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Updated: 6/26/14 7:15 am

Player | Ht | Wt | Pos | Team | Age

Andrew Wiggins

  1. Cleveland | Andrew Wiggins | 6-8 | 200 | SF | Kansas | 23

Wiggins seems to have been Philly's guy all along, and whether he falls to 3, or they trade up to assure his roster spot, I think the odds are good he'll end up in a 6ers jersey next season.
Jabari Parker

  2. Milwaukee | Jabari Parker | 6-9 | 240 | SF/PF | Duke | 23

I think Jabari Parker has been Milwaukee's guy all along, and if Embiid drops to two, I could see them picking him up, but Jabari gives the Bucks an NBA ready scorer who could help put points on the board for a team that sorely needed offense last season.
Joel Embiid

  3. *Philadelphia | Joel Embiid | 7-0 | 250 | C | Kansas | 24

Although mixed reports have come out of Cleveland, the majority of them point to Embiid really impressing. He's making the rounds to the other top 3 teams this week, but Joel has been my #1 since the NCAA season started, and I think he has the lead for the time being.
Dante Exum

  4. Orlando | Dante Exum | 6-6 | 196 | PG/SG | Australia | 22

Orlando might just get their new point guard after all. With Jameer most likely hitting the road, a Exum / Oladipo backcourt could be very fluid. With questions about Exum's ability to play point, having a SG who can spread the ball around and take over ball handling duties only eases the transition.
Noah Vonleh

  5. Utah | Noah Vonleh | 6-9 | 247 | PF | Indiana | 22

I think Noah Vonleh is the 5th best prospect in this draft. He, Favors and Kanter would be a monstrous lineup and his ability to stretch the D out to 20+ feet give Utah a different look at the 4. Given the size of Vonleh, Favors, and Kanter, they can all play 4 or 5 in various lineups, and they could be deadly interchangeable lineup.
Aaron Gordon

  6. *Boston | Aaron Gordon | 6-9 | 220 | PF | Arizona | 22

I've read Ainge really likes Gordon, and grabbing a power forward at 6 would be a nice piece for Minne too if he can lure Flip Saunders to part with Kevin Love. I think Marcus Smart is another guy who could be in play here, but I have Gordon here for now.
Julius Randle

  7. LA Lakers | Julius Randle | 6-9 | 250 | PF | Kentucky | 23

Randle could very well end up in LA, as no one in their front court is really a building block for the future, but I have them nabbing Smart. Julius' foot could come in to play this week, as teams get a little wigged out by these things. Even if he falls, I doubt he gets past 10, but at 8, he's an absolute steal for the Kings.
Marcus Smart

  8. Sacramento | Marcus Smart | 6-3 | 227 | PG | Oklahoma State | 24

LA could use a gutsy combo who can really D up. I don't think anyone on their lineup is safe right now, and Smart's brash attitude and desire to win would fit great in L.A. It could also be a great opportunity for him to learn from Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant in the twilight of their careers. He can play both guard positions, and what a great opportunity to learn from one of the best points and one of the best shooting guards in NBA history.
Doug McDermott

  9. *Charlotte | Doug McDermott | 6-7 | 220 | SF | Creighton | 26

Orlando has a young center, and was ranked 21st in 3 point % and 3 pointers last season. Doug can spread the floor for Vucevic to work and give the Magic a different look at the 3 when compared to Mo Harkless.
Nik Stauskas

  10. *Orlando | Nik Stauskas | 6-6 | 207 | SG | Michigan | 24

I think Charlotte grabs shooting here, and although I've had Doug McDermott here for quite a while, I moved Nik Stauskas up due to his higher potential and his recent workout schedule leads me to believe his stock is a bit higher than I initially thought.
Elfrid Payton

  11. *Chicago | Elfrid Payton | 6-4 | 185 | PG | Louisiana Lafayette | 24

Payton has been a late riser, and has apparently done well in workouts. He'd give the Wolves some insurance with Ricky Rubio becoming a free agent soon.
Gary Harris

  12. *Philadelphia | Gary Harris | 6-4 | 205 | SG | Michigan St. | 23

Denver has worked out Harris, and with them talking to Chicago, I think he could work on both teams. If Charlotte goes with Doug McDermott, I could see them nabbing Staus here instead.
Zach LaVine

