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Andrew Wiggins

  1. Cleveland | Andrew Wiggins | 6-8 | 200 | SF | Kansas | 23

Andrew Wiggins has some natural talent that this league has not seen from any prospect since LeBron. May have had more than a few holes that needed to be filled in at Kansas but still had a spectacular career his one year in college. Can't go wrong with his scary athleticism at the NBA level and still showed great signs of being an elite scorer at the next level with his 17 ppg at Kansas with his 17 ppg. Sure he may have not been as great as most expected, but was definitely good enough to make him the #1 pick in the supposedly best draft class since 2003. As athleticism always benefits players at the NBA level way more than it does in the NCAA, it will definitely be an advantage for Wiggins. Has a decent outside shot, definitely could use lots of improvement but if Wiggins could improve his outside shooting ability in the same way LeBron did throughout the years, Cleveland will have a weapon that can only be found nearly a few times a decade. This pick also makes more since for the Cavaliers since Wiggins has more to offer on defense than Parker, also need to persuade Kyrie Irving to stay in Cleveland once his contract expires and either Wiggins or Parker will definitely have what it takes to give Kyrie a new sidekick, assuming LeBron does not return to Cleveland. As a Canadian will be the first player to shake the commissioner's hand putting on a Cleveland Cavaliers hat for the second consecutive year, Cleveland will then have a young and talented starting lineup with Irving, Waiters, Wiggins, Thompson and Varejao.
Jabari Parker

  2. Milwaukee | Jabari Parker | 6-9 | 240 | SF/PF | Duke | 23

It's obvious this is quite a special draft class when even a player as good as Jabari isn't projected to go #1 overall. Jabari is believed to be the safest pick in this draft as he proved to be quite something special offensively at Duke. Practically a clone of Carmelo Anthony without of the attitude and selfishness as he is extremely hard to guard one he goes into triple threat position and score from just about any range. Parker's defense is doubtful to hurt his stock but may question who goes first as he had to get pulled out due to his lack of defense in Duke's embarrassing first round exit against Mercer. As Parker would be landing with the team that had the worst record in the NBA this last season, he would be joining several other young talents such as Giannis Antetokounmpo at the other wing position, Brandon Knight, John Henson and Larry Sanders. The Bucks will be adding their biggest franchise changer since Ray Allen by taking Parker at #2.
Dante Exum

  3. *Philadelphia | Dante Exum | 6-6 | 196 | PG/SG | Australia | 22

Dante Exum is one of those guys who just really knows how to play basketball. Has the ability to attack the basket on offense like no other prospect in this draft. Not a tweener but could play either guard position in the NBA depending on if he ends up on a team with a franchise PG or not. Had outstanding performances in the 2013 Nike Hoop Summit and the 2013 FIBA U19 World Championships. Exum is obviously in a unique situation as he decided to not play college hoops in the states to help develop his game and enter the NBA Draft. Not counting Exum's time playing for Australia's National Teams, Exum's highest level of competition was high school basketball in Austrailia which is obviously nowhere near the talent as most prospects playing against other NCAA players. Exum going to make one of the biggest jumps of competition since the NBA prohibited the high school to pros rule. As confidence could potentially be an issue making the big adjustment from Australian high schoolers to NBA players, it should definitely not effect how good Exum can be as an NBA player as Exum has already played great against the same level of talent as NCAA players from his spectacular performances in international competition. Keep in mind that the Sixers also have the #10 pick and are full of salary cap. Could potentially throw giant contracts at unrestricted free agents such as Lance Stephenson or Gordon Hayward and then Philly could have a lineup set with Noel, Thad Young, Their 10th Pick/FA, Exum and MCW. The Sixers' plan to troll by trading Jrue Holiday for the injured Nerlens Noel and the 10th pick of this draft is looking to become more of a wise decision relying on patience.
Joel Embiid

  4. Orlando | Joel Embiid | 7-0 | 250 | C | Kansas | 24

As Embiid had already been questioned about due to back issues that he had been dealing with since high school, he then broke his foot last which, potentially sidelining him until Christmas. As teams are now worried about dealing with the Blazers did after drafting Oden over Durant, this is beginning to look like Nerlens Noel from last year all over again. Despite the health issues, Joel Embiid has some almost never seen before talent from a player who has only been playing basketball for a couple of years. Ever since Embiid came to the states from Africa, he has only been making an even bigger name for himself. A promised talent on defense and even has a great skill set in the post with his ability to post up against his defenders. True Centers are extremely hard to find these days, this could potentially be worth the gamble taking a true Center with an offensive skillset and a force on defense. Once Embiid fully recovers from his foot injury, Orlando could then play Embiid and Vucevic together in the post and then hopefully use their #12 pick on a PG with Jameer Nelson only getting older. Hoping Embiid doesn't suffer from back injuries too frequently once his foot heals, Embiid could easily be considered the best player from this class five years from now.
Noah Vonleh

  5. Utah | Noah Vonleh | 6-9 | 247 | PF | Indiana | 22

As Vonleh is still a very raw prospect, both of his measurements along with his athleticism at the combine really helped out his stock. Being measured to be 6'9 w/o shoes and to have a 7'4 wingspan immediately attracts NBA teams plus he had a 37 inch max vertical. Fights aggressively for rebounds in the post on both offense and defense but plays a little soft in the post offensively and could possibly question how good he can actually be against the best bigmen in the world. Keep in mind that Noah Vonleh is only 18 years old right now and doesn't turn 19 until shortly before training camp.
Aaron Gordon

