Your thoughts on contraction

How do yall feel about the league downsizing and having fewer teams in order to make the league more competitive? At first i thought it may be a good idea. But when u start to think about money it gets a lot messier and contraction becomes a problem. See people often forget the business side of downsizing. And when this was 1st discussed people said the nba would make more money. But the fact is it would become more expensive. I was listening to a mark cuban interview and he was saying how he was for it until it came down to contracts. Then it became clear to me that its difficult to downsize because what are you going to do with all those contracts of the losing teams and all those years. Are you going to pay guys who wont even make another team millions just for nuthing? idk but what are your thoughts.

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a straight basketball point of view it would be great there would be more quality players with more teams there would be more super team like the heat

but i would hate to see cities and fans who love there teams see them go its effed up

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I wrote about this a while

I wrote about this a while back and was all for it from a basketball side of it. But the amount of jobs that will be lost is tremendous. Just think about all the people who actually work in the arenas that depend on that to live. That would suck for people especially in this climate.

Also, many players would lose jobs. This would shrink the league big time. The quality of teams would be better but fewer teams would mean teams playing each other over and over again. It can be a good or bad thing depending on how you see it.

Its a tough one.

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thats why i think it will be so interesting to see how this all shakes out. Most people see it as just a situation that will make games interesting but they dont take into account the amount of jobs and money that can be lost

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