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Updated: 6/27/15 1:21 am

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Karl-Anthony Towns

  1. Minnesota | Karl-Anthony Towns | 7-0 | 250 | C | Kentucky | 22

KAT is the best fit for this team. KAT is a better defender and has the upside over Okafor. His ability to step out compliments Pek and can play interchangeably with Dieng. This team is trending up fast.
Jahlil Okafor

  2. LA Lakers | Jahlil Okafor | 6-11 | 270 | C | Duke | 22

It's down to Okafor or Russell. I think bigs are hard to find and with the improvements of Clarkson, Okafor is the pick. They have another pick in the first where there won't be any bigs with his size and skill.
D'Angelo Russell

  3. Philadelphia | D'Angelo Russell | 6-4 | 195 | PG/SG | Ohio State | 22

76ers moved MCW and had a huge opening at PG. Russell gives the team someone with a good feel for the game and ability to shoot the rock and set up his teammates. He also had a great workout with the team.
Emmanuel Mudiay

  4. *New York | Emmanuel Mudiay | 6-5 | 200 | PG | Congo | 22

Phil Jackson has been sending a lot of smoke screens but I think he'll go with Mudiay. He's the most ready to play player with the highest potential at this spot.
Kristaps Porzingis

  5. Orlando | Kristaps Porzingis | 7-1 | 230 | PF | Latvia | 22

Perfect fit for the Magic. It appears there is a promise in place and I can't see the 76ers or Knicks taking him over the other prospects above.
Mario Hezonja

  6. Sacramento | Mario Hezonja | 6-8 | 215 | SG/SF | Croatia | 23

Hezonja fits a major need at the SF position. He's a great shooter and can really spread the floor for Drummond and Jackson or Jennings.
Justise Winslow

  7. Denver | Justise Winslow | 6-6 | 222 | SG/SF | Duke | 22

Mark Malone is a defensive minded coach and Winslow is an immediate impact on that end. Has great potential on the offensive end and fits a need with Chandler and Gallo being in the last year's of their contracts.
Stanley Johnson

  8. Detroit | Stanley Johnson | 6-6 | 242 | SF | Arizona | 21

I'd be shocked if Johnson falls this far, but that's the way it shakes out in my draft. Johnson is a great fit and gives Utah a really young, strong nucleus.
Devin Booker

  9. Charlotte | Devin Booker | 6-6 | 205 | SG | Kentucky | 21

With the trade of Stephenson, it opens up a big need at SG. Henderson could opt out as well so Booker looks like a viable choice here. Drawing comparisons to Klay Thompson by Pat Riley really helps the stock.
Sam Dekker

  10. Miami | Sam Dekker | 6-9 | 220 | SF | Wisconsin | 23

A lot of rumors that the Heat are in love with Dekker and it makes sense. He's one of the more NBA ready prospects and has nice size and skills to be a capable NBA SF. He'll have a year to learn under Deng.
Cameron Payne

  11. Indiana | Cameron Payne | 6-2 | 185 | PG | Murray St. | 23

There's a lot of buzz around Indy and Payne. There are rumors that the Thunder have a promise with Payne at 14 as well. Payne allows Indy to play faster as Larry Bird has been quoted on saying numerous times and moves Hill to his more natural SG position.
Willie Cauley-Stein

  12. Utah | Willie Cauley-Stein | 7-0 | 242 | C | Kentucky | 24

WCS has been linked to the Kings. Karl wants to play faster and WCS is one of the best big man athletes in the draft. Immediate help on the defensive end.
Myles Turner

  13. Phoenix | Myles Turner | 6-11 | 240 | C | Texas | 22

Phoenix is looking for another big. Turner has too much talent and potential to pass at this point.
Kelly Oubre

  14. Oklahoma Cty | Kelly Oubre | 6-7 | 205 | SF | Kansas | 22

OKC has a bunch of young wings but none have the potential of Oubre. He's got star potential and OKC has to think about what might happen if KD were to leave to Washington.
Frank Kaminsky

  15. *Washington | Frank Kaminsky | 7-1 | 230 | C | Wisconsin | 25

This team is weak upfront. Kaminsky is a guy that fills a need upfront and can give the Suns quite a different look at times. Excellent pick and roll player that could really open up the lane for Bledsoe with his ability to pop.
Trey Lyles

