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Updated: 6/27/13 8:07 pm

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Nerlens Noel

  1. Cleveland | Nerlens Noel | 6-11 | 206 | PF/C | Kentucky | 24

With John Wall, D.C. is almost a playoff team. They have Nene and Seraphin manning the post, but Nene is in his mid-thirties and they can wait for Noel to get healthy next season as they make a push for the playoffs. I think they see Noel as too much upside to pass on.
Victor Oladipo

  2. *Orlando | Victor Oladipo | 6-4 | 213 | SG/SF | Indiana | 26

With Affalo on the block and Orlando looking for a PG elsewhere I think they grab Oladipo as a long term replacement for Affalo. Ben Mac hasn't drawn rave reviews, and although I think he has vast potential, I think the Magic pick Victor due to his better team workouts.
Anthony Bennett

  3. Washington | Anthony Bennett | 6-7 | 240 | SF/PF | UNLV | 25

With KCP off the board, Minnesota was ready to select Shabazz, but Bennett's drop is too much to pass up. He could play both forward positions and with Love and AK47 both missing games last year, I don't think grabbing Bennett is a bad move at all.
Alex Len

  4. Charlotte | Alex Len | 7-1 | 255 | C | Maryland | 24

Rumor on the street is that Cleveland thinks pairing Kyrie with Len is their smartest move going forward, and I believe it. Two years in a row I refused to move up Tristian Thompson and Dion Waiters because I thought it was smoke and mirrors and Gilbert burnt me.
Ben McLemore

  5. Phoenix | Ben McLemore | 6-5 | 190 | SG | Kansas | 25

The Suns still need a shooting guard, and with Jeff Hornacek at the helm they can certainly appreciate a shooter. Ben's potential is immense, and maybe some familiar faces from Lawrence can ease his transition and give him some confidence make the jump to the next level.
Otto Porter

  6. *New Orleans | Otto Porter | 6-9 | 200 | SF | Georgetown | 24

In this mock, New Orleans lucks out. They need an upgrade at the SF position and Otto Porter is the man for the job.
Steven Adams

  7. *Sacramento | Steven Adams | 7-0 | 255 | C | Pittsburgh | 24

Philly goes big after trading away a double double center to grab a guy who's drive to compete may be close to gone after accomplishing a lot of great things early on. Adams is some insurance going forward.
Michael Carter-Williams

  8. Detroit | Michael Carter-Williams | 6-6 | 185 | PG | Syracuse | 26

Sacramento needs a point guard, but has two fairly decent scoring options in Cousins and Evans. Burke is ranked higher by a lot of people, but I think MCW could be a draft day riser. I think they chose Carter-Williams to create a huge back court.
Cody Zeller

  9. *Utah | Cody Zeller | 7-0 | 230 | PF/C | Indiana | 25

I think Bennett is in play here as well, but for better or worse Charlotte drafts big name college players consistantly and it doesn't get much bigger than a guy who's got two brothers in the NBA and was a big time producer in the NCAA. His athletic ability and outside shot sealed his spot in the top 10, IMO. If he makes it past the Bobcats, I think he's gone at #7.
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

  10. *Portland | Kentavious Caldwell-Pope | 6-6 | 205 | SG | Georgia | 25

I've had a variety of combo and point guards here over the past few weeks, but why not grab a great shooter and sure fire SG? Detroits been loaded with combos for years now, and KCP gives them great outside shooting to put with Monroe and he has a sure fire position.
CJ McCollum

  11. *Philadelphia | CJ McCollum | 6-3 | 197 | PG/SG | Lehigh | 26

I think another team passes on Burke because of previouw roster issues. He doesn't fit next to Lillard at all, but McCollum does, as either a bench spark to give you 10 points as many minutes or as a starter. He's NBA ready too and can shoot from anywhere on the court.
Trey Burke

  12. *Oklahoma Cty | Trey Burke | 6-1 | 190 | PG | Michigan | 25

Burke lands in OKC. He's too much talent to pass on at this point. James Harden played his way out of OKC's price range and Reggie Jackson might do the same thing. Burke could be the next guard in line for the Thunder to be brought along slowly before hitting his stride as a 3rd guard in that system.
Sergey Karasev

  13. *Boston | Sergey Karasev | 6-7 | 197 | SG/SF | Russia | 24

Cleveland has way too many picks in this draft to keep drafting Americans. I think Karasev has great potential and they might not have to worry about him filling a roster spot right away. If he does come over, great, they have a weakness at SF.
Lucas Nogueira

