You Have to Feel Sorry for Antwain Jamison..Becuz it Looks Like he will Never get a Ring....

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You Have to Feel Sorry for Antwain Jamison..Becuz it Looks Like he will Never get a Ring....

1 of the most Consistent, Underrated,Hardiest working Guys in the NBA..But Yet it seems Jamison can't Catch a Break...Every time it appears Jamison is on a team that has a chance to win a ring..Things Go Haywire...

Jamison goes to Cleveland thinking he's the missing piece the Cavs needed to get over the top..But Lebron leaves the next season...

Now he's on a Lakers that before the season started many people predicted would win 70 games this season, with the addition of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash...But they have dealt with a coaching change after 5 games.Injury to Nash,the Kings frontcourt out playing the Lakers frontcourt,Howard scoring only 7 points in back to back games...Kobe walking off the court last night in the final seconds in a lost to Memphis.....Jamison might be the happiest person on earth if the Lakers can turn things around and win it all this season.......

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Never say never, with Kobe

Never say never, with Kobe anything is possible...

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I don't feel sorry for him...

I don't feel sorry for him...

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He's made over $140,000,000 in his career. Its hard to feel bad for anyone making those kinds of stacks.

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I don't ...he just never

I don't ...he just never wanted to play the lead role, just too content on being the second or third options (even in dallas) With his skill-set he should of been in the elite..

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I don't see it happening

But I also don't feel sorry for him either. You know how many people go on to the Lakers roster in hopes of an easy ride to the playoffs and beyond? Lol its crazy I tell you. There were many places he could of picked, but chose the more sexy pick, so now he'll have to live with it. I just hope its not the decision he'll regret.

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Was a good player and all star but

he never committed to defense. Even when he was younger and athletic he didn't like it and wouldn't commit. Not just from a effort and athleticism standpoint but from a technical aspectas well. It's one thing to not be so athletic, but a guy like Kirk Hinrich plays with grit and decided to become very technically sound and turned out to be a excellent defender. Not saying a tweener, as far as size, like Jamison could ever have become a good defender but he has always been a revovling door. He has a elite shot blocker behind him in Howard, something that would have maximized his usefulness throughout his career, he should find a nice niche in the Laker's rotation.

He is a real professional, going by everything I ever heard about him in the locker room and a good teammate. Shawn Marion always reminded me of a defnsive version of Jamison. They both shoot a lot of akward shots and seem to have mercurial personalities. I was glad for Marion when the Mavs won one and I suppose I would feel the same for Jamison. The only thing about him (as mentioned above by sharp shooter) is he never wanted to be the guy. He had enough ability to be the guy but the passion and primacy wasn't there. Much like a Mike Beasley. We saw it for a while with Lebron, where a guys personality is his worse enemy.

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Reason #2 To Feel Sorry for Antawn Jamison:

Rudeboy can't spell his name right

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he's not the first ...

His parents wanted to call himm "Antoine", but the nurse couldn't spell it. Lol.

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Always had a good reputation

Always had a good reputation as a player and a guy but at the same time may seem like a bit of a stats padder. He took veteran's minimum to go to the Lakers so he could always look for another team next year if things don't work out. I would hope he does not have a disappointing year in LA and then drift out the league but at least if things don't work out there he gets another deal elsewhere.

As said above he's made $140 million in his career and whilst he may be the sort of player who would be on my list who as a neutral you'd like to see them get a title, there would be a few ahead of him such as Steve Nash, Grant Hill, Marcus Camby etc.

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He went to the Cavs in 2010

He went to the Cavs in 2010 and sucked. Don't feel sorry for him at all.

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If Lakers have no chance of

If Lakers have no chance of winning then who is going to win. I think it is too early to make suggestions when everyone knows how Miami started off bad but found a way to the finals the first year they were put together. Lakers will eventually gel. Today's game showed promise. Kobe did not play a lot of minutes and the bench played really well. They will do find if they can keep it like that. Nash is not even playing and they could add a solid bench player in Pietrus or Raja Bell. A move like that plus Nash coming could push Lakers back to title front runners instead of just contenders.

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Nah - signed Golden State

Nah - signed Golden State

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