  16. Boston | Trey Lyles | 6-10 | 240 | PF | Kentucky | 22

Boston needs to add some bigs and Lyles is the best prospect at this point. Could develop into a nice post player after playing out of position at Kentucky. He's got a high basketball IQ and has a nice mid range game.
Rashad Vaughn

  17. Milwaukee | Rashad Vaughn | 6-5 | 200 | SG | UNLV | 21

Toronto has a couple needs at PF and a wing that can score. Before Vaughn went out, he was showing to be a very nice scorer. He's done the same in workouts to date and his stock appears to be on the rise.
Tyus Jones

  18. *Houston | Tyus Jones | 6-1 | 185 | PG | Duke | 21

Reports are Houston are in enamored with Jones. They have a need at PG with Beverley and Terry becoming free agents. Sergei Llull may be brought in to help as well.
Bobby Portis

  19. *New York | Bobby Portis | 6-11 | 245 | PF | Arkansas | 23

Atlanta has a couple needs with Milsap and Carroll hitting free agency. I don't think there is a SF worth the slot here. Portis seems to be the safest pick and has a lot of similarities to Milsap as an under the rim, stretch 4.
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

  20. Toronto | Rondae Hollis-Jefferson | 6-7 | 210 | SF | Arizona | 23

I think this is a perfect match for the Cavs. RHJ is a guy that struggles on the offensive end but had success cutting to the basket and grabbing offensive bourds. He's a nice luxury for a team with Lebron, Irving and Love.
Montrezl Harrell

  21. Dallas | Montrezl Harrell | 6-8 | 255 | PF | Louisville | 24

Nene isn't getting any younger and Seraphin is said to be looking for a new home where he can contend to be a starter. Harrell has the wingspan to play the PF position and has a lot of similarity to Nene when he first came to the league. At worst, he's going to be a great energy guy off the bench.
Jerian Grant

  22. Chicago | Jerian Grant | 6-4 | 200 | PG | Notre Dame | 25

Dallas has a couple question marks at PG and SG if Monte Ellis opts out. Grant fills the need at both with his versatility. His stock has kind of been a rollercoaster ride but he's shown that he can score in previous seasons and showed he can run a team this year.
Kevon Looney

  23. *Brooklyn | Kevon Looney | 6-9 | 222 | PF | UCLA | 22

Washington needs to get younger up front. Looney is raw but showed to be a great rebounder. He has a lot of similarities to Noah Vonleh in my opinion and may need to sit out a year and develop in the D-League but has great potential.
Terry Rozier

  24. *Minnesota | Terry Rozier | 6-2 | 190 | PG | Louisville | 24

Cleveland lacks depth behind Irving and could lose Shumpert this offseason as well. Rozier is more of a combo guard but does have the talent to make an impact on the offensive and defensive end. He was a good scorer at Louisville and played pesky man to man defense. More upside than Delon Wright.
Jarell Martin

  25. Memphis | Jarell Martin | 6-9 | 240 | PF | LSU | 23

Boston will be looking to replace Brandon Bass. I think they'd like to get a rim protector but they'll have to settle for the most ready PF of the bunch with Martin. He measured well at the combine and is a proven scorer and rebounder at the college level. Has some mid range ability as well.
RJ Hunter

  26. San Antonio | RJ Hunter | 6-6 | 185 | SG | Georgia St. | 24

With Wes Matthews being a free agent, they need to add someone to help fill in the minutes. McCollum showed that he's ready to step up. Hunter is a great shooter to bring off the bench.
Anthony Brown

  27. *LA Lakers | Anthony Brown | 6-7 | 210 | SG/SF | Stanford | 25

Charlotte needs a shooter and a guy with the size to play both wing positions. Brown is their guy. Very heady player that knows how to find the open spot for a spot up shot. Rebounded the ball pretty well too.
Justin Anderson

  28. *Boston | Justin Anderson | 6-6 | 230 | SG/SF | Virginia | 24

This is a team that prides itself on defense. Anderson and the rest of the UV team are known for their man-to-man defense. Anderson is a freak athlete that can play tough defense in the same manner as Tony Allen.
Chris McCullough

  29. *Brooklyn | Chris McCullough | 6-9 | 200 | PF | Syracuse | 23

Houston has Monty and Jones for another year before they'll both be restricted free agents. After addressing their PG issue first, they can take a guy with potential that could spend some time growing up in the D-league. Worked well for Capela this year.
Joseph Young

