YOUR Favorite player from each of last 20 drafts?

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YOUR Favorite player from each of last 20 drafts?

92- Alonzo Mourning

93- Nick Van Exel

94- Jason Kidd

95- Michael Finley

96- Ray Allen

97- Tracy McGrady

98- Dirk Nowitzki

99- Jason Terry

00- Michael Redd

01- Jason Richardson

02- Caron Butler

03- Dwyane Wade

04- Ben Gordon

05- Danny Granger

06- Rudy Gay

07- Paul Millsap

08- Eric Gordon

09- Demar Derozan

10- Paul George

11- Jordan Hamilton

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Great post.. 92- Malik

Great post..

92- Malik Sealy

93- Penny

94- Jason Kidd

95- KG

96- A.I.

97- Chauncey Billups

98- J-Will

99- Baron Davis

00- K-Mart

01- Gerald Wallace

02- Matt Barnes

03- Melo

04- Josh Smith

05- D-Will

06- Kyle Lowry

07- Thad Young

08- D-Rose

09- James Harden

10- Jordan Crawford

11- D-Will 2.0

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92- Doug Christie93-

92- Doug Christie

93- Anfernee Hardaway

94- Grant Hill

95- Bryant Reeves

96- Steve Nash

97- Chauncey Billups

98- Dirk Nowitzki

99- Richard Hamilton

00- Desmond Mason

01- Jason Richardson

02- Tayshaun Prince

03- Carmelo Anthony

04- Tony Allen

05- Gerald Green at the time

06- Rudy Gay

07- Kevin Durant

08- Serge Ibaka

09- James Harden

10- James Anderson

11- Brandon Knight

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Starting with Shaq

1992- Shaquille O'Neal

1993- Gheorghe Muresan

1994- Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson

1995- Damon Stoudamire

1996- Kobe Bryant

1997- Tim Duncan

1998- Vince Carter

1999- Lamar Odom

2000- DerMarr Johnson

2001- Eddy Curry

2002- Yao Ming/DaJuan Wagner (Was DaJuan, but it became Yao)

2003- LeBron James

2004- Luke Jackson

2005- Deron Williams

2006- LaMarcus Aldridge

2007- Greg Oden (Aaron Brooks second)

2008- Derrick Rose

2009- Brandon Jennings

2010- Ed Davis

2011- Enes Kanter

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92-Zo 93-Penny 94-Jalen



94-Jalen Rose




98-Paul Pierce

99-Steve Francis

00- Michael Redd

01-Joe Johnson



04-Big Dwight




08-Westbrook/E. Gordon(couldn't decide)


10-Cole Aldrich

11-Morris Twins

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92- Shaq 93- Penny 94-

92- Shaq

93- Penny

94- Kidd

95- Damon Stoudamire

96- Kobe

97- T-Mac

98- Dirk

99- Jason Terry

00- Jamal Crawford

01- Zach Randolph

02- Amare

03- Wade

04- Howard

05- CP3

06- Rudy Gay

07- Durant

08- Rose

09- Tyreke

10- Elliot Williams

11- Jimmer

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At the time of selection?

1992- Latrell Sprewell - I just really liked him coming out of Alabama...

1993- Penny Hardaway

1994- Jalen Rose - Became a big fan during his Fab Five days.

1995- Shawn Respert - I loved this guy at Michigan State.

1996- Marcus Camby - My favorite draft class ever... I just really liked Camby's game at UMASS.

1997- Keith VanHorn - He was a baller at Utah lol.

1998- Mike Bibby/Miles Simon - Fell in love with the backcourt duo in Arizona.

1999- Jonathan Bender - He intriqued me the most and I was hyped when the Pacers got him.

2000- Quentin Richardson - LOVED this guy at Depaul lol.

2001- Zach Randolph - Was always a big fan of his coming out of Marian HS

2002- DaJuan Wagner - He scored a 100 points and had my attention ever since.

2003- LeBron James - Was my favorite for awhile before he was drafted.

2004- Ben Gordon - He was amazing at UCONN.