  13. *Minnesota | Zach LaVine | 6-6 | 180 | PG/SG | UCLA | 23

The Suns go for upside here. With Hornacek's faced paced offensive stye, LaVine could gain more minutes early than he would in a more half court oriented team. The Suns have 3 1st rounders, and they gotta swing upside at some point.
Adreian Payne

  14. *Phoenix | Adreian Payne | 6-10 | 240 | PF | Michigan St. | 27

With Chicago rumored to be pursuing Love and Gibson almost being a lock to be involved in the trade, Payne gives Chicago a polished guy ready to step in and play a major bench role right away. He'll be active in the pick and pop game and I think he'll be a good fit in Thib's system.
Dario Saric

  15. *Atlanta | Dario Saric | 6-10 | 225 | SF/PF | Croatia | 24

This is based on rumors that Philly likes Dario. With them possibly packaging Thad Young to ensure drafting Wiggins, Saric would make a lot of sense at 10.
James Young

  16. *Denver | James Young | 6-6 | 215 | SG | Kentucky | 22

Young has great size for a wing, and Atlanta could use a big 2 guard. The Hawks have a decent core, and Young has more defensive potential than Kyle Korver and Lou Williams. He'd be a different look and he's got upside.
Jusuf Nurkic

  17. *Boston | Jusuf Nurkic | 6-11 | 280 | C | Bosnia & Herzegovina | 23

The Bulls have needed a true backup center since Asik left. Nurkic is tough and has defensive potential. Thibs could get the most out the young big man, much like he did Asik.
Rodney Hood

  18. *Phoenix | Rodney Hood | 6-8 | 208 | SF | Duke | 25

Hood doesn't exactly fit right in with Pheonix next year, but his sweet outside shooting would fit well in Phenoix's system, and small forwards, P.J. Tucker, Marcus Morris, and Gerald Green will be free agents either this season or next.
Shabazz Napier

  19. *Denver | Shabazz Napier | 6-0 | 175 | PG | UConn | 26

Pat Beverly is a free agent, and Houston doesn't have a lot of room to re-sign the All-NBA 2nd team defender. Shabazz is a totally different look at point, but he's seasoned, a winner, and can really shoot the ball.
Tyler Ennis

  20. Toronto | Tyler Ennis | 6-2 | 180 | PG | Syracuse | 23

Avery Bradley is a restricted free agent this year, and Rajon Rondo is next season. The Celts get a little insurance at #17. Ennis is a pure point, and a good value pick in this range.
PJ Hairston

  21. *Oklahoma Cty | PJ Hairston | 6-5 | 228 | SG | USA | 25

Miami can't pass up a young scorer like P.J. with their core aging and in question. He'd be a great backup to D-Wade if the Big 3 return, and a nice young piece if the trio disbands.
KJ McDaniels

  22. Memphis | KJ McDaniels | 6-6 | 196 | SF | Clemson | 25

This is relatively high for McDaniels, but I think he's a dream fit for tough nosed coach Dwane Casey. He's a defense first guy, and McDaniels could step right in and defend for a team looking to make it back to the post season.
Jordan Adams

  23. *Utah | Jordan Adams | 6-5 | 209 | SG | UCLA | 23

Adams is a mixed bag as far as NBA translation. He's got nice position size, but can't jump much higher than Andy Katz. Then again, he's very crafty, and is a much better basketball player than he is an athlete. I think he could be a steal, and with Thabo likely out, OKC could use another SG.
TJ Warren

  24. *Miami | TJ Warren | 6-8 | 220 | SF | NC State | 24

Memphis is a team who's core is aging, and they need to start bringing in younger guys to eventually fill in. Warren is a dynamic scorer, who although isn't a great shot, can really get to the hoop. He's reportedly been tearing through his workout partners in 1 on 1 drills.
Jordan Clarkson

  25. Houston | Jordan Clarkson | 6-4 | 186 | PG/SG | Missouri | 26

Clarkson really helped his stock in the combine, and has continued to do so in individual workouts. He gives Utah a big combo who can play next to both Burke and Burks.
Jarnell Stokes

  26. Charlotte | Jarnell Stokes | 6-8 | 260 | PF | Tennessee | 24

Stokes is a young talent, who's ready to face the challenge and get time as a rookie. That makes a lot of sense for a team, like Dallas, who wants to infuse young talent while not losing ground in next year's playoff race.
Clint Capela

  27. *Phoenix | Clint Capela | 6-11 | 222 | PF/C | Switzerland | 24

Pheonix has a nice young core of bigs with Plumlee, Len and the Morris Twins, but drafting Capela would allow them to stash him, let them roll with their young group and give them some insurance and a guy with some nice upside if they can't sign or can't afford Plumlee, and the twins after their rookie scale contracts are up.
Mitch McGary

