Your Perception of Duke

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Your Perception of Duke

As I am reading comments on the Fab Five/ Grant Hill situation on various sites, I am shocked at how many people so vehemently hate Duke.

They say they are snobbish and Coach K is a prick.

I don't see a snobbish team at all, and if you watch the locker room interviews after every game on they seem like a pretty fun group and maybe have the best chemistry out of any team I've seen off the court a lot like how the Thunder mesh.

Maybe this is just me being too young to understand how prickish or easily hateable Duke players were back in the 90's, but I truly believe that there is not much to actually "hate" about Duke.

I mean they do everything fairly. And they are choosy about their recruits but can you blame them after so many recruiting coups have been happening in the last couple of years?

I don't know. I just posted this so I can get some feedback on the institution of Duke from an older audience because obviously I am too young to understand this blind hate.

What are your guys opinion on Duke whether you love em or hate em.

No trying to cover up anything BE HONEST.

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I'm not going to go as far as some of the things Jalen Rose has said but man i HATE Duke and I'm from the midwest and I hate them just about as much as i HATE kansas. Coach K is unparalled in the college game as a coach right now, especially after ending the championship drought last year. I agree though that they don't recruit "inner city" type high school kids. The only player I can think of is Corey Maggette, who I know nothing of over the court, but he kind of puts out that persona. Also, my hatred for them runs through me somewhat because I saw a UNC game at the Dean Dome in the Vince Carter days as a young child, so they kind of captivated me. I don't know, they win, love how Jimmy King called Grant Hill and Laetner "a &$#%#[email protected]!". hahahahahaa that was HILAR. Their the Yankees of college basketball and it makes me sick, but they win so I'm just another dude sippin' Haterade.

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Well i guess i am in a small group of people who love Duke haha. When i was 10 i met Shane Battier before a baskeball game. (My uncle was a trainer) And he took pictures and talked to me for about 30 mins. And he was never rude to me or my sisters. And i got to meet some other guys from that team and they were all really cool guys! And yes i know i was seeing this as a 10 year old. But still it was a great moment of my life. And from what i have seen most Duke players are like this! There high class guys who play hard and depend on hardwork and skill. Not on how high they can jump! And hate to say it. But pretty sure most black inner city kids just don't like the idea that a rich white kid could beat them at basketball.

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