2005- Gerald Green - He had me intriqued.

2006 - Tyrus Thomas

2007- Greg Oden

2008- Eric Gordon

2009- Blake Griffin

2010- John Wall

2011- Jan Veseley

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92- Shaq (NO doubt) 93- Shawn

92- Shaq (NO doubt)

93- Shawn Bradley (teaching people the art of getting posterized lol) but seriously I pick Penny Hardaway

94- Jason Kidd (one of my favourite PG's of all time, deserved to win the title this year)

95- Rasheed Wallace (a great shooter and fun to watch especially his reactions when he fouls someone)

96- AI ( watching countless clips of him finally made me learn how to do a devastating crossover)

97- T-Mac (one of the most enjoyable players to watch during his prime and especially of course posterizing Shawn Bradley)

98- VC (greatest dunker of all-time and his dunk over Teibor Pleiss is spine-tingling to watch)

99- Steve Francis (his ball-handling skills are legendary next to AI)

00- Jamal Crawford (one of the few players in the draft class to have lasted this long and still play well)

01- Jason Richardson (underrated player and his off the backboard between the legs dunk in 04 should've been enough to get him his 3rd dunk title)

02- Amare Stoudemire (countless posterisations and enduring an almost career ending injury later, now he's the face of the re-surging New York Knicks

03- LeBron James (was one of my favourite players and still is, I just try not to think about his arrogance)

04- Dwight Howard (makes basketball fun to watch on and off the court)

05- tie between CP3 and D-Will

06- In the immortal word(s) of Chris Webber Rajon Rondooooooooooooooooooooooo

07- Kevin Durant (My favourite player right now)

08- D-Rose (My second favourite player right not)

09- Blake Griffin (amazing rookie season)

10- Jordan Crawford (did not play in many games but gave us a glimpse of what he's really capable)

11- Kemba Walker (I hope his game in college translates to the NBA)

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92-Shaq 93-Nick Van


93-Nick Van Exel

94-Grant Hill

95-Kevin Garnett

96-Kobe Bryant



99-Wally Szerbiak

00-Brian Cardinal

01-Brian Scalabrine

02-Nikolaz Tskitishvilli


04-Rafael Araujo

05-Yaroslav Korolev

06-Vlamimir Veremeenko


08-Danillo Gallinari

09-Nando De Colo

10-Luke Babbit (Cyclo would be proud)

11-Chu Chu Madabum

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92- Shaq 93- Lindsey

92- Shaq

93- Lindsey Hunter

94- Grant Hill

95- Rasheed Wallace

96- Allen Iverson / Ben Wallace

97- Mr. Big Shot

98- Vince Carter

99- Shawn Marion

00- Jamal Crawford

01- J-Rich

02- Tayshaun Prince

03- Darko

04- Shaun Livingston

05- Chris Paul

06- Boobie Gibson

07- Durant

08- Nicolas Batum

09- Jonas Jerebko

10- Greg Monroe

11- Jimmer

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92- Shaq attack 93- Chris
  • 92- Shaq attack
  • 93- Chris Webber
  • 94- Jason Kidd
  • 95- Kevin Garnett
  • 96- Ray Allen
  • 97- Tim Duncan
  • 98- Dirk Nowitzki
  • 99- Jason Terry
  • 00- Eddie House
  • 01- Tony Parker
  • 02- Roger Mason Jr.
  • 03- Josh Howard
  • 04- Dwight Howard
  • 05- Nate Robinson
  • 06- Brandon Roy
  • 07- Kevin Durant
  • 08- Sasha Kaun
  • 09- James Harden
  • 10- Cole Aldrich
  • 11- Marcus Morris
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1992: Robert Horry 1993:

1992: Robert Horry

1993: Lindsey Hunter

1994: Grant Hill/Jason Kidd (tie)

1995: Kevin Garnett

1996: Kobe Bryant

1997: Tracy McGrady

1998: Jason Williams

1999: Lamar Odom

2000: Mateen Cleaves

2001: Pau Gasol

2002: Tayshaun Prince

2003: Kirk Hinrich

2004: Angre Iguodala

2005: Chris Paul

2006: J.J. Redick

2007: Greg Oden

2008: O.J. Mayo

2009: Blake Griffin

2010: Greg Monroe

2011: Kenneth Faried

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92- Shaq 93- Penny 94- Grant

92- Shaq

93- Penny

94- Grant Hill

95- KG

96- AI

97- T-Mac

98- VC

99- Baron Davis

00- Darius Miles/Q-Rich- LOVED them with the Clips.

