Your opinions on 2k12 (To purchase or wait for 2k13)

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Your opinions on 2k12 (To purchase or wait for 2k13)

Well, I've got a used copy of 2k12 that I can purchase from my friend at a discount, but with 2k13 not too far away I am curious as to whether this game is good enough to warrant a discounted purchase.

So a few questions I have to ask everyone are:

Are there any bugs/glitches I should be aware of? Can these be easily ignored/fixed?
What are the best/worst aspects of association mode?
What are the best/worst aspects of the gameplay itself?
Is this playable with only a keyboard or would I need to purchase a game pad?
and of course Would it be worth it to buy it now at a discounted price or wait until 2k13?

Keep in mind that I have not played a 2k game since 2k10 and I have not played association mode since 2k9. I am primarily interested in playing association mode so I put any pros/cons regarding that mode in high regard. How good/bad the actual gameplay itself takes precedence of course. Not too big of a stickler for any of the other game modes or changes in rosters since that can be easily patched.

Thanks for your help guys. I am aware that not much has been announced regarding the features in 2k13, but I feel that you guys have had almost a year's worth of experience on 2k12 so you can be a better judge as to whether 2k12 is worth a delayed purchase.

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2k13 isnt even out yet

2k13 isnt even out yet

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Personally, I thought 2k12

Personally, I thought 2k12 was good but not better than 2k11. They have Legends mode with all time greats MJ, Bird, Magic, Pat Ewing, Zeke etc. so if u like that you might want to check it out. My player mode imo kinda sucked without crew mode. Your team's A.I isn't great and stars on your squad don't play like it (so if you're on the Bulls, D. Rose would be average at best). Also, playing against the cpu in general is kind of annoying. I only play online against other players. You should probably just save your money for 2k13 at this point.

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