'Zona 4

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'Zona 4

ESPN bottom line reports...

  • Aaron Gordon to enter
  • Nick Johnson likely to enter
  • Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to stay
  • Kaleb Tarczewski to stay

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How good are they next year?

How good are they next year? I predict they drop off a bit. Mconnel is good but not good enough.

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Zona is final 4 contender easy

Stanely Johnson is a great fit on the wing with RHJ. Brandon will still be there to spread the floor as a stretch 4. Tarc will be a year older and stronger. McConnel is smart and takes care of the ball.

This team has no major weakness.

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Outside shooting is probably

Outside shooting is probably their biggest weakness if they lose Johnson. I know Ashley can shoot but they will be relying heavily on York and McConnell and neither of them are consitent outside shooters. This was already one of their weaknesses last year with Johnson on the team so while I look for them to be a top 5 team for sure I think they can be beat in games they aren't hitting from the outside.

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starters PG - TJ McConnell,


PG - TJ McConnell, SR

SG - Stanley Johnson, FR

SF - Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, SO

PF - Brandon Ashley, JR

C - Kaleb Tarczewski, JR


G - Parker Jackson-Cartwright, FR

G - Gabe York, JR

G - Kadeem Allen, JR

G - Elliot Pitts, SO

F - Craig Victor, FR

C - Zach Peters, JR

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with stanley johnson they

with stanley johnson they will make a deep run in the tourney next year.i think if they had him this year they could of won it!

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