Your thoughts on Ron Baker as an NBA prospect

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Your thoughts on Ron Baker as an NBA prospect

I noticed ESPN's Chad Ford has him ranked 25th his most recent big board. While this site has him 52nd and draft express #70.

I'm talking about the guard from Wichita St by the way.

Where would you rank him?

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In my opinion, I feel he's

In my opinion, I feel he's somewhere inbetween where Ford and Aran have him. From what I've read from Chad, he feels he can make some sort of transition to the PG position, and I guess I'm just skeptical, as he is in the same class as FVV and will most likely never get extended time running the offense, at the NCAA level. Still, I think he's a good enough ball handler and distributer to be a combo guard of sorts, and he knows the game enough to operate the pick and roll.

I love his toughness. He's a pretty well built 6'4'', and his 6'8.5'' wingspan don't render him unusable for a SG, just a smaller off guard, but he's not very good laterally, and will be one of those guys who doesn't do a whole lot on defense when he hits the NBA.

He's an awesome mid-range shooter, and definitely has potential as a long range shooter in the NBA. I'm pretty firm on the fact that I don't really believe Baker is a 1st round talent, but I do think he's a valid option in the 30-40 range where a guaranteed contract is off the table.

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I see a lot of similarities

I see a lot of similarities between him and Nate Wolters. I think he could also be drafted in a smiliar spot and a serve a similar role.

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he's not like wolters. he

he's not like wolters. he doesn't project to be a point. he's tough, physical with a football player mentality. he can defend, but he might have issues with quickness at the next level. offensively, i think he projects to be a shooter and not much else. maybe he can attack in straight lines, but his lack of quickness limits him as a slasher as well.

i think he projects to be more of a high IQ, 3 and D bench guard. fringe 1st imo.

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