01- Shane Battier

02- Juan Dixon

03- Melo

04- J.R. Smith

05- CP3

06- Rudy Gay- still pissed to this day that the Rockets traded him away on draft night.

07- KD

08- D-Rose

09- Brandon Jennings

10- Demarcus Cousins

11- Jordan Hamilton

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1992 - Latrell Sprewell 1993

1992 - Latrell Sprewell

1993 - Chris Webber

1994 - Grant Hill

1995 - Kevin Garnett

1996 - Allen Iverson

1997 - Derek Anderson

1998 - Larry Hughes

1999 - Jonathan Bender

2000 - Darius Miles

2001 - Zach Randolph

2002 - Dajuan Wagner

2003 - Carmelo Anthony

2004 - Shaun Livingston

2005 - Martell Webster

2006 - Rudy Gay

2007 - Javaris Crittenton

2008 - OJ Mayo

2009 - Brandon Jennings

2010 - Wesley Johnson

2011 - Brandon Knight

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92- Alonzo Mourning 93-

92- Alonzo Mourning

93- C-Web

94- Grant Hill

95- Kevin Garnett ( McDyess is a close 2nd)

96- Ray Allen

97- Scot Pollard

98- Vince Carter

99- Rip Hamilton

00- Jamal Crawford

01- Tyson Chandler

02- Dan Dickau ( Yao a close 2nd)

03- Kirk Hinrich

04- Emeka Okafor

05- Deron Williams

06- Brandon Roy

07- Joakim Noah

08- Derrick Rose

09- James Harden

10- Cole Aldrich

11- Markeiff Morris

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92- Shaq 93- Chris Webber 94-

92- Shaq

93- Chris Webber

94- Jason Kidd

95- KG

96- A.I

97- Tracy McGrady

98- Vince Carter

99- Manu

00- Michael Redd

01-Richard Jefferson

02- Dajuan Wagner

03- Dwyane Wade

04- Andre Iguodala

05- Danny Granger

06- Andrea Bargnani

07- Marco Bellineli

08- Danilo Gallinari

09- Brandon Jennings

10- Derrick Favors

11- Jonas Valanciunas

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92 - Diesel 93 - Sam

92 - Diesel
93 - Sam Cassell
94 - Big Dog
95 - Bob Sura
96 - Ray Allen
97 - McGrady
98 - Dirk
99 - Birdman
00 - Joel Pryzbilla
01 - Z-Bo
02 - Udonis Haslem
03 - Dwyane Wade
04 - Josh Smith
05 - Bogut
06 - Steve Novak
07 - Durant
08 - Mbah a Moute
09 - Jennings
10 - Larry Sanders
11 - Jimmy Butler

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92- Shaq

93- Penny

94- Jalen Rose

95- Bobby Sura

96- Antoine Walker

97- Tracy McGrady

98- Vince Carter

99-Lamar Odom

00- DerMarr Johnson

01- Jason Richardson

02- Dajuan Wagner

03- Carmelo

04- Josh Smith

05- Gerald Green

06- James White

07- Kevin Durant

08- Derrick Rose

09- Demar Derozan

10- Evan Turner/DeMarcus Cousins

11- Jeremy Tyler

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92- Alonzo Mourning

93- C-Webb

94- Jalen Rose

95- Kevin Garnett

96- Ray Allen

97- Tracy McGrady

98- Vince Carter

99- Steve Francis

00- Eddie House

01- Gilbert Arenas

02- Matt Barnes

03- Dwyane Wade

04- Dorell Wright

05- Nate Robinson

06- Tyrus Thomas

07- Wilson Chandler

08- Donte Greene

09- Dejuan Blair

10- Landry Fields

11- Isaiah Thomas

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1992- Jimmy Jackson - great shooter and the one guy I thought was going to be a perennial All-Star... He still had a respectable career though despite having had to go through 12 teams during his career.