  6. *Boston | Aaron Gordon | 6-9 | 220 | PF | Arizona | 22

Aaron Gordon is quite a gamble to use a Top 10 draft pick on. Quite a unique prospect as he has Blake Griffin like athleticism in the post, rebounds and defends very well for an undersized defender (a la Kenneth Faried), quite a good ball handler, has improved his jumpshot but struggles with free throws in a painful way and is believed to be a tweener. Did end up playing some SF playing alongside Brandon Ashley and did alright but is better off as a PF even at the NBA level. Those Blake Griffin comparisons were very unfair unless one compares their athleticism and not their games as Gordon weighs forty pounds lighter and is nearly three inches shorter. Aaron Gordon is the youngest player in this draft as he is still 18 years old and does not turn 19 until September. If Gordon could at least be as good as a Kenneth Faried, then he is definitely worthy of a late tens to late lotto pick even in a great draft class.
Marcus Smart

  7. LA Lakers | Marcus Smart | 6-3 | 227 | PG | Oklahoma State | 24

Marcus Smart was very patient by passing on the 2013 Draft, where he likely would have gone in the Top 3. Smart obviously understood that he would be drafted lower getting less salary on his rookie contract, but chose patience for development over money. Especially growing up in poverty, Smart made quite a sacrifice that also could have impressed teams with his personality showing how patient he is. Had a good reputation for himself both on and off of the court until the incident in February where he shoved a fan at Texas Tech. As Smart was very apologetic, that incident is obviously not going to hurt his stock as bad as if it had happened at a time sooner towards the draft. Nothing can take away Smart's on ball defense, especially while running a full court press, could even be guarding players much taller than him. Plays like a slasher who can also get contribute and get his teammates involved and will definitely be a force both offensively and defensively at the NBA level.
Julius Randle

  8. Sacramento | Julius Randle | 6-9 | 250 | PF | Kentucky | 23

Julius Randle at #8?? Hopefully this can compare to Harrison Barnes falling all the way to #7 all over again after how high expectations were. As great of a player Randle was at Kentucky leading his Wildcats to the Championship round, he failed to reach expectations, partly because of how great of a draft class this is expected to be. Randle has LeBron-like aggressiveness the way he can isolate and attack the basket. College teams would be forced to run a 2-3 zone to stop Julius Randle. However, 2-3 zones can not be ran the same way they are at the collegiate level as the NBA has the Defensive 3 Seconds in the Key rule. Has a very good shot of being a better player than Noah Vonleh but Vonleh is looking more like the favorite as of right now after his beyond impressive results at the combine. Randle's short arms and lack of elite defense are what keeps him out of the conversation as Wiggins, Embiid and Parker where he was prior to the beginning of the season. As a Sacramento Kings fan myself, this would be the ultimate move adding a PF to complete the Starting 5 with Cousins, Randle, Gay, McLemore and Thomas. With Rudy Gay, the experienced leader the team has been needing for a while, Isaiah proving he can start at the NBA level after averaging over 20 ppg. Ben McLemore did play inconsistent and had a disappointing rookie year as far as expectations, still had a lot of good games and has shown promises of potential. Most of all, Randle would then be pairing up with Demarcus Cousins in the post, arguably the biggest snub of last year's All-Star game. Randle going to Sacramento would be beyond exciting to see happen as a Kings fan myself.
James Young

  9. *Charlotte | James Young | 6-6 | 215 | SG | Kentucky | 22

Four 18-year olds in the Top 10? Must be the most since the NBA got rid of the high school to pros age limit. James Young is arguably the most underrated prospect in this draft as he can do just about anything an NBA SG needs to do. Even though Young took the most shots out of all players on Kentucky, he still had to share the ball with the whole pack of other McDonalds All-Americans at Kentucky opposed to if he had chose another program where he would have been the do all type of player. James Young has a very good outside shot, has a great motor with the way he attacks the basket and can create his own shot when he has to. Can't forget about his crazy athleticism which is not his main priority to use but will use when he has to like his monster throwdown in the championship game. A pretty decent defender as well, does need improvement but will definitely happen as time goes by. Even has great size for the pros as he was measured to nearly be 6'7 and had a 7 foot wingspan. If Charlotte is smart enough to take James Young at 9 and is still available, Young will be an upgrade over Gerald Henderson and would have a solid young starting five with Walker, Young, Kidd-Gilchrist, Zeller, Jefferson.
Doug McDermott

  10. *Orlando | Doug McDermott | 6-7 | 220 | SF | Creighton | 26

Dougie McBuckets had a legendary collegiate career making him the 5th all-time leading scorer in NCAA Division 1 history. McDermott's lack of athleticism is what makes him not expected to really make him as productive the way he was as a collegiate player. As he is widely known for his outside shot, he can even play inside and back down his defenders. McDermott should be a great role player and sixth man perhaps potentially a starter. If McDermott could be a consistent shooter in the pros and do what he needs to do by setting screens for point guards and posting up in the paint while getting the ball fed to him, McDermott could be Kyle Korver with an inside game perhaps something quite better. Assuming Wiggins and Parker go 1 and 2, Philly would then have a very young and talented starting lineup with Carter-Williams, Exum, McDermott, Young, Noel along with a big named free agent they could potentially sign.
Rodney Hood