  14. *Minnesota | Lucas Nogueira | 7-0 | 220 | PF/C | Brazil | 25

Dallas isn't keeping this pick, so I went with a guy who may not being the league next year and a big man a team could trade up to get.
Shane Larkin

  15. Milwaukee | Shane Larkin | 5-11 | 171 | PG | Miami | 25

Jennings? Monta? will either guy be there next year? The Bucks have worked out Larkin, and like his pick and roll possibility. Why not? Who else is gonna play guard for them next year?
Kelly Olynyk

  16. *Atlanta | Kelly Olynyk | 7-0 | 234 | C | Gonzaga | 27

I have Olynyk slipping a bit, for now, but he's pretty NBA ready and I believe both Hansbrough and Pendergraph are free agents and Olynyk could step right in.
Shabazz Muhammad

  17. Atlanta | Shabazz Muhammad | 6-6 | 225 | SF | UCLA | 25

Utah could grab Shane Larkin, but I think they take a gamble on Bazz. He can do a lot of things, and I think his floor is a 10 year veteran as a role player while his ceiling is a guy who can score a lot of points. Either way, he doesn't clog their front court and could be brought along slowly.
Jamaal Franklin

  18. *Dallas | Jamaal Franklin | 6-5 | 191 | SG/SF | San Diego St. | 26

The longer I've had Schroeder here, the less i realized it made sense. Boston seems to like Franklin and have brought him in. They are linked and Franklin would be a nice grab in the mid 1st. Good defensive potential and apparently a much improved shot.
Dennis Schroder

  19. *Cleveland | Dennis Schroder | 6-2 | 168 | PG | Germany | 24

Dennis gets picked up by Utah here as hopefully their PG of the future. Canaan would be ready to play more minutes right away, but still wouldn't beat out Mo Williams. I close call between the two IMO, but Utah goes upside.
Tim Hardaway Jr

  20. Chicago | Tim Hardaway Jr | 6-6 | 200 | SG | Michigan | 26

This is a pick I've thought would be great for Chicago for months. Hardaway is a very well rounded offensive SG and his range will get there with more reps. Tim Jr. also has the length and athletic ability to do well defending in Thib's system.
Isaiah Canaan

  21. *Minnesota | Isaiah Canaan | 6-0 | 190 | PG | Murray St. | 27

C.J. Watson is leaving and Brooklyn has a need at the position. Canaan is the perfect guy to contribute in a backup role for a playoff team. He has the poise and can make the adjustment. He's also been to NJ for workouts.
Tony Snell

  22. Brooklyn | Tony Snell | 6-7 | 198 | SG/SF | New Mexico | 26

Caron Butler is 32 and Matt Barnes is a FA, with the Clippers leading the league in steals and ranking 9th in 3 point attemts, Snell fits the system and can both 3 and D and help out the old timers.
Mason Plumlee

  23. Indiana | Mason Plumlee | 6-11 | 238 | PF | Duke | 28

I feel Plumlee could also be a serious option at #16 to Boston, but he's a big athletic guy who could mayble even spell Horford some minutes at the C and enable him to play a little PF.
CJ Leslie

  24. New York | CJ Leslie | 6-9 | 209 | SF/PF | NC State | 26

I suspect Leslie has a first round promise. The Nets, Knicks, Pacers and Suns all like him and since I'm not quite as high on him as I am with some other prospects I have him with the latest of his linked teams.
Rudy Gobert

  25. LA Clippers | Rudy Gobert | 7-2 | 238 | C | France | 25

Gobert has potential and Minnesota has a lot of picks, and a roster full of international talent. Seems like a match made in heaven.
Giannis Adetokoubo

  26. *Oklahoma Cty | Giannis Adetokoubo | 6-10 | 205 | SF | Greece | 23

This is Giannis' supposed range and Atlanta, with a couple first rounders, could gamble on a project and then grab a safer guy like Plumlee. Boston did the same thing last year with Sullinger and Melo.
Reggie Bullock

  27. Denver | Reggie Bullock | 6-7 | 200 | SG/SF | North Carolina | 27

Denver worked out Bullock and apparently liked what they saw. They have Hamilton and Miller, so it could be a bit of a crowded house, but Bullocks' talent at #27 is worth a little more competition in the pool.
Erick Green

  28. San Antonio | Erick Green | 6-3 | 180 | PG/SG | Virginia Tech | 27

Green could be a major steal in this draft and with Cleveland being the home to Boobie, Ellington and a couple other fringe players a guy like Green can slip in with a cheap contract and make one expendable.
Ricardo Ledo

  29. *Phoenix | Ricardo Ledo | 6-6 | 197 | SG | Providence | 25

Spurs use their pick for a talented guy who has yet to test his skill on top notch American competition. Sound familiar?
Tony Mitchell

  30. *Golden St. | Tony Mitchell | 6-9 | 236 | SF/PF | North Texas | 26

I heard the Knicks love him. I have him here for that reason. As one of the oldest teams in the league in 2012-13 having an upside pick could be a nice choice.
Glen Rice Jr.

