Your thoughts on 7 foot 9 armspan Beejay Anya?

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Your thoughts on 7 foot 9 armspan Beejay Anya?

BJ Anya is a really, really big kid. He turned 17 recently and was listed at 6 foot 9, 275lbs with a 7 foot 9 armspan and a 9 foot 3 standing reach... This armspan is the widest documented armspan out of any highschool basketball player ever. And BJ is a junior! It is possible that this massive kid grows even bigger, and longer in his senior year or even in his college years and I firmly believe that this kid is going to be something special.

I believe that if he were to go to the nba the way he is right now, i see him as a joel anthony 2.0. That's not saying much considering the pretty comical stats of our good ol' joel "the pappa" anthony, but Beejay Anya is a different thing. First of all, this kid has pretty comparable instincts to Joel and is a great shot blocker.. But let's not forget that he is only 17 and doesnt have his man body yet, he still needs to grow into his body and his massive 275lbs frame is sure limiting his shot blocking rate because this kid has an about 25 inch vertical.. Also he doesn't have rock hands like joel, his are big and soft, he can catch the ball and plays with grit down low.

Basically where I'm getting to is that I'm projecting his impact when he gets into the league and I DO BELIEVE he will become an nba player, to be like Jason Maxiell's statistical impact. That's after what i can see his development bringing him with atleast another 2-3 years. But if he grows some more oh boy he could have top 5 draftee talent...

Hereafter is a link i provided towards some of his highlights.. Remember that he is playing for Dematha High which is one of the best ranked highschools in the US, so don't underestimate his competition, he faces the likes of aquille carr and others...

What are ur thoughts if u have any about this guy?

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Don't believe anything you see in high school, kids.

I'll wait and see what he can do in college first.

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Cant wait to see him in an

Cant wait to see him in an Indiana Hoosier uniform!!! Hopefully

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if he continues to grow? 8+

if he continues to grow?

8+ feet of wingspan?????

would be skinny as hell,

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i hope he does well in

i hope he does well in college.. more talents for us to watch..

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His lateral quickness right

His lateral quickness right now is not that great so it would be great if he grows to be around 7 feet. I kind of see him being a defensive minded Roy Hibbett if he can work on his overall skills.

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I see some bynum in him

I see some bynum in him

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His size and high profile as

His size and high profile as a recruit will probably get him in the NBA eventually, but he needs to add more to his offense to become anything special. Tall, long guys who get a shot in the league because of length, rebounding and shot blocking are a dime a dozen. Despite a record wingspan, it takes more than that for me to to excited about him.

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i hate when people compare

i hate when people compare every center to bynum

and every lanky wing player player to durant

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is he somehow related to Saer

is he somehow related to Saer Sene who bosted of a 7 foot 8 inch and a half wing span? one of the Seatle Super Sonics' project bigs trying to find their next center, took him 10th overall, had loads of potential due to his physical gifts but was never able to put it together in the NBA. he did play decently in the D-League and has had some success in Europe.

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Good player bUt wingspan

Good player bUt wingspan isn't that long. Not very good on offense yet. Most likely he is a 3 year player. He benefits from being in a class where there isn't a lot of skilled bigs. In last years class he wouldn't be a top 6 big.

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Another Nigerian that is

Another Nigerian that is being group for our national team, he needs to add some inches though because he will get found out in the league if he makes it, read about him here.

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