  11. *Chicago | Rodney Hood | 6-8 | 208 | SF | Duke | 25

Rodney Hood's patience from sitting out an entire year by transferring to Duke from Mississippi State really helped him develop as a player a lot. Not only was Hood playing on a better team than Mississippi State at Duke but improved in several ways mainly his slashing ability. Also has great size for the SF position standing at 6'8. If this RS Sophomore somehow does not get picked in the lottery, than this will definitely be one of the strongest drafts of all time for a fact.
Elfrid Payton

  12. *Philadelphia | Elfrid Payton | 6-4 | 185 | PG | Louisiana Lafayette | 24

Payton the most unheard about prospect in the draft never really had a reputation for himself until last summer when he made Team USA's U19 squad and did pretty well in the tournament. There have been a handful of small conference PG's drafted pretty high in recent years such as Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum and is Payton next to add onto the list? An outstanding defender, averaged nearly 20-5-5 and has great athleticism. As he is a junior, Payton is only the age of a sophomore as he graduated high school at 17 and didn't even turn 18 until the end of his freshmen season. With Jameer Nelson only getting older, Orlando could then find a way to deal him to another team making Payton their new PG only adding another new addition to their rebuilding franchise and would be a great backcourt addition joining Victor Oladipo.
Nik Stauskas

  13. *Minnesota | Nik Stauskas | 6-6 | 207 | SG | Michigan | 24

Stauskas is believed by many to be the best overall shooter in this draft class. Had a breakout career at Michigan after not being very highly recruited as a high school prospect. Not only can Stauskas shoot the ball very well, he is a great slasher and attacks the basket when needed and has great size for an NBA SG as well. Whatever team adds Stauskas will definitely improve their team's outside range no matter how good or bad it may have already been.
Zach LaVine

  14. *Phoenix | Zach LaVine | 6-6 | 180 | PG/SG | UCLA | 23

By far the rawest prospect in this draft. Only started one game at UCLA and came out after only averaging 20 minutes and 9 ppg. Played pretty inconsistent and could have been more productive for a team that did not have a true starting PG in their starting lineup, LaVine was still decent but only has the possibility of being drafted this high over other young talents who were much better than him are because signs of potential and his jaw dropping Russell Westbrook like athleticism. Now these days, being a freshmen helps a player's stock and LaVine's rare athleticism is definitely not seen in every draft class. Also has great size and a pretty decent jumpshot. As LaVine is also in the most unique situation out of all prospects in this class, he is the next big boom or bust guy whether he could get all rookie honors after not starting in college (a la Dion Waiters) or spend a portion of his rookie year in the D-League.
Gary Harris

  15. *Atlanta | Gary Harris | 6-4 | 205 | SG | Michigan St. | 23

Gary Harris was probably the best player on the team that would have been the best team in the country (Started off at #1) but got hit with several injuries that screwed up Michigan State's season. Just tall enough to be an average sized NBA SG standing at 6'4. Harris' game resembles to OJ Mayo a lot without the issues Mayo has. With Philly using their second lottery pick in this loaded class on Gary Harris, their patience by getting rid of Jrue Holiday and trolling would then award them with a young and talented lineup of Noel, Young, Parker, Harris and MCW, very good for a franchise that only began their rebuilding process only one year ago.
Kyle Anderson

  16. *Denver | Kyle Anderson | 6-9 | 230 | SF | UCLA | 24

Kyle Anderson is unique player as he is long, handles the ball very well for a 6'9 player, struggles with his outside jumper, lacks of elite athleticism, rebounds well and can attack the basket nonexplosively. After Larry Drew graduated, Anderson took over the point guard position for the UCLA Bruins and did well for a SF being forced to run the point. Many believe that Anderson can handle the PG spot at the NBA but he would get tortured averaging more turnovers than assists if he were to ever be a true PG against NBA PG's. Anderson has a very rare type of talent but is pretty questionable whether he can excel in the NBA or not.
Dario Saric

  17. *Boston | Dario Saric | 6-10 | 225 | SF/PF | Croatia | 24

After signing a two year contract with a club in Turkey, Saric's is likely to drop as he will officially become a stash pick for at least two years at the shortest. Saric aka Walter White Jr has been one of the most highly touted European prospects for quite a while now at only the age of 20. Led his team to a league title at a young age and was named the Finals MVP as well. Saric is the type of player who is actually good at just about everything. Saric could be used as a forward who could bring the ball up the court, has a great outside shot, can rebound and play defense along with the fact that he is 6'10. The only actual concern of his stock would be his lack of elite athleticism. Since Saric has been playing against older players in Europe and even with and against ex NBA players is a huge advantage compared to most players who have only played against other collegiate players at the highest.
Shabazz Napier

  18. *Phoenix | Shabazz Napier | 6-0 | 175 | PG | UConn | 26

Being 23 years old seems to actually hurt a player's stock these days despite what they might have already proven. This two time National Champion had a breakout senior season where he then this time led his team to the championship. Now being compared to the man who started over him as a freshmen (Kemba Walker), Napier could be the next senior ready to make an impact with his great amount of development throughout his four years at UConn.
Adreian Payne