  30. Golden St. | Joseph Young | 6-2 | 185 | PG/SG | Oregon | 25

Nikola Milutinov

  31. *Cleveland | Nikola Milutinov | 7-0 | 225 | PF/C | Serbia | 23

ESPN Insider had a tip that the Wolves were high on this kid. With a young and full roster, it would makes sense for them to go draft and stash. Kid has the size and is good around the rim. May be the heir apparent to Pekovic.
Guillermo Hernangomez

  32. *Houston | Guillermo Hernangomez | 6-11 | 250 | PF/C | Spain | 23

Hernangomez is a little more refined than some of the other Euro prospects. I think concerns about his athleticism are the only things holding him back from moving higher but he's a big guy with high level international experience. Could be a nice roster add down the line.
Jordan Mickey

  33. *Boston | Jordan Mickey | 6-8 | 240 | PF | LSU | 23

If Phoenix walks out of the draft with Kaminsky and Mickey, I think they may get a pretty high draft grade. Mickey floated around the back end of the 1st for many mocks but sloughed off at the back end of the year due to injuries and concerns about his size. Some of that was squashed when he threw a block party at the combine.
Norman Powell

  34. *LA Lakers | Norman Powell | 6-4 | 215 | SG | UCLA | 24

Powell measure well in the draft but I still think he's out of the first round due to inconsistent jump shot. He has the makings of a very poor man's D-Wade and would be a great pupil for him since they have similar size and playing style.
Cedi Osman

  35. *New York | Cedi Osman | 6-8 | 215 | SF | Turkey | 23

A draft without a domestic or international draft and stash for Philly would be like the planets in alignment. With a ton of 2nd round picks, they take the best international player available. Osman may not fit their scheme for shooting wings but he's a guy that can provide a lot of mismatches on the offensive end with his ballhandling and slashing.
Delon Wright

  36. *Cleveland | Delon Wright | 6-5 | 180 | PG/SG | Utah | 25

Not sure how Hoiberg affects the Bulls' plans but I think Wright is a safe pick here to backup Rose. He kind of reminds me of Deandre Kane in the way he plays and Hoiberg had a lot of success with him. Plus, Wright's size gives the lineup some versatility.
Christian Wood

  37. *Philadelphia | Christian Wood | 6-10 | 215 | PF | UNLV | 22

Wood measured well until it came to the body fat. That gave off vibes of laziness to scouts and could impact his position. He'd be a steal this low for a team that has some holes at the PF position.
Rakeem Christmas

  38. Detroit | Rakeem Christmas | 6-9 | 245 | PF/C | Syracuse | 26

GS is going to do what it takes to bring back Draymond Green which may involve not picking up Speights option. With that, there will be a hole for a frontcourt player to step in and take up some minutes. Christmas drastically improved this season and followed that up with a nice showing at the combine. Could be a nice piece here.
Olivier Hanlan

  39. *Brooklyn | Olivier Hanlan | 6-4 | 185 | PG/SG | Boston College | 25

The Wiz could really use some depth behind Wall and Beal and could also use some youth on the bench. Hanlan is a proven scorer. May never be a guy that can run the team but has a lot of different ways to put the ball in the hoop.
Cliff Alexander

  40. Miami | Cliff Alexander | 6-8 | 240 | PF/C | Kansas | 22

Yeah, they have Julius Randle but there is not much frontcourt depth on this team. A more NBA ready guy would probably be preferred but we're talking about a guy that everyone had in their Top 10 going into this year.
Pat Connaughton

  41. *Portland | Pat Connaughton | 6-5 | 215 | SG | Notre Dame | 25

Talk about a meteoric rise. Connaughton jumped out of the gym at the combine and drew a lot of interest. Couple that with his ability to shoot and his tenacity on the boards he showed this year and he looks the part of an NBA role player. Great fit for a team that needs shooters.
Luka Mitrovic

  42. Utah | Luka Mitrovic | 6-8 | 200 | SF/PF | Serbia | 25

Back on the Utah kick of going draft and stash. Luka made the Euro "hot prospect" list with his recent play. Concerns about him being a tweener but he's a draft and stash so maybe he'll figure it out.
Jonathan Holmes

  43. Indiana | Jonathan Holmes | 6-9 | 245 | PF | Texas | 25

Holmes measured well at the combined and shot the ball well too. Playing most of the year out of position, he was still pretty successful for the Horns. His ability to stretch the floor would seem to be a good fit for the Hawks.
Dakari Johnson

