Your 5 Most Exciting Teams In The NBA

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Your 5 Most Exciting Teams In The NBA

Honourable Mention-DENVER NUGGETS

The Denver Nuggets are the best offensive team in the league and it is not even close. Also they are statistically the fourth worst defensive team PPG wise which makes for some high scoring exciting games. They have no bad players on their roster and have great competitive drive. The depth on this team is amazing with Lawson, Galinari and Nene starting and guys like Andre Miller and Harrington off the bench. Not to mention role players like Afflalo, Mozgov, Fernendez, and Brewer. They are gelling and a fun team to watch.


Derrick Rose is not a freak of nature, he is a force of nature. The dude improves something every single year and takes his team with him. Once again his team is top in the East, and other then Lebron James and Kobe Bryant nobody has really outdone him as far as the MVP race goes. Luol deng is also a very underappreciated player he wont make the Allstar team as a reserve but he wins games for Chicago. Noah is an extremely active Center with charismatic media quotes and a great energy level that makes for great TV, and Boozer doesnt play defencewell which is a huge bonus...YEAH! Hamiltons old.


Ive always liked the used to be in a sympathetic underdog way, now they are the most intriguing team in the NBA to me. No other team I would rather watch right now then the Wolves. With Kevin Love a perrennial Allstar and as soon as the Wolves start winning consistantly he will be labelled a Superstar, Ricky Rubio the best natural playmaker under 25 in the NBA, and all their highflyers (Beasley, Williams, Johnson, Randolph, Darko...) they are airing cant miss games in Minni. KAAAAAHHHHHN? Does he really get the credit?


How can anyone hate on the Thunder? They have the best offensive player in the league (forget the stats for a minute) who also seems to be the most humble superstar in the sports industry, a highflying shot jacking PG who taunts his opponents (FUN FUN FUN), great defensive shot blocker trash talkers in the frontcourt, an outstanding physicallity, and winning nature. OKC has the best record in the league and is also one of the youngest teams.


Hate all you wnt you know you love the highlights. Lebron James is the most athletic player in the NBA's history and youve also got Wade and Bosh to watch along with him. How could you possibly go wrong watching a Heat game, even Norris Cole and the three point shooters on the team are fun to watch. Not to mention the soon to be Dunkin Donuts mascot Eddy curry now on the bench.


C'mon, admit it. You never saw anybody dunk on smeone the way Blake does it. NEVER. Griffin is one of the best in game dunkers of alltime if not the best. and its not just the Blake show anymore, they now have CP3 dropping dimes, one of the most athletic Centers (true Center at 7-foot 265) in Jordan, and Big Shot Billups. This team is too fun to ignore even if they were assembled in a wrong way. Never thought I would want to watch the Clippers more then the Lakers...maybe the world is ending.

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Sixers over Bulls

Sixers over Bulls

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5. Sixers/Pacers - I have to

5. Sixers/Pacers - I have to give the 5th spot to either team. Both have been nice suprises in the East and they make winning look good. Iggy playing better for his team, Hibbert and George improved their game and Granger is finally coming into a rhythm.

4. Bulls - Fast Don't Lie.

3. Spurs - They may not posterize or dish out Nash-esque dimes on a nightly basis, but they can surely show you highlights of them winning. Plus, I'm excited about Tiago Splitter's steady improvement in the post. Has looked like Tim Duncan in the last few games.

2. Heat - When Wade is healthy.

1. Clippers - No Brainer...Right, Perkins?

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1.OKC-Best record in the L,

1.OKC-Best record in the L, and play exciting ball, I had to put them number one



4.CHI- Some may not agree,but D.Rose is more exciting than most teams in the League by himself.

5. Toss up between ATL(Teague,Smith,Johnson) PHI(Lou Will,Igoudala,Turner,Holiday) and DEN

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Clippers - The most exciting

Clippers - The most exciting team in the NBA right now... No question. They have exciting players who play above the rim and below it. Lob City. Blake Griffin is arguably the most exciting player in the NBA.

Heat - I can't stand them, but LeBron and D. Wade are two of the most exciting players in NBA history. Even Chris Bosh has been a little exciting this season. Their new offense makes them a lot more exciting and we're seeing more of their athleticism.

Bulls - D. Rose is arguably the most exciting player in the world. It's like a toss up between him and Griffin.

Thunder - Two of the most exciting young players in the league. And you just never know what Westbrook is going to do.

76ers - I like the way this team plays. They play fast at both ends and Igoudala has been one of the best finishers for years.

Honorable mention:

Nuggets - No star, but this is an exciting TEAM as a whole. It's exciting to watch the way they push the ball.

Blazers - On their home floor, they're really exciting to me when Nate is letting them run. Felton, Crawford, Wallace, Batum and Aldridge out in transition is fun to watch. They're FAST.

Timberwolves - They're exciting to watch this year... I think Rubio has played a huge role in that.

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Griffin the best in game

Griffin the best in game dunker of all time relax man.

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Is Griffin the best dunker,

Is Griffin the best dunker, or is he the best "overhand Layup er"

I agree with most peoples assessments on the excitement.

I would throw the Grizzlies in that mix, as Gay, Mayo, Conley, Tony Allen all show flashes of pretty exciting styles of play, and Marc Gasol may be the best passing Big in the league right now.

I also find myself drawn to the teams with no real bonafide superstar (Nuggets and Sixers), its kind of the anti NBA right now, and I love it. Unfortunately the Sixers just dont match up with the Heat at all, and the Nuggets dont really match up well with OKC. Darn star studded teams

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Griffin is not a more

Griffin is not a more exciting in-game dunker than Carter, Carter was both elagant and super-strong, those 360s, two-handed, one-handed, reverse, double-umps, windmills, he did them all in game on a regular basis.

Griffin is just super-strong and gets up super-high, he's like a bigger version of LeBron as a dunker

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@NYK2010 "Griffin the best in

@NYK2010 "Griffin the best in game dunker of all time relax man."

You forget there is this guy named Vince Carter?

For me, my top 5 is:

5. Chicago Bulls

4. Oklahoma City Thunder

3. Indiana Pacers

2. LA Clippers

1. Miami Heat

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Why would u reply at me for that comment.

Did you need read the part where I said relax man.

I don't think Griffin is a better in game dunker than Dominique, Carter or some others.

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Everybody gets excited to see

Everybody gets excited to see the Lakers.

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West Coast Bias






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Are we talking about in

Are we talking about in person or on television? In person, the three players that stick out in my mind above all others are Blake, D-Rose and LeBron, with Durant/Westbrook a notch behind them.

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No particular order; Heat,

No particular order; Heat, Clippers, Thunder, Bulls, Pacers

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