Zoran Dragic to Boston (then waived)

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Zoran Dragic to Boston (then waived)

The Miami Heat have traded Zoran to Boston along with a 2020 2nd round pick in return for a heavily protected (likely top 55 protected) 2019 2nd round pick. Miami is also including cash in the deal to offset Zoran's $1.7 mil salary. The deal gets Miami closer to the luxury tax line and will save them a good chunk of tax payment. Boston on the other hand will immediately waive Zoran and essentially get a free 2nd round pick for helping facilitate the cash savings for Miami. Hard to not like the deal for both sides, especially boston for getting an extra asset for literally nothing.

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Lil Z just can't catch a

Lil Z just can't catch a break. I see him going back to Europe this season.

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$1.7 Mil

At least he cashed in and is a millionairre.

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That's all fine but ...

I'm still far from impressed by Boston's offseason.

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