Zero International players in mock draft 51 days before draft.

You can't tell me that no foreigners are going to be taken in the 2012 draft. Especially the 2nd round, it is like a united nations meeting by the end of the draft. Just throw some names in that end in Ovic and I will be content.

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evan fournier not getting

evan fournier not getting drafted? he must have withdrawn

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He didn't withdraw.

He didn't withdraw.

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As long as you're going to be that critical, you might as well get your facts right. Furkan Aldemir is international and listed on the mock #52. You make a good point the late second usually has a number of International "stashers". We'll have a better idea of who those will be soon.


International players have until 10 days before the draft to withdraw. So Fournier is in right now, but could pull out.

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Can anyone who follows

Can anyone who follows international basketball tell me anything about these guys:

Dusan Cantekin (Serbia)

Tomas Satoransky (Spain)

Also, it sounds like Donatas, Mirotec and Valanciunas are getting good reviews in Europe currently.

Is it certain we will see Donatas and Valanciunas in the Olympics qualifiers or at the games if Lithuania qualifies? Or how about Steven Adams if New Zealand qualifies?


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Festus Ezeli, late first

Festus Ezeli, late first early secoind.

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geeze aran

A little defensive?

I don't think he was calling you out or questioning your knowledge. You act like its the end of the world when someone questions your mock. You act like they are questioning your knowledge or character. He was just asking a question, not being "that critical".

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That is correct it was just a

That is correct it was just a question regarding the fact that I didn't see any International players in the mock draft. I wasn't sure what the story was because a month or so ago I saw multiple Euro dudes in the mock so calm your wood. And to the guy that says Festus Ezili I don't really consider him an International player since he went to Vandy in the heart of the USA.

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No word on Paul Lacombe

No word on Paul Lacombe still? I was high on him for Quite some time but have heard absolutely nothing about him in a while.

Nemanja Nedovic

Tomas Satoransky

Joseph Franch

Dejan Musli

Joffrey Lauvergne

Rudy Gobert

Evan Fournier

Paul Lacombe

Furkan Aldemir

Jakub Wojciechowski

Augusto Lima

Leon Radosevic

Nihad Djedovic


Any of these guys could enter and stay in. I'm sure there are a few others, but those are pretty much the only guys I know anything about.

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Any update on Lacombe would

Any update on Lacombe would be appreciated. I notice there hasn't been much of any talk about him leading uip to the draft as of now and I remember he had some decent potential and American athleticism. His ballhandling needed work but he had some natural pg instincts. Any updates would be appreciated.

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