Your top two players for each position

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Your top two players for each position

These are my two favirote players from each position (not who will neccesarily go first but who I think will end up being the best players from each position)

PG. 1. Tony Wroten Jr. 2-Damian Lillard

SG. 1. Jeremy Lamb. 2- Brad Beal

SF. 1. MKG. 2- Harrison Barnes

PF. T-Rob. 2- Arnett Moultrie

C. Andre Drummond. 2- Tyler Zeller

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Anthony Davis

No Anthony Davis lol???

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PG: Tony Wroten, 2. Kendall

PG: Tony Wroten, 2. Kendall Marshall
SG: Jeremy Lamb, 2. Brad Beal
SF: Harrison Barnes, 2. MKG
PF: Anthony Davis, 2. Arnett Moultrie
C: Andre Drummond, 2. Myers Leonard

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PG 1- Kendall Marshall

PG 1- Kendall Marshall 2- Tony Wroten

SG 1- Jeremy Lamb / Brad Beal 2- Will Barton

SF 1- Harrison Barnes 2- Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

PF 1- Anthony Davis 2- Jared Sullinger

C- 1- Andre Drummond 2- Meyers Leonard

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PG 1- Kendall Marshall 2-

PG 1- Kendall Marshall 2- Damian Lilliard

SG 1- Jeremy Lamb 2- Bradley Beal

SF 1- Harrison Barnes 2- Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

PF 1- Anthony Davis 2- Thomas Robinson

C- 1- Andre Drummond 2- Tyler Zeller

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PG 1-Kendall Marshall 2-Tony

PG 1-Kendall Marshall 2-Tony Wroten

SG 1-Brad Beal 2-Austin Rivers

SF 1-MKG 2- Barnes

PF 1-Anthony Davis 2-PJ3

C 1-Andre Drummond 2-Meyers Leonard

I was going to put Ross over Rivers because Austin Can't play defense, and never looks to pass, but is gonna be a GREAT scorer in the league. I really think Tyler Zeller is a mop

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PG Marshall, Wroten SG Lamb,

PG Marshall, Wroten

SG Lamb, Beal

SF MKG, Barnes

PF T-Rob, Moultrie

C Davis, Drummond

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not in the order I think

not in the order I think they'll get drafted, but my top 2 players at each position.

PG- Kendall Marshall/ Damian Lillard

SG - Jeremy Lamb/Bradley Beal

SF - Harrison Barnes/MKG

PF - Anthony Davis/ Thomas Robinson

C - Tyler Zellar/ Meyers Leonard

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Ive gotten some crap this

Ive gotten some crap this season for saying Marshall isnt the best PG, but if you have watched him this year he just has an insanely good feel for the game, something that cant be taught. He is the best PG

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PG 1) Kendall Marshall - He

PG 1) Kendall Marshall - He just is a better facilitator than everyone else, has proved it on the big stage vs. Duke too.

2) Jordan Taylor - I'm a wisconsin fan, sue me.

SG 1) Will Barton - I like his competitiveness, will get taken low in the draft because when he turns sideways he disappears. But moves well without the ball, shoots a great percentage from the floor both from 2 and 3. I see him having a Rip Hamilton affect at the NBA level, especially since IMO SG is the weakest position in the league in terms of depth. Given playing time he will produce.

2) Brad Beal/Terrence Ross - Playing styles are really well suited for the NBA. Shot is already there for both of them, now they just need an opportunity.

SF 1) Harrison Barnes - While I don't see him being any more than a catch and shoot guy in the NBA... Plenty of guys have made that their career before..

2) MKG - Love his attitude approaching the game, really goes all out, fun to watch. Not sure of his skill level, but if develops well I think he could easily trump Barnes.

PF 1) Anthony Davis - I hate him and his unibrow. But he can play, I'll give him that. His confidence on the outside with his jumper has opened my eyes a bit in the last couple weeks.

2) Perry Jones III - Hasn't shown much of it yet but in the NBA with a up and down team.. I think we'll see the real Perry Jones..

C 1) Drummond - Has the skills, athleticism, can't wait to watch.

6) Fab Melo - One of the few guys that I feel really gives it his all every game, and has improved considerably, I look for him to get a lot better over the next 2 years.

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