Your team in the Draft

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Your team in the Draft

I think it'll he neat to see who each of us wants our team to draft, so let's post the top three guys you want your team to draft and why.

Here goes for my Blazers!

1. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
Pope's got a dangerous jump shot and really good defense. He's also really quick, as shown at the combine, and I think all of this would fit really well along side Lillard. He's kind of a faster Wesley Matthews, and I'd love to see what he could do starting off on our horrible second unit alongside Eric Maynor. Sooner or later, he'd take the starting spot from Matthews. I also think he's better at creating his own shot than Matthews is, and that would be invaluable to our bench in the beginning of his career, and could help take pressure off Lillard moving forward a few years into his career. I just think he's one of those guys who's a safe pick, who also has the potential to become something special.

2. Cody Zeller
We need size down low. Hickson was great for us last season, but our height deficiencies showed up. Zeller can get easy buckets down low, hit the jump shot with ease, and make plays with his back to the basket. He's not the rebounder that Hickson is, but I think he'll be a slightly better defender due to his quickness, even if he's got T Rex arms. Another one of those safe pick guys, but he has less potential to become something special than KCP does.

3. Shabbaz Muhammad
Sad to see a guy go from the projected first overall pick, to a guy that seems like a reach at number ten. But still, Muhammad's got some game when it comes to scoring and Portland's bench can use a lot of that. He'll need to learn to take a step back from "the guy" to "one of the guys" to succeed as a bench player early on in his career. If he does, he'll be starting in no time. If he tightens up his handle, gets back into the shape he was in in high school and shows that he can play for a real team without letting his ego take over, I think he'd be a great pick at ten. His strength and length will lead to a lot of buckets down low powering his way through smaller guards, and I think that he'll improve defensively in the NBA.

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Indiana Pacers 1. Erick Green

Indiana Pacers

1. Erick Green - I keep thinking Lou Williams and that is the scorer slash bench production that Indiana sorely needs.

2. Shane Larkin - A pass first PG with very good court vision and great athleticism.

3. Tony Mitchell - I have no problem with the Pacers taking a risk on a young guy with a lot of upside especially at PF where with Wets hopefully coming back he has time to develop.

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Bulls. For the fourth

Bulls. For the fourth straight year I want us to draft a SG. We need players to stretch the floor for Rose while giving us some much needed offensive production.

1a. Allen Crabbe
1b. Reggie Bullock
3. Glen Rice Jr.
4. Tim Hardaway Jr.

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Based on local media/beat writers/bloggers/my opinion:

1) KCP. This guy has emerged as the favorite (based on rumblings from Wolves personnel/bloggers (and my personal pick)) to be the wolves pick at #9. He brings everything the wolves needs: size at the 2, outside shooting, and the ability to create shots for himself off the dribble.
2) CJ McCollum. Another outside shooter. He may actually be gone by the time the Wolves pick.
3) Zeller: I have no idea why the mock on this site has him listed as the Wolves pick when KCP is still available. He'd be the BPA at that spot, but I don't see how he fits on this team.

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a big would be nice, whether its Zeller or Adams

and I hope with one the 2nd round picks they draft Jamelle Haggins from Delaware.

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For the C's: 1) Rickey Ledo-

For the C's:

1) Rickey Ledo- C's need to rebuild with star upside. No one at 16 is going to have more upside than Ledo. Ideally the C's could trade down and acquire another asset (such as a future pick or a 2nd...whatever, they need young bodies at this point) but I'd be perfectly content taking Ledo at 16 if push came to shove. I have Ledo 15th overall in my rankings and IMO he'd be ranked near MacLemore had he been eligible to play this year.

2) Dennis Schroeder- Lets face it, they're not seriously building around Rondo. They can publicly say otherwise, but my bet is Rondo is gone at the first sign he's healthy and this kid is my top PG on the board.

3) Giannis Adetokoubo- See Ledo. This guy also has crazy upside.

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I think the Wolves will probably draft KCP before the Blazers get their pick and I think that's okay actually because I want them to draft C.J. McCollum.

He's a 4 year guy who can start with Lillard in the backcourt in the future (I think his wingspan of 6-5 is decent for SG) or come off the bench in a Manu Ginobili role behind Matthews. Either way, it would give them a guy who really knows how to play, can shoot lights out, get his own shot and has great heart.

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I would love to see the

I would love to see the Raptors pull off a deal with Dallas for the 13th pick and draft Dennis Schroeder. He seems like he has the complete package for a PG other then maybe explosive leaping ability. He will need to gain more strength and need a couple years to adapt to the NBA game but I think his talent is a great fit.

As an alternative buying a 2nd round pick or trading for one to grab Kabongo would make me even happier.

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At #11
1 - Cody Zeller - We need size and potential
2 - Lucas Nogueira - See comment 1
3 - Shabazz Muhammad - We could also use a serious scoring threat & sometimes you have to take chances.

Second Round (Would like to see 2 from this group)

Reggie Bullock - Shooter
Lorenzo Brown - Backup PG
Archie Goodwin - Think he has potential
CJ Leslie

Would love to trade back into the bottom of the 1st round and grab Ricky Ledo.

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Boston: 1. Olynyk. 23/8

1. Olynyk. 23/8 upside, can pair with Sullinger to form a highly versatile and highly effecient offfensive tandem built for the half court style of the playoffs. Another hard worker to maintain celtic culture during the rebuild, and a smart player/passer to make his teammates better.

2. Shabazz. Could be one of the best 2 guards in the league with superior length and strength, and his defense should be average with rondo or avery bradley guarding the point.

3. Giannis. Tricky fit with Jeff Green already on the team, but high enough potential to risk taking at 16 anyway.

4+5. Mitchell, Nogueira. Ridiculous upside.

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jazz Big man Lucas

Big man
Lucas Nogueira
Kelly Olynyk
Mason Plumlee

Point guard
Trade up for Burke
Trade up for McCollum
Pick big man at 14 and then Cannan at 21
Pick big man at 14 and then Larkin at 21

For their second round pick, just pick bpa

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1)Oladipo (motor,characte,r along with elite athletecism)
2)McLemore (star potential and Suns desperately need a shooting guard)
3)Porter (won't be there)
4) Zeller (we love having siblings of nba players on our team)
5) Noel (Not very high on Noel I just think the Suns medical staff would be good for him and it'd put them right back in top 5 next year)

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I really want the Knicks to swing for the fences. And I believe that this team needs to draft a PG or a wing. The speculation about getting someone for the front line is a bad idea IMO. The skills that Dieng or Withey bring could be provided by similar vets with similar skillsets.

Ricardo Ledo is honestly my first choice. He's an immature kid who is a long way off from understanding what he's suppose to do- but he'll be the player with the most star-potential.

Tim Hardaway doesn't have a great ceiling, but I wouldnt be mad if we picked up another wing.

Nate Wolters he's a 4 year guy but he can create his own shot and is a decent athelete

Nemanja Nedovic doesn't make the most sense since we need a roster spot filled now- and he would be a DnS player. That being said, he is a solid athlete who can finish at the rim.

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Cavs: #1: Alex Len, Otto


#1: Alex Len, Otto Porter, Nerlens Noel
#19: Tony Snell, Sergey Karasev, Tony Mitchell

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