1993- Penny Hardaway - One of the greatest players who never reached his peak. It's disappointing to see Penny's stardom burn out so fast due to injuries...

1994- Jason Kidd - I never expected JKidd to be 3rd in the all-time three pointers made because he wasn't really known as a threat from there... But as far as PG skills goes, its a different story... I admired him when he was with DAL and PHX, yet I admired him even more when he turned around a laughingstock NJN into East Champs... Glad he won a title with the Mavs this year... :)

1995- Joe Smith - I thought he was going to be what Kevin Garnett is right now...

1996- Shareef Abdur-Rahim - My brother's favorite player... Reef was as impressive as any forwards in the NBA... The problem was he was on a losing team most of his career... I loved his versatility at the 3 and 4 spot.

1997- Tim Duncan - I watched him closely at WF and admired his fundmentally sound game... 14 years later, he is arguable the greatest power forward the NBA has ever had... Amazing...

1998- Vince Carter - The guy I thought was going to take Michael Jordan's throne... The guy had amazing athleticism way abck during his Tar Heel days that the only thought I had was, should this guy develop a jumpshot, he will be the face of the NBA... and true enough he did... Yet questions about his mental toughness and heart has been present most of his career and he never really became the guy I thought he'd be... But one thing I take from Air Canada is how he made Toronto Raptors relevant during his 1999-2004 stay there...

1999- Trajan Langdon - damn! just damn! I thought this guy is going to have a long NBA Career but I guess he's killing it right now in Euroleague...

2000- Marcus Fizer (ehem) - same with Trajan... Fizer was one of my favorite guys coming into the draft... A player in a Charles Barkley-like mode, I thought he was ready to be an impact guy with my Bulls. He did have a solid career in Chicago and even had games where he exploded for 20 and 20... But injuries and locker room problems have been cited as factors to his demise... When he got drafted by the Bobcats during the expansion draft, things just went downhill for him and he was gone from the NBA... I was extremely disappointed... Well, he did win the D-League MVP...(lol)

2001- Jason Richardson - JRich was another high flyer who I thought was going to take Michael Jordan's throne... And though he did have a solid pro career, JRich never quite became the player I expected him to be... I thought he was going to be what Dwyane Wade is right now...

2002- Jay Williams - An extreme wasted opportunity for a guy who I thought is the leader of the Bulls team... Motorcycle Accidents happen and its unfortunate Jay Williams was the victim of this circumstances.

2003- LeBron James - The most hyped high school phenom ever... enough said... I thought he'd give Cleveland a title right now... Oh well..

2004- Emeka Okafor - I was a fan of his solid interior game in UConn... Really a Ben Wallace type but with offensive weapons (a little bit)...

2005- Marvin Williams / Gerald Green - Two guys who I thought was going to be exciting to watch for a long time... I was freakin' wrong/disappointed... (sob)

2006- LaMarcus Aldridge - Me and DaneBoy would agree on this... I was angry that the Bulls traded their draft rights of LaMarcus Aldridge for Portland's draft rights of Tyrus Thomas... and still to this day, Aldridge still reminds the Bulls fans what might have been had he stayed with the Bulls... As for Thomas? He's with the Bobcats blocking shots and averaging less than 8ppg...

2007- Greg Oden - I still believe in Greg Oden... at the age of 23, I still do... There is still hope... But the Blazers have done a poor job handling his injury...