  31. *Cleveland | Glen Rice Jr. | 6-6 | 211 | SG | USA | 27

OKC grabs Rice Jr. to help spread the floor and get a guy who they won't have to send to the D-League as a rookie. Even on a playoff squad, Rice can fill a role.
Jeff Withey

  32. *Oklahoma Cty | Jeff Withey | 7-0 | 222 | C | Kansas | 28

OKC loves to see a rim protector drop to 32. Perkins is what he is, and grabbing Withey gives them another possible replacement. Thabeet and Orton aren't thrilling anyone, so throw in a rook and see who rises to the top.
Gorgui Dieng

  33. Cleveland | Gorgui Dieng | 6-11 | 230 | C | Louisville | 28

Cleveland has too many picks not to trade a few. Dieng's stock seems to be on a bit of a slide, but he's a steal at #33 even if he's being shipped.
Mike Muscala

  34. *Houston | Mike Muscala | 6-11 | 230 | PF/C | Bucknell | 26

I've been in love with the idea of Muscala being drafted and coached by McHale for a while now. I think Muscala has real value as a 2nd unit scorer at the C position. No one gets pumped by my Bill Wennington comparison, but Bill played 13 years and dropped 14 ppg per 36 min in his prime and a 2nd string center that can score is very valuable.
Nate Wolters

  35. *Philadelphia | Nate Wolters | 6-5 | 196 | PG | South Dakota St. | 27

Wolters could be a real filler off the bench and with Lou Williams out, he'll get a serious audition to help their bench production.
Allen Crabbe

  36. Sacramento | Allen Crabbe | 6-6 | 197 | SG | California | 26

Losing Garcia to the Houston trade, who better fill his void than a guy who draws his comparisons? Makes sense, right?
Livio Jean-Charles

  37. Detroit | Livio Jean-Charles | 6-9 | 217 | SF/PF | France | 24

Detroit wants to grab an NBA ready guy and a potential stash player with their 2nd rounders. I think Jean-Charles is enough of a talent to make their stash their first 2nd rounder.
Archie Goodwin

  38. *Milwaukee | Archie Goodwin | 6-5 | 189 | SG | Kentucky | 23

Goodwin's buzz has been non-existant this past month, but he's got some upside and could maybe be a good running parter for John Wall in certain situations down the line. Good gamble at 38.
Lorenzo Brown

  39. *Portland | Lorenzo Brown | 6-5 | 189 | PG/SG | NC State | 27

Portland's bench blows. Brown is an experienced college player with good size and the possibility of playing some minutes as a rookie.
Alex Abrines

  40. Portland | Alex Abrines | 6-6 | 190 | SG | Spain | 24

I don't know much about Abrines, but his projected draft area matches where I have him and Portland has a lot of picks to draft all guys looking to make the roster in 2013-14.
Jackie Carmichael

  41. *Memphis | Jackie Carmichael | 6-9 | 240 | PF | Illinois State | 28

Jackie's toughness fits Memphis' style like a glove. He's very athletic and a guy I saw play over the years as a midwesterner. Carmichael has the making of a guy who can contribute on a playoff squad early in his career.
Kenny Kadji

  42. *New Orleans | Kenny Kadji | 6-10 | 242 | PF/C | Miami | 30

Lets try Craig Brackins again but at a lower price...Seriously though, Kadji is a good talent who has a definate NBA position as a stretch 4.
James Southerland

  43. *Dallas | James Southerland | 6-8 | 221 | SF/PF | Syracuse | 28

I think Southerland is a good fit for the Bucks. Shooting translates and being 6'8'' is just another plus when it comes to getting your shot off against more athletic opponents.
Pierre Jackson

  44. *Atlanta | Pierre Jackson | 5-10 | 176 | PG | Baylor | 26

Dallas may not want to add anymore first round contracts, but Pierre could be a spark plug off the bench at a bargain rate. With JJB in the not so distant rear view mirror, a guy like Pierre might have some appeal.
EJ Singler