  28. LA Clippers | Mitch McGary | 6-10 | 266 | C | Michigan | 26

Griffin and Jordan appear to be LA's 4/5 combo of the future, but with Big Baby possibly leaving town and B.J. Mullens not really panning out as a backup, adding McGary would give them another bruiser and a kid with some potential at a bargain price.
Cleanthony Early

  29. Oklahoma Cty | Cleanthony Early | 6-7 | 210 | SF/PF | Wichita State | 27

I think Cleanthony is a great fit in OKC, he's NBA ready, sports a 40'' vert and both the ability to defend and create shots for himself. The Thunder are desperate for 2nd unit scoring, and Early seems like another rookie who could be playing important minutes next May.
Kyle Anderson

  30. San Antonio | Kyle Anderson | 6-9 | 230 | SF | UCLA | 24

Kyle Anderson has a lot of tools, but a questionable NBA position. The Hornets have a nice core, and could use a guy with his IQ creating shots for Big Al, and although I don't think he's a point, I think he can get minutes for a playoff team playing the 3.
Bogdan Bogdanovic

  31. Milwaukee | Bogdan Bogdanovic | 6-6 | 205 | SG | Serbia | 25

Draft and stash. Philly need talent, Bogdan has talent.
Glenn Robinson III

  32. *Philadelphia | Glenn Robinson III | 6-7 | 211 | SF | Michigan | 24

GR3 could be a real steal at 33. He's a jack of all trades master of none style offensive package causes him to slip, but if he can get down his long range game he has 3 and D potential.
Jerami Grant

  33. *Cleveland | Jerami Grant | 6-8 | 214 | SF | Syracuse | 24

Grant's upside is too much to pass up at 31, the Bucks can afford to draft a raw guy and see if he pans out.
Patric Young

  34. *New York | Patric Young | 6-10 | 247 | PF/C | Florida | 26

In a weak draft for 5's, Young goes a little higher than expected. Toronto could use some depth at 5, and he's another guy who Casey could put to work right away.
CJ Wilcox

  35. *Memphis | CJ Wilcox | 6-5 | 201 | SG | Washington | 27

Patty Mills is going to be a hot item this summer, and I have the defending champs going after another knock down shooter from deep.
Walter Tavares

  36. *Milwaukee | Walter Tavares | 7-3 | 260 | C | Spain | 26

Tavares is huge. He could maybe pay off down the line, if even at a backup level. Guys this big not that common.
Spencer Dinwiddie

  37. *Toronto | Spencer Dinwiddie | 6-6 | 205 | PG/SG | Colorado | 25

The Bucks have a couple combo guards manning the paint, and they drafted a gem in Nate Wolters last season. Dinwiddle is another big combo that could really fit with their back court and give them depth of O.J. Mayo isn't a part of their long term plan.
DeAndre Daniels

  38. Detroit | DeAndre Daniels | 6-8 | 195 | SF | UConn | 26

Utah could use help at the 3 spot, and Daniels could end up being a really nice 3 and D player in the league. He's a good pick up in the early 30's.
Vasilje Micic

  39. *Philadelphia | Vasilje Micic | 6-6 | 202 | PG | Serbia | 24

I don't think Jennings is the answer to Detroit's future at the PG position. Drafting Micic gives them a stash guy with a lot of potential, and at 38 drafting a PG who may not come over right away, won't anger BJ.
Nick Johnson

  40. *Minnesota | Nick Johnson | 6-3 | 198 | SG | Arizona | 25

Nick Johnson is a terriffic athlete, and despite being a tweener on offense, he's worth a shot at 40 for defense and athletic ability alone.
Semaj Christon

  41. Denver | Semaj Christon | 6-3 | 186 | PG | Xavier | 25

Christon has talent, but he has some questions. A big point would give Denver a different look in the 2nd unit, as Ty Lawson is such a small guard.
Artem Klimenko

  42. *Houston | Artem Klimenko | 7-0 | 245 | C | Russia | 24

Denver has also had sucess with international guys over the past few years. Artem has some potential.
Joe Harris

  43. Atlanta | Joe Harris | 6-6 | 215 | SG/SF | Virginia | 26

Harris is a tough smart basketball player, and seems like the type of guy McHale would like to add to his young roster.
Russ Smith