  19. *Denver | Adreian Payne | 6-10 | 240 | PF | Michigan St. | 27

If the Chicago Bulls add Payne with one of their two Mid-First Rounders, they would instantly have two very valuable pieces to their rotation of their squad being built around Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah. Payne obviously has the talent to be drafted higher than 19 but players being 23 years of age really seem to question a player's stock these days. Last year, Mason Plumlee and Gorgui Dieng fell to the early 20's due to their age despite what they had proven in college. 23 may not be a young age for a rookie these days but still a young age as far as long of a career they could still have. If Payne could do his role as expected, he could very well have a longer than 10 year career in the NBA so he is definitely worthy of a Mid-1st rounder. The Bulls have been needing an upgrade as a backup Center for Joakim Noah over Nazr Mohammed for a while and Payne would perfectly fit Thibs' system playing behind Noah and Gibson (Assuming Boozer leaves).
Tyler Ennis

  20. Toronto | Tyler Ennis | 6-2 | 180 | PG | Syracuse | 23

Tyler Ennis made an immediate impact for the Syracuse Orange playing for Jim Boeheim, a coach who rarely starts or gives freshmen playing time. Ennis originally chose Syracuse to play behind Michael Carter-Williams and learn from him, not knowing MCW would ultimately leave for the pros. Ennis' impact made him arguably the best PG from this year's freshmen class as he even ended up being better than Andrew Harrison, ranked much higher than him coming into college.
Jusuf Nurkic

  21. *Oklahoma Cty | Jusuf Nurkic | 6-11 | 280 | C | Bosnia & Herzegovina | 23

Best known as a back to the basket type of player who backs down his defenders well and has great size. Despite his aggressiveness, he lacks of elite athleticism. Nurkic has a wide range of where he could potentially land of draft night between the Mid 1st to Early 2nd. Unknown if he wants to come to the NBA immediately or stay overseas and develop his game more but still could develop his game more either way by staying overseas or spending time in the D-League.
Cleanthony Early

  22. Memphis | Cleanthony Early | 6-7 | 210 | SF/PF | Wichita State | 27

Cleanthony Early was John Doe as a high school prospect. So he started off his career playing at the JC level before landing at the Mid-Major powerhouse Wichita State. Ended up being a very great D1 player as he led his team to the Final Four as a junior and led them to go undefeated in the regular season this year. Cleanthony Early would be the third 23 year old taken in this 1st round. As age could only effect a player's stock so much, no way Early could slip out the 1st round with all of his talent from his athleticism to his excellent scoring ability. A poor man's Jabari Parker would be the great way to describe Early as a prospect in this draft. Memphis just might be the best landing spot Cleanthony Early as possible. Tayshaun Prince is really beginning to age early, if Memphis could amnesty Prince's contract, Cleanthony Early could possibly be the immediate starting SF for Memphis. If I were to select one player drafted in the 20's to get at least 2nd team all rookie honors in this beyond loaded draft class, it would be Cleanthony Early, especially if he lands in Memphis.
TJ Warren

  23. *Utah | TJ Warren | 6-8 | 220 | SF | NC State | 24

TJ Warren had a breakout sophomore year at NC State where he surprisingly won the ACC MVP Award over Jabari Parker. Warren's 25 ppg made him deserving of the award although he played on a team with a lot less talent than Parker's Duke. Warren will obviously not start off as the main go to option but could have a productive rookie season if he can contribute attacking the basket. As his defense and outside shot still need a lot of improvement, Warren could still be a very solid player at the next level.
Jordan Clarkson

  24. *Miami | Jordan Clarkson | 6-4 | 186 | PG/SG | Missouri | 25

If the NBA was not so loaded with the number of great PG's these days, then Clarkson would be projected to go a lot higher in this draft. Started off his collegiate career at Tulsa then transferred to Missouri to help his exposure level and his stock as an NBA prospect. Had a great first half of the season with the Tigers. Struggling with family issues, Clarkson had a lot to worry about other than basketball as it was believed to possibly be part of how his stats continued to drop the 2nd half of the year although they were still good. Clarkson has a pretty good IQ and great court vision too. Great size for a PG as well and still averaged 17 ppg for Mizzou. Only because the PG is by far the most loaded spot in the NBA at this time, Clarkson will likely at least spend a little bit of time in the D-League this season, especially if he lands on a playoff contender team which could very well happen.
PJ Hairston

  25. Houston | PJ Hairston | 6-5 | 228 | SG | USA | 25

PJ Hairston obviously has the talent to be drafted higher than 20's range, but his legal troubles off the court which costed him his collegiate career are what really question his stock. After getting kicked off of UNC's team, Hairston made the decision to go pro and play in the D-League. His immediate impact in a league much more competitive than the ACC, Big Ten or SEC proved that he has what it takes to make it in the league and be drafted in the 1st round. If Hairston can prove that he has matured and have a positive attitude, maybe he could then get back on track with his career.
Jarnell Stokes

  26. Charlotte | Jarnell Stokes | 6-8 | 260 | PF | Tennessee | 24

Stokes is the second youngest junior in this draft as he had the option to either sit out his senior year due to violating transfer rules or to graduate early and enroll into college early halfway into the season. So Stokes made an immediate impact in arguably the most competitive conference in D1 Basketball as a supposed to be high school player. Stokes also had a successful international career winning two gold medals for Team USA along with fellow draftees Marcus Smart, Aaron Gordon and Elfrid Payton. The disadvantages for Stokes as a prospect would definitely be the fact that he is slightly undersized for a PF and his lack of elite athleticism. Stokes likely will land somewhere between the 25-40 range.
Jordan Adams

