Your FAVORITE Prospects This Season

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Your FAVORITE Prospects This Season

Who's your top 3 favorite prospects for next years draft at each position this season? Can be overseas as well.

Doesn't necessarily have to be the BEST prospects, but your FAVORITE ones.

PG Lorenzo Brown/Trey Burke/Ryan Harrow
SG Jamaal Franklin/Ricardo Ledo/Archie Goodwin
SF LeBryan Nash/Deshaun Thomas/Dario Saric
PF James McAdoo/CJ Leslie/Patric Young
C Cody Zeller/Rudy Gobert/Steven Adams

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PG: Trey Burke, Myck Kabongo,

PG: Trey Burke, Myck Kabongo, Ryan Harrow

SG: Shabazz Muhammad, Archie Goodwin, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

SF: Alex Poythress, LeBryan Nash, Adonis Thomas

PF: James McAdoo, Isaiah Austin, Patric Young

C: Nerlens Noel, Cody Zeller, Rudy Gobert

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PG- Ray McCallum, Joe

PG- Ray McCallum, Joe Jackson, Lorenzo Brown

SG- Shabazz Muhammad, Rodney Purvis, PJ Hairston

SF- Adonis Thomas, Otto Porter, Kyle Anderson

PF- CJ Leslie, Patrick Young, Anthony Bennett

C- Cody Zeller, Gorgui Deng, Kaleb Tarczewski

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PG. Yogi FerrellSG. Shabazz

PG. Yogi Ferrell SG. Shabazz Muhammad SF. Kyle Anderson PF.James McAdoo C. Cody Zeller/ Steven Adams (NZ represent)

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my personal favorites: PG:

my personal favorites:

PG: 'zo brown, semaj christon, trey burke, pierre jackson.

SG: jamaal franklin, tim hardaway jr, pj hairston, goodwin.

SF: kyle anderson, mike moser, doug mcdermott.

PF: tony mitchell, cj leslie.

C: gorgui dieng.

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Favorite Prospects

PG: Kierre Greenwood, Kevin Dillard, Pierre Jackson

SG: Michael Snaer, Warren Niles, JamaalFranklin

SF: Otto Porter, Mike Moser, Kyle Anderson

PF: Adonis Thomas, Patrick Young, Tony Mitchell

C: Cody Zeller

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PG: Kendrick Perry, Carl Jones, Kenneth Ortiz

SG: Dimitri Batten, Langston Galloway, Ramon Galloway

SF: Alasdair Fraser, Rian Pearson, Devyn Marble

PF: CJ Aiken, Damian Eargle, Chris Braswell

C: Cheikh Mbodj, Ovie Soko, Johnny O'Bryant

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PG: Semaj Christon, Ian

PG: Semaj Christon, Ian Miller, Myck Kabongo

SG: JP Tokoto, Jamal Franklin, Shabazz Muhamed

SF: Tony Mitchell, LeBryan Nash, Otto Porter

PF: Rakeem Christmas, Mason Plumlee, Cody Zeller

C: Nerlens Noel, Rudy Gobert, Steven Adams

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Jamaal, Cody, Doug

PG Isaiah Canaan/Trey Burke/Seth Curry

SG Jamaal Franklin/ Ben McLeamore/Kentavious Caldwell

SF Doug McDermott/Shabazz Muhammad/Lebryan Nash

PF Cody Zeller/Anthony Bennett/James Mcadoo

C Nerlens Noel/Joshua Smith/Rudy Gobert

The biggest question is rather or not Shabazz will be eligible. Will Seth Curry be able to play some PG for Duke? Nerlens Noel will block sooooooo many shots this year but won't do much on offense. How good is Rudy Gobert? Will Joshua Smith ever get out of Ben Howland's dog house?? I'm starting to think Ben Howland discriminates against fat people. Doug McDermott is the most overlooked College Star I've ever seen, this could be because he reminds folks of Adam Morrison. Cody Zeller, Doug McDermott and Jamaal Franklin will be finalist for National player of the year.

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PG Marcus PaigeSG Shabazz

PG Marcus Paige

SG Rodney Purvis, Shabazz Muhammad

SF Alex Poythress, Adonis Thomas

PF Tony Mitchell

C Patric Young

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PG Trey Burke SG Archie

PG Trey Burke

SG Archie Goodwin/ Ben McLemore

SF Shabazz/ Adonis Thomas

PF Cody Zeller/Tony Mitchell

C Steven Adams

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Pg - Harrow, Trey Burke, Myck

Pg - Harrow, Trey Burke, Myck Kabongo

Sg - S. Muhammed, Micheal C-Williams, Hairston

Sf - LeBryan Nash, Kyle Anderson, Devonta Pollard

Pf - CJ Leslie, Tony Mitchell, Cj Aitken

C - Noel, Du Juan Colemam, Isiaah Austin

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PG: Ryan Harrow/Ryan

PG: Ryan Harrow/Ryan Boatwright/Marcus Smart

SG: Shabbazz Muhammed/PJ Hairston/Archie Goodwin

SF: Tony Mitchell/Dario Saric/Kyle "Slo-Mo" Anderson

PF: Isaiah Austin/James Michael McAdoo/Kyle Wiltjer

C: Cody Zeller/Nerlens Noel/Steven Adams

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