2008- Derrick Rose - When I think of Derrick Rose, I think of the Bulls... When I combine them together, I think of 1.7... The percentage of which the Bulls had to go through to get the number 1 pick... I know it's more than luck to have that kind of chance and get your hometown boy... In just his 3rd year, he became the youngest MVP in the league... I NEVER expected Derrick to be dominant this early in his career... Let's hope it can translate to championship rings in the future... (SHOUTOUT TO DeAndre Jordan on this draft class also)

2009- DeJuan Blair - 6'6 rebounding demon of Pitt fell way down in the second round and got drafted by the Spurs... All I can say to the people who snubbed him, he may not have ACL's but this dude has the biggest heart among the players in his draft class... Amen..

2010- John Wall / Xavier Henry - John Wall is the prototype PG that's going to make the East stronger than ever... X have failed my expectations in his rookie year I just hope he bounces back from this...

2011- Jimmy Butler - I began admiring this kid upon reading his amazing life... The Blindside (basketball version)

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92- Shaquille O'Neal 93-

92- Shaquille O'Neal

93- Chris Webber

94- Jason Kidd

95- Kevin Garnett

96- Kobe Bryant

97- Tim Duncan

98- Dirk Nowitzki

99- Jason Terry

00- Jamal Crawford

01- Pau Gasol

02- Amare Stoudemire

03- LeBron James

04- Dwight Howard

05- Danny Granger

06- Rudy Gay

07- Kevin Durant

08- Derrick Rose

09- Stephen Curry

10- DeMarcus Cousins

11- Want to see them play first. At this point Jonas

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92- Alonzo Mourning - amazing

92- Alonzo Mourning - amazing heart

93- Anfernee Hardaway/Chris Webber - two electrifying players with attractive style of play

94- Jason Kidd - one of the best leaders and hard workers of all time

95- Eric Snow - admire his defense

96- Antoine Walker - for his character which was hilarious

97- Tim Duncan - my favorite player of all time

98- Vince Carter - even though symbolizing some negative things about he game, i have weakness for him

99- Manu Ginobili - unique and fantastic player, exciting to watch

00- Michael Redd - garbage draft, almost the only player who was worth somthing

01- Tony Parker - special player

02- Tayshaun Prince - very appreciate him as a player

03- Dwyane Wade - better player than LeBron James

04- Luol Deng - underrated

05- Chris Paul - how not?

06- Brandon Roy - it was fantastic to watch him play and a great guy

07- Arron Afflalo - perfect role player and great role model for professionalism

08- Nicolas Batum - wanted him so much on the Spurs!

09- Taj Gibson - like how he play the game

10- Evan Turner - i fall in love with his game in college from the very first

11- maybe Alec Burks

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92. Tie: Shaq and Horry(Shaq

92. Tie: Shaq and Horry(Shaq was my favorite at the time, but as I've gotten older, I've realized how big of an Horry fan I am)

93. Penny(All around game was simply incredible.Nick the Quick was up there, but he was just no Penny to me)

94. Eddie Jones(Sleeper pick by West. Terrific athlete who amazed me with his on ball D and highlight reel dunks. Reminded me of Pippen a little when I first saw him play D. Kidd and Hill were also personal favs)

95. Sheed/Stackhouse(UNC fan. I was rockin those old ass Phila's Stacks had)

96. Kobe 'Bean' Bryant ( My personal favorite of all time. I thought he'd become great, but I never expected top 10 of all-time. Much less top 5 potentially)

97. T-Mac(closest thing I've EVER seen to Pippen. After becoming a fan of High schoolers the prior 2 years, T-Mac really interested me with his athleticism and ballhandling at such a young age. Capt.Jax and Derek Anderson were up there as well. D.A. was going to be something special had he not gotten injured IMO.)

