Zaza Pachulia traded to the Mavs

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Zaza Pachulia traded to the Mavs

So, Zaza is with the Mavs now. At least they've got a center now... He's no Deandre, but if Jordan didn't have the respect to let the Mavs know what he was doing, then I'd probably rather have him on my team.

What do you guys think?

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It stops the bleeding for

It stops the bleeding for now, but this team is in bad shape.

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Getting Zaza for only a

Getting Zaza for only a second rounder is a steal imo. They needed a low post defender and Zaza showed last year he was pretty good at doing so. He is a far better shooter and smarter player than DeAndre, but they now have to not very athletic frontcourt players in Pachulia and Nowitzki.
However, considering Pachulia's contract expires after this season there is little risk in picking him up. The Mavericks still have loads of cap space next year (like most teams), while still trotting otu a respectable team next year. Not great, but they will make the play-offs (5-8 spot).

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You will probably get negged

You will probably get negged pretty good for that opinion, but look like a genius after February...

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Unfortunately, they still

Unfortunately, they still have no shot-blocking. Personally, I would've maybe tried trading a future 1st rounder for John Henson. Might've been a better deal.

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I think this is a good move

I think this is a good move for the Mavs.

I don't buy the tanking thing at all, at least for now. I think it's pretty clear that teh West again is loaded with teams looking to make a playoff push and in general that means there are going to be a lot of teams with 50 to 55 wins next year or even less and injuries will always play a big part in that, just look at what the Thunder had to deal with. Maybe the Grizzlies have some injury problems, CP3 alsways misses some games, same AD and on and on and on.

If I'm the Mavs front office, I would throw a 1 year deal at Biyombo and they still need depth at the 4 as well. I would try to build a team that is going to contend and if this won't work out with Parsons still rehabbing, Mathews struggeling to find his form and identity and it's clear by January they won'T go nowhere, the can still tnk and hope to get their pick top 7 wich is the protection they have when they traded this to the Celtics.

I like this move, not a home run but to get a proven starting caliber center who can play up to 30 mins with one year left for a 2nd rounder you've done a good job. Way better than trading for Hibbert to me.

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Well, they needed a center

Well, they needed a center and they got one, although this is a giant downgrade from Jordan. Paculia is tough and a decent position defender but they still need a shot-blocker. If they still have cap space available, why not try to get javale McGee on a cheap contract. What's really the risk?

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@XYRYX I would have loved

I would have loved getting Biyombo and most Mavs fan kind of wanted him.but he signed for the Raptors already
That what sucks in DeAndre decision .many valuable options have gone .and many of those players could have got bigger pay check from the Mavs than their current team if the Mavs didn't commit to DeAndre .
I wouldn't have cared if he choose Clippers from the start .but what happened happened and we need to move on

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It's a solid move, but has to be depressing. You lose Deandre which means you have already agreed to give Matthews more money if he did not sign and you end up with Zaza who does a great impression of a hockey goon. I would say they should blow it all up, but they don't really have a backup plan at the moment.

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The Bucks have made some poor

The Bucks have made some poor moves, but it's funny to think that they originally were laughed at mercilessly for signing Zaza and people immediately said he was untradable, and then they got a 1st round pick in order to take Dudley, and they have since shipped both out for 2nd round picks. Dudley and Zaza did a really nice job of rehabbing their images (and some credit definitely goes to Kidd for being a good coach and putting them in a position to succeed).

If only they hadn't wasted that 1st round pick from Dudley on Vasquez (not hating on Vasquez; he's a decent pickup, but not sure he's worth even a late 1st).

Anyways, a decent pick-up for Dallas, but I'm not really sure what their plan is at this point. I don't think they'll be bad enough to be a top 7 pick this year, but I'm not sure they're a playoff team as currently constructed. Even if they are, this is a team that isn't going anywhere this year, even if they get Deron Williams at the end of this (rumor that Brooklyn may buy him out so that he can go to Dallas).

A part of me will miss Zaza in Milwaukee, but it'll be a good opportunity for Henson to get some extra minutes in a contract year.

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