  44. *Brooklyn | Russ Smith | 6-1 | 160 | PG/SG | Louisville | 27

Philly could use a spark plug like Russ Smith. He could be the second coming of Lou Williams, who played a big role for the 6ers the last time they were playoff regulars.
Markel Brown

  45. Charlotte | Markel Brown | 6-4 | 185 | SG | Oklahoma State | 26

Brown is another tweener with great athletic ability. Denver had success with Nate Robinson before he blew his ACL. Aaron Brooks and Nate are free agents, and Brown is a cheap option to bring in to camp and see if he can help out.
Dwight Powell

  46. *LA Lakers | Dwight Powell | 6-11 | 235 | PF | Stanford | 26

Powell has an NBA role, as a stretch 4, and ran an insanely fast 3.2 sec sprint for a guy 6'11'' in shoes. I think Dwight has what it takes to make a roster.
DeAndre Kane

  47. *New Orleans | DeAndre Kane | 6-4 | 200 | PG/SG | Iowa St. | 29

Andre Miller is getting up there in age, and Kane is an NBA ready, tough nosed guard. I think he can give a playoff team like Washington minutes.
Thanasis Antetokounmpo

  48. *Atlanta | Thanasis Antetokounmpo | 6-6 | 205 | SF | Greece | 25

Thanasis is a terriffic athlete and someone with some defensive potential. Pheonix got the most of Markieff when Marcus came to town. The Bucks give Thanasis a try.
Roy Devyn Marble

  49. Chicago | Roy Devyn Marble | 6-6 | 192 | SG | Iowa | 25

Roy Dev Marble is another guy with an NBA position. He's a classic SG, he may not be Michael Redd, but I think he brings a lot to the table and the Bulls could use some shooting.
CJ Fair

  50. Phoenix | CJ Fair | 6-8 | 218 | SF | Syracuse | 26

Fair is a good all around talent, with a good mid-range game, and someone who'd be worth bringing into camp and giving a shot.
Khem Birch

  51. *New York | Khem Birch | 6-9 | 209 | PF | UNLV | 25

Birch is a tad undersized, but very tough, and a good shot blocker. He'd fit Dallas' team identity, and at 51 could be a nice guy to have play for you this summer and bring into camp.
Alessandro Gentile

  52. *Philadelphia | Alessandro Gentile | 6-7 | 230 | SG/SF | Italy | 25

Another upside pick in the 50's, where at least half the picks are stash picks.
Damien Inglis

  53. *Minnesota | Damien Inglis | 6-9 | 240 | SF/PF | France | 23

Minne has a few 2nd rounders, and a history of drafting INTNL players. Inglis could be a real steal at 44 when he comes over.
Cory Jefferson

  54. *San Antonio | Cory Jefferson | 6-9 | 220 | PF | Baylor | 27

Jefferson is an NBA ready guy, and Philly's bench was mostly D-Leaguers towards the end of last year. Could end up making the roster.
Johnny O'Bryant

  55. *Charlotte | Johnny O'Bryant | 6-8 | 257 | PF/C | LSU | 25

Johnny has some nice tools, but a questionable IQ. A little upside in the 50's is a nice thing to come by. Miami's always looking for bigs.
Cameron Bairstow

  56. *Orlando | Cameron Bairstow | 6-10 | 252 | PF | New Mexico | 27

Baristow is a bruiser with a mid-range game. Not a glamour pick, but his game has some translatable skills, they could also go Alec Brown here in an attempt to replace the aging Red Rocket.
Richard Solomon

  57. Indiana | Richard Solomon | 6-11 | 225 | PF/C | California | 25

Indiana reached for a 7 footer with insane hops (Miles Plumlee) and then traded him away before the could benefit from his athletic ability. Solomon is a crazy athlete and he could be a steal at 57.
Nikola Jokic

  58. *Philadelphia | Nikola Jokic | 6-11 | 255 | PF/C | Serbia | 23

Spurs draft another international guy in the 50's. They almost always do. Jokic is young, and has room to grow.
Melvin Ejim

  59. *Brooklyn | Melvin Ejim | 6-6 | 220 | SF/PF | Iowa St. | 27

Big 12's leading scorer, and an NBA athlete, Ejim is a tweener, but is a solid prospect, also Canadian, and apparently had a nice workout in Toronto.
Travis Bader

  60. *Brooklyn | Travis Bader | 6-5 | 185 | SG | Oakland | 26