Your favorite mixes made this year?

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Your favorite mixes made this year?

The song is perfect for this

Fave mix for my fave player

What are you favorite mixes this season?

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That J.R. one was a fitting

That J.R. one was a fitting tribute to the untapped talent that is J.R. Smith. If he could just put it all together he'd be amazing. Alas, probably never going to happen.

I thought the Lebron one would have been better served without "Show goes on" and instead having the actual "All of the Lights" song.

I was looking for a good Rondo one to add to my collection, might have to grab this. I think I'll wait for season's end before I go hunting for mixes though, playoff inspired ones carry so much more emotional significance.

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Well not this season,

Well not this season, but...

My favorite mix

EDIT: Don't know how to embed :/

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