  27. *Phoenix | Jordan Adams | 6-5 | 209 | SG | UCLA | 23

Jordan Adams really ended up being the surprise of UCLA's Big 2012 Recruiting Class as he even outplayed Shabazz Muhammad a number of times their freshmen season. Not only is Adams a go to shooter but he is an underrated finisher around the basket. Also plays really scrappy defense, Adams is the type of player who could make one's team so much better by doing little things. Athleticism seems to be the biggest concern of Adams' game as he made several field goals during his two years at UCLA, zero of them being dunks. Also overweight and slow for his size although has lost weight since the Bruins' exit of the NCAA tournament. Assuming the Big 3 all stay in Miami, Adams would be a great rotation player as a shadow of LeBron and D-Wade. With Ray Allen only getting older and already one of the oldest players in the NBA, it remains questionable if he will last another year. As the Heat have tried many options as go to targets for The Big 3, Adams would be a great fit who could do even more than only shoot off the bench.
Jerami Grant

  28. LA Clippers | Jerami Grant | 6-8 | 214 | SF | Syracuse | 24

A lot of sons of former NBA players in this draft. Harvey Grant's younger son Jerami only started a 1/4th of his collegiate career at Syracuse. Extremely raw as a prospect and still had two years of eligibility remaining but decided to test waters after believing his rare athleticism could bail him out being ready for the big leagues. This very long, athletic and raw prospect is a SF who could potentially play some PF in the NBA depending on his team's situation. Whether Grant can be a productive player off the bench as a rookie or be spending a portion of his rookie season in the D-League, this 20 year old has plenty of time to develop and does not need to make an immediate impact to have a solid career in the pros.
KJ McDaniels

  29. Oklahoma Cty | KJ McDaniels | 6-6 | 196 | SF | Clemson | 25

After being lightly recruited as a high school prospect, McDaniels ended up being a program changer for Clemson. Best known for his athleticism, McDaniels averaged nearly 3 blocks per game as a SF and 17 ppg game as well. Also a decent three point shooter. Slightly undersized for an NBA SF but shouldn't force him to move to the SG position. Although San Antonio usually uses their late 1st rounders on foreign picks, the Spurs could definitely use KJ in their system with his athleticism and their defense.
Walter Tavares

  30. San Antonio | Walter Tavares | 7-3 | 260 | C | Spain | 26

This freakishly tall prospect from the island of Cape Verde never even touched a basketball until he was 18 years old. Standing at 7'3, Walter Tavares has developed into a very raw but talented developing prospect whose still learning how to play the game. Barely even needs to jump with the ability to reach with his long arms to dunk the ball into the basket or to block a shot. Still very raw learning the fundamentals of defense rather than just blocking shots and lacks of staying on his defenders and still lacking of coordination with his offensive post game, but still has lots of potential as well. Automatically eligible for this upcoming draft as he is an International Prospect who did not play college ball in the states, born in 1992. Rumored to be negotiating a buyout with his club in Spain to come to the states immediately. The San Antonio Spurs love to use their late 1st rounders on foreign prospects as they also need more depth in their post. If Tavares does end up in San Antonio and does get a buyout from his club in Spain, he more than likely will be riding the bench for the Spurs. However, he could definitely spend a big portion of his rookie season playing for their D-League affiliate the Austin Toros to develop his game even more.
Clint Capela

  31. Milwaukee | Clint Capela | 6-11 | 222 | PF/C | Switzerland | 24

Despite the freakish measurements Capela may have to go along with his athleticism, he really hurt his draft stock from playing in this year's Nike Hoop Summit game. The fact that he was an almost 20 year old going against high school seniors two years younger than him and only scored 5 points (1 FG) really questioned his stock and took away his lock of being selected in the 1st round. Although he did play on a team with a loaded frontcourt in the Hoop Summit, he still averaged 9 ppg for the highest division of the French Basketball League.
Glenn Robinson III

  32. *Philadelphia | Glenn Robinson III | 6-7 | 211 | SF | Michigan | 24

GR3 aka Big Dog Jr. more than likely would have been a lottery pick in last year's pathetic draft class. Then after returning and then coming out this year, Robinson went from being a lottery pick to not even a guaranteed 1st rounder. GR3's biggest strength would obviously be his lockdown defense which was a huge factor in Ann Arbor and his slashing ability as well made him a factor. Still lacks of perimeter shooting and toughness but would it would be quite a disappointment if he still falls all the way the the 2nd round.
Vasilje Micic

  33. *Cleveland | Vasilje Micic | 6-6 | 202 | PG | Serbia | 24

Micic really made a name for himself to NBA scouts last summer where the Serbian squad led by him gave the Americans led by Marcus Smart and Aaron Gordon a tough time as they had a good shot at upsetting Team USA twice. Has great floor vision and size for a PG. Falls to the 2nd round due to the large number of great PG's already on NBA rosters and the 7 PG's projected to land in the 1st round. Whether he immediately comes to the states or if he ends up being a stash pick, Micic could be a steal in this draft wherever he lands.
Thanasis Antetokounmpo

