Young Talent

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Young Talent

Give your favorite group of young talent. The only rules are that they cnt have made an all star team & they must be 25 or younger.

Mine is

G- Stephen Curry
G- John Wall
F- Harrison Barnes
F- Anthony Davis
C- Demarcus Cousins
6- Chandler Parsons
7- Avery Bradley
8- Larry Sanders
9- Klay Thompson
10- Ben McLemore

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I don't have a list ...

I need to research the topic some more but you like Avery Bradley over Tyreke Evans? Larry Sanders and McLemore over Greg Monroe? I know both Monroe and Evans end up on my list for sure.

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Off the top of my head

I'd put Rubio on there, definitely over Tyreke, Avery, and McLemore. Greg Monroe needs to be there..... Ty Lawson.... Okay I'll make a list. And I'll use the provided format.

G John Wall
G Steph Curry
F Klay Thompson
F Greg Monroe
C DeMarcus Cousins
6 Ricky Rubio
7 Ty Lawson
8 Larry Sanders
9 Harrison Barnes
10 Chandler Parsons

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