98. VC/Jason Williams(Again UNC fan, I wore VC's jersey and shorts every day in Gym class. White Chocolate was from a town about an hour from where I lived and his highschool played the same one I went to. My brother went there at the time and introduced me to he and Randy Moss when they were sophmores. I got their autographs on two napkins.I liked Jamison, but I was nowhere near as high on him as I was Vince.)[Side note, At that point, I was a big fan of about 10 different guys in this draft]

99. Odom/Devean George(Had such versatility it wasn't even funny. I really thought he was going to be the next Magic.I also had a personal stake in Devean George. He had a 40 inch vert, good strength and could get to the line. He was supposed to become Fox's eventual successor)

00. Dermarr Johnson( 6'9 athlete and he could handle the ball. Another player who should have become great had acrash not derailed his career)

01. Gilbert Arenas/Earl Watson(LAL was rumored to buy into the draft to get Gil, but it never came to be. He was such a good scorer who would have fit beautifully with Kobe and Shaq. Watson was simply a beast at UCLA who never let yah down. The kid was a record setter. I just knew he was going to find a way to produce at the highest level)

02. Tayshaun (Another guy LAL was rumored to be set on until Kareem Rush fell out of the lottery and Mitch Kupchak decide to take him because he was expected to go lotto even though he never once had him in for a workout. Prince was yet another guy who would have ended up a VERY good fit with LAL Shaq or no Shaq.)

03. Melo/Barbosa(Melo was coming of the National Championship and I saw a guy who was going to develop his game and become a true winner. I was wrong. Bosa is another guy LAL was interested in as Ron Harper had scouted him a couple times and told the staff that the kid was a jumper away from replacing Fish. They took Cook as the Horry replacement and left me with haunting dreams of missed rebounds and charmin soft play ever since)

04. Iggy (If it hasn't been noticed, but I have a slight preference to the type of sg and sf I like. Iggy was exactly it. A ballhandler who had the passing, D and athleticism to make a complete player. I'm a fan of those Pippen types)

05. Blatche( I can be honest here, I really thought he was a special player and had him tagged in the top 20. I was really shocked when he fell midway through the 2nd round. The UNC 4 were up there as well though)

06. James White/Rondo ( White was just extremely versatile and uber athletic. Thought he could be a Michael Cooper type and remembered him in high school. With Rondo, I questioned even then as to why he wasn't going top 10 or at least lotto. The guy dropped 55 assists in a highschool game for crying out loud. Everyone questioned his pg play, but to me he always seemed like a tru pg)

07. Julian Wright ( his passing and breakout end to end speed reminded me of James Worthy. BOy was he a big letdown looking back)

08. OJ Mayo(Went to Huntigton High which is only about 2hrs from here. He reminded of a young Kobe at the time. Still a big fan really. Ibaka was another guy I was really high on after seeing how athletic he was. I thought he'd end up more Shawn Kemp than a defensive force.though)

09. Jennings/T-Will(Jennings had the flash to make your jaws drop. couldn't believ NY passed on him. T-Will was another guy I had been high on for a few years with his athleticism and versatility. I really thought him going back to school for his senior year was going to mature him enough to help make a good career for himself. I was wrong apparently)

10. Wall/Whiteside(Wall was just unbeliveably breathtaking with his athleticsm, passing, and jaw-dropping dunks. Whiteside went to Marshall where I frequently go see games. I was a fan. I'd never saw a guy with that kind of athleticism,length and shotblocking ability in person before Hassan. Another guy I was shocked fell so far)

11.Iman Shumpert ( good versatility and defense that leads you to believe it can one day be at an elite level one day. Reminded me so much of Larry Hughes in his prime but with FAR better defense. Larry was all D 1st team once, but it based solely on steals not actual D.)

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This list is best read from

This list is best read from bottom to top...i was much more awake at the start of it...not to mention i was actually old enough to remember watching guys play in college...

you'll probably pick up on the fact that a 4-year player with ties to Wisconsin that played for a small school is a virtual lock to be my favorite player from a given draft...

1991: because i only had to go back one more year to do it, i'll give a shoutout to Von McDade...only player from my school to be drafted in the modern era...sadly, he didn't make the final roster and we're still waiting on a Panther to play in an NBA game

1992: Tony Bennett: HORIZON LEAGUE! not to mention lots of ties to my home state...defintely don't remember his college days

1993: was too young to remember anyone in college...but i'll give a vote in hindsight to Lindsay Hunter

1994: Charlie Ward--i do vaguely remember some of his football career...
honorable mention: Glenn Robinson (hindsight)

1995: Michael Finley--distinctly remember crying when he broke Wisconsin's scoring record because of all the noise...first college basketball memory

1996: Ray it...Jeff Nordgaard...i've met him...and he's now been mentioned on for allen? was something of a uconn fan when i was little, and he wound up being a hell of a buck (god...i miss him :-\ )
honorable mention: Vitaly Potapenko (Horizon League!? i guess...)

