You know this was a TERRIBLE tournament for NBA prospects when....

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You know this was a TERRIBLE tournament for NBA prospects when....

...The odds on number one pick has a torn ACL and the fact Russ Smith was actually getting first round hype.

Anything else? I guess if any officials thought they would get some NBA looks after this it was a bad tourney for them as well

Off Topic/Final Tourney thought:

Michigan players not named Trey Burke: COME BACK NEXT YEAR. None of you are ready for the NBA, come back angry next year, McGary will probably be unreal.

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How about when 6th man Luke

How about when 6th man Luke Hancock wins most outstanding player of the final four?

But he really did earn it

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Can't help but think Michigan

Can't help but think Michigan taking Trey Burke out of the game for a majority of the first half did a discredit to their team, but if they didn't we wouldn't have seen amazing things from Albrecht. Either way, things could have been different if Trey Burke didn't get into foul trouble. Very exciting game, nonetheless.

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I think Michigan did the

I think Michigan did the right thing in the first half keeping Burke on the bench the majority of the first half with those fouls, coupled with Albrecht playing out of his mind. I think Michigan killed themselves in the 2nd half playing Albrecht and Burke together so much.

Michigan had a lot more success guarding Smith and Siva with Hardaway on one of them. When Michigan tried to defend Albrecht on Siva and Burke on Smith they got disoriented defensively as well as offensively. Albrecht handled the ball too much in the second half. Michigan should have kept their bigger guards out there, especially for close outs on shooters (basically only Hancock).

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Who on mother earth was giving Russ Smith first round hype?

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It's impossible to get post looks in college

Why would McGary come back, if he only wants to get the ball off hard work and garbage put backs he can develop that skill in 7 minutes a game in the NBA. You can't develop a back to the basket game in college, to much zone + guard ball domination.

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Being ready is one factor,

Being ready is one factor, draft potential is another. Hardaway is a junior and I doubt his draft stock gets any higher than now. GR3 and McGrary can def come back, shoulder the load, and become locks to be lotto pics next year. Not saying they wont be lotto picks now, but they will be locks if they come back.

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I think it would be cool if

I think it would be cool if Andrew Wiggins went to Michigan to try and get them a title.
They could be loaded with Hardaway, Albrecht, Stauskas, Andrew Wiggins, Glenn Robinson,
and Mitch McGary.

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