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Updated: 6/27/13 8:07 pm

1<strong>Cleveland </strong> Cleveland Alex Len7-1255CMarylandSo.
2<a href=''  title='Bulls receive the Bobcats&#039; 2013 first-round pick (top 12 protected in 2013, top 10 protected in 2014, top 8 protected in 2015, unprotected in 2016)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Orlando</strong></a> *OrlandoVictor Oladipo6-4213SG/SFIndianaJr.
3<strong>Washington</strong> WashingtonOtto Porter6-9200SFGeorgetownSo.
4<strong>Charlotte</strong> CharlotteNerlens Noel6-11206PF/CKentuckyFr.
5<strong>Phoenix</strong> PhoenixBen McLemore6-5190SGKansasFr.
6<a href=''  title='Cavs receive the Kings 2012 first-round pick (top 13 protected in 2013, top 12 in 2014, top 10 protected in 2015 and 2016, otherwise a 2nd round pick in 2017'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*New Orleans</strong></a> *New OrleansTrey Burke6-1190PGMichiganSo.
7<a href=''  title='Bobcats receive the Pistons&#039; 2013 first-round pick (top 14 protected in the 2013 draft, top 8 in 2014, top 1 in 2015, and unprotected in 2016)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Sacramento</strong></a> *SacramentoAnthony Bennett6-7240SF/PFUNLVFr.
8<strong>Detroit</strong> DetroitMichael Carter-W...6-6185PGSyracuseSo.
9<a href=''  title='Draft day deal with Minnesota'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Utah</strong></a> *UtahKentavious Caldw...6-6205SGGeorgiaSo.
10<a href=''  title='Bobcats receive the Blazers&#039; 2013 first-round pick (top 12 protected in the 2013, 2014, and 2015, and unprotected in 2016)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Portland</strong></a> *PortlandCJ McCollum6-3197PG/SGLehighSr.
11<a href=''  title='Heat receive the 76ers&#039; 2013 first-round pick (lotto protected 2013,&#039;14,&#039;15) If first round pick has not been received by 2015 becomes 2015 and 2016 second rounders. (#27 pick trade, Moultrie)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Philadelphia</strong></a> *PhiladelphiaCody Zeller7-0230PF/CIndianaSo.
12<a href=''  title='Thunder receive the Raptors&#039; 2013 first-round pick (Top 3 protected and 15-30 in 2013, top 2 protected and 15-30 in 2014 and &#039;15, Top 1 protected and 15-30 in 2016 and &#039;17, and unprotected in 2018). (Kyle Lowry trade) via Houston (Harden trade)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Oklahoma Cty</strong></a> *Oklahoma CtySteven Adams7-0255CPittsburghFr.
13<a href=''  title='Dallas via Thunder receive Mavericks&#039; 2013 first-round pick. (top 20 protected until 2017). via Rockets (Harden) via Lakers (Odom) (Jordan Hill trade)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Boston</strong></a> *BostonSergey Karasev6-7197SG/SFRussiaIntl.
14<a href=''  title='Draft day deal with Utah'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Minnesota</strong></a> *MinnesotaLucas Nogueira7-0220PF/CBrazilIntl.
15<strong>Milwaukee</strong> MilwaukeeShane Larkin5-11171PGMiamiSo.
16<a href=''  title='Draft day deal with Dallas'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Atlanta</strong></a> *AtlantaKelly Olynyk 7-0234CGonzagaJr.
17<strong>Atlanta</strong> AtlantaGiannis Adetokoubo6-10205SFGreeceIntl.
18<a href=''  title='Dallas received on draft day via Hawks receive the Rockets&#039; 2013 first-round pick via Nets (top 14 protected in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, or 2017 2nd round pick)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Dallas</strong></a> *DallasMason Plumlee6-11238PFDukeSr.
19<a href=''  title='Cavs receive the Heat&#039;s first round pick. Reserve the right to swap picks with Lakers (lottery protected)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Cleveland </strong></a> *Cleveland Shabazz Muhammad6-6225SFUCLAFr.
20<strong>Chicago</strong> ChicagoJamaal Franklin6-5191SG/SFSan Diego St.Jr.
21<a href=''  title='Wolves receive in draft day deal via Jazz receive the Warriors&#039; 2013 first-round pick, via Nets (Marcus Williams trade) (top 7 protected in 2013, top 6 in 2014. Or Jazz will receive Warriors&#039; 2014 and 2016 second round picks)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Minnesota</strong></a> *MinnesotaDennis Schroder6-2168PGGermanyIntl.
22<strong>Brooklyn</strong> BrooklynGorgui Dieng6-11230CLouisvilleJr.
23<strong>Indiana</strong> IndianaTim Hardaway Jr6-6200SGMichiganJr.
24<strong>New York</strong> New YorkTony Mitchell6-9236SF/PFNorth TexasSo.
25<strong>LA Clippers</strong> LA ClippersTony Snell6-7198SG/SFNew MexicoJr.
26<a href=''  title='Thunder in draft day deal via T&#039;Wolves receive Memphis&#039; 2013 first-round pick via Houston (Wesley Johnson trade)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Oklahoma Cty</strong></a> *Oklahoma CtyRudy Gobert7-2238CFranceIntl.
27<strong>Denver</strong> DenverRicardo Ledo6-6197SGProvidenceFr.
28<strong>San Antonio</strong> San AntonioAllen Crabbe6-6197SGCaliforniaJr.