  44. *Memphis | Dakari Johnson | 7-0 | 260 | C | Kentucky | 22

Detroit is pretty weak upfront behind Drummond. Dakari is an under the basket guy with a soft touch and nice post moves. He's never going to wow anyone with his leaping ability but he does have nice footwork around the rim. Good value here in a second round without a lot of height.
Andrew Harrison

  45. Boston | Andrew Harrison | 6-6 | 215 | PG/SG | Kentucky | 23

Pacers' backup PGs Watson and Sloan are both free agents and may not be back. Harrison gives great value here as a guy once considered a top 5 pick. His size is very compatible with George Hill if he does pan out.
Josh Richardson

  46. *Toronto | Josh Richardson | 6-6 | 200 | SG | Tennessee | 24

Vince Hunter

  47. *Philadelphia | Vince Hunter | 6-8 | 210 | SF/PF | UTEP | 23

Hunter is a great energy guy that showed off at the combine the effects of a guy that continues to hustle. With a team that is getting old fast, they could use some youth on the roster. Hunter could give them energy minutes off the bench, just not much on the offensive end.
Mouhammadou Jaiteh

  48. Oklahoma Cty | Mouhammadou Jaiteh | 6-11 | 250 | C | France | 23

At this point, Utah can go draft and stash since they have a roster full of young players. Jaiteh played well at the combine and really moved the needle on his stock watch. If Pleiss comes in and is unsuccessful, look for Jaiteh to be the next international big brought in.
Arturas Gudaitis

  49. Washington | Arturas Gudaitis | 6-10 | 255 | C | Lithuania | 24

Michael Frazier

  50. *Atlanta | Michael Frazier | 6-5 | 200 | SG | Florida | 24

Minnesota has lacked a solid shooter on their roster. Frazier measured well and seems to be trending upward in the draft. Could be a great marksman on a team with a lot of athletes.
Tyler Harvey

  51. *Orlando | Tyler Harvey | 6-4 | 180 | SG | Eastern Washington | 24

Harvey is a guy that really hurt his stock at the combine. He didn't show well as an athlete and struggled during shooting drills. He was still the top scorer in college basketball though and the Steph Curry effect should warrant him a spot in the 2nd round. Philly could use shooters to go with their athletes so he's worth a look this low.
Quinn Cook

  52. Dallas | Quinn Cook | 6-1 | 180 | PG | Duke | 25

OKC is a team that knows how to work the draft. Augustin is around for 1 more year and Cook would be a guy with similar skills. He's already a pretty good shooter and has shown that he can run a team (before Jones came along). I think he's a great value pick here.
Daniel Diez

  53. *Cleveland | Daniel Diez | 6-8 | 220 | SF/PF | Spain | 25

Ziga Dimec

  54. *Portland | Ziga Dimec | 6-11 | 250 | C | Slovenia | 25

Richaun Holmes

  55. San Antonio | Richaun Holmes | 6-9 | 245 | PF | Bowling Green | 24

This guy has come out of nowhere with his play at Portsmouth and then backing that up with a nice showing at the combine. He has the blue collar attitude that would fit nicely with the Spurs' scheme.
Terran Petteway

  56. *LA Clippers | Terran Petteway | 6-6 | 210 | SF | Nebraska | 25

The Nets don't really have a guy that can come off the bench and create his own shot. If Petteway is known for anything, it's ability to take a game over on the offensive end. He's a volume shooter but has the ability to free himself to get his shot off.
Aaron Harrison

  57. *Denver | Aaron Harrison | 6-6 | 210 | SG | Kentucky | 23

Guillem Vives

  58. *Philadelphia | Guillem Vives | 6-4 | 175 | PG/SG | Spain | 24

JP Tokoto

  59. Atlanta | JP Tokoto | 6-6 | 195 | SG/SF | North Carolina | 24

Tokoto is a guy that has All-star type athleticism but lacks a consistent jump shot. He really showed nice court vision though and shot the ball really well at the combine. I think there can be some comparisons made as a poor mans' Evan Turner (who excelled in Brad Stevens' system) here.
Robert Upshaw

  60. *Philadelphia | Robert Upshaw | 7-0 | 260 | C | Washington | 24

With their 2nd 2nd round pick, I have Boston making a "potential" pick with Upshaw. Much better value than when they drafted Fab Melo at the back end of the 1st a few years ago. Upshaw has massive size and can offer rim protection.