Javaris Crittenton Interview

Wed, 06/20/2007 - 11:42am

By Aran Smith

[img_assist|nid=3815|title=Javaris Crittenton|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=250|height=329]Aran Smith:How do you see your style of game fitting into the NBA?

Javaris Crittenton:
I think that I've always had an NBA style game. I can run offensive sets well and I'm very good in the open court. I'm a playmaker and I think any playmaker has an NBA style game when they just create plays, whether it be for themself or for a teammate.

AS: Can you contribute to an NBA team right now?

JC: Yes, I feel like I can contribute to a team right now.

AS: How so?

JC: I feel that I can run the show, distribute the ball, and score when needed to. I can shoot, handle the ball, handle pressure, beat defenders off of the dribble, use my body well, get to the rim, and use my athleticism to finish at the rim or in the paint. I also think that I have pretty good body control. Its obvious that like any young player I still have a lot to learn though.

AS:Is there a type of team or style you think your game fits well with?

JC: I love playing in the open court but I can also run offensive sets very well. I play however my team needs me to. So, it really doesn't matter what style of play, I just love to play basketball.

AS:Which team have you worked out for and which teams will you work out for?

JC: I have worked out for Chicago, Philly, LAC, Lakers, Washington, Miami, Phoenix, and I still have to workout for......Atlanta, New Orleans, and Detroit

AS: Which teams are showing the most interest in you and what are you hearing for a draft range?

JC: My workouts have been going really well. Every team from 10-20 has been showing a great deal of interest. Anywhere from 10-20.

AS: How do you compare yourself with the other top point guards in this draft class? (Conley and Law)

I think we are all different in our own individual way but I think me and Acie are big guards with size, strength, and can shoot. Mike and I are both quick, athletic, and we both can distribute the ball well.
We are both good playmakers. Acie is obviously a little bit more experienced than Mike and I. I think I'm bigger, stronger, more explosive and athletic than the two but we all have our individual strengths and weaknesses.

AS: What made you decide to sign with an agent somewhat early in the evaluation process?

JC:I made my decision after I sat down with my family and coach Hewitt and gathered info from the NBA. This is a lifelong dream of mine and I feel like this is the perfect time to make this happen. I feel like coach Hewitt and the rest of the GT coaching staff did a great job of coaching me and teaching me and that I'm prepared after this one year. After I made up my mind to stay in the draft I figured that it was best to let everyone know instead of waiting to the 18th and giving false hope to fans and coaching staff. I also think it was best to announce that I was staying in the draft and sign and agent so that I could just focus on working out and just strictly basketball, rather than having to also think of ways to financially prepare for my trips and workouts.

AS: Many of the point guards that went to league with one or less years of college experience have struggled, what makes you different? How will you succeed?

JC: A lot of people think that pg's should stay in school for 2 or more years but I feel that I'm prepared and that this is the right time. I will succeed by prayer, faith, and continuing to be a hardworker, dedicated, very confident and very determined, and by listening to instruction. I always strive to be great at what I do. I have accomplished all the goals that I have set in my life by doing these things. I am very confident in myself and I have faith in God about my life and success. I haven't doubted myself all my life and I'm not going to start now. I will continue to do all the things that have brought me this far and more to better myself and to succeed.

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