29<a href=''  title='From San Antonio via Phoenix draft day deal.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Phoenix</strong></a> *PhoenixGlen Rice Jr.6-6211SGUSAJr.
30<a href=''  title='Warriors in draft day deal via Phoenix receives a Lakers first round pick.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Golden St.</strong></a> *Golden St.CJ Leslie6-9209SF/PFNC StateJr.
31<a href=''  title='Cavaliers receive the Magic 2013 second-round pick'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Cleveland </strong></a> *Cleveland DeShaun Thomas6-6220SF/PFOhio StateJr.
32<a href=''  title='Thunder receive the Bobcats&#039; 2013 second round pick. (via Houston, OKC and Boston)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Oklahoma Cty</strong></a> *Oklahoma CtyJeff Withey7-0222CKansasSr.
33<strong>Cleveland </strong> Cleveland Myck Kabongo6-2180PGTexasSo.
34<a href=''  title='Rockets receive the Suns 2013 second-round pick (Marcus Morris trade)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Houston</strong></a> *HoustonReggie Bullock6-7200SG/SFNorth CarolinaJr.
35<a href=''  title='Sixers receive Hornets 2013 second-round pick (Marreese Speights trade)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Philadelphia</strong></a> *PhiladelphiaNate Wolters6-5196PGSouth Dakota ...Sr.
36<strong>Sacramento</strong> SacramentoJames Ennis6-7200SG/SFLong Beach St...Sr.
37<strong>Detroit</strong> DetroitRobert Covington6-7209SFTennessee StateSr.
38<a href=''  title='From Washington in draft day deal.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Milwaukee</strong></a> *MilwaukeeIsaiah Canaan6-0190PGMurray St.Sr.
39<a href=''  title='Blazers receive the T&#039;Wolves&#039; 2013 second-round pick, via Cleveland (Delonte West trade) via Boston (Lee trade)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Portland</strong></a> *PortlandLorenzo Brown6-5189PG/SGNC StateJr.
40<strong>Portland</strong> PortlandMike Muscala6-11230PF/CBucknellSr.
41<a href=''  title='Grizzlies receive Raptors second round pick.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Memphis</strong></a> *MemphisAndre Roberson6-7206SF/PFColoradoJr.
42<a href=''  title='Pelicans receive Sixers 2nd round pick in draft day deal.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*New Orleans</strong></a> *New OrleansJames Southerland6-8221SF/PFSyracuseSr.
43<a href=''  title='Mavericks receive Bucks 2nd round pick in draft day deal.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Dallas</strong></a> *DallasArchie Goodwin 6-5189SGKentuckyFr.
44<a href=''  title='Hawks receive Mavericks 2nd round pick in draft day deal.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Atlanta</strong></a> *AtlantaAlex Abrines6-6190SGSpainIntl.
45<a href=''  title='Blazers receive the Celtics 2013 second-round pick. (Courtney Lee trade)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Portland</strong></a> *PortlandKenny Kadji6-10242PF/CMiamiSr.
46<strong>Utah</strong> UtahPierre Jackson5-10176PGBaylorSr.
47<a href=''  title='Draft day trade from Utah'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Denver</strong></a> *DenverTrevor Mbakwe6-8236PF/CMinnesotaSr.
48<strong>LA Lakers</strong> LA LakersMichael Snaer6-5200SGFlorida St.Sr.
49<strong>Chicago</strong> ChicagoErick Green6-3180PG/SGVirginia TechSr.
50<a href=''  title='Heat receive via draft day deal, Hawks receive the Rockets&#039; 2013 second-round pick (top 40 protected until 2016, unprotected in 2016, pick can be conveyed one year after Houston fulfills second round pick Detroit)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Miami</strong></a> *MiamiPeyton Siva6-1181PGLouisvilleSr.
51<a href=''  title='Magic receive the Warriors&#039; 2013 second-round pick, via Nuggets and Knicks (David Lee trade 07-09-10)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Orlando</strong></a> *OrlandoRyan Kelly 6-11230PFDukeSr.
52<a href=''  title='Minnesota receives the Nets&#039; 2013 second-round pick via New Orleans and Phoenix'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Minnesota</strong></a> *MinnesotaCarrick Felix6-6203SG/SFArizona St.Sr.
53<strong>Indiana</strong> IndianaBJ Young6-3179SGArkansasSo.
54<a href=''  title='76ers in draft day deal via Wizards receive the Knicks&#039; 2013 second-round pick, (Chandler trade)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Philadelphia</strong></a> *PhiladelphiaGrant Jerrett6-10232PFArizonaFr.
55<strong>Memphis</strong> MemphisRay McCallum 6-1190PGDetroitJr.
56<a href=''  title='Pistons receive the Clippers second round pick'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Detroit</strong></a> *DetroitRodney Williams6-7200SFMinnesotaSr.
57<a href=''  title='Suns receive the Nuggets&#039; 2013 second-round pick (top 40 protected) via Lakers (Nash trade)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Phoenix</strong></a> *PhoenixNemanja Nedovic6-3190PG/SGSerbiaIntl.
58<strong>San Antonio</strong> San AntonioBrandon Paul6-4200SGIllinoisSr.
59<a href=''  title='T&#039;Wolves receive a Thunder&#039; 2013 second-round pick (top 43 protected or extinguished)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Minnesota</strong></a> *MinnesotaColton Iverson7-0263PF/CColorado St.Sr.
60<a href=''  title='Grizzlies receive Heat second round pick.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Memphis</strong></a> *MemphisSolomon Hill6-7226SFArizonaSr.