1997: I apparently went to a few badger games this season, though I don't remember watching Paul Grant...for this particular draft...that's about as good as i'm going to do...while i've obviously seen a lot of the other guys play in the NBA, i knew nothing of them while they were in college

1998: yikes...this one is tough...Tractor Traylor or Bryce Drew...Tractor was a monster and i was enamored with his game, and Drew hit a shot that forever turned me into the mid-major loving guy that i am today (not to mention, if you jump forward a decade...HORIZON LEAGUE!)

1999: Lamar Odom--I made a Rhode Island Rams flower holder for my mom because i watched Odom and Mobley make their run for URI
honorable mention: i got nothin...

2000: At the time, Marcus Fizer--he lead a non-traditional power to a great year...i loved it. Hindsight, Michael Redd--his knees didn't hold up during his huge contract, but i'm not gonna be like all the fools trashing him for something he couldn't control
honorable mention: Speedy Claxton, Jake Voskul, Khalid El-Amin (i was all about uconn with those two)

2001: Kenny Satterfield? shit...i don't know...this draft sucked...
honorable mention: Jamaal Tinsley

2002: Sam Clancy--don't know why...he was a good college that a good enough reason?
honorable mention: Steve Logan, Rod Grizzard, Drew Gooden

2003: Reece Gaines--though he went to a rival high school, he's a local product...
honorable mention: Willie Green (semi-hindsight...HORIZON LEAGUE), Mike Sweetney (fatass could play in college), David West, Josh Howard

2004: Devin Harris--grew up in Madison...was badger diehard until i went to another D-1 state school...
honorable mention: Tim Pickett (i watched way too f'n many FSU games that year...haha), Luis Flores, Romain Sato

2005: Danny Granger--I became a fan of UNM because a close friend of mine has relatives out there...participated in fantasy college basketball that year...needless to say, getting Granger in the 3rd round was pretty sick
honorable mention: Ike Diogu, Ronny Turiaf, Nate Robinson

2006: Brandon Roy--Nate Robinson is exciting as hell, and got me into watching UW games...watched Roy transform himself into a star...always really liked how he played
honorable mention: Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Kyle Lowry, Rod Carney

2007: Alando Tucker--My favorite college player ever at the time. living in madison, I got to watch him go from a raw diamond in the rough to an All-American
honorable mention: Carl Landry, Jeff Green, Acie Law, Derrick Byars

2008: Kyle Weaver--I still remember him dueling with Wesley Matthews during the State Tournament of my freshman year of HS...unbelieveable game and i can't believe i saw 2 guys who made the NBA in it
honorable mention: J.R. Giddens, D.J. White, CDR

2009: Eric Maynor--he was a monster during his sophomore postseason...i've followed VCU closely ever since just because of him
honorable mention: terrance williams, james harden...actually, if Wesley Matthews counts, he's my pick

2010: Gordon Hayward--watched him play a lot during his 2 years...hard not to like the guy or the team (as long as matt howard's not the face of it) if you follow them at all
honorable mention: Quincy Pondexter, Da'Sean Butler, Lazar Hayward, Landry Fields (i liked him a lot at the time...i always like the jack of all trades types...if a 1-tool player's one tool doesn't pan out he's done...a multitalented guy in college can develop one/many of his tools to become a very good NBA player...recent examples would be Redd or Matthews), Darington Hobson, Gani many...i was at that draft, so i really root for a lot of the guys who got picked

2011: Norris Cole--HORIZON LEAGUE!
honorable mention: Jon Leuer, Shelvin Mack, Jimmy Butler, Kenny Faried

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