  34. *New York | Thanasis Antetokounmpo | 6-6 | 205 | SF | Greece | 25

The older brother of Giannis on the Bucks withdrew his name from last year's draft by believing he could raise his stock more. And Thanasis Antetokounmpo definitely did as he made a smart decision by coming to the D-League, playing in the NBA's system being surrounded by scouts. Does not have that same Kevin Durant body and unbelievably true body measurements as his brother Giannis but still measured to have good lengths at the combine and showed off his freakish athleticism several times in the D-League. Did play inconsistent at times but still put up better statistics than even a lot of the assigned players from the NBA and had several over 20 point games in a league with a much better level of competition than the SEC, ACC, Big 12 or AAC that also plays with the NBA's same rules. The other Greak Freak may not be as great as his younger brother has the potential to be but definitely worthy of an Early 2nd rounder and could possibly have a slight chance of even going towards the late 1st even in a great draft class.
CJ Wilcox

  35. *Memphis | CJ Wilcox | 6-5 | 201 | SG | Washington | 27

One of the older prospects in this draft took a redshirt his freshmen year. Not because of academics like most draft prospects with one, Wilcox used it for development. Had impressive results at the combine and any team with a late first rounder could definitely use Wilcox's outside shot.
Spencer Dinwiddie

  36. *Milwaukee | Spencer Dinwiddie | 6-6 | 205 | PG/SG | Colorado | 25

Dinwiddie made a somewhat surprising decision to declare after missing the entire 2nd half of last season with an injury. But was arguably Colorado's best player this year prior to his season ending injury averaging 14-3-3. Even led his Buffaloes to upset the highly touted Kansas Jayhawks last season. With his great size for PG that has been a great advantage for PG's in recent year (a la Michael Carter-Williams), Dinwiddie could potentially be another steal in this draft.
Nick Johnson

  37. *Toronto | Nick Johnson | 6-3 | 198 | SG | Arizona | 25

Nick Johnson had a breakout year leading his Arizona Wildcats to have the #1 ranking in the nation for a very big portion of the season and received All-American honors. At the combine, measurement heights were an issue as athleticism tests were a success. Measured to have as high as an over 41 inch max vertical and timed to be quick with his agility and sprint tests. However, Johnson was only measured to be 6'1 w/o shoes and 6.3 with shoes. It's always difficult to be a 6'3 SG guarding 6'6 and 6'7 players. So it might be possible that Nick Johnson could be forced to make the transition to move to the PG. Johnson never really ran the point in college, briefly did as a freshmen while Josiah Turner would often be suspended but didn't work out great as Sean Miller kept him as the off guard. If Johnson were to only be a few inches taller, there is almost no question that he would be a 1st rounder but is unlikely to happen due to his measurements.
Mitch McGary

  38. Detroit | Mitch McGary | 6-10 | 266 | C | Michigan | 25

Mitch McGary could have been a Top 20 pick if he had came out last year also in one of the most unique situations we've seen from a prospect in recent years. After McGary came off the bench and played limited minutes as a 20 year old freshmen but then exploded towards then end of the season and helped his Wolverines make it to the championship match. With a range of expectations, McGary only appeared in 8 games after dealing with a back injury. Although McGary did play injured, he only managed to average 9 ppg and 8 rebounds. As he was intending to stay for his junior season, it then came out that he would have likely been suspended for a large portion of the next season due to a failed drug test during the season. Several mixed opinions come to mind about Mitch McGary's stock. The climax of his career would obviously be the end of his freshmen season which was over a year ago and McGary has always been known for his dedication and effort he puts in both on and off the basket ball court as he will hustle for every lose ball on the floor. Many red flags are shown as well for McGary. Although he may only be a sophomore, he is still the age of a senior as he flunked his junior year of high school to a point where he had to transfer out. Also after failing a drug test during the season rather than the offseason, his shortly lived impact at the college level as he was either not contributing much or injured for way more than half of his career at Michigan. With many pros and cons surrounding Mitch McGary's status as an NBA player, nothing takes away the fact that he has a great motor, a great rebounding ability as he goes after shot missed while on the court and that he is a great hustler.
Johnny O'Bryant

  39. *Philadelphia | Johnny O'Bryant | 6-8 | 257 | PF/C | LSU | 24

Johnny O'Bryant was a very underrated college player at LSU as he received 1st-Team All-Conference honors in arguably the best conference in Division 1 basketball and LED his Tigers to upset the Kentucky Wildcats. A McDonald's All-American coming out of high school, chose not to transfer after the departure of the head coach who recruited him to come to LSU and took the lead role immediately after Justin Hamilton left Baton Rouge for the pros. O'Bryant's biggest strength would easily be his rebounding ability. The opposite of lazy while fighting for the ball on the boards and goes up strong every time while contested in the post. However O'Bryant's biggest weakness would be his low IQ. Makes a lot of really stupid decisions with the ball in the post as he could either throw the ball away or not even look at his teammates for a good open shot. Would also have to make the adjustment of playing more faceup opposed to Back to the Basket as he is too small to play Center in the NBA. It would be very disrespectful for a talent like O'Bryant to go undrafted or even fall past 50 so despite the weaknesses that come along with his game, Johnny O'Bryant definitely deserves to be picked somewhere.
Nikola Jokic