  45. *Portland | EJ Singler | 6-6 | 215 | SF | Oregon | 27

Portland brought him in for a 2nd round of workouts this week. Singler is a hometown kid, and with so few 2nd rounders making rosters every year if you like the hometown kid, give him a shot.
Solomon Hill

  46. Utah | Solomon Hill | 6-7 | 226 | SF | Arizona | 27

Hill is a good talent here at #46. He has a mature game, can do a little bit of everything and has the size to play the NBA small forward. I know I have them drafting Bazz, but Hill is bigger and plays a different role...and as a 2nd rounder, he also might get traded or not make the team. Worth the gamble for sure.
Myck Kabongo

  47. *Denver | Myck Kabongo | 6-2 | 180 | PG | Texas | 26

I know some guys still like Kabongo, but his high school hype is stale to me. I saw him play quite a bit at Texas, and although I do see some defensive potential and some ability to run a team. I still can't help but think Royal Ivey.
DeShaun Thomas

  48. LA Lakers | DeShaun Thomas | 6-6 | 220 | SF/PF | Ohio State | 26

LA isn't going to make any waves with this draft, but Thomas can score the ball and has done so at the highest level of American amateur ball. He could maybe find a spot doing just that in a 2nd unit somewhere in the pros.
Colton Iverson

  49. Chicago | Colton Iverson | 7-0 | 263 | PF/C | Colorado St. | 28

Nazr had a nice year, but he's not going to be back. Iverson has the ability to rebound and the size and bulk to play C in the NBA. He could be the guy to play 10 mpg for a contender.
Andre Roberson

  50. *Miami | Andre Roberson | 6-7 | 206 | SF/PF | Colorado | 26

Roberson is a great rebounder, legit rim protector, but he's really slim for a power forward. He's athletic and could be a pro if he hits the weights. A good guy to put in the D-League and see what happens.
Peyton Siva

  51. *Orlando | Peyton Siva | 6-1 | 181 | PG | Louisville | 27

Undersized, scrappy winner of a point guard. Not the best shot, but a great head on his shoulders and the ability to come through in the clutch. Seems like a kindred spirit for Orlando coach Jacques Vaughn.
Trevor Mbakwe

  52. *Minnesota | Trevor Mbakwe | 6-8 | 236 | PF/C | Minnesota | 29

Rugged, undersized, but super athletic rebounder that could be a Jason Maxiell clone. Good value at 52.
Alex Oriakhi

  53. Indiana | Alex Oriakhi | 6-9 | 255 | PF/C | Missouri | 27

Could be a good D-League flier. Would definately fit with Indiana's tough nosed post defensive scheme.
Carrick Felix

  54. *Philadelphia | Carrick Felix | 6-6 | 203 | SG/SF | Arizona St. | 27

Another good value pick at #54, Felix has 3 and D potential possibly 3 position defensive ability.
Nemanja Nedovic

  55. Memphis | Nemanja Nedovic | 6-3 | 190 | PG/SG | Serbia | 26

Memphis is going to take an international flier with one of their last picks. Nedovic has some nice potential, and is as good a pick as anyone at this point.
Will Clyburn

  56. *Detroit | Will Clyburn | 6-7 | 210 | SG/SF | Iowa St. | 28

Detroit grabs Clyburn as an NBA ready pick who has the ability to create his own shot. I'll probably move him before next week because Detroit signed English and Middleton last year, but you never know teams draft BPA a lot in the 2nd and Clyburn is that in my opinion.
Grant Jerrett

  57. *Phoenix | Grant Jerrett | 6-10 | 232 | PF | Arizona | 24

Stretch 4, Pheonix can't get enough.
Raul Neto

  58. San Antonio | Raul Neto | 6-2 | 179 | PG | Brazil | 26

Spurs will most likely draft and stash and Neto is a nice talent.
Oleksandr Lypovyy

  59. *Minnesota | Oleksandr Lypovyy | 6-8 | 200 | SF | Ukraine | 26

Again, another probable stash. I've read a lot of teams like Lypovyy, so I have him here.
Brandon Davies

  60. *Memphis | Brandon Davies | 6-10 | 242 | PF | BYU | 26

This Canadian teen star turned rapper, oh wait, I really like Davies and think he gets a shot. This is a homer pick for me, but he's stepped up each time he's been thrown in draft events including complete domination of the PIT.