Zeller...Leslie...Plumlee Scouting Videos

Mike Schmitz makes some of the best scouting videos on Youtube. So far he has made Cody Zeller, CJ Leslie, & Mason Plumlee ones.




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I'm a fan of Leslie. He just

I'm a fan of Leslie. He just really needs to work on his jumper the most, he ends passing up on the shot he should have taken and makes it harder on himself, because he is so skittish of his jumper.

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At 2 a.m. on many nights this

At 2 a.m. on many nights this summer, Leslie could be found at NC State's practice gym playing one-on-one with Washington Wizards guard John Wall, Leslie's friend and former high school teammate. During those contests, Leslie thought it would be unfair to post up the smaller Wall, so Leslie worked on other aspects of his game, like driving to the basket or his pull-up jumper.

Leslie claims that he won more often than he lost. Afterward, sometimes the two would reminisce. "I used to go stay at his house and he used to come stay at my house," Leslie says. "Man, for him to go and to take his family out of that place and put them somewhere nice ... that's my dream."

Leslie's ceiling may be as high as any player in college basketball. He is one of the few players in the country athletic enough to post up one possession and run the fast break the next, a little bit of Garnett and Hardaway.

"C.J.'s quickness is tremendous for his size," Early says. "He's able to make plays against guys who may be a little taller or a little stronger because he can go up and around those guys with ease. C.J. has the ability to be the ACC Player of the Year."

"The telltale sign for Calvin is how good a leader he can become," Gottfried says. "This team responds to him. Does he accept that? How does he handle that? He needs to understand that they follow his lead."

"A lot of us have challenged C.J. to improve himself and he has responded so far," Yow says. "So we are very optimistic about what he can do this season."

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/basketball/ncaa/08/27/CJ-Leslie-NC...

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I always thought Leslie has

I always thought Leslie has been underrated. Imagine if Perry Jones played like Leslie he may of been the 2nd pick.

Leslie will be this years Thomas Robinson and set the NCAA on fire with his passion and athleticism. Except Leslie is a better defensive play maker and has more SF tools then Robinson.

Depending on how quick Rodney Purvis' game translates I can see Leslie easily averaging 17-20 ppg on the best team in the ACC while also getting 8-10 rpg, and a few steals and blocks a game. He'd be a perfect fit for the Wizards but should move into the top 5-7 of the draft.

CJ Leslie reminds me of a more aggressive Darius Miles.

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