  40. *Minnesota | Nikola Jokic | 6-11 | 255 | PF/C | Serbia | 23

Participated in the 2014 Nike Hoop Summit Game and represented Serbia in last summer's U19 World Championships finishing in 2nd place behind the Americans. A PF nearly 7 feet tall who even has an outside jumper. Lacks of elite athleticism and is nowhere near being ready for the NBA but could be ready someday if stashed for a good amount of time.
DeAndre Daniels

  41. Denver | DeAndre Daniels | 6-8 | 195 | SF | UConn | 26

Daniels raised his stock by helping his Uconn Huskies win the National Championship as he was Shabazz Napier's main sidekick in the tournament run. Despite being 22 years of age, Daniels is still raw in talent and decided to come out now since his stock is higher than it will ever be after the Huskies' championship.
Jabari Brown

  42. *Houston | Jabari Brown | 6-4 | 215 | SG | Missouri | 25

Jabari Brown had a breakout season at Mizzou as he averaged 20 ppg. Brown's improved outside shot and slashing ability raised his stock much higher opposed to how high it was prior to the season. It really shows how deep of a draft this is when a player like Jabari Brown likely would have been at least a Mid-First rounder in last year's draft. If Brown in an undeserving way slips into the 2nd round, keep an eye out for him to join players such as Lance Stephenson and Marcus Thornton to be quite contributors despite where they may had been drafted on their record.
Bogdan Bogdanovic

  43. Atlanta | Bogdan Bogdanovic | 6-6 | 205 | SG | Serbia | 25

Automatically eligible for the draft being a foreign prospect being born in 1992. Obviously has great size for an NBA SG, has already represented Serbia's national team and will be a good stash pick (especially if his rights end up in or get traded to San Antonio).
Semaj Christon

  44. *Brooklyn | Semaj Christon | 6-3 | 186 | PG | Xavier | 25

Christon was a little overhyped prior to the start of this past season being projected to be a Top 10 pick. Had a good year at Xavier but still had several holes that still needed to be filled in. Christon is one of those extremely athletic PG's who could potentially end up being more of a scorer than a contributor. As a bubble first rounder who could also slide to the 2nd round with both the number of great PG's in this draft and who are already in the league, even players as good as Christon and Micic could slide to the 2nd round despite their talents.
Patric Young

  45. Charlotte | Patric Young | 6-10 | 247 | PF/C | Florida | 26

Young had a successful four years of college playing for Billy Donovan. It was quite impressing how the Florida Gators finished the regular season as the #1 ranked team in the nation with really no players expected to be that great of NBA players starting for them. His 11 ppg and 6 rebounds were pretty mediocre stats for a former Top 20 ranked recruit and former McDonald's All-American who played all four years of their eligibility. But his good size and ability to back up his defenders should definitely get him picked somewhere despite what his numbers may have put on his reputation.
Deonte Burton NV

  46. *LA Lakers | Deonte Burton NV | 6-1 | 193 | PG/SG | Nevada | 26

The PG position has become just too loaded these days. An explosive athlete who was a do all type of PG at Nevada. Can attack the basket explosively and shoot from the outside very well creating his own shot. Was somehow cut from last summer's Team USA World University Games squad which is no red flag as several other NBA players have been cut from that team such as Shabazz Napier and CJ McCollum. A native of Compton, a city outside of Los Angeles that has produced handfuls of NBA players and attended Compton Centennial H.S. that produced Aaron Afflalo and rapper Kendrick Lamar.
Khem Birch

  47. *New Orleans | Khem Birch | 6-9 | 209 | PF | UNLV | 25

A little overrated coming out of high school but Birch has always been well known for his shot blocking ability. But Birch still averaged a double double and almost four blocks per game. His talents may be limited at the NBA level due to his size but has a great shot of getting drafted somewhere.
Joe Harris

  48. *Atlanta | Joe Harris | 6-6 | 215 | SG/SF | Virginia | 26

This small town boy from Washington is looking like one of those second round steals who could right away come off the bench and hit big shots for which ever team he goes to. This pure scorer was even good enough to even lead his Virginia Cavaliers to a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. As he already has good length for an NBA SG, Harris might just need some hard work and possibly one stint in the D-League and could be good to go fast.
Jahii Carson

  49. Chicago | Jahii Carson | 5-11 | 180 | PG | Arizona St. | 25

After being academically ineligible for his true freshmen season, Carson immediately took over the lead role for the ASU as a redshirt frosh. A hard worker and over achiever who does not allow his height to be used as excuse for not being the best player on the court. Averaged 18 ppg this last year and is something similar to other under 6 foot PG's we have seen in recent years such as Isaiah Thomas and Pierre Jackson. Although Carson is only considered a sophomore, but is nearly 22 years of age and came out despite his stock not wanting to be in a similar situation as DeAndre Kane (status of getting drafted questionable due to age) if Carson had stayed his two remaining years of eligibility.
CJ Fair

