ever be a starter, but he is still pretty athletic despite the injuries and could provide a spark off the bench for 10-15 mpg each night in Minnesota.
Peyton Siva

  53. Indiana | Peyton Siva | 6-1 | 181 | PG | Louisville | 27

This is the Lakers only pick and with Dwight likely leaving, Kobe hurt, and Pau, Nash, and Metta all aging, I doubt this pick will be a franchise-altering pick. Siva isn't starter caliber, but he's a great defender and a proven winner. He'd be a great piece to have in the locker room and off the bench.
Bojan Dubljevic

  54. *Philadelphia | Bojan Dubljevic | 6-9 | 235 | PF/C | Montenegro | 26

Detroit said they will go for an international player, and I doubt they go international at #8 unless they reach for Gobert, Nogueria, or Schroeder. They could go international at 37, but most international players they could get at 37, they could also get at 56. So they add Bojan Dubjevic at 56, who projects as a good low post scorer off the bench behind Drummond/Monroe.
Marko Todorovic

  55. Memphis | Marko Todorovic | 6-11 | 240 | PF/C | Montenegro | 26

Joffrey Lauvergne

  56. *Detroit | Joffrey Lauvergne | 6-11 | 240 | PF/C | France | 26

1/6/13 49. Phoenix 1/13/13 48. Denver (via Portland) 1/20/13 48. (via Boston)
Grant Jerrett

  57. *Phoenix | Grant Jerrett | 6-10 | 232 | PF | Arizona | 24

Augusto Lima

  58. San Antonio | Augusto Lima | 6-10 | 234 | PF | Brazil | 26

Augusto Lima is the top international prospect left on my board so Memphis will draft and stash their third pick in the second round.
Oleksandr Lypovyy

  59. *Minnesota | Oleksandr Lypovyy | 6-8 | 200 | SF | Ukraine | 26

Minnesota has interest in Lypovyy from what I can tell and I think they would consider him here. He has been getting more hype lately so he could go higher.
DJ Stephens

  60. *Memphis | DJ Stephens | 6-5 | 188 | SG/SF | Memphis | 27