  50. Phoenix | CJ Fair | 6-8 | 218 | SF | Syracuse | 26

As the 1st round is more about drafting players with the expected "higher ceilings" these days, the 2nd round has become more about finding the older prospects who could contribute with what they have already proven and hopefully beat their expectations. CJ Fair was Syracuse's best player last year, all due respect to Tyler Ennis and Jerami Grant who will be selected before Fair. Players like Fair are obviously more polished than the ones being picked 35 or more spots ahead of them who are just likely to do more at the next level. Not always true but unfortunately does happen most of the time. CJ Fair best known for his athleticism and length averaged over 16 ppg and 6 rebounds. Also has a great 3 point shot and plays very active defense. If I had to chose a player to join others such as Chandler Parsons and Draymond Green who slipped to the 2nd round due to their ages despite what they had already prove, CJ Fair would easily be my first projection to be the next Parsons or Green.
James McAdoo

  51. *New York | James McAdoo | 6-9 | 230 | PF | North Carolina | 25

In 2011, McAdoo was Top 5 ranked high school player and was even projected as a high pick for the 2012 Draft. Now three years later, McAdoo failed to reach his expectations during his three years at UNC. Now that his stock only seems to fall more each year, McAdoo decided to come out before it could get any lower than it has become. Lacks of an outside shot, very mediocre as a defensive player and still hasn't shown any signs of improvement of his post game since his freshmen season. What is he actually good at? He at least hustles, has good energy and has shown what his athleticism could offer. Imagine if the NBA never got rid of the high school player to the pros rule and a team used a really high pick on him? Any GM who would have used a Top 10 pick on McAdoo definitely would have been fired by now. Teaches us another good reason why to never put our expectations too high on a high school prospect and that maybe prohibiting the high school to NBA rule was not such a bad idea after all.
Damien Inglis

  52. *Philadelphia | Damien Inglis | 6-9 | 240 | SF/PF | France | 23

At only 19 years old, Inglis has some raw talent from a very athletic 6'9 Small Forward. Likely will be used as a stash pick, spending more time overseas before coming to the states but the youngest foreign entrants with somewhat of a reputation at least get drafted somewhere.
Markel Brown

  53. *Minnesota | Markel Brown | 6-4 | 185 | SG | Oklahoma State | 26

Markel Brown was a great backcourt sidekick for Marcus Smart these past two seasons for the Cowboys. An explosive rim attacker with outstanding athleticism. Slightly undersized and really needs ball handling improvement for the pros along with his inconsistent jumpshot. Brown has a wide range in this draft as he could go anywhere from the late 1st to the mid 2nd round.
Artem Klimenko

  54. *San Antonio | Artem Klimenko | 7-0 | 245 | C | Russia | 24

This Russian 7 footer moves his feet pretty well for a player his size. A hustler who may lack of elite athleticism but his work ethic helps him achieve as a player. Has been in the states attending several workouts for NBA teams unlike most European prospects entering the draft, showing he actually does have a desire to come to the states in the near future.
Sean Kilpatrick

  55. *Charlotte | Sean Kilpatrick | 6-4 | 220 | SG | Cincinnati | 28

Despite being the second oldest player with a chance of getting selected (behind DeAndre Kane), Kilpatrick had a standout senior year at Cincinnati averaging over 20 ppg. A pure scorer who can not only shoot really good from the outside definitely deserves a spot on an NBA roster despite the fact that rarely any player his age gets selected.
Nemanja Dangubic

  56. *Orlando | Nemanja Dangubic | 6-8 | 195 | SG | Serbia | 25

The Serbian's performance at the 2014 Adidas Euro Camp really raised his stock and actually gave him a shot of hearing his name calling in the 2nd round. Named the MVP of the camp and is rumored to wanting to come to the NBA immediately.
DeAndre Kane

  57. Indiana | DeAndre Kane | 6-4 | 200 | PG/SG | Iowa St. | 28

DeAndre Kane is the oldest player in this draft who has a chance of hearing his name on June 26th. Kane will be 25 years of age by the time of the draft and did average 17-6-6 but was best believed to have done that because he was 24 years old playing against mostly 18-22 year olds. Has good size for his position, great energy and has a very high IQ as well. The reason why his age questions his stock is not because of how long of an NBA career he could possibly have, it's because of how his age could have effected his dominance at the collegiate level at 24. Keep in mind that he is only half a year younger than superstars Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose who have been dominating in the NBA for a long time now. Old as in the same age but older than James Harden and is three years older than Kyrie Irving.
Lucas Mariano

  58. *Philadelphia | Lucas Mariano | 6-10 | 270 | C | Brazil | 24

The Spurs love using their late 2nd rounders on stash picks who later on coming years later, the 20 year old Brazilian Center has shown signs up upside with his raw talent.
Melvin Ejim

  59. *Brooklyn | Melvin Ejim | 6-6 | 220 | SF/PF | Iowa St. | 27

Beat Andrew Wiggins for the Big 12 MVP award. This other high flying Canadian in the draft may not have a true NBA position and likely will be waived at least once in his career but could very well be a late bloomer with his natural talent that he lead the Iowa State Cyclones with.
Dwight Powell

  60. *Brooklyn | Dwight Powell | 6-11 | 235 | PF | Stanford | 26

Dwight Powell was very underrated as a collegiate player during his four years at Stanford. Was the leader for the Stanford Cardinal and lead them to make a run in the NCAA Tournament upsetting the Kansas Jayhawks. Great length for an NBA PF, may not be the best athlete but can still get the job done to make an NBA roster and would only break the record even more for most Canadians selected in one